SAP Package CSEX

CS: Extraction of Release-Independent Objects

The package CSEX (CS: Extraction of Release-Independent Objects) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-BIW.

Technical Information

Package CSEX
Short Text CS: Extraction of Release-Independent Objects
Parent Package PI-BIW

Database Tables

SAP Package CSEX contains 2 database tables.

MC18I30HDRSETUP Store BW Reconstruction for MC18I30HDR (Order)
MC18I30OPRSETUP Store BW Reconstruction for MC18I30OPR (Process)


SAP Package CSEX contains 7 structures.

BWE_0CS_ORDER CS-BW: CS Extraction Structure Order Attributes
BWE_0CS_ORDER_T CS-BW: Text Extraction Structure for the CS Order
MC18I30HDR CS-BW Extraction: Order
MC18I30OPR Extraction CS-BW: Order Process
MC18I31HDR LIS-BW: Service Order
MC18I31OPR LIS-BW: Characteristics from Order Header
MC18I32OPR LIS-BW: Operation Data from Service Orders


SAP Package CSEX contains 1 programs.

RMBWV318 BW-V3 Update Application 18: Customer Service