SAP Package PI-CRM

CRM Plug-In

The package PI-CRM (CRM Plug-In) is a structure package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI.

Technical Information

Package PI-CRM
Short Text CRM Plug-In
Parent Package PI

Embedded Packages

SAP Package PI-CRM contains 74 embedded packages.

ACID_PI BAPI Plug-In for Accounting Interface
AGR_EXCHANGE_GENERAL Exchange Agreements General
AGR_EXCHANGE_INBOUND Exchange Agreements Inbound
AGR_EXCHANGE_OUTBOUND Exchange Agreements Outbound
BPEX Exchange of business partner data with other systems
BUAG_INTERFACE CRM Business Agreement: External Interfaces
BUPA_P46C SAP BP: Release-Specific Functional Enhancements for 4.6C
CATS_PLUGIN CATS Services for Linking External Systems
CBC1 CRM Business Partner Data Exchange
CCCD CRM Customer Master Data Exchange (Release Dependent)
CCCI CRM Customer Master Data Exchange
CCMP Plug-In development class for CIC components
CMPB Campaign Determination: Basis
CMPC Campaign Determination: Customizing
CMPD Campaign Determination: Operational Determination
CMPM Campaign Determination: Master Data
CND_EXCHANGE_GENERAL Exchange Conditions General
CND_EXCHANGE_INBOUND Exchange Conditions Inbound
COM_BUAG Business Agreement: Communication Data
COM_BUPA Business Partner Communication Data
COM_BUPA_ISM IS-M: Business Partner Communication Data
CRM Customer Relationship Management (Interfaces SFA Server)
CRM_CMS_BILL_CAP_RD Rel Dep CMS plugin package to capture billing data
CRM_CMS_BILL_CAP_RI Rel Ind CMS plugin package to capture billing data
CRM_CS_API API Functions for Mobile Service
CRM_IMG R/3 CRM IMG: General Objects
CRM_IPC Integration IPC Engine with E-Commerce
CRM_IPM_FI Intellectual Property Management - Confirmations from FI
CRM_LEASING_PI Leasing: PlugIn Enhancement in Sales for CRM
CRM_TAX_PLUGIN External Tax Determination - Global Functions
CRM40FF CRM Functions as of SAP Release 4.0B
CRM45FF CRM Functionality from SAP Release 4.5B
CRMCO_ERR CRM/CO Integration: Controlling Cockpit
CRMCO_IS Developments Information System Controlling Connection CRM
CRMCO_OR Individual controlling in CRM: internal orders
CRMCO_PERCL Single-Object Controlling in CRM: Period-End Closing
CRMG MW Adapter: Generated Objects for Data Exchange
CVCD CRM Vendor Master Data Exchange (Release-Dependent)
CVCI CRM Vendor Master Data Exchange
IAOM_CRMSERVICE Cost and Revenue Controlling for CRM Service
IAOM_CRMSERVICE_BW BW Integration for CRM Controlling
IAOM_CRMSERVICE_EXEC Process Integration for CRM Service
IBSSI_CRM_BCONTACT Replication of Customer Contact - Activities
IBSSI_CRMIST Transfer of Telco Data
IBSSI_CRMTO Technical Objects for the IBS Service Industries
IDPI Intern. Development: Country-specific data exchange with CRM
ISA_R3 Internet Sales R/3
ISTCRMPI IS-T Telco Objects: External Interfaces
KEC1COPA CRM - CO-PA Integration to SD
LATP Availability Check in R/3 from CRM
MBA_MSR20 Mobile Sales for Handheld (R/3) 2.0
MBS_MSR Mobile Sales for Handheld (R/3)
MECR Plug-In Enhancements in Purchasing for CRM
PI_CRM_AFS AFS 5.0 Connectivity
PI_CRM_OIL Plug-In Objects for Data Exchange CRM/IS-Oil
PI_CRM_SSC Integration BP Replication for CRM IC (SSC)
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_EH_F Event History.(F for function)
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_EH_S Event History.(S for structure/ddic)structures
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_F Individual object and configuration structures (F
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_ONEORDER_F one order link.(F for function)
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_ONEORDER_S one order link.(S for structure/ddi)
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_RELATION_F Individual object and relations -> BUPA , PR
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_RELATION_S Individual object and relations -> BUPA , PRes
PLUGIN_PROD_IO_S Individual object and configuration structures
PPPE_CRM Rule-Based Routing for Telesales
PTLP HR - WFM Core Interface (Release Independent)
PTLP_46C HR - WFM Core Interface (Release-Independent)
PTLR HR-WFM Core Interface (Release-Dependent)
VACA Sales - Plug-In Enhancement for CRM
VBER Enhancement of Sales Area Data for Customer Records
WEB_INVOICE Billing documents - web application interface