SAP Package CLOI

for logistics optimization interface

The package CLOI (for logistics optimization interface) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CLOI
Short Text for logistics optimization interface
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CLOI contains 10 function groups.

LOI1 LOI Data Download
LOI2 LOI: Data Upload
LOI3 LOI Data Upload: Planned Order
LOI4 LOI Data Upload: Production Order
LOI5 LOI Data Upload: Message Log
LOI6 LOI, Data upload, Mapping
LOI7 LOI: Data Upload: Purchase Requisition
LOI8 LOI: Data Upload: Purchase Order
LOIK LOI: Data Conversion


SAP Package CLOI contains 6 transactions.

CLOI Production Optimization Interface
POI1 Start Download of Master Data
POIL View Received Data Log
POIM Start Download of Master Data
POIT Start Download of Transaction Data
POIU Start Receiving Changes to Data

Database Tables

SAP Package CLOI contains 13 database tables.

CLOI_MODEL_MAT Material of planned model, sent by POI
CLOIDOWNLPROT POI: Times/Dates of the last download to a log. System
TCLOI1 Usage Filter for Task List Selection
TCLOI10 Control key definition for POI Download
TCLOI2 Status Filter for Task List Selection
TCLOI3 Usage Filter for BOM Selection
TCLOI4 Status Filter for BOM Selection
TCLOI5 Method for Planned Order Selection by Work Centers
TCLOI6 Target System with Destination and Function for Data Upload
TCLOI6T Text table for TCLOI6
TCLOI7 Define general parameters for data transfer
TCLOI8 Capacity version for download of available capacity
TCLOI9 Selection profile for orders / operations


SAP Package CLOI contains 1 views.

V_TCLOI7 Define general parameters for data transfer


SAP Package CLOI contains 91 structures.

CLOI_ARBID_KEY CLOI: key for workcenter (ARBID)
CLOI_CPIDENT Key for processed change pointer
CLOI_KEY_MAT Material+Werks key with BOM level information
CLOI_PARA Collection of Single Parameters for CLOI
CLOIAPPL Transition matrix application
CLOICAL Ranges Structure for Calendar ID
CLOICLASS Ranges Structure for Classes
CLOICLTYP Ranges Structure for Class Types
CLOICRCA Table CRCA with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag
CLOICRHD Table CRHD with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag
CLOICRTX Table CRTX with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag
CLOIDISMM Ranges Structure for MRP Type
CLOIEBANU Purchase Requisition information for upd via interface (LOI)
CLOIEKPOU Purchase order information for upd via interface (LOI)
CLOIHNAME Ranges Structure for Hierarchies/Networks
CLOIIDOCQ Information on IDOC queue for transmission to ext. system
CLOIIFPAR Interface Parameters for the LOI Interface
CLOIJAHR Ranges Structure for Calendar Year
CLOIKAKO Table KAKO with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag
CLOIKAKOU KAKO Information for Update via Interface (LOI)
CLOIKAPA Table KAPA with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag
CLOIKAPAU Available Capacity Update via Interface (LOI)
CLOIKAPE Table KAPE with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag
CLOIKARE Daily available capacity table with IDoc relvant fields
CLOIKAZY Table KAZY with Message Function and IDoc-Relevant Flag
CLOIKAZYD Delete Capacity Interval via Interface (LOI)
CLOIKAZYI Capacity Interval Generation via Interface (LOI)
CLOIKEYALL Key for all Objects in the LOI Interface
CLOILGORT structure for LGORT ranges tables
CLOIMAP Mapping Between External and Internal Number (LOI)
CLOIMAPTMP Mapping of External onto Internal Number (LOI, Internal)
CLOIMASA Structure for BOM Download (Alternatives)
CLOIMAST Structure for BOM Download (Material BOM Connection)
CLOIMATWRK Material + plant key
CLOIMETLOG Log for Executed Methods (and respective object)
CLOIMISC Miscellaneous Data Elements for LOI
CLOIMOBLOG Objects Involved in Message (Log)
CLOIMSGLOG Messages in Log
CLOIOPER Operation Info for Order for Returning Data (Interface)
CLOIOPER3 Operation Information for Order: as CLOIOPER but with E3AF
CLOIOPERU Operation Information for Update via Interface (LOI)
CLOIORD Order Information for Returning Data via Interface
CLOIORD3 Order Information: as CLOIORD but with E3AFKOL
CLOIORDI Order Information for Generation via Interface (LOI)
CLOIORDSEQ Sequence in Order: for Uploading Data in LOI
CLOIORDSQ3 Sequence in Order: as CLOIORDSEQ but with E3AFFL
CLOIORDU Order Information for Update via Interface (LOI)
CLOIPCMNR Ranges table for pcmnr field
CLOIPLAF Planned order information for data return using interface
CLOIPLAF3 Planned Order Info as CLOIPLAF but with E3PLAFL
CLOIPLAFD Planned Order Info for Deletion via Interface (LOI)
CLOIPLAFI Planned Order Info for Generation via Interface (LOI)
CLOIPLAFU Planned Order Info for Update via Interface (LOI)
CLOIPLNID Structure for result of funct.module 'read_arbpl'
CLOIPLNUM Select Structure for Planned Orders (plnum)
CLOIPLOPR Planned Order Operation: for Data Upload in LOI
CLOIPLOPR3 Planned Order Operation: as CLOIPLOPR but with E3PLOPL
CLOIPLOPRU Upload Changes to Planned Order Operations
CLOIPLRESBU Upload of changes to material components of planned order
CLOIPRGRP Ranges Table for Product Group
CLOIRESBU Operation Information for Update via Interface (LOI)
CLOIRETVAL CLOI Interface Return Values
CLOISTKO Structure for BOM Download (BOM Header)
CLOISTPO Structure for BOM Download (BOM Item)
CLOITCYMI Transition matrix TCYMI header for POI
CLOITCYMIT Transition matrix TCYMIT long texts for POI
CLOITCYTM Transition matrix TCYTM structure for POI
CLOITRFCQ Transfer of TRFC queue to ext. system
CLOITRMID Transition matrix Identifier
CLOIVERID Ranges table for VERID field
E1PGHDL Product group header / plant dependant data
E1PGMBL Product group member
E1PGPIL Product group plant independant data
E1PORSL Alternative resources
E1TMHDL Transition matrix header
E1TMMBL Transition matrix member
E1TMTXL Transition matrix descriptions
E3MLGTM E3-Structure for IDOC MATMAS03
E3PGHDL E3 structure for LOIPGR01
E3PGMBL E3 structure for LOIPGR01
E3PGPIL E3 structure for LOIPGR01
E3PORSL Alternative ressources for an ressource
E3TMHDL E3 structure of IDoc LOITMX01
E3TMMBL E3 structure of LOITMX01
E3TMTXL E3 structure of LOITMX01
EQUK_KEY Quota arrangement ID for POI
EQUP_KEY Quota arrangement ID for POI
LGORT_KEY Storage location key for POI
LOIPLANPER General Planning Period for Selection
SEND_MODEL Structure for Queries to Customer Model


SAP Package CLOI contains 14 programs.

RCCLBOM Generate Bill of Material IDocs
RCCLCLND Generate Calendar IDocs
RCCLHIER Generate Hierarchy/Resource Network IDocs
RCCLMAT Generate Material IDocs
RCCLMDAT Select Master Data for Transfer
RCCLMONI Monitor receipt of data changes
RCCLMPFS Selection of master data to be sent for PFS
RCCLORD Generate Production Order IDocs
RCCLPLAF Generate Planned Order IDocs
RCCLROUT Generate Routing IDocs
RCCLRSHE Generate Run Schedule Header IDocs
RCCLTRAN Select Transaction Data for Transfer
RCCLUPLD Start POI Data Upload
RCCLWCEN Generate Work Center IDocs

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CLOI contains 1 authorization objects.

C_POI Authorization Object for Production Optimization Interface