SAP Package CCCI

CRM Customer Master Data Exchange

The package CCCI (CRM Customer Master Data Exchange) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-CRM.

Technical Information

Package CCCI
Short Text CRM Customer Master Data Exchange
Parent Package PI-CRM

Function Groups

SAP Package CCCI contains 8 function groups.

CBPU R/3 BAPIMTCS - Type Pool Mapping
CBRV Brazil: Views
CCAV Exchange Additional Cust. Master Fields
CCCI R/3 Inbound - Customer Master
CCCO R/3 Outbound - Customer Master
CMSI Message Administration (Release-Indep.)
CRFB CRM RetroFit Brazil
CRFI CRM Retro Fit India


SAP Package CCCI contains 3 transactions.

PIDE Settings for Data Exchange
PITX Mapping Text IDs R/3 <-> CRM
PIVV Filter Mode Relating to KNVV

Database Tables

SAP Package CCCI contains 12 database tables.

CRMCLASSIF Account Groups in Replication into R/3
CRMKNVVFIL Indicator: Completely Filter Customer Data Relating to KNVV
CRMKTOKD Assign Classification and Grouping R/3 Account Groups
CRMKUNNR Mapping Table Business Partner - Customer
CRMPARNR Mapping Table Business Partner Relationship - Contact Person
CRMTEXTID Mapping of Text IDs Between R/3 and CRM
TB070_CM Tax Classification: Tax Types per Country
TB070T_CM Tax Classification: Tax Types per Country, Names
TB071_CM Tax Classification: Assignment of Tax Groups to Tax Types
TB072_CM Tax Classification: Mapping R/3 <-> CRM
TB077_CM Assignment of R/3 Field to CRM Tax Type
TB078_CM Assignment of R/3 Field Value to CRM Tax Group


SAP Package CCCI contains 2 views.

V_TB077_CM View: TB077_CM
V_TB078_CM View: TB078_CM


SAP Package CCCI contains 5 structures.

BUS_CONTNO Mapping Business Partner - Contact Person
BUS_CUSTNO Mapping Business Partner - Customer
CRMCUSTADD Add-On Data Changed in Customer Master
PITEXTUPD Copy of Customer Master Structure for BTE 1321
TB071_KEY Business Partner: Key Structure for TB071_CM