SAP Package CKBK

R/3 Application Development: PP Costing Valuation

The package CKBK (R/3 Application Development: PP Costing Valuation) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CKBK
Short Text R/3 Application Development: PP Costing Valuation
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CKBK contains 6 function groups.

CK10 Costing: Process KALKTAB
CK12 Costing: Various Conversion Routines
CK13 Auxiliary Modules: Valuation
CK21 Costing: Valuate Material
CK22 Costing: Valuate Activity

Database Tables

SAP Package CKBK contains 1 database tables.

CKSBX_SERVER Application Server for Shared Buffer


SAP Package CKBK contains 66 structures.

CKCO_OBJECT_ITEM_DATA Transfer Reference Object to CO_Object
CKCO_OBJECT_ITEM_VALUES Total and Fixed Value in CO Area, Transact. and Object Curr.
CKF_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT Data for Account Determination for Material Movements
CKF_BAL_MSG_CONTEXT PCP: Context of a message in the Application Log
CKF_BASE_PLANNING_OBJECT Base Planning Object Structure
CKF_BUFFER_OBJECT Entry Shared Buffer External Structure - PCP
CKF_BUFFER_OBJECT_DATA Data Part Entry Shared Buffer Cost Estimate
CKF_BUFFER_OBJECT_DISPLAY Object from Shared Buffer for GR Costing - Display View
CKF_BUFFER_OBJECT_INTERNAL Internal Structure Shared Buffer Entry - PCP
CKF_BUFFER_OBJECT_KEY Key for Shared Buffer
CKF_CCS_CONTROL_DATA Cost Component Split Structure Information
CKF_CCS_CURRENCY Currency Structure for Shared Buffer - PCP
CKF_CCSKEY Key Fields for Cost Component Split
CKF_CO_PRODUCTION_ORDER CO Production Order Structure
CKF_COMPONENT_TABLE_LINE PCP: Row of a Table With Valuation Objects
CKF_CONDITION_LINE PCP: Line Origin Group with Value (Info Record Valuation)
CKF_COST_COMPONENTS Cost Components in Cost Component split
CKF_COST_ESTIMATE_HEADER Header Data of a Cost Estimate
CKF_COST_OBJECT PCP: General Cost Object
CKF_COSTING_DATES Date fields of a cost estimate
CKF_COSTING_RESULT Control Parameters for Calling Up Unit Costing - Export
CKF_CURR_CCS Cost Component Split with Currency Information
CKF_CURRENCY_INFO PCP: Currency Information in Database
CKF_DELTA_COMPANY_SPLIT PCP: Delta Profit Legal View Total/Fixed
CKF_DELTA_PC_SPLIT PCP: Delta Profit Profit Center View Total/Fixed
CKF_INFO_RECORD PCP: Structure for Finding a Purchasing Info Record
CKF_INTERNAL_ORDER Internal Order - Structure
CKF_MAT_STRAT Strategy for Material Valuation
CKF_MATERIAL Material (Structure)
CKF_MATERIAL_COMPONENT PCP: Material Component Project System
CKF_MBEW MBEW + currency key + currency type
CKF_NETWORK_ACTIVITY Network Activity Structure
CKF_NOTIFICATION Message Structure
CKF_NS_COMPONENT_TABLE_LINE PCP: Line in a Costing Item Table (No Service)
CKF_ORGANIZATION Organizational Units
CKF_PP_DATA Additional Information from Logistics (Reporting)
CKF_PREFETCHED_MATERIAL Material for which a Preread is Carried Out
CKF_PRICE_LINE Valuation Data
CKF_PRICE_QUANTITY_UNIT PCP: Price and Price Unit of Measure
CKF_PRICE_SPLIT PCP: Price Total/Fixed
CKF_PRICE_UNIT PCP: Price and Price Unit of Measure
CKF_QUANTITY PCP: Quantity + Quantity Unit
CKF_S_CCS_TABLE PCP: Line in a Cost Component Split Table
CKF_S_CE_HEADER_FOR_EXECUTION PCP Data for Execution Services from (via) Cost Estimate
CKF_S_COST_ESTIMATE_USAGE PCP: Where-Used List of a Cost Estimate
CKF_S_EGROUP_VALUES Cost Component Split in Cost Component Group Display
CKF_S_TRANSACTION PCP: Table Line of the Transaction Manager
CKF_SALES_DOCUMENT_ID ID for sales order cost estimate
CKF_SALES_ORDER_ITEM Sales Order Item Structure
CKF_SERV_CATALOGUE_LINE Service Line (Structure)
CKF_SHARED_BUFFER_ENTRY Pointer Structure to Instances of Shared Buffer Items
CKF_SPECIAL_STOCK_DATA PCP: special stock information
CKF_STATE_OF_COSTING Status Data for Cost Estimate
CKF_STRATEGY Strategy for Material Valuation
CKF_SUBSTRAT Sub-Strategy for a Material Valuation Strategy
CKF_TYPE_CURR_CCS Cost Component Split with Info on Currency and Structure
CKF_USER PCP: Persons Participating in a Costing
CKF_VAL_RESULTS Other Valuation Results (Excluding Value Information)
CKF_VALUATION_VIEW_LINE PCP: valuation view with local key
CKF_VALUE_SPLIT PCP: Value Total/Fixed
CKF_WBS PSP / Project
CKKEKOINFO Fields for Unit Costing Explanation Facilities
CKSBX Shared buffer access for costing


SAP Package CKBK contains 1 programs.

SAPRCKBK_SB_ADMIN Administration of PCP Shared Buffer

Message Classes

SAP Package CKBK contains 1 message classes.

CKBK Nachrichten der Bewertungsfunktionen