Project Structure Plan Dates

The package CN_PSP_TRM (Project Structure Plan Dates) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CN_PSP_TRM
Short Text Project Structure Plan Dates
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CN_PSP_TRM contains 2 function groups.

CJDT Processing WBS element schedule dates
CJTR WBS date definition


SAP Package CN_PSP_TRM contains 9 transactions.

CJ21 Change Basic Dates
CJ22 Display Basic Dates
CJ23 Change Forecast Dates
CJ24 Display Forecast Dates
CJ25 Change Actual Dates
CJ26 Display Actual Dates
CJ29 Update WBS (Forecast)
OPTQ Maintain WBS scheduling parameters
OPUO Project schedule overviews

Database Tables

SAP Package CN_PSP_TRM contains 3 database tables.

PRTE Scheduling Data for Project Item
TCXPS Control parameters for WBS scheduling
TCXPT Text table for TCXPS (WBS scheduling)


SAP Package CN_PSP_TRM contains 13 structures.

ERRTB Delivers Error List from Project Time Scheduling
PDATE Supplies the WBS Dates Determined in the Network
PROJOPR Structure for Collecting Project Activities
PRTEB Document Structure of Table PRTE
PRTEINC Scheduling Data for Project Item
RCJ_DATES_ACTUAL Dates Overview Basic
RCJ_DATES_BASIC Dates Overview Basic
RCJ_DATES_FORECAST Dates Overview Basic
RCJ_DATES_OLD_NEW Dates Comparison Old/New
RCJ_PSCHED Internal table of WBS numbers and dates
RCJ_SCHED_TYPE Scheduling Type for WBS Scheduling
RCWBT Screen Table for SAPLCJTR Module Pool