SAP Package CORU

R/3 Application development: PP Confirmations

The package CORU (R/3 Application development: PP Confirmations) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CORU
Short Text R/3 Application development: PP Confirmations
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CORU contains 15 function groups.

2016 Methods for BO ProcOrderConfirmation
2116 Methods for BO prod.order confirmation
COFW Goods Movements with Errors (retrograde)
COPX Message transfer Capisce >> R3/pp
COR0 CIM confirmation: Central functions
CORB CIM confirmation: Document table procg.
CORF CIM confirmation with function module
CORI BAPIs for confirmation
CORP Confirmation Pool Management
CORS Transfer confirmations from subsystem
CORT Process confirmation tables
CORU Create order confirmations
CORU_PROC Confirmation Processes
CORU_S Single Screen Entry of Confirmations
CORV Posting CIM confirmations


SAP Package CORU contains 20 transactions.

CBDE PDC records with system errors
CN30 Processing PDC error records
CO11 Enter Time Ticket
CO11N Single Screen Entry of Confirmations
CO12 Collective Entry of Confirmations
CO13 Cancel confirmation of prod. order
CO14 Display confirmation of prod. order
CO15 Enter Production order Confirmation
CO16 Conf.: Postprocessing error records
CO16N Reprocessing Confirmation
CO17 Enter confirmation with reference
CO19 Enter Time Event
CO1F Create confirmation of prod. order
CO1L Confirmation: List of requests
CO1P Predefined confirmation processes
CO1V Confirmation: Fast entry of time tkt
CO86 Field Selection for PP Confirmations
COCT Tab.transfer Tab.contents Confirm
COFC Reprocessing Errors Actual Costs
COGI Processing goods movemnts w. errors

Database Tables

SAP Package CORU contains 29 database tables.

AFFW Goods Movements with Errors from Confirmations
AFFWPRO Log of deleted AFFW entries
AFRC Incorrect cost calculations from confirmations
AFRD Default values for collective confirmation
AFRH Header information for confirmation pool
AFRH_DEL Backup Copy of Header Information for Confirmation Pool
AFRP0 Table of planned changes for confirmation (PDC)
AFRP1 Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic goods receipt
AFRP2 Table of planned changes for confirmation: Backflushing
AFRP3 Table of planned changes for confirmation: Calc.actual costs
AFRP4 Table of planned changes to confirmatn: Data transfer to HR
AFRU Order Confirmations
AFRV Confirmation pool
AFRV_DEL Backup Copy for Confirmation Pool
AFWI Subsequently posted goods movements for confirmations
CORUUSR User Settings for Confirmation
TAFWD CORU: Messages that are not interpreted as errors
TCORD Table for field-dependent check routines
TCORU Parameters for Order Confirmation
TCORUPBTXT Customizing Single Screen Entry Confirmat.: Status Interface
TCORUSSDEF Customizing for Single Screen Entry of a Confirmation
TCORV Table with Routines for structureing variable loop lines
TCORW Confirmation: Window Control
TPARU Control parallelized confirmation processes
TPRRU Control table for process chain for confirmation
TPRRUT Text table for process control of confirmation
TRUGS User status caused by deviation
TRUS Control table for collective confirmation
TSUBSCRAREA Customizing for Single Screen Entry of a Confirmation


SAP Package CORU contains 10 views.

AFFWV0 View of AFFW for background job 'open goods movements'
CAFKO_RU View of AFKO for Confirmation
CAFVC_RU View on AFVC (confirmation)
M_AFRHA Generated view for matchcode ID AFRH-A
M_AFRHM Generated view for matchcode ID AFRH-M
M_AFRHP Generated view for matchcode ID AFRH-P
M_AFRHS Generated view for matchcode ID AFRH-S
MAFRUC View for matchcode ID AFRU-C
V_TPARU Control Parallelized Confirmation Procedures PP/PM/PS/PP-PI
V_TPARU_1 Control Parallel Confirmation Procedures PP-Rep


SAP Package CORU contains 106 structures.

AFFWB Buffer table structure for goods movements with errors
AFRCB Document structure for incorrect table 'Actual cost calc.'
AFRP0_LOCK Locking argument for planned changes for confirmation(AFRP0)
AFRP1B Document structure for table of planned changes 'autom.GR'
AFRP2B Doc.structure for table of planned changes 'backflushing'
AFRP3B Doc.structure for table of planned changes 'backflushing'
AFRP4B Doc.structure for tab.of planned changes 'HR data transfer'
AFRU_COL Internal structure for collective confirmation
BAPI_CONF_PROP Indicator: Propose confirmation data
BAPI_CONF_RETURN Return Information for APIs
BAPI_CORU_FGM Incorrect and Intended Goods Movements for Confirmation
BAPI_LINK_CONF_GOODSMOV Link: Confirmation with goods movements
BAPI_PI_ACTIV Activity Confirmation Process Order
BAPI_PI_CONF_KEY BAPI structure key for confirmation
BAPI_PI_CONF_PROP Indicator: Propose Confirmation Data
BAPI_PI_CONFIRM Process Order Confirmation
BAPI_PI_CONFRANGE BAPI Interface Structure for Range of Confirmation Numbers
BAPI_PI_HDRLEVEL Process Order Confirmation: Header Confirmation
BAPI_PI_ORDERRANGE BAPI Interface Structure for Range of Process Orders
BAPI_PI_TIMEEVENT1 Process Order Confirmation: Time Event Confirmation
BAPI_PI_TIMETICKET1 Process Order Confirmation: Time Ticket Confirmation
BAPI_PP_CONF_KEY BAPI structure key for confirmation
BAPI_PP_CONF_PROP Indicator: Propose Confirmation Data
BAPI_PP_CONFIRM Production Order Confirmation
BAPI_PP_CONFRANGE BAPI Interface Structure for Ranges of Customer Master ID
BAPI_PP_HDRLEVEL Production Order Confirmation
BAPI_PP_TIMEEVENT Production Order Confirmation
BAPI_PP_TIMETICKET BAPI Structure: PP Confirmation Time Ticket
BAPI_PP_WORKCNTRRANGE BAPI Interface Structure for Ranges of Customer Master ID
BAPI_PS_CONFRANGE BAPI Interface Structure for Ranges of Customer Master ID
BAPICONFCO BAPI confirmation: Confirmations
BAPICONFER BAPI confirmation: Error
BAPICONFPA BAPI confirmation: Interface parameters
CNFACTI Actual services/confirmation work
CNFCMPINF Additional data about goods movements for confirmations
CNFMAT Reference: Material item to confirmation
COCNFINF Confirmation: Additional dialog fields for table AFRU
COCONFCOL Key in Collective Confirmation
CONF_ACTI Actual activites for confirmation of operation
CONF_AFRP0_KEY Key fields for planned confirmation table
CONF_BASC Basic data for confirmation of order/operation
CONF_DATO Actual dates for operation confirmation
CONF_DEGR Degree of processing for confirmation of order/operation
CONF_FORC Forecast standard values for operation confirmation
CONF_OBJK Confirmed object key (order/operation)
CONF_PERS Actual personnel data for confirmation of operation
CONF_QUAN Actual quantities for confirmation of order/operation
CONF_TRGT_ACTI Actual Activites for Confirmation of Operation
CONF_UMB Completion confirmation data in direct manufacture
CONF_WEBLNR Confirmation: Document number
CONF_WRKC Actual work center data for confirmation
CONFCO Transfer structure for confirmations with work
CONFER Transfer structure for errors from confirmation
CONFPA Interface parameters in confirmation
CONFPP06 Customer-Specific Actual Data Transfer for Milestone Conf.
COOPRKEY CIM order: logical key of a (sub-)operation
CORD Structure for determining duration betw. two points in time
CORU_ACTIV Use actual times from HR
CORU_AFFW_RES Results Structure for Incorrect Goods Movement
CORU_APPEND_BAPI_CORU_ACTIV Append Structure for BAPI_CORU_ACTIV for foreign key
CORU_CONF_KEY Key Fields for Confirmation
CORU_COST_CMFNR Messages from Cost Determination During Confirmation
CORU_DFBPRE Confirmed Preceding Orders in the Collective Order
CORU_MKPF_RES Results Structure for Material Document
CORU_TSCOM Confirmation Using Touch Screen: Commands
CORU_TSCS Confirmation Using Touch Screen: Category Structure
CORU_TSEA Confirmation Using Touch Screen: Export Attributes
CORU_TSEGA Confirmation Using Touch Screen: Export GUI Attributes
CORU_TSEM Confirmation Using Touch Screen: Error Messages
CORU_TSGUH Confirmation Using Touch Screen: GUID Hierarchy
CORU_TSIA Confirmation Using Touch Screen: Import Attributes
CORU_TSLS Confirmation Using Touch Screen: List Structure
CORU_TSLV Confirmation Using Touch Screen: List Values
CORU_TSPL Confirmation Using Touch Screen: Property Layout
CORU_TSPS Property Structure
CORU_TSPV Confirmation Using Touch Screen: Property Values
CORUOPRINF Confirmation: Additional Dialog Fields for the Operation
CORUSBUTTON CO11N Subscreens Open/Closed
CORUSCON CO11N Definition of Constants
CORUTCACT Confirmations PrO: Display of Activities for Table Control
CORUZ CIM confirmation - events
CTRL_OPR_VIEW Structure for the Operation Overview During Confirmation
FCSLOT CO11N Constants SLOTx
FNAMTAB Table of field names on a screen
IMSEG_CORU IMSEG with additional data for confirmation
MDCO VIEW for confirmations
PBTEXT CO11N Labels of Pushbuttons
PBUTTON CO11N Constants G_PBx
PDSNR_PRE SS structure for prefetch with PDSNR
PLL80_LOG Integration with Logistics: Confirmations
PPCORU_OUT Output Structure: Report CORUPROC1
R10CAPCAP1 Confirmation: line structure for individual capacity in list
R10CNFCNF1 CIM Confirmation: Line Layout for Confirmation on Conf. List
R10CNFOPR1 CIM Confirmation: Line Layout for Operation on Confirma.List
R10CNFSOP1 CIM confirmation: line structure for sub-op. on conf. list
R10OPROPR1 CIM confirmation: Line structure for op. on operation list
R10SOPSOP1 CIM confirmation: line structure for sub-op. on sub-op. list
R12OPROPR CIM Confirmation: Line Layout (Z2) for Operation on Op.List
R12SOPSOP CIM confirmation: Structure line2 for sub-op. on sub-op list
RCRPVW Work center formulas: forec. standard values from confirm.
REPROC_COCKPIT Structure of Reprocessing Cockpit
RESB_AFFW Reservations data for automatic goods movements
RESBDIRCNF Reservation fields for direct production for confirmation
RUECK_PRE Table for PRE_READ of confirmations
SLDET CO11N Subscreens


SAP Package CORU contains 30 programs.

CORIAPI0 Copy confirmations of BAPI and update in AFRU
CORU_PHANT_REDUCT Reduction of Planning for Multi-Level Planned Phantoms
CORUAFFW Postprocessing of Error Records from Automatic Goods Movements
CORUAFW0 Post Goods Movements From Confirmations Using Report
CORUAFW1 Goods Movements From Confirmations Using Report (Background Job)
CORUAFW2 Goods Movements of COGI Error Documents
CORUAFW3 Test Freshup
CORUAFWP Post Goods Movements From Confirmations Using Report
CORUAFWX Formation of AFWI Table from Successfully Posted AFFW Records
CORUCOFC Reprocessing of confirmations with errors in calc. of actual costs
CORUCOLCONF1 PP collective confirmation
CORUGIBS Conversion of errors during backflushing in Release 3.0
CORUGMOVJ XPRA for transferring indicator TCORU-GMOVJ in TCORU-PRZST
CORUHRTR Report for copying confirmation data to HR
CORUPICONF1 PP collective confirmation
CORUPRECONF1 Confirmation: Fast entry for time tickets
CORUPRECONF2 Confirmation: Preliminary posting of time events
CORUPRECONF3 Confirmation: Preliminary posting of order confirmations
CORUPRELIST Confirmation: Display requests
CORUPROC Process chain for confirmation, collective background processing
CORUPROC1 Confirmation of request records
CORUPROZ Predefined confirmation processes
CORUSART XPRA for copying record type from table TEVEN to table AFRU
PPCOBDEC SE38 Screen Selection for Customizing PDC Transfer Frequency
RMAFRU00 Reprocessing Incorrect Confirmations
RMAFRU02 Workflow: Permitted deviation exceeded for duration or work
RMAFRU03 Reprocessing Incorrect Confirmations
RMAFRUPR Collective Confirmation: Print Program
RMAFRUSY PDC Error Record Handling
SAPCDUP4 Generate Upload Request in Subsystem

Search Helps

SAP Package CORU contains 7 search helps.

AFRHA Confirmation pool: Key, description, created by, date
AFRHB Pool of confirmations: BDE/BAPI error records
AFRHM PM confirmation pool: Key, description, created by, date
AFRHP PP confirmation pool: Key, description, created by, date
AFRHS PS confirmation pool: Key, description, created by, date
AFRUC Confirmation for CATS document number
ASH_AFRH Matchcode for Confirmation Pool

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CORU contains 3 authorization objects.

C_AFFW_TWK CIM: Reworking error records from autom. goods movements
C_AFRU_APL Confirmation: Authorization for actual work center
C_AFRU_AWK CIM: Confirmation