SAP Package CKMC

Customizing for Material Ledger

The package CKMC (Customizing for Material Ledger) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CKMC
Short Text Customizing for Material Ledger
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CKMC contains 2 function groups.

OMML Customizing: Material Ledger Func. Group
OMMV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package CKMC contains 19 transactions.

OMRW Treatment of Exch. Rate Differences
OMX_NLINK_DISP Assign Contr. Level to Process Cat.
OMX_NRULE_DISP Display Controlling Levels
OMX_UMB_ACCOUNTS Display Accounts for Account Key UMB
OMX0 Assign ML Movement Type Groups
OMX1 ML Activation in n Valuation Areas
OMX2 Define Material Ledger Type
OMX3 ML Assignment of Valuation Area
OMX5 Dyn. Price Release Plan. Pr. Change
OMX6 Texts for Currency Types/Valuations
OMX7 Definition ML Movement Type Groups
OMX8 Assign Material Update Structure
OMX9 Define Material Update Structure
OMXA Display Quantity Structure Type
OMXB Define Naming Rule
OMXC Rules for Name Formation
OMXD Maintain Naming Structure
OMXE Assign Naming Structure to Plant
OMXF Activate Actual Cst Component Split

Database Tables

SAP Package CKMC contains 33 database tables.

CKMLAB01 Material Update Structure
CKMLAB01T Material Update Structure (Description)
CKMLAB01Z Material Update Structure (Line Assignment)
CKMLAB02 Material Update Structure (Assignment to Valuation Area)
CKMLCUR Text for currency type and valuation type
CKMLKON Assignment of Modification Constants to Acct Assignmt Reason
CKMLKONT Description for Account Assignment Reasons
CKMLMV006 Control data for the quantity structure types
CKMLMV006T Name for quantity structure types
CKMLMV007 Name formation (structure table)
CKMLMV007A Name formation (algorithms)
CKMLMV007R Name formation (naming rules)
CKMLMV007RT Name formation: Text for naming rule
CKMLMV007T Name formation (name of structure)
CKMLMV009 Process Catagory
CKMLMV009T Process Catagory (description)
CKMLMV010 Movement type group for ML update
CKMLMV010T Text for movement type groups for ML update
CKMLMV011T Filter hierarchies
CKMLMV016 Quantity structure tool: Naming rule
CKMLMV016T Quantity structure tool: Texts for naming rules
T003L Transaction Type for Material Ledger
TCKM1 Material Ledger Table
TCKM2 Valuation Area Control Table
TCKMHD Description of Material Ledger Type
TCKMIT Currency Types and Valuation Categories for Mat. Ledger Type
TCKMLBNKS Assignment of Other Account Key if Not to Activate
TCKMLBNKSZ Assignment of Delivery Costs Structure
TCKMT Material Ledger Type (Text Table)
TMLCCSCR Act.Cost Comp. Split: Data Range in Valuation Area (Curr)
TMLCCSHD Act.Cost Comp. Split: Data Range in Valuation Area (General)
TMLCCSSCOPE Actual Cost Component Split: Structure of Data Range
TMLCCSSCOPETXT Actual Cost Component Split: Split for Data Range (Texts)


SAP Package CKMC contains 44 views.

HLP_B_REGELN Help view: Naming rule selection method for procurement
HLP_BWGRP Movement Type Groups without Groups Relevant for Revaluation
HLP_BWKEY_CCS Valuation Areas with Active Actual Cost Component Split
HLP_PTYP_B Process category B+
HLP_PTYP_FSCHEMA Process Categories for Material Update Structure
HLP_PTYP_V_EINST Single-level process categories for consumption
HLP_SCOPE_CCS Data Scope Actual Cost Component Split
HLP_V_REGELN Help view: Naming rule selection method for consumption
V_156Q_ML Assign ML Movement Type Groups
V_169P_PK Treatment of Exch. Rate Differences
V_CKMLAB01 Define Material Update Structure
V_CKMLAB01Z Material Update Structure
V_CKMLAB02 Assign material update structure to a valuation area
V_CKMLCUR Short texts for currency type and valuation view
V_CKMLKONT Assign Acc. Assignment Reason to Acct Modification Constant
V_CKMLMV006_T Define quantity structure types
V_CKMLMV007A Quantity structure tool: Name formation
V_CKMLMV007R Quantity structure tool: Rules for name formation
V_CKMLMV007RK Quantity structure tool: Rules for user-defined names
V_CKMLMV007T Quantity structure tool: Naming structure
V_CKMLMV01 Maintenance View for CKMLMV009
V_CKMLMV010_T Define Movement Type Group for ML Update
V_CKMLMV011T Quantity Structure Tool: Filter Hierarchies
V_CKMLMV016T Define naming rule for quantity structure tool
V_T001K_CCS Activate Actual Cost Component Split
V_T001K_PR Dynamic release of planned price changes
V_T001KML Activation of Material Ledger
V_T001W_MV Qty structure tool: Assignment of naming structure to plant
V_TCKM2 Assignment of Material Ledger Types to Valuation Areas
V_TCKMHDT Define material ledger type
V_TCKMIT Currency types and valuation types for material ledger type
V_TMLCCSCR Actual Cost Component Split: Subset of ML Currency Types
V_TMLCCSHD ActCstCmp Split: Structure Ass. for Data Scope for Val.Area
V_TMLCCSSCOPE Actual Cost Component Split: Structure for Data Scope
VV_CKMLMV006_T_A Display quantity structure type
VV_CKMLMV006_T_M Quantity structure types for mixed costing
VV_CKMLMV007A_01 Assign User-Defined Names for Receipts
VV_CKMLMV007A_02 Assign User-Defined Names for Consumptions
VV_CKMLMV007A_03 Assignment of Controlling levels for process categories
VV_CKMLMV007RK_1 User-defined names for receipts
VV_CKMLMV007RK_2 User-defined names for consumption
VV_CKMLMV007RK_3 Controlling levels
VV_T001W_MV_1 Activate actual costing
VV_T001W_MV_2 Display use of naming structure in cost object controlling


SAP Package CKMC contains 3 structures.

CKML_LIST Display fields in ML Customizing
CKMLBNKKEY Key field for tables transaction key delivery costs
CUR_TYP_F4 Possible entries for curr. types (subset)


SAP Package CKMC contains 4 programs.

SAPRCKM_LIST_CO_AREA Display Controlling Levels
SAPRCKM_LIST_CO_AREA_ASSIGN Display Assignment of Controlling Levels to Process Categories
SAPRCKM_LIST_UMB_ACCOUNTS Display Accounts For Account Key UMB
SAPSOMLX ML Module Pool for Customizing FORM Routines

Search Helps

SAP Package CKMC contains 8 search helps.

S_B_REGELN Naming rules for procurement (QST)
S_BWGRP Search Help for Movement Type Groups
S_BWKEY_CCS Search help: valuation areas w. active cst component split
S_PTYP_BPLUS Search help for process category B+
S_PTYP_FSCHEMA Search help for process categories in the mat.update struct.
S_PTYP_V_EINST Search help for sngle-lvl process categories for consumption
S_SCOPE_CCS Search help: actual cost component split data scope
S_V_REGELN Naming rules for consumption (QST)