Standard Work Breakdown Structure

The package CN_PSP_STD (Standard Work Breakdown Structure) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CN_PSP_STD
Short Text Standard Work Breakdown Structure
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CN_PSP_STD contains 5 function groups.

CJCS ===> Object PROJS , generated by
CJPS Std.WBS project number functions
CJSD PS: Library WBS ,database
CJSS PS: Library WBS ,interfaces
CJVS Standard WBS update


SAP Package CN_PSP_STD contains 9 transactions.

CJ91 Create Standard WBS
CJ92 Change Standard WBS
CJ93 Display Standard WBS
CJCS Standard WBS
CJSN Number Range Maintenance: Projects
OPTZ Matchcode for standard WBS elements
OPU0 Matchcode for standard project def.
OPUH Field sel: Std. project definition
OPUI Field selection: Std. WBS elements

Database Tables

SAP Package CN_PSP_STD contains 4 database tables.

PRHIS Standard WBS, Edges (Hierarchy pointers)
PROJS Standard project definition
PRPSS Standard WBS Element (WBS element) - Master Data
PRTXS PS texts (standard WBS)


SAP Package CN_PSP_STD contains 5 views.

M_PRSSP Generated View for Matchcode ID PRSS -P
M_PRSTS Generated view for matchcode ID PRST-S
V_PRPSS WBS element for a standard WBS element


SAP Package CN_PSP_STD contains 5 structures.

CNCI_PROJS PROJS-Include (Cust.-specific flds in std. proj. definition)
CNCI_PRPSS PRPSS-Include (Cust.-specific fields in std. WBS element)
PROJS_ENQ Lock key for standard WBS
PRPSS_R Reporting structure standard WBS element
VPRPSS Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000


SAP Package CN_PSP_STD contains 4 programs.

PSINUM40 Conversion of internal WBS numbers (standard)
RCJCD001 Display change documents: Reference WBS
RCJDEL02 Delete standard WBS in test systems (Caution!! Note documentation)
RKCNSPSP Filter function: Filter out the ref. WBS from the project list

Search Helps

SAP Package CN_PSP_STD contains 7 search helps.

PRSS Matchcode for project definition standard WBS
PRSSP Project definition standard WBS: Description
PRSSW Standard Proj. Definition Wildcard, Description, Responsible
PRST Matchcode for WBS elements standard WBS
PRSTP WBS element standard WBS: Description
PRSTS WBS element: Standard WBS, assignment to standard network
PRSTW Standard WBS Element Wildcard, Description, Responsible