SAP Package CBPC

PP-CBP: Constraint-based Planning (Customizing)

The package CBPC (PP-CBP: Constraint-based Planning (Customizing)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CBPC
Short Text PP-CBP: Constraint-based Planning (Customizing)
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CBPC contains 16 function groups.

CBC1 Maintenance of TCBP_SYS
CBC10 Maintenance of V_TCBP_PLACT
CBC11 Maintenance of V_TCBP_MLG_MRP
CBC12 Maintenance of V_TCBP_CONF_SOP
CBC13 Maintenance of V_TCBP_PLSTEPS
CBC14 Maintenance of V_CBP_BRG
CBC15 Maintenance of V_TCBP_MLS
CBC16 Maintenance of V_TCBP_PARDEF
CBC17 Maintenance of V_TCBP_CONF_MRP
CBC2 Maintenance of V_TCBP_MOD
CBC3 Maintenance of V_TCBP_PROBCAT
CBC4 Maintenance of V_TCBP_SOPROF
CBC5 Maintenance of V_TCBP_MLG_SOP
CBC7 Maintenance of V_TCBP_MTG
CBC8 Maintenance of V_TCBP_MSV
CBC9 Maintenance of V_TCBP_MRPFLAGS


SAP Package CBPC contains 16 transactions.

CBCACT Maintenance CBP planning actions
CBCAT Maintenance CBP Problem Categories
CBCBRG Maintenance of v_cbp_brg
CBCF Maintenance CBMRP flags
CBCMLGMRP Maintenance defaults (MRP)
CBCMLGSOP Maintenance defaults (SOP)
CBCMLS Assign infostructure
CBCMOD Maintain SCP model
CBCMSV Activate versions
CBCMTG Maintenance general technical data
CBCONFMRP Maintenance startup parameters
CBCONFSOP Maintenance startup parameters (SOP)
CBCPAR Maintenance step parameters
CBCS Activate system status
CBCSTEP Maintenance steps
CBPRO Maintenance of v_tcbp_soprof

Database Tables

SAP Package CBPC contains 1 database tables.

TCBP_MLG General logical model data


SAP Package CBPC contains 15 views.

V_CBP_BRG Authorization groups for supply chain planning models
V_TCBP_CONF_MRP Startup parameters (MRP)
V_TCBP_CONF_SOP Startup parameters (SOP)
V_TCBP_MLG_MRP Defaults for download and planning
V_TCBP_MLG_SOP Defaults for download and planning
V_TCBP_MLS Assigment of infostructure S076 to model
V_TCBP_MOD Planning models
V_TCBP_MRPFLAGS Control flags for material requirements planning
V_TCBP_MSV SOP versions planned by external systems
V_TCBP_MTG Assigned destinations
V_TCBP_PARDEF Parameters of action steps
V_TCBP_PLACT Planning actions known by external systems
V_TCBP_PLSTEPS Steps of planning actions
V_TCBP_PROBCAT Problem categories
V_TCBP_SOPROF Profile f. ext. Planning


SAP Package CBPC contains 1 programs.

RCCBPC_0001 Report for customizing views -> set selection conditions