Customizing for Configuration Management

The package CMT_CUS (Customizing for Configuration Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CMT_CUS
Short Text Customizing for Configuration Management
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CMT_CUS contains 5 function groups.

CMT_CUS_01 Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)
CMT_CUS_11 Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)
CMT_CUS_21 Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)
CMT_CUS_31 Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)
CMT_CUS_41 Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package CMT_CUS contains 8 transactions.

CMTCUS01 CM application: General settings
CMTCUS11 Maintaining life cycle profile
CMTCUS21 Configuration definition
CMTCUS22 Maintain number range for CM product
CMTCUS31 Configuration folder: Gen. settings
CMTCUS32 Maintain number range for CM folder
CMTCUS41 Baseline: General settings
CMTCUS42 Maintain number ranges for Baseline

Database Tables

SAP Package CMT_CUS contains 10 database tables.

TCM_CUS_APPL Customizing parameter CM application
TCM_CUS_CBAS Customizing parameter Baseline
TCM_CUS_CDEF Customizing parameter configuration definition
TCM_CUS_CFOL Customizing parameter configuration folder
TCM_LC_PH_TRANS CM: Link between the phases of a life cycle
TCM_LC_PH_USAGE CM: LC-Phase: Selected usage
TCM_LC_PHASE CM: Life cycle phase
TCM_LC_PHASET CM: multi-lingual text for the life cycle phases of a cycle
TCM_LIFECYCLE Life cycle for product under Configuration Management
TCM_LIFECYCLET CM: multi-lingual text for the life cycle


SAP Package CMT_CUS contains 10 views.

V_TCM_CUS_APPL Customizing parameter CM application
V_TCM_CUS_CBAS Baseline: General settings
V_TCM_CUS_CDEF Configuration definition: general settings
V_TCM_CUS_CFOL Configuration folder: general settings
V_TCM_LC_PH_TRAN Phase transistion
V_TCM_LC_PH_USGE CM: Selected usage during Baselining
V_TCM_LC_PHASE Life Cycle Phase
V_TCM_LIFECYCLE Life cycle profile
VRTCM_LC_PHASE Read view for life cycle phases
VRTCM_LIFECYCLE Read view for life cycle phases