SAP Package CCCD

CRM Customer Master Data Exchange (Release Dependent)

The package CCCD (CRM Customer Master Data Exchange (Release Dependent)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-CRM.

Technical Information

Package CCCD
Short Text CRM Customer Master Data Exchange (Release Dependent)
Parent Package PI-CRM

Function Groups

SAP Package CCCD contains 10 function groups.

CBPI BP/Customer Inbound for CRM 3.0
CCRI R/3 Inbound-Cust. Master Release-Depndnt
CCRO R/3 Outbound - Customer Master - Rel.Dep
CCTM Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CCTN Extended Table Maintenance Part 2
CCUC Unicode Enabling for Customer Master
CMAP R/3 Customer - CRM BP Mapping
CMSD Message Administration (Release-Dependt)
CRAV Exchange of additional KNVV fields
ETXD Mapping Excise Tax Data of BP


SAP Package CCCD contains 2 transactions.

PITC Maintain Tax Classifications
PITM Mapping Tax Classification


SAP Package CCCD contains 6 views.

V_CRMCLASS CRM -> R/3: Assignment of BP Classification to Account Group
V_CRMKTOKD R/3 -> CRM: Assignment of Account Group to BP Classification
V_CRMTXTID Mapping of Text IDs Between R/3 and CRM
V_TB070_CM Tax Classification: Tax Categories per Country
V_TB071_CM Tax Classification: Assignment of Tax Groups to Tax Types
V_TB072_CM Tax Classification: Mapping R/3 <-> CRM

Message Classes

SAP Package CCCD contains 1 message classes.

XV CRM Geschäftspartner Datenaustausch (releaseabhängig)