Business Agreement: Communication Data

The package COM_BUAG (Business Agreement: Communication Data) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-CRM.

Technical Information

Package COM_BUAG
Short Text Business Agreement: Communication Data
Parent Package PI-CRM

Function Groups

SAP Package COM_BUAG contains 6 function groups.

BUAG_MAP_CONTAINER Mapping Modules BA - Container
CA_SEL Read Contract Account Data (Ext. Appl.)
COM_BUAG_EXTRACT Extractor Contract Acc. Initial Download
COM_BUAG_INTERFACE Incoming Business Agreement/Contract Acc
COM_BUAG_MWX_INBOUND Incoming into R/3 for CRM 3.0
COM_BUAG_MWX_OUTBOUND Outbound Processing for CRM 3.0


SAP Package COM_BUAG contains 1 structures.

BUAG_CONTAINER Container for Business Agreement: Contract Account Interface

Message Classes

SAP Package COM_BUAG contains 1 message classes.

COM_BUAG Datenaustausch der CRM-Geschäftsvereinbarung via Middleware