SAP Package PI-BIW

BW Plug-In

The package PI-BIW (BW Plug-In) is a structure package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI.

Technical Information

Package PI-BIW
Short Text BW Plug-In
Parent Package PI

Embedded Packages

SAP Package PI-BIW contains 117 embedded packages.

AIBW BW: IM Extractors
AIBW1 BW: IM Extractors (Release-Dependent Objects)
AISEM BW: IM PushBack of Data from SEM
ARBW Asset Accounting (Reporting): Link to BW
BW_PTDW_PLUGIN RFC Call Up from HR-PT Extractor
BWFI BW: Delta Process for Data Extraction in FI
BWFIAA Asset Accounting: New Extractors as of BW Rel. 310
CATSBW Transfer CATS Data to BW
CBPI EHS: Interface Plug In
CLBW Classification System and SAP BW
CM_BW Category Management: CDT Extraction
CM_MAP Category Management - MAP
CM_MD Category Management - Master Data
CM_WF Category Management: Workflow
CSEX CS: Extraction of Release-Independent Objects
DTBW Development Class for BW Resources Downtime
FBIW Data transfer FI-AP, FI-AR, FI-GL to BIW
FBW4 Data Transfer from FI to BW (from Release 4)
FCIW EC-CS: BW Extractors
FCIWCU Customizing Extractors Consolidation
FFLQ Liquidity Calculation
FFLQV Liquidity Calculation - View Maintenance
FM_BW Funds Management: Business Information Warehouse
FTI_BIW Application development R/3 Treasury Information System -BIW
GBIW_ERP Extractors for General Ledger in ERP
GBIW_PI FI-SL: Interface to Business Information Warehouse
ID-BR-NF Brazilian Legal Reporting: Nota Fiscal
ISRE Reporting Real Estate Management: Connection IS-RE <-> BW
ISRE45 RE: Connection IS-RE <-> BW (Objects from 4.5)
ISRE46 RE: Connection IS-RE <-> BW (Objects from 4.6)
KAP_CLM Claim Extraction for the Business Information Warehouse
KAP_LCC Life Cycle Costing
KAP_LCC_D Lifecycle Accounting (Release-Dependent)
KAP_PTR Extraction: Progress Tracking for Bus. Info. Warehouse
KAP10 PS Development for BW from R/3 4.x
KAP10D PSBW: Delta Extraction, Project System (Costs)
KAP8 Export from Projects into BIW
KAP8_45B Export Projects to BW (from Release 4.5B)
KAPC Payments in BW
KAPD BW: Dates R/3 -> Date Key Figures for SAP BW
KAPEV PSBW: Read Progress Values for SAP BW
KAPX Statuses for the Business Information Warehouse
KBWOM CO-OM-IS: BW Extractors AddOn 1.2Bff
KBWOM1 CO-OM-IS Interface AddOn-CORE: BW-Extractors Release 2.0Bff
KBWOM2 BW: Delta Method For Data Extraction in CO-OM
KBWOM3 BW: Maintenance Views in CO-OM
KBWOM4 BW: Miscellaneous in the CO-OM Area
KCRS EC-EIS/BP: Release-Independent Development EC-EIS/BP<->SAPBW
KE1B Entwicklungsklasse: data extraction for BIW
KE1B_IN PCA-Extractor: Cross-Release Part
KECR Enhancements CRM / CO-PA / BW: Release-Dependent from 3.1h
KECR40 Enhancements CRM / CO-PA / BW: Release-Dependent from 4.0b
KECR45 Enhancements CRM / CO-PA / BW: Release-Dependent from 4.5B
KECR46 Enhancements CRM / CO-PA / BW: Release-Dependent from 4.6B
KECR46C CRM/ CO-PA / BW Enhancements: Release-Independent from 4.6C
KERS Interface between CO-PA and BW
KEXX46 Retractor: Migrated IMG
KKBW CO-PC in Business Information Warehouse
KKBW_ACT Co-PC-ACT in Business Information Warehouse
KKBW_CCS Actual Cost Component Split in BW
KKBW_PCP1 Content Development CM-PCP Rel. 4.0B 4.5B
KKBW_XBEW Stock valuation in BW: stock values, prices
MCBM Extractors: Retail/CP (Logistics), Release-Dependent Objects
MCBW Logistics Extractors for SAP BW, Release-Independent
MCDW Logistics information system / SAP-BIW
MCDX Logistics Information System / SAP-BW (Release-Dependent)
MCEX Extraction Interface LIS-BW
MCHI Extractors from R/3 Logistics Information System for SAP BW
MCPOSBW Retail POS Extractors for SAP BW, Non-Release-Specific
MCSD Developments for SD BW Extractions
MCW_AA Analytical Applications in Retail
MCW_AA_AT Allocation Development PlugIn
MCW_AA_AT_A Allocation Development Plug-In
MCW_AA_FR Planning requirements for perishables, development plug in
MCW_AA_RD Analytical Application Retail (Release-Dependent)
MDEX45 BW Master Data Extraction from 4.5B
MDF_BW BW Connection Markdown Forecasting
MDX Master Data Extractors
MEBW Purchasing/BW
MEVE Purchasing/BW: Vendor Evaluation
NFEX Notification: Extraction of Release-Independent Objects
PIBW Development Class: BW Process Orders
PMEX PM: Extraction of Release-independent Objects
PPBW Development Class BW Shop Floor Control
PREX Promotions Extraction
PXDW HR BW Extractors
QG04 QM/BW Connection
QMEX QM: Extraction of Release-independent Objects
RABW BW Business Transaction Events (from 40B - Application)
REBW_RD Interface RE - BW (Release-Dependent)
ROMD Meta Data: BW Content
RPAI PI OLTP IMG Objects, Non-Release-Specific
RPHA BW Plug-In for Hierarchy Application Interfaces
RPUI PI OLTP: IMG Objects, Release-Independent
RS_IMG_CA_CL OLTP IMG: CA-CL (Cross Application Classification System)
RS_IMG_CO OLTP-IMG CO (Controlling)
RS_IMG_EC OLTP-IMG EC (Enterprise Controlling)
RS_IMG_FI OLTP-IMG FI (Financial Accounting)
RS_IMG_HR OLTP IMG HR (Human Resources)
RS_IMG_IM OLTP-IMG IM (Investment Management)
RS_IMG_LIS OLTP-IMG LIS (Logistics Information System)
RS_IMG_PS OLTP IMG PS (Project System)
RS_IMG_SEM OLTP IMG SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management)
RSAD Business Information Warehouse: Direct Access into OLTP
RSRR Report Report Interface
RT_BWHC Assignment of cross-application objects to handling control
VHBW Customer Hierarchy
VPBW Product Hierarchy
VTRBW Transport Connection to BW
WIS_PLAN_BW Retail: Planning / BW Content
WRMA_ALE Enhancements for Data Derivation for RMA Engine (Retail)
WRMA_PI Enhancements for Data Derivation for RMA Engine (Retail)
WVKP_BW BW Connection Pricing