SAP Package CKEK

Multilevel Unit/Simulation Costing

The package CKEK (Multilevel Unit/Simulation Costing) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CKEK
Short Text Multilevel Unit/Simulation Costing
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CKEK contains 3 function groups.

CKEKMETAMODEL Metamodel for Multilevel Unit Costing
CKEKMLC Multilevel Unit Costing
CKEKUTIL Rapid MultiLevel Costing Utilities


SAP Package CKEK contains 1 transactions.

CKUC Multilevel Unit Costing


SAP Package CKEK contains 10 structures.

CKEK_ALV_TREE_LINE Standard Rows in ALV Trees of Multilevel Unit Costing
CKEK_APP_ATTRI Application Attributes in Multilevel Unit Costing
CKEK_APPLICATION_ATTRI Application Attributes in Multilevel Unit Costing
CKEK_CBL_CKHS_FIELDS Fields from Cost Estimate Header CKHS
CKEK_RESOURCE Origin Fields in Multilevel Unit Costing
CKEK_S_NKEY_TO_OBJ Assignment ALV Tree Node <--> Object
CKEK_S_OBJ_TO_T_NKEY Assignment of Object to Table from ALV Tree Nodes
CKEKMLC_DYNPRO_FIELDS Fields of Multilevel Unit Costing
CKEKTREEITEM Structure for Tree View Control
CKEKTREEUITEM Structure for Tree View Control (update)


SAP Package CKEK contains 2 programs.

CKEKMULTILEVELCOSTINGSTARTUP Dummy to Start Multilevel Unit Cost Estimate