EH&S: Interface Objects

The package CBEHS (EH&S: Interface Objects) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CBEHS
Short Text EH&S: Interface Objects
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CBEHS contains 9 function groups.

CBIF_ACPM EHS-INT: Linking to PM Tasks
CBIF_GLM1 EHS-INT: Functions for GLM
CBIF_LBF4 EHS-INT: Library - F4 Help Functions
CBIF_LIB01 EHS-INT: General Functions
CBIF_PMTO EHS-INT: Technical Objects PM
CBIF_PP01 EHS-INT: Production Planning, Control
EHS001 EHS: Product Safety
EHS002 EHS: Dangerous Goods Management
EHS003 EHS: Template and One-Time Mat. Proc.

Database Tables

SAP Package CBEHS contains 86 database tables.

CVCBP EHS: Business process - valid business process IDs
DGMSD DG: Dangerous Goods Document Table DGMSD
DGTMD DG: Dangerous Goods Master
DGTMD_LKEY DG: Dummy Table for Lock Object on Log. Key for DGTMD
DGTPK DG: Packing Requirement
EHS_TCGUETYNA EHS: Descriptions for User Exit Categories in User Exit Mgmt
EHS_TDG151B EHS: Base Mode-of-Transport Categories
EHS_TDG151B_DESC EHS: Descriptions for Base Mode-of-Transport Categories
EHS_TDG83 Categories of Package
LIPSDG Appendix Table for Dangerous Goods Data
LIPSDGAP DG: Appendix Table for LIPSDG
TCG01 EHS: Specification Value Assignment Category (System Table)
TCG02 EHS: Description - Specification Value Assignment Category
TCG11 EH&S: Substance Characteristic Category
TCG12 EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Value Assignmt Type
TCG26 EHS: Identification Listings
TCG31 EHS: Specification Type
TCG36 EHS: Specification Authorization Object
TCG41 EHS: Characteristic text category
TCG51 EHS: Property Tree
TCG52 EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Property Tree
TCG56 EHS: Source system
TCG61 EHS: Phrase Library
TCG62 EHS: Language-dependent labels for phrase libraries
TCG63 EHS: Phrase group
TCG76 EHS: Component category
TCG81 EHS: Regulatory List
TCG86 EHS: Characteristic rating
TCG89 EHS: Validity Area Type
TCG91 EHS: Validity area
TCG92 EHS: Language-dependent labels for validity areas
TCG93 EHS: Validity Area - Country - Region - VA - Assignment
TCG96 EHS: Usage profile
TCGC3 EHS: Exchange profile
TCGENV EHS: General Environment Parameters
TCGENVNA EHS: language-dependent label for environment parameters
TCGL1 EHS: Report types
TCGL3 EHS: Report Applications
TCGOBJ EHS: Table of Possible Object Categories
TCGUEFU EHS: User Exits in User Exit Management with FM Assignment
TCGUETY EHS: User Exit Types in User Exit Management
TDG15 Water Pollution Classes
TDG29 DG: Labels for Printing
TDG35 DG: VbF Classes
TDG37 DG: Dangerous Goods Storage Class
TDG41 DG: DG Indicator Profiles for Material Master
TDG73 DG: Identification Number Type
TDGA1 DG: Activating Dangerous Goods Checks
TDGC5 DG: Dangerous Goods Management Profile for SD Documents
TDGC6 Text table for DG indicator profiles in the delivery header
TDGD1 DG: Definition of a Regulation Profile
TDGD2 DG: Description Regulation Profile
TDGD5 DG: Definition of an Indicator Category
TDGD7 DG: Assignment Indicator Category / Regulation Profile
THM003 DG: Specify Transport Type
THM004 DG: Short Description for Transport Type
THM009 Dangerous Goods Classes
THM010 DG: Description of Dangerous Goods Classes
THM011 Classification Code
THM012 Description for Classification Code
THM017 DG Danger Label
THM018 DG: Short Description for Danger Label
THM019 EHS: Transport Symbol Groups
THM020 EHS: Transport Symbol Group Descriptions
THM031 DG: Hazard Identification Numbers
THM032 DG: Short Description for Hazard Identification Number
THM039 DG: Processing Status for Dangerous Goods Basic Data
THM040 DG: Short Description of Processing Status for DG Basic Data
THM063 DG: Dangerous Goods Regulation
THM071 DG: Risk Potential
THM072 Risk Potential Description
THM073 DG: Packaging Code Specific to Dangerous Goods Regulations
THM074 Descr. for packaging code specific to DG regulations
THM075 DG: Packaging Regulation
THM076 DG: Packaging Regulation Description
THM091 DG: Dynamic Key
THM097 DG: Mixed Loading Rules
THM099 DG: Segregation
THM101 DG: Regulation-Dependent Mixed Loading Groups
THM103 DG: Enterprise-Specific Mixed Loading Groups
THM151 DG: Mode of Transport Category
THM152 DG: Mode-of-Transport Category
THM157 DG: Profiles for Dangerous Goods User-Defined Texts
THM159 DG: Not Dangerous Goods Full/Empty Transport
THM160 DG: Description Not Dangerous Goods Full/Empty Transport
VBEPDG Appendix Table for Dangerous Goods Data


SAP Package CBEHS contains 6 views.

DGV_TDGD7HLP DG: Help View for Regulation Profile/Indicator Category
ESD_ADRCL EHS: View for table ADRC
ESD_ESTST_T778O EHS: Object Type for the Person Resp. for a Status Entry
ESD_TCGUFU EHS: View of table TCGUEFU only type: SUB_SCATCH
H_ESTST_T778O EHS: Object Type for the Person Resp. for a Status Entry
H_TCG11 EHS: Value Assignment Types


SAP Package CBEHS contains 36 structures.

CCIFS_ACTIONIHPM EHS-INT: Link IHS Safety Measures with PM Tasks
CCIFS_ACTIONLTXT EHS-INT: Long Texts for Safety Measures
CCIFS_COUNTRY_TAB EHS-INT: Transfer Structure for Countries
CCIFS_NOTI_RFC EHS-INT: Transfer Structure Notifications EHS to PM
CCIFS_QMSM_RFC EHS-INT: RFC Transfer Structure for QMSM
CCIFS_SHIPPING_MODES EHS-INT: Transfer Structure for Modes of Transport
CCIFS_TPLNR_RANGE_RFC EHS-INT: RFC Transfer Structure for Data Element TPLNR
CCIFS_TQ80_RFC EHS-INT: Transfer Structure for Customizing PM to EHS
DGMSDVB Reference Structure for X_DGMSD_TAB / Y_DGMSD_TAB
LIPSDGVB Reference structure for X_LIPSDG_TAB/Y_LIPSDG_TAB
RCGBALMI EHS: Output Structure for SD Interface
RCGCUSDATA EHS: Debtor Data: Country-Region-Language
RCGUKEY EHS: Structure for key info of master data
RDGCHANGE DG: Structure for Material Exchange and Mult. Comp. Explos.
RDGCHKM DG-CK: Reference structure for processing DG checks
RDGDNACT DG-CK: Input for activation check dangerous goods checks
RDGFPAP DGM: For transfer of indicators DG checks to DG documents
RDGINFOCUBE Help Structure for Filling the Transport InfoCube
RDGKEY DG: Include for Logical Key
RDGLIPSDG DG: Structure for Dangerous Goods Data in LIPSDG
RDGLKPRO DG-PR: Structure for transferring DG data to document
RDGM2 DG: Structure for appendix table for DGTMD
RDGMA DG: Complete structure for DGTMD and DGTM2
RDGMDREP_P DG: Field for display in report (items)
RDGPRINT Structure for Printing DG Data
RDGSCDG Transfer structure: Dangerous goods found in section
RDGSDIOT Input and Output Structure
RDGSDPROF DG-PR: SD data for DG documents/checks
RDGTPMA Dangerous Goods Fields in Table DGTMD
RDGTPMAT DG: Template Material Indicator
RDGTXTPRT DG: SAPscript Key for Dangerous Goods Texts
RDGUADM DG: Structure for General Administration Information
RDGUCADM DG: Structure for Incompleteness in Shipping
RDGVBEPDG DG: Structure for Dangerous Goods Data in VBEPDG


SAP Package CBEHS contains 1 programs.

EHSB_WRITE_EHS_NOT_INSTALLED EHS: Output Message 'EH&S Component Is Not Installed'

Search Helps

SAP Package CBEHS contains 15 search helps.

CBGL_MP_EBELN EHS: Material Document for Purchase Order
ESS_ADRC_EHS1 EHS: Search Help for Report Recipient Addresses
ESS_ESTDU_RVLID EHS: Search Help for Validity Areas and Categories
ESS_ESTST_OTYPE EHS: Object Type for the Person Resp. for a Status Entry
ESS_MENID_CHANGE EHS: F4 help for the 'Other properties tree' function
ESS_TCG11_ESTTYPE EHS: Search Help Value Assignment Category
H_LIPSVBEPDG_PROFL Search Help for Regulation Profile in LIPSDG and VBEPDG
H_NODANGGOODEMPTY Not Dangerous Goods Empty Transport Search
H_NODANGGOODFULL Not Dangerous Goods Full Transport Search
H_REGULATION Search for dangerous goods regulation
H_TCG11 EHS: Value Assignment Types
H_TCG61 EHS: Phrase Library
H_THM039 DG-Mat: Search processing status
TDGC5_PROLI_01 Possible entries help for DG indicator profile for SD docs
THM_071_H EHS: Displaying risk potential

Message Classes

SAP Package CBEHS contains 1 message classes.

CB01 EHS: Nachrichten für Schnittstellenobjekte

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CBEHS contains 10 authorization objects.

C_EHSH_QUE EHS: Question Catalog
C_EHSH_QUG EHS: General Questionnaire
C_SHEP_TPG EHS: Phrase Library and Phrase Group
C_SHEP_TPP EHS: ** obsolete **
C_SHES_TDU EHS: Specification Value Assignment Usage
C_SHES_TRH EHS: Specification Header
C_SHES_TVH EHS: Specification Value Assgmt with Reference to a Spec.
M_MATE_DGM DG Material Master: Master Data
M_MATE_DGT DG Material Master: Dangerous goods texts (obsolete)