E@sy Execution

The package CKEXECUTION (E@sy Execution) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Short Text E@sy Execution
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CKEXECUTION contains 4 function groups.

0CKEX Customizing Easy Execution
CKEX1 Interface Execution -> External BAPIs
CKEX2 ACTUAL Reporting for Acct Assign.Objects
CKEXUTIL Utilities for Planning/Execution


SAP Package CKEXECUTION contains 6 transactions.

0KEX_ROLE Workflow: Role Customizing
0KEX_TASK Workflow: Task Customizing
0KEX1 Easy Execution Services
0KEX2 Customizing Execution Profile
0KEX3 Customizing Execution Profile
0KEX4 Detail Control Execution Services

Database Tables

SAP Package CKEXECUTION contains 8 database tables.

TEE000 Easy Execution Profile
TEE000P Execution Services
TEE000PT Text Table Execution Services
TEE000T Text Table Easy Execution
TEE000Z Assignment of Execution Profile and Permitted Services
TEE001 Purchase Requisition from Easy Execution
TEE002 Reservation from Easy Execution
TEE003 Customizing Purchase Order from Easy Execution


SAP Package CKEXECUTION contains 10 views.

V_TEE000P Easy Execution Services: Detail Control
V_TEE000PCUST Name of Execution Services
V_TEE000PROFIL Create Execution Profile
V_TEE000Z Assignment of Execution Services to Execution Profile
V_TEE000ZPROFIL Assignment of Execution Services to Execution Profile
V_TEEAUARTTP Assignment of Execution Profile / Order Type
V_TEEBANF Easy Execution Services: Purchase Requisition
V_TEEBEST Easy Execution Services: Purchase Order
V_TEEPTP Assign Execution Profile to Project Profile
V_TEERESV Easy Execution Services: Reservation and Goods Issue


SAP Package CKEXECUTION contains 19 structures.

CKEX_ACCOUNTING_OBJECTS ECP: Account Assignment Objects for Execution Services
CKEX1_F_ACTV Fields for Posting Activity Entry
CKEX1_F_ACTV_APPEND Additional Fields Activity Entry
CKEX1_F_GICR Fields for Posting Goods Issue
CKEX1_F_GICR_APPEND Additional Fields Goods Issue
CKEX1_F_POCR Fields for Posting Purchase Order
CKEX1_F_POCR_APPEND Additional Fields Purchase Order
CKEX1_F_QUANTITY_EXEC_SRV Easy Execution Services: Quantity and Unit of Measure
CKEX1_F_REQU ECP: Lines for Purchase Requisition
CKEX1_F_REQU_APPEND Additional Fields Purchase Requisition
CKEX1_F_RESV Fields for Reservation Generation
CKEX1_F_RESV_APPEND Additional Fields Reservation
CKEX1_S_EXECUTION_RESOURCES Redundant Fields Retained from the Itemization
CKEX2_F_GICR Reporting Structure for Service Goods Issue
CKEX2_F_POCR Reporting Structure for Service Purchase Order
CKEX2_F_RESV Reporting Structure for Service Reservation
CKEXUTIL_SERVICES Detail Information Services + Row Type
CKF_S_ACTUAL_OUTTAB_CACHE Buffer for Output Table Reporting
CKF_S_EXECUTION_DETAILS Detailed Information on Calling Up Easy Execution Services


SAP Package CKEXECUTION contains 2 programs.


Search Helps

SAP Package CKEXECUTION contains 1 search helps.

S_TEE000P Search Help Execution Profile

Message Classes

SAP Package CKEXECUTION contains 1 message classes.

CKEXECUTION Nachrichtenklasse für Easy Execution