SAP Package CM_WF

Category Management: Workflow

The package CM_WF (Category Management: Workflow) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-BIW.

Technical Information

Package CM_WF
Short Text Category Management: Workflow
Parent Package PI-BIW

Function Groups

SAP Package CM_WF contains 4 function groups.

0WCM01 Customizing Category Management
CM_WF01 Category Management Project
CM_WF02 modules, which are used in WF
CMWF01 Category Management: Workflow


SAP Package CM_WF contains 1 transactions.

CMPRO Category Management:Project Mainten.

Database Tables

SAP Package CM_WF contains 8 database tables.

TWCMR Category Management: roles
TWCMRT Category Management: Roles: Names
TWCMURL Assignment of BW Analyses to Internet Addresses
WCMP Category Management: Project
WCMPSD Details for Category Management Step
WCMPT Category Management Project Maintenance: Description
WCMPUSER Category Management: Assignment User to role


SAP Package CM_WF contains 2 views.

V_TWCMR Category Management: Roles
V_TWCMURL Assignment of BW Analyses to Internet Addresses


SAP Package CM_WF contains 3 programs.

SAPMWCM03 Category Management: Project Maintenance
SAPMWCM10 Filling the Customizing Tables for Category Management
SAPMWCM11 Define CM standard task as general task