Operative Network

The package CN_NET_OPR (Operative Network) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CN_NET_OPR
Short Text Operative Network
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 22 function groups.

CNBM Networks: Document table methods
CNBT Networks: Int. Doc. Table: Objects
CNDB Networks: Database accesses
CNDI Networks: Dialogs
CNDM Networks: Dialog table methods
CNDO Networks: Activity detail screens
CNMF Networks: Field modications
CNMS Network milestones
CNVB Networks: Update: Relationships
CO05 Start in order/network
CONW Detail screens for networks
COVG2 Networks: Activty lists (ex. COVG)
NW01 Selection screens for networks
NWBT Networks: Internal document table,netwks
NWCU CUA status networks
NWDB Networks: Database accesses
NWDI Networks: Functions in dial./doc. tables
NWDO Networks: Activity detail screens
NWEX Networks: External networks
NWGR Connection to network graphic
NWMF Field modifications for networks
NWTM Monitoring Dates for Networks


SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 22 transactions.

CN19 Display Activity (From DMS)
CN20 Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scrn
CN21 Create Network
CN22 Change Network
CN23 Display Network
CN24 Overall Network Scheduling
CODC Change Documents for Network
OPS0 Maintain print control for networks
OPS2 Maintain Relationship Texts
OPSC Create network types
OPSR Maintain milestones
OPSS Maintain milestones
OPSU Maintain Activity Control Key
OPT5 Customizing matchcode for network
OPTC Command file for network
OPTP Sub-network parameters
OPUA Field selection: Network: Header
OPUB Field selection: Network: Overview
OPUC Field selection: Network: Details
OPUD Field selection:Network confirmation
OPUU Maintain Network Profile
OPUV Network Type Parameters

Database Tables

SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 37 database tables.

AFAB Network - Relationships
MLST Milestone
MLTX Milestone Description
MSET Standard milestone set
PLAB Relationships
SMGT Milestone group description
SMLG Standard milestone group
SMLS Standard milestone
T433 Milestone Indicator
T433T Milestone texts
TABLO Assignment table-orders to activities
TCN05 Distinguishing Item Groups for Network Screen Sequence
TCN06 Activity status that can trigger a workflow process
TCN41 Network Defaults
TCN4T Language-dependent Texts for TCN41: Network Profiles
TCN51 Version profile for PS versions
TCN5T Language-dependent texts for TCN51: Version profiles
TCN61 Parameter: Create network from sales order
TCNPRRL Assignment of Users to Roles for Monitoring Dates
TCNROLE Roles in Monitoring Dates
TCNTM01 Date type
TCNTM01F Reference Dates for Date Types of an Event
TCNTM01T Language dependent description of date types
TCNTM02 Group for monitoring dates
TCNTM03 Assignment of date type/milestone to group
TCNTM04 Status of Event in Monitoring Dates
TCNTM04T Language Dependent Description of Status
TCNTM05 Assignment Components to Groups
TCNTM06 Dates for Components, Events and Date Type
TCNTM07 Status of a Date Type for a Component
TCNTMPR Profile for Monitoring Dates
TCNTMPRT Language Dependent Description of the Profile
TCNTMSCHD Suggestions for Scheduling Events
TCNTMSPR Scenarios for Scheduling in Monitoring Dates
TCNTMSPRT Language Dependent Description of the Scheduling Profile
TCNTS Permissible subscrrens per object
TCOFP FORM subscreen for functions in milestone/trigger point


SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 13 views.

AP_ORD_PRE View AUFPL-AUFNR for prefetch in order management
H_T433 View for Table T433
H_TCN03 View for TCN03: PS Text Types
M_AUKOB Generated view for matchcode ID AUKO-B
M_AUKOC Generated view for matchcode ID AUKO-C
M_AUKOD Generated view for matchcode ID AUKO-D
M_AUKOF Generated view for matchcode ID AUKO-F
M_AUKVB Generated view for matchcode ID AUKV -B
M_AUKVE Generated view for matchcode ID AUKV -E
M_AUKVG Generated view for matchcode ID AUKV -G
M_EVPTE Generated View for Matchcode ID EVPT -E
V_NPACT Selection view activities belonging to network
VALLC Database view: sub-networks


SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 69 structures.

AFAB_CLEAR Relationship fields, to be renamed after being copied
AFAB_INC Network relationships (Include structure)
AFABB Network: Document Table for Relationships
AFABE Extract from AFAB, add. Index to Doc. Table and Graphic Type
AFABVN Start and finish activities
AFKONET Structure of Network Classification Data
AFVGE Extract from AFVG, add. Index of Doc. Table, Graphic Type
ALLC Subnet allocations
ALLOCD Dialog table for allocation structure
ALLOCDB Document table structure for network allocation
AUFKNET Classification Structure for the Network
AUFNR_SEL Network number and short text for selection
CAUFVDP Order numbers temp./new, WBS element
CNCI_AFVU AFVU-Include (Customer-specific fields in network activity)
CNCI_PLPO PLPO-Include (Cust.-specific flds in std. network activity)
CNCYC Loop Analysis Screen Fields
CNDOK Key Word Structure (Distinction between Networks and Orders)
CNINDINF Index to the Relationship in the Document Table (PLABB)
CNPLNR Structure for Network Header Data
CNSUBNT Information on sub-network
CNTRM_AUTH Fields for Authorization Check C_RESB_TRM
COAOBINF Additional Fields for Networks
COAUTHINF Authorizations indicator
COMSAUTINF Authorizations indicator
COMSTINF Extra fields for update milestones
COMSTUPD Extra fields for update milestones
CONW_SELECT Selection Structure for F Groups CONW and NMDB
COUPDABINF Additional Document Table Fields in the Network for Rel.
CPSELINF Selection indicator
CPUPDINF Update Information for Doc Tables
EPTG Trigger point group (dialog structure)
FPLNR_PRE Invoice plan/billing plan structure preread
IFMLSTEX Interface structure for milestone -> export only
IFMLSTIM Interface structure for milestone -> import only
MLST_CLEAR Doc. table fields, which are reset when copied
MLST_INC Milestone (include structure)
MLSTB Milestone document table
MLSTD Milestone I/O Table
MLSTF Milestone functions
MLSTS Structure with data for milestone selection
MSTAUTH Authorization fields for milestones
MSTSD Structure for transferring milestone data to SD
NETACT Keys of the Network Activities
NWTM01 Control Data for Monitoring Dates
NWTMDATES Data for Date Overview
NWTMDETAIL Detail Screen Data for Date Overview
OPRAUTH Network authorization fields
PLABD Relationships I/O Table
PLABE Copy of Table PLABB, add. to the Index of Doc. Table, PLABB
PLPOE Index of Table PLPO for a sequence
RCNBT Control Fields for Relationships
RCNDAT Date Overview Filter
RCNMK Network: Types of purchase requisitions and reservations
RCNPUR Fields for purchasing history
RCNRF Filter criteria for components in network
RCNRS Sort fields for components in network
RCNWEPO GR for purchase order item for planning board
RMMCOFP Interface: Network with financial budgeting
RSEBANI Additional data fields relevant to purchasing
RSEBL Index of purchase requisitions/orders for ind. cust. stock
RSPOSACT Maximum Reservation Item per Activity
TCNTM01I Events in Monitoring Dates
TCNTM02I Group in Monitoring Dates
TCNTM03I Assignment Milestone/Event to Group
TCNTM05I Assignment of Components to Group
TCNTM07I Status for Event of a Component in Monitoring Dates
TCO47_PS Change profile Project System
TMFILT Filter for Monitoring Dates


SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 9 programs.

PSF4SCRM F4 selection for network profiles
PSF4UVORG Supplies All Subactivities for the Activity in the Network
PSF4VORG Gives all activities for a network during subnetwork maintenance
PSPRBSEL Selection for Printing Networks in the Background
RCN10R01 Read Activities Using Logical Database for Project
RCTCNJ41 XPRA: Replace graphic profiles in TCA41, TCN41, TCJ41
RINDXRNW Reorganize the IBDX Table for Networks
RNWTMR01 Read Activities Using Logical Database for Project
RPRIOREP Report to Convert Data in the Priority Fields in Networks (Stdrd Nets)

Search Helps

SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 43 search helps.

ASH_AUKO Matchcode via tables AUFK and A
ASH_PRPM Matchcode for WBS element
AUK Collective Search Help Networks: Oper., Version, Std.,Arch.
AUKO_ITS Matchcode on tables AUFK and AFKO, w/o classification search
AUKOA Networks with standard networks
AUKOB Networks (general)
AUKOC Networks by project definition
AUKOD Networks by sales order
AUKOE Networks by MRP controller
AUKOF Networks by WBS element
AUKOK Networks using classification (class type 21)
AUKV Search Help for Networks in Simulation Versions
AUKVB Simualtion Version: General Networks
AUKVC Simulation Version: Networks for a Project Definition
AUKVE Simualtion Version: Networks for a Planner
AUKVF Simulation Version: Networks for WBS elements
AUKVG Simulation Version: Networks from Original Network
AUKW Search Help for Networks in Versions
AUKWB Version: General Networks
AUKWC Version: Networks for a Project Definition
AUKWE Version: Networks for an MRP Controller
AUKWF Version: Networks for a WBS Element
AUKWG Version: Networks for an Original Network
AUVO Matchcode for network activities
AUVOA Network activities: Network, description, act. descr., act.
COBL_EX_AUKO_APPEND Append Structure for Networks on Coding Bloak
COBL_EX_NPACT_APPEND Append Structure for Network Activities on Coding Block
EVPT Standard trigger points
EVPTE Standard trigger point
H_T433 View for Table T433
H_TCN03 View for TCN03: PS Text Types
H_TCNMF Requirement ind. for material flow in the network
MPTX Matchcode for selecting PS texts
MPTXA Description, text type
MPTXB Author, description, text type
NPACT Search help activities from network
VGN Collective Search Help for Activity: Operative, Version
VGNO Search Help for Network Activities
VGNOA Activities in Network
VGNV Search Help for Network Activities in Simulation Versions
VGNVA Saimulation Version: Activities in Network
VGNW Search Help for Network Activities in Versions
VGNWA Version: Activities in Network

Message Classes

SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 1 message classes.

CN Meldungen für Netzpläne

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CN_NET_OPR contains 6 authorization objects.

C_AFKO_ACT Activities on network header level
C_AFKO_DIS Network: MRP Group (Plant) and Transaction Type
C_AFVG_APL PS: Work Center for Network Activities and Activity Elements
C_AFVG_TYP PS: Activity types for network act. and activity elements
C_AFVG_USR PS: User fields network activity. Activ. element model auth.
C_MLST_BGR PS: Milestones (Authorization Group)