SAP Package CKJ1

Customizing for Product Costing

The package CKJ1 (Customizing for Product Costing) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CKJ1
Short Text Customizing for Product Costing
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CKJ1 contains 20 function groups.

0K00 Interfaces for Costing Views
0K0A Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK01
0K0B Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK03
0K0C Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK05
0K0D Ext. Table Maint. V_CK29/V_CK33
0K0E Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK08
0K0F Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK16
0K0G Extended Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK31
0K0J Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK24
0K0K Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK27
0K0L Ext. Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK32
0KA0 Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK10
0KB0 Ext. Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK28
0KI1 Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK19
0KI2 Enhanced Table Maint.(Generated) V_CK19A
0KI3 Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated) V_CK35
0KI5 Ext. Table Maintenance (Gen.) V_CK39
0KKS View Cluster Maint. Cost Comp. Layout
OKI4 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
OKI6 Base Planning Object Group


SAP Package CKJ1 contains 63 transactions.

0K01 List of Costing Variants
CKNR Maintain Number Ranges: KALK
ECP_CT04 Change Characteristics
ECP_CT05 Create Characteristics
IKKW Valuation Variant Generic Object
IKKZ Costing Variant Generic Object
OKK4 Valuation Variants for Prod. Costing
OKK5 Qty Structure Control for Costing
OKK6 Scheduling for Costing
OKK7 Price Factors for Costing Relevancy
OKK9 Indicator for Relevancy to Costing
OKKE Valuation Variants: Base Plan Obj.
OKKI Costing Types for Product Costing
OKKK Maintain Costing Tables
OKKM Transfer Control
OKKN Costing Variants for Product Costing
OKKO Costing Variants Base Planning Obj
OKKR Costing Variants for Internal Orders
OKKT Costing Variants for Projects
OKKW Valuation Variants for Projects
OKKX Valuation Variant f. Internal Orders
OKP6 Costing Variant for PM Order
OKP7 Costing Types for PM Order
OKP8 Valuation Variants for PM Order
OKTZ Cost Comp. Str (View Cluster Maint.)
OKY0 Val. Variants Sales Order/Prod. Cost
OKY1 Sales Order: Unit Costing
OKY2 Costing Variants CO Production Order
OKY3 Costing Variants: Cost Objects
OKY4 Costing Variants for Primary Costs
OKY5 Valuation Variants for CO Prod.Order
OKY6 Costing Variants: Cost Objects
OKY7 Val. Variants Sales Order/Unit Cstg
OKY8 Val. Variants Detail Plan Cost Ctr
OKY9 Costing Variants (Sales Order)
OKYA Costing Types (Sales Order)
OKYB Partner Versions
OKYC Reference Cost Estimates
OKYD Costing Versions
OKYE Costing Types (Sales Order)
OKYF Costing Variants Network Component
OKYG Cstg Variants Network Costs Activity
OKYH Costing Variants: Seiban
OKYI Costing Variants Message
OKYJ Valuation Variants Message
OKYK Costing Types: Seiban
OKYL Valn. Variants Network Component
OKYM Valn. Variants Network Costs Actvy
OKYN Valuation Variants: Seiban
OKYO Assignment of Delivery Costs
OKYP Costing Types Base Planning Object
OKYS Costing Variants: Service Line
OKYT Valuation Variant: Service Line
OKYU Valn. Variants Appropriation Request
OKYV Cross-Company Costing
OKYW Cost Comp. Split Multiple Currencies
OKYY Costing Variants (Brackets)
OKYZ Cstg Variants Appropriation Request
OKZA Base Planning Object Group
OKZZ Message Management (Release)
OPL1 Costing Variants: PP Prod. Order
OPM1 Costing Variants - Production Order
OPN2 Valuation Variants - Prod. Order

Database Tables

SAP Package CKJ1 contains 52 database tables.

KANZ Assignment of Sales Order Items - Costing Objects
TCK01 Costing Types
TCK02 Costing Types - Texts
TCK03 Costing Variants
TCK04 Costing Variants - Texts
TCK05 Valuation Variants in Costing
TCK06 Valuation Variants in Costing - Texts
TCK07 Costing Variants for Organizational Units
TCK08 Indicator for Relevancy to Costing
TCK09 Text Table for Relevancy to Costing
TCK10 Price Factors for Relevancy to Costing
TCK12 Product Costing: Object for Number Assignment
TCK13 Product Costing: Texts for Number Assignment Object
TCK14 Overhead Groups
TCK15 Descriptions for Overhead Groups
TCK16 Date Control
TCK17 Date Control - Descriptions
TCK19 Quantity Structure Control (Single-Plant)
TCK19A Quantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant)
TCK19AT Text Table Quantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant)
TCK19T Text Table Quantity Structure Control (Single-Plant)
TCK20 Quantity Structure Control for Costing
TCK22 Reference Objects for Costing
TCK23 Product Costing: Texts for Number Assignment Object
TCK24 Transfer Control Table from Customizing
TCK25 Text Table for Transfer Control in Customizing
TCK26 Text Table for Quantity Structure Control
TCK27 Cost Component Split in Different Currency
TCK28 CO Area Based Costing
TCK29 Partner Versions for Group Costing
TCK29T Texts for Partner Version
TCK30 Cost Component Transfer
TCK31 Reference Cost Estimate
TCK31T Reference Cost Estimate Texts
TCK32 Costing Versions
TCK32T Costing Version Texts
TCK35 Valuation Variants in Costing
TCK36 Valuation Variants in Costing - Texts
TCK38 Costing Variants for Costing with Multiple Valuation
TCK39 Costing Variants for Costing with Multiple Valuation
TCK40 Base Planning Object Group
TCK40T Texts for Base Planning Object Group
TCKH1 Cost Components - Texts
TCKH2 Assignment: Cost Element Interval - Cost Component Structure
TCKH3 Cost Components
TCKH4 Cost Component Structure for Cost of Goods Manufactured
TCKH5 Cost Component Structure - Texts
TCKH6 Cost Component Groups - Texts
TCKH7 Cost Component Groups
TCKH8 Cost Component Views in Display
TCKH9 Texts for Cost Component Views in Display
TCKHA Cost Element/Origin Assignment with Additive Costs


SAP Package CKJ1 contains 32 views.

H_CKCM Costing Characteristics
H_CKCM_CKCMTR Costing Models
H_TCA43 Help view: Routing selection (product costing)
H_TCK32 Costing versions for search help
V_CK01 Costing types
V_CK03 Costing Variants
V_CK05 Valuation Variants
V_CK07 Assignment: Organiz. Units - Cost Component Struct
V_CK08 Relevancy to Costing
V_CK10 Factors for Relevancy to Costing
V_CK16 Date Control
V_CK19 Quantity Structure Determination (Plant-Dependent)
V_CK19A Quantity Structure Determination (Cross-Plant)
V_CK24 Transfer Control
V_CK27 Additional cost component splits in controlling area curr.
V_CK28 Cross-Company Costing
V_CK29 Partner versions
V_CK30 Transfer structure definition
V_CK31 Ref. cost estimates
V_CK32 Costing versions
V_CK33 Assignment of Condition Types to Origin Group
V_CK35 Valuation Variants (Organizational-Unit-Dependent)
V_CK38 Compounding of Costing Variants
V_CK39 Compounding of Costing Variants
V_CK40 Base Planning Object Group
V_CKH2 Assignment: Cost element interval - cost component
V_CKH3 Cost components
V_CKH4 Cost component structure
V_CKH7 Cost Component Groups
V_CKH8 Cost Component Views
V_CKHA Update of Additive Costs
V_TCK07_TCK03 Assignment Organiz. Units <-> KLVAR Join Costing Variant


SAP Package CKJ1 contains 32 structures.

BESTRATTXT Texts for valuation strategies...
BEWERTVARI Fields in data part of valuation variant
CKEXTERNALACTIVITYSTRAT Valuation of External Processing
CKIBWKEY Organizational unit terms for valuation area
CKIKOKRS Organizational unit terms for controlling area
CKINTERNALACTIVITYSTRAT Valuation for Internal Activities
CKMATERIALSTRAT Valuation Strategy for Material Components
CKMATERIALSTRAT_ADDITIV Valuation of Material with Additive Costs
CKMATERIALSUBSTRAT Price Strategy for Material Valn. with Purch. Info Record
CKSUBCONTRACTINGSTRAT Valuation for Subcontracting
COPC_CUST Internal structure for customizing: Product cost accounting
FIELDS_IN_ORDER_TYPE Fields Relevant to Costing in Order Type-Dependent Parametrs
IDA_TCK32 Include KEKO, TCK32 for common data part
INCL_BUKRS Include for company code
INCL_BWKEY Include for valuation area
INCL_KOKRS Include for controlling area
INCL_WERK Include for plant
KALSM Structure for F4 help for costing sheet
KKH01 Screen fields for product costing/unit costing view maint.
KKH02 Cost components already defined
KKK01 Screen fields for customizing costing control
MODEL_ID Costing Model
PARTNERDEF Definition of a partner version (checkboxes)
QUANTITY_STRUCTURE_DETERM Quantity Structure Control - Data Portion
SEL_ARG Selection argument for standard interface
TAPPLICAT Structure for application parameters CK, CO, PG, ...
TBUKRS Structure for company codes - F4
TKALKA Costing Type TCK01 (Key Field + Name)
TKLVAR Structure for F4 help on costing variants
TWERKS Structure for plants (F4 help)


SAP Package CKJ1 contains 7 programs.

RKKKOKKK Flexible View Maintenance for Costing Tables
RKKKOKKK_1 Flexible View Maintenance for Costing Tables
SAPRCKKA Costing Variants, Costing Types, Valuation Variants
TCK07_XPRA_01 XPRA for Table TCK07 (Set 'Valid From' Date)
TCK19_XPRA_01 XPRA for Quantity Structure Control
XPRACK03 XPRA for the Default Parameters in the Save Prompt on 30d
XPRACK24 XPRA for Transfer Control from 30b to 30c

Search Helps

SAP Package CKJ1 contains 3 search helps.

COSTING_MODEL F4: Costing Model Display
H_TCA43 Help view: Routing selection (product costing)