SAP Package CPC

R/3 Application Development: PP Task Lists Master Recipes

The package CPC (R/3 Application Development: PP Task Lists Master Recipes) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CPC
Short Text R/3 Application Development: PP Task Lists Master Recipes
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CPC contains 15 function groups.

0C55 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
C200 Master Recipe/CAPP: Work Area Conversion
C2BM Master Recipe/CAPP: Validity of Key Date
C2BT Master Recipe/CAPP: Buffer Table Proc.
C2CU Master Recipe: CUA Status
C2DB Master Recipe/CAPP: Database Access
C2DI Master Recipe: Navigation and OK Codes
C2SI Master Recipe: Simulate PI Sheet
C2TX Master Recipe/CAPP: Word Processing
C2VB Master Recipe/CAPP: Posting
C4DI Master Recipe: Dialog Proc. Instructions
C5DI Master Recipe: Dialog PI Characteristics
C5XS Function Group for XStep Connection
CO09 Material Quantity Calculation
CPAP Task List Approval


SAP Package CPC contains 17 transactions.

C201 Create Master Recipe
C202 Change Master Recipe
C203 Display Master Recipe
C210 Delete Costing Ind. for Operations
C211 Delete 'Flexible Duration' Ind. Oper
C251 Print Master Recipes
C260 Recipe Development on Time Basis
C261 Change Document Display Master Rec.
C298 Delete Master Recipes
C299 Archive Master Recipes
C2N2 Number ranges master recipe
CAC0 Master recipe menu
CACC Master recipe: Update settings
COR9 Material Types for Master Recipe
OPN0 Master Recipe Profile
OPN1 Maintain Profiles for Master Recipes
OPN3 Overv.Var.: Master Recipe Scheduling

Database Tables

SAP Package CPC contains 6 database tables.

CPS_PRES Process Management - Values for Flag in Customizing
KALC Material Quantity Calculation - Formulas
KALT Material Quantity Calculation: Header
PLFT Process Instructions
PLFV PI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter Values


SAP Package CPC contains 4 views.

H_KALC Help View for Table KALC
H_KALT Help View for Table KALT
M_PLKSB Generated View for Matchcode ID PLKS-B
V_T409_PI Assignment of Material Types


SAP Package CPC contains 33 structures.

BELEG_STRUC Structure for Task List Change Documents
C2HEADINF Master Recipe: Additional Fields for Header
C2OPRINF Process Control: Operation
C2PLMZINF Additional Data for PLMZ from Master Recipe
CALC_COL Material Quantity Calculation: Column
CALC_JOIN Material Quantity Calculation: Interface Table of Values
CALC_ROW Material Quantity Calculation: Row
CALC_ROW1 Material Quantity Calculation: Row Structure
DLCO07 SAPLCO07 Screen Fields
DLCO09 Material Quantity Calculation: Screen Fields
HIST_STRUC History for Task Lists
KALCB Buffer Table for KALC
KALCB_REF Buffer Table for Formulas
KALTB Buffer Table for KALT
MKAL_IDX Production Version with Index to Buffer Table
MKAL_RESULT_TAB Results Table for Consistency Check of Production Version
PLFTB Buffer Table for Process Instructions
PLFTD Dialog Structure for Process Instructions
PLFVB Buffer Table for PI Characteristics/Phase Parameter Values
PLFVD Dialog Structure for PI Charact. / Phase Parameter Values
PLFVSPINE Dialog Structure PI Characteristics: Additional Fields
PLPVD I/O Fields Phase/Operation in Recipe
RC280 Task List Change Status
RC2BT Master Recipe/CAPP: Fields for Processing Document Tables
RC2ML Material List -> BOM Transfer Structure
RC2PH Master Recipe: Operation Overview Phases
RC2R1 Master Recipe: Key Fields
RC4FI Master Recipe: Dialog Table for Process Instructions (PLFT)
RC4FX Master Recipe: Work Fields for Process Instruction Dialog
RC5FI Master Recipe: Dialog Table for PI Characteristics (PLFV)
RC5FX Master recipe: work fields for PI characteristic dialog
RCFVBT Control Fields: Maintain Production Version from Task List
RCSPI Master Recipe: Indices Referring to Records in Buffer Table


SAP Package CPC contains 23 programs.

CPC_T160M_C5_INSERT_709 Insert Message C5 709 in Table T160M -> Correction Report
RCPAENNR All Task List Changes for a Change Number
RCPCD001 Display Change Documents for a Recipe Group
RCPCD003 Display Change Documents for Reference Operation Set Group
RCPDRK01 Master Recipe Print List
RCPDRK02 Print List for Production Versions with Consistency Check
RCPPPI01 Correct Process Instruction Characteristics without Format Entries
RCPPPI02 Delete Costing Indicator in Operations
RCPPPI03 Master Recipe: Delete 'Flexible Duration' Indicator for Operations
RCPPPI04 Correcting Values for Characteristic PPPI_MATERIAL in Recipe
RCPPPI05 Master Recipe: Delete Process Instructions Without Superior Phases
RCPPPI06 PI Characteristics w/o Long Text: Delete Language Key
RCPPPI07 Task List: Delete Data Records Without Task List Group
RCPPPI09 Task List/Recipe: Delete PLAB Records Without Valid PLPO Entries
RCPREZ00 Master Recipe: Convert Long Texts (Remove Client from RZFV)
RCPREZ01 Master Recipe: Convert Long Texts (TEXT-ID: RZ** > PL**)
RCPREZ02 Master Recipe: Delete Long Texts with TEXT-ID RZ**
RCPX0005 XPRA: Fill TCA09 with Data for PI Characteristics and Milestones
RPIREDE1 Delete Task Lists Previously Archived
RPIREDE2 Deletion of Task Lists without Archiving
RPIREWR1 Archiving and Deletion of Master Recipes
SAPRC2CU Correct Errors in TC01 after Update to 4.0x for SAPLC2cU
SAPRMQCD Delete Data Records of Material Quantity Calculation for Master Recipe

Search Helps

SAP Package CPC contains 3 search helps.

H_KALC Help View for Table KALC
H_KALT Help View for Table KALT
PLKSB Master Recipe

Message Classes

SAP Package CPC contains 1 message classes.

C5 Planungsrezept