SAP Package CK

R/3 Application Development: PP Product Costing

The package CK (R/3 Application Development: PP Product Costing) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CK
Short Text R/3 Application Development: PP Product Costing
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CK contains 35 function groups.

CK00 Cost PPS Order
CK01 Costing: Create Quantity Structure
CK04 Product Costing - CO-ABC Interface
CK05 Material Costing: Mixed Costing
CK06 COPC Controlling Co-Products General FM
CK11 Preparation of Costing Results
CK30 Central Costing Routines
CK31 Price Change
CK32 Table Independent of Costing Variant
CK33 Admin. of Costing Nos. for Conf. Objects
CK34 General Costing Check Routines
CK35 Organizational Terms in Costing
CK36 Mgt of Cost Est. Numbers for Sales Order
CK37 Resources for Log Handling
CK38 Read/Check Routines for Mat. for Costing
CK40 Conversions for Analysis
CK50 Explanation Facilities
CK51 Selection List Maintenance Dialog
CK60 Partial Costing (Parallel Costing)
CK68 Mark/Release Mat.Port. in Costing Run
CKCC01 Costing Run Cockpit
CKCC02 Costing Run Subscreens
CKCC03 Costing Run User Parameters
CKDI Online Costing
CKEXT For Special Enhancements
CKITCO Comparison of Itemizations
CKKK Gen. Func. Modules for Prod./Unit Cstg
CKKVMK Maintenance of Table T_KVMK per Object
CKLAUF Run: Database Interface
CKSM Interface Cost Estimate - Sched. Manager
CKU3 Update of Costing Run
CKU5 DB Interface for Selection List
CMKV Cost Apportionement with Co-Products


SAP Package CK contains 31 transactions.

CK00 Product costing initial screen
CK11 Create Product Cost Estimate
CK11N Create Material Cost Estimate
CK13 Display Product Cost Estimate
CK13N Display Material Cost Estimate
CK31 Print Log of Costing Run
CK33 Comparison of Itemizations
CK40N Edit Costing Run
CK41 Create Costing Run
CK42 Change Costing Run
CK43 Display Costing Run
CK44 Delete Costing Run
CK45 Delete Costing Run in Background
CK51 Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK51N Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53 Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53N Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK66 Mark Run for Release
CK68 Release Costing Run
CK74N Create Additive Costs
CK75N Change Additive Costs
CK76N Display Additive Costs
CK77N Create Additive Costs
CKA1 Std Cost Est to Profitability Anal.
CKC1 Check Costing Variant
CKMATCON Selection List Maintenance Dialog
CKVF Show Whether Marking/Release Allowed
KKPAN Create Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
KKPBN Change Cost Est. w/o Quantity Struct
KKPCN Display Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
KKPDN Create Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure

Database Tables

SAP Package CK contains 34 database tables.

CKCM Costing Model
CKCM_TR Costing Model (Transportable)
CKCMC_TR Characteristics of a Costing Model (Transportable)
CKCMCT_TR Characteristics of a Costing Model - Texts
CKCMT Name for the Costing Model
CKCMT_TR Name of the Costing Model (Transportable)
CKHS Header: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
CKHT Texts for CKHS
CKIP Unit Costing: Period Costs Line Item
CKIS Items Unit Costing/Itemization Product Costing
CKIT Texts for CKIS
CKLAYOUT User Settings for Layout of Cost Estimate
KALA Costing Run: General Data/Parameters
KALAMATCON1 Selection List for Costing Run
KALAMATCON2 Selection List for Costing Run: Material List
KALAUSER User-Dependent Settings for Costing Run
KALD Costing Run: Low-Level Codes
KALF Costing Run: Error Log Header
KALM Costing Run: Costing Objects
KALO Costing Run: Costing Objects (KVMK)
KALS Costing Run: Costing Levels
KALSTAT Costing Run: Statistical Info for Separate Steps
KALV Costing Run: Costing Variants
KEKO Product Costing - Header Data
KEPH Product Costing: Cost Components for Cost of Goods Mfd
KINX Marking Table for Completed Actions
KNKO Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object
KNOB Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object
KUSE Prod.Cstg: User-Specific Settings (Depends on Cstg Variant)
MAKA Buffer Table for MiniApps of the Costing
SMCOPCPCP CO-PC-PCP Data in Monitor (see Schedman_specific_copc_pcp)
TCK18 Deactivating Functions in Screen Sequence Control
TCK21 CO Object Functions
TCK33 Assignment of Condition Types to Origin Group


SAP Package CK contains 2 views.

CKKALAKALV Selection Methods for Search Help CKKAT
V_KEKO_ENQ View for locking KEKO using company code


SAP Package CK contains 122 structures.

CK11N_LAYOUT_1 Status and Content of Docking Control in Cost Estimate
CK50_INFO_COMP_ITEM Explanation Facilities for Itemization Items
CK50_INFO_COMPONENTS Selection of Explanation Facilities
CK50DYNP1000 Dialog Data for Screen 1000 in FUGR CK50
CK50DYNP1100 Dialog Data for Screen 1100 of FUGR CK50
CK50DYNP12XX Dialog Data for Screens 12xx of FUGR CK50
CK51POPUP Help Fields for Dialog Boxes in FG 51
CKCONFINF Configuration of BOM component
CKCOOBJNR Assignment of Temporary Object Numbers to Actual Object No.s
CKCOSTING_BOM_LINE_VALUES Value Fields in Line of Costed Multilevel BOM
CKCOSTLINE Costs for a View: Total, Fixed and Variable
CKCOUEB Transfer Structure for 'Generate CO Object'
CKF_CKIS_EXTENSION For the BAdI Interface for Extension of CKIS
CKF_CO_PROD_EQUI Costing: Apportionment Weight per Co-Product
CKF_DIP_CUSTOMER_EXIT View of CKHS+CKIS for Dynamic Item Processor User Exits
CKF_FIELD_VALUE Transfer Structure: Field Name and Content
CKF_GUI_CE_SETTINGS Display-controlling Status Fields for a Costing Hierarchy
CKF_GUI_CE_TREE_ADDITIONS Control Fields for Hierarchy Display of Cost Estimates
CKF_GUI_HERK_RESOURCE External Display of the Resource Fields
CKF_GUI_KIS1 Extended KIS1 = KIS1 + Texts + Quantities + Values
CKF_GUI_PRICE External Display of the Price Fields
CKF_GUI_QUANTITY External Display of the Quantity
CKF_GUI_RESOURCE External Display of the Resource Fields
CKF_GUI_RESOURCE_EXT External Display of Particular KIS1 Fields
CKF_GUI_VALUE External Display of the Value Fields
CKF_KALKTAB_EXTENSION For the BAdI Interface for Extension of KALKTAB
CKF_KALM_EXTENSION For the BAdI Interface for Extension of KALM
CKF_KEKO_EXTENSION For the BAdI Interface for Extension of KEKO
CKF_KEKO_KEPH Structure with KEKO and KEPH Tables
CKF_KISU_EXTENSION For the BAdI Interface for Extension of KISU
CKF_PM_COSTING_OBJECT_LINE PCP: Persistence Manager Entry
CKF_RES_TPL Resource Object of Cost Estimate
CKF_RESOURCE Resource Object of Cost Estimate
CKF_RESOURCE_TEMPLATE_AMOUNT Resource Object of the Costing with Quantity
CKF_S_COST_ESTIMATE_LEVEL Costing Run Level of a Costing
CKF_S_FLAT_ITEMIZATION Flat Costing Hierarchy
CKF_S_GUI_CE_TREE Multilevel BOMs Line
CKF_S_GUI_KIS1 KIS1 Display Structure
CKFBEFU_CR Goods Receipt Data to Determine Credit Values
CKI_AFVG Key for Operation in Production Order
CKI_CKCM Reference to Costing Model and Assignment to the Template
CKI_CKSAGLOBAL Global Data for Structure Explosion
CKI_CO_PRODUCT Co-Product Information for Costing
CKI_DATES Costing: Costing Dates
CKI_KALA_LIST Costing Run: General Data for List Output
CKI_KEPHAN Help Table for Displaying Cost Components via Analysis
CKI_OBJ_COUNT Costing: Number of Objects Processed
CKI_PLPO Key for Routing Operation
CKI_PROCESS Process Information (Leading Co-Product) in Costing
CKI_RESB Key for Material Reservation in Production Order
CKI_S_CKCMDATA Include Structure: Data Part of the Database (!) Table CKCM
CKI_S_COSTMODEL Dialog Structure for Display/Maintenance of Costing Model
CKI_STPO Key for Material Item in BOM
CKI_TCK05 Extended Structure of TCK05
CKI06 Structure to Determine Amount for Fixed-Price Co-Products
CKI64A Int. Report Fields on Screens for Displaying Cost Estimates
CKI64T Int. Structure for Int. Report Fields in Table Screen
CKI64V Interface for Transferring Parameters to Function Modules
CKIAGDAT General Data for the Product Costing Application Area
CKIBEW Header Transfer Structure for Central Valuation Routines
CKIBUKRS Organizational Unit Terms - Company Code
CKIBWVAR Information from Costing for KEKO
CKIDISPLAY Fields for Displaying on Screens/Programs
CKIDISST Low-Level Codes in Product Costing
CKIFAUS Structure for a Field Selection
CKIFCODE Pushbuttons for Screens
CKIFRAME Internal table: Names of Sections on Screens
CKIKALST Costing Levels in Product Costing
CKIKE01 Internal Structure for Updating KEKO
CKIKEKOKEY Key Fields of KEK0 for Transfer to FBSE
CKIKEPHKEY Internal Structure for Cost Estimate: Key Fields of KEPH
CKIKFOVER Table of Cost Fields with Overflows
CKILOGINFO Additional Information for Cost Estimate Log
CKIMATIX Material Index for Cost Estimate
CKIMBKE Int. Structure for Setup of the Update Table MBEW and KEKO
CKINFODAT Transfer Structure for Reading Purchasing Info Record
CKINOPOST Field String for Specific Cases When Posting Is Not Allowed
CKINOZUORD SY-TABIX Items of Costing Table without Assignment via TCKH2
CKIPCMC Transfer Structure for Mat. Master to Costing Mat. Check
CKIUSER Header String for USER EXIT
CKIWERK Plant-Dependent Organizational Terms
CKKALKPOS Unit Costing: Items, Product Costing: Itemization
CKKALKTAB Costing Itemization/Parallel to CKIS
CKKEKOKEY Key Fields for KEKO Without Client
CKKEPHKEY Key Fields for KEPH Without Client
CKKVMK Transfer Segment for Costing Object
CKMATCON Material in Selection List
CKMLC_CMFE_OBJECT1 Structure of Object in Error Log (Multilevel Unit Costing)
CKMLMV_PCP001 Database Fields for Mixed Costing in QS Tool Table CKMLMV001
CKMLMV_PCP003 Mixed Costing: Additional Fields for CKMLMV003
CKMONITOR Destination Statistics for Parallel Costing
CKOPERATION_SCRAP Contains Information on Operation Scrap for Prod. Order
CKPCMP All Order Headers in a Campaign for Reporting
CKQTY_STRUCTURE Transfer Structure for Qty Structure Data in Cost Estimate
CKS_KEPH_EXTD Transparent Transfer Structure for Partner Display
CKSM_VAL Transf. Parameters for K_PEP_MONI_CLOSE_RECORD Field: LS_EXT
CKSONDERBESCHAFFUNG Data for Special Procurement
CKSTRUKTURTAB Field Catalog for OH Analysis
CKSTRUKTURTAB_ADDON New Fields for OH Analysis
CKTRACE Activation of Explanation Facilities
CKUC_LAYOUT_1 User Settings in Multilevel Unit Costing
ECP_RES_K ECP - Structure for TEMPLATE Linetype k
ECP_RES_L ECP - Structure for TEMPLATE Linetype l
ECP_RES_M ECP - Structure for TEMPLATE Linetype m
ECP_RES_N ECP - Structure for TEMPLATE Linetype n
ECP_RES_R ECP - Structure for TEMPLATE Linetype r
ECP_RES_V ECP - Structure for TEMPLATE Linetype v
KEKO_ENQUE Lock Arguments for Cost Estimates
KHS1 Internal Structure CKHS + CKHT
KHSK Key Fields CKHS
KHSU Internal Structure CKHS without Keys
KHTU Internal Structure CKHT
KIS1 Internal Structure CKIS + CKIT
KISK Key Fields CKIS
KISU Internal Structure CKIS without Keys
KISX Additional Fields in Table KIS1 (not in CKIS)
KISX2 Fields in KIS1+CKKALKTAB that are not in CKIS+CKIT
KITU Internal Structure CKIT
SCHEDMAN_SPECIFIC_COPCPCP Allowed CO-PC-PCP-Specific Fields for Monitor
TKALAPROC Text Structure for Processing of Costing Run Cockpit


SAP Package CK contains 8 programs.

SAPRCK33 Itemization Comparison
SAPRCKCU Check Costing Variant
SAPRCKDL Deletes KALO Entries for Which no KALA Record Exists
SAPRCKU1 Update Prices in Material Master Record
SAPRCKVF Following Costing Variants Allow Marking and Release

Search Helps

SAP Package CK contains 3 search helps.

CKKA Matchcode for Costing Run
CKKAT Costing Run by Name, Variant, and Validity
KALAMATCON Selection List for Costing Run

Message Classes

SAP Package CK contains 2 message classes.

C3 Meldungen für Prüfreports und Prüf-FBSe in der Kalkulation
CKCC Meldungen im Kalkulationslaufcockpit

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CK contains 2 authorization objects.

K_FVMK CO-PC: Release/Marking - Product Costing
K_KEKO CO-PC: Product Costing