SAP Package CEV

R/3 Applic. development: PPS CAPP standard times calculation

The package CEV (R/3 Applic. development: PPS CAPP standard times calculation) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CEV
Short Text R/3 Applic. development: PPS CAPP standard times calculation
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CEV contains 18 function groups.

CECK CAPP: General checks
CECU CAPP: GUI interface
CEDI Online control for CAPP task lists
CEPA CAPP: Dialog for param. list in tsklists
CETA Read CAPP tables
CETO CAPP: List of sub-calculations
CETU CAPP: Count/read uses
CEV1 Convert CAPP formulas
CEV2 Expand CAPP formulas
CEV3 Read and check CAPP parameters
CEV4 Maintain CAPP technical data
CEV5 Generation of process text
CEV8 Master data accesses CAPP
CEVA Select CAPP processes and methods
CEVB Posting CAPP elements
CEVK Cumulate CAPP standard values
CEVY CAPP: Menus for standard time calc.
CVCU Determ. of GUI status in CAPP task lists


SAP Package CEV contains 17 transactions.

CE00 Menu: CAPP-based calc. of std.values
CE11 Create standard value formula
CE12 Change standard value formula
CE13 Display standard value formula
CE16 Use of CAPP elements (single-level)
CE21 Create standard value method
CE22 Change standard value method
CE23 Display standard value method
CE31 Create standard value process
CE32 Change standard value process
CE33 Display standard value process
CE41 Simulate calculation of std. values
CEVC Copy custom. tab. for std.val. calc.
CEVF Number ranges for CAPP formulas
CEVM Number ranges for CAPP methods
CEVP Display CAPP tables
CEVV Number ranges for CAPP processes

Database Tables

SAP Package CEV contains 42 database tables.

PLPH CAPP: Sub-operations
TCAM1 CAPP menus, level 1
TCAM2 CAPP menus, level 2: header lines
TCAM3 CAPP menus, level 3: menu components
TCAPM Date of the last mini reorg
TCAPR Rounding rules
TCAPS Files that can be read in CAPP
TCAPT Tables used in CAPP formulas and methods
TCARA Rounding categories
TCART Rounding categories (Text)
TCEH Characteristic origins for formulas and methods
TCEHT Characteristic origins for formulas and methods (text)
TCEIT CAPP status (text)
TCER1 Parameter ID for rounding and additional value keys
TCERS Rounding & additional values keys
TCERT Keys for rounding categories & additional values (text)
TCETV Indicator for rules (text)
TCEVC Control table for CAPP-based calculation of std. values
TCEVV Rule indicators for characteristics in methods
TCEVVT Indicator for rules (text)
TMATT Machine types (text)
TMATY Machine types
TSRTB Sort strings
TSRTT Sort strings (text)
TTTAB Tables for technical data
TZART Value types for CAPP
TZATT Value types for CAPP (texts)
VERFK Process header data
VERFT Process texts
VERME Assignment of CAPP methods to CAPP processes
VERTE Assignment of CAPP processes to work centers
VFORK Formula header data
VFORP Characteristics for formulas
VFORS Formula strings
VFORT Formula texts
VMETK Method header data
VMETP Characteristics for methods
VMETT Method texts
VMETV Rules for characteristics
VMETVOR Data base for CAPP rules
VMETW Default values for characteristics


SAP Package CEV contains 12 views.

H_T024C CAPP planner group
H_TCAPI Status for CAPP elements
H_TCARA Rounding category (CAPP-based calculation of std. values)
H_TCEH Characteristic origins for formulas and methods
H_TCERS Key: rounding and additional values
H_TMATY Machine type
H_TSRTB Sort String
H_TZART Value Types for CAPP-based Calc. of Std. Values
M_METHA Generated View for Matchcode ID METH -A
M_METHB Generated view for matchcode ID METH-B
M_VERFA Generated view for matchcode ID VERF-A
M_VFORA Generated view for matchcode ID VFOR-A


SAP Package CEV contains 22 structures.

CEV_ATNAM Characteristic name
CEV_FOTXT Formula string
CEV_HIER Hierarchy recursive formulas
DSEC Table fields
PARAMS Internal table for CAPP characteristics
PLFVCAP Additional fields for CAPP in PLFV
PLPHB Buffer Table for Sub-operations
PLPHCAP Additional fields for CAPP in PLPH
PLPHD Dialog Structure for sub-operations in task lists and orders
RCES Control table for dialog control in CAPP
RCETO Structure for dialog table with sub-calculations
RCEVF Screen fields for formula maintenance
RCEVM Screen fields for method maintenance
RCEVT Screen fields used to maintain technical data
RCEVU Structure for CAPP elements where-used
RCEVV Screen fields for process maintenance
RCEVX Screen fields for online help when calculating std. values
RCEVZ Screen fields used when simulating the calc. of std. values
RCEX Help fields for CAPP list processing
TCAPINN Data base structure: internal numbers for CAPP elements


SAP Package CEV contains 14 programs.

RCCEVU01 Use of Characteristics in Formulas and Methods
RCCEVU02 Use of Formulas in Formulas and Methods
RCCEVU03 Use of Methods in Processes
RCCEVU04 Use of processes in work centers
RCCEVU05 Use of CAPP Elements (Single-level)
RCCEVU06 Use of CAPP tables in formulas or methods
RCCEVU08 Where-used lists CAPP elements (single level)
RCCEVU09 Maintain origins on BOM and mat.master in TCEH and TCEHT
RCCEVU10 CAPP elements which are not used
RCCEVU12 Generation of Table Accesses
SAPMCEVF Module Pool for CAPP Formulas Procedure
SAPMCEVM Module Pool for Processing of CAPP Methods
SAPMCEVT Module Pool for Reading CAPP Tables
SAPMCEVV Managing CAPP Processes

Search Helps

SAP Package CEV contains 15 search helps.

H_T024C CAPP Planner Group
H_TCAPI Status for CAPP Elements
H_TCARA Rounding Category (CAPP-based Calculation of Std Values)
H_TCEH Characteristic Origins for Formulas and Methods
H_TCERS Key for Rounding and Additional Values
H_TMATY Machine Types
H_TSRTB Sort String
H_TZART Value Types for CAPP-based Calc. of Std. Values
METH Matchcode for methods
METHA Search via method number
METHB Search using description
VERF CAPP Processes
VERFA Search via name, description and sort string
VFOR CAPP formulas
VFORA Search via name, description and sort string

Message Classes

SAP Package CEV contains 1 message classes.

CE CAP - Messages

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CEV contains 2 authorization objects.

C_CAPV_ANW CAPP: Standard value calculation - application
C_CAPV_STA CAPP: Standard value calculation - master data maintenance