SAP Package CKCO

R/3 Application Development: PP Transfer to CO Object

The package CKCO (R/3 Application Development: PP Transfer to CO Object) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CKCO
Short Text R/3 Application Development: PP Transfer to CO Object
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CKCO contains 13 function groups.

COSE Select. of Prod. Orders for Period Close
JVHK Origin Processing for Joint Venture
KKCK Plan Update for Controlling Object
KKCOOBJ1 Functions for CO Object
KKCP CO Object Plan Data / Old Interface
KKCS Diverse Service Routines
KKCT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KKFA Functions for CO Production Order
KKIO Table Accesses to Orders
KKPA Control Logic for Parallel Processing
KKPF FMs for Parallel Activation
KKSDSEL Sales Document Selection
KPEP_WL_COPCOBJ CO-PC-OBJ Modules for Worklist


SAP Package CKCO contains 6 transactions.

KKF1 Create CO Production Order
KKF2 Change CO Production Order
KKF3 Display CO Production Order
KKF4 Change CO-FA Plan Values
KKF5 Display CO-FA Plan Values
MFI2 Actual Overhead: Run Schedule Header

Database Tables

SAP Package CKCO contains 2 database tables.

TKKH1 Origin in CO Object
TKKH2 Text Table for Origin in CO Object


SAP Package CKCO contains 2 views.

H_TKKH1 Help View for Origin in CO Object
VKKAUF0 Selection of object numbers of orders for settlement


SAP Package CKCO contains 8 structures.

CKGJAHRTAB Transfer Structure with all Fiscal Years with Overheads
COHIE Hierarchy CO Object
COSE_SEL Selection structure for F-group COSE
FCS_RKHKMAT0_LIST ALV Structure for Material List
KKPA Internal Structure for Function Group KKPA
KKWERKS_RTABLINE Structured Line for Range Table Plant
RANGE_S_AUFNR Row Type for Ranges Table Type RANGE_T_AUFNR
WHERETABLINE Table Structure for 'WHERE (itab)' Statement


SAP Package CKCO contains 4 programs.

RKHKMAT0 Set Material Origin Indicator in Costing View of Material
RKTKV30A Conversion for New CO Version Concept

Search Helps

SAP Package CKCO contains 1 search helps.

H_TKKH1 Help View for Origin in CO Object

Message Classes

SAP Package CKCO contains 3 message classes.

HK Fehlermeldungen zur Ermittlung der Herkunft (JV)
K1 Kostenträgerrechnung Schnittstelle
RK Nachrichten zur Parallelverarbeitung