SAP Package CQ99

Question Catalog and Questionnaire

The package CQ99 (Question Catalog and Questionnaire) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CQ99
Short Text Question Catalog and Questionnaire
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CQ99 contains 9 function groups.

EHS00QREL Questionnaire Assignment
EHS00QRELTYP Maintain Assignment Types for an FM
HREHS00 EHS: Question Cat. Maint. View (Detail)
HREHS01 EH&S: Hierarchy Tree Question Catalog
HREHS02 EH&S: General Questionnaire
HREHS03 EH&S: View Clust Subj.Ass. Questionnaire
HREHS04 EH&S: Uploading Scanner File
HREHS05 EH&S: Customizing View of Answer Type
HREHS06 User Exit with Function Module


SAP Package CQ99 contains 13 transactions.

EHSMQUEST01 Number Range Maint. Questionnaire
EHSQCATOH Question catalog
EHSQUESTOH General questionnaire
S_SH8_72000275 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_01_01
S_SH8_72000276 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_01_06
S_SH8_72000282 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_02_01
S_SH8_72000283 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_02_02
S_SH8_72000285 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_04_04
S_SH8_72000286 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_03_01
S_SH8_72000287 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_01_05
S_SH8_72000288 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_01_02
S_SH8_72000304 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_01_03
S_SH8_72000327 IMG Activity: OHSXX_40_01_08

Database Tables

SAP Package CQ99 contains 36 database tables.

T7EHS00_ANSWTYP Unique Number of Answer Type
T7EHS00_ANSWTYPT Language-Dependent Text Table for Table t7ehs00_answtyp
T7EHS00_CATALOG Question Catalog
T7EHS00_CATALOGT Language-Specific Text Table for Table T7ehs00_catalog
T7EHS00_FKATALOG Administration Data EH&S Question Catalog
T7EHS00_FORMTYPT Text Table Form Type
T7EHS00_QAGEN General Answer Type
T7EHS00_QAGENT General Answer Type
T7EHS00_QASPC Answer Type Application Components
T7EHS00_QASPCT Answer Type Application Component
T7EHS00_QCATFORM Question Catalog: Assign Form and Program
T7EHS00_QCRIT Criterion Text EH&S Question Catalog (Language-Specific)
T7EHS00_QCUSREX Registered User Exit Function Module for Question Catalog
T7EHS00_QEDITOR Question Text EH&S Question Catalog (Language-Specific)
T7EHS00_QFORM Specific Questionnaire: Assign Form and Program
T7EHS00_QFORMSPC General Questionnaire: Assign Form and Program
T7EHS00_QGROUP Unique Number of Catalog Group
T7EHS00_QGROUPT Language-Dependent Text Table for Catalog Group
T7EHS00_QREL Questionnaire Assignment
T7EHS00_QRELTYP Object Type for Questionnaire Assignment
T7EHS00_QRELTYPT Text Table for Object Type for Assigning a Function Module
T7EHS00_QSCANP File Path for the Scanner ASCII File
T7EHS00_QTFIELDG Text Fields for the General Questionnaire
T7EHS00_QTFIELDS Text Fields for Specific Questionnaire
T7EHS00_QTOP_REL Subject Area Assignment of Questionnaire
T7EHS00_QTOPIC Subject Area of Questionnaire (General)
T7EHS00_QTOPICT Subject Area of Questionnaire (General) Text Table
T7EHS00_QTYPE Catalog entry category
T7EHS00_QTYPET Description Catalog Entry Type
T7EHS00_QUEST Questionnaire Definition
T7EHS00_QUESTQ Individual Questions in Questionnaire
T7EHS00_QUESTT Language-Dependent Text Table for Table T7EHS00_QUEST
T7EHS00_QUSREX Registered User Exit Function Modules for Questionnaire
T7EHS00_STATUST Language-Specific Text Table for Status


SAP Package CQ99 contains 5 views.

HEHS00QCATGRP Help View for Catalog Group Search Help
VT7EHS00_CATLG03 Catalog Entry
VT7EHS00_QANSWT Specific Answer Types
VT7EHS00_QGROUP Catalog Group
VT7EHS00_QTOPREL Questionnaire Subject Area Assignment


SAP Package CQ99 contains 18 structures.

EHS00_ATYPE_RANGE Answer Type Range
EHS00_QCATALOG_RANGE Structure of a Range Table for Question Catalog Number
EHS00_QGROUP_RANGE Structure of a Range Table for the Catalog Group
EHS00_QREL_HLP Help Structure for Search Help for FM Assignment
EHS00_QTYPE_RANGE Catalog Entry Type Range
EHS00_QUESTID_RANGE Structure of a Range Table for the Catalog Entry Number
EHS00QEDITOR EH&S: Structure of Text Editor Input and Output Fields
EHS00QEDITORT EH&S: Text Editor Translation Structure
EHS00QTEXTFIELDS Text Fields for Specific Questionnaire
EHS00QTEXTVARIBLE Text Variable for the Questionnaire
EHS00QUESTEDIT Text Editor for the Questionnaire
EHS00SHLPANSWTYP Structure for Answer Type
HREHS00QCATALOG Data Fields in Question Catalog
HREHS00QUEST Questionnaire Structure
TREEHEADER_CNTR Header Structure of Tree Control
TREEITEM_CNTR Item Structure of Tree Control
TREENODE_CNTR Node Structure of the Question Catalog Tree Control
TREENODE_QUEST Node Structure EH&S Questionnaire


SAP Package CQ99 contains 10 programs.

EHS_QUESTIONNAIRE General questionnaire
REHSQCATDOWNLOAD Export Question Catalog
REHSQCATUPLOAD Import Question Catalog
REHSQUESTCATPRNT Print Program for Question Catalog (Technical View)
REHSQUESTIONPRNT Print Program for Questions and Question Groups in Question Catalog
REHSQUESTPRNT Print program for general questionnaire
REHSUPLOAD_QUESTCATALOG Legacy Data Transf.Prog. for Question Catalog Data (tbl_q_catalog.txt)
REHSUPLOAD_QUESTIONNAIRE Transfer Program for EH&S Questionnaire

Search Helps

SAP Package CQ99 contains 3 search helps.

EHS00_SHLP_QCATGRP00 Search Help for Catalog Groups for Question Catalog
EHS00QREL_Q_ID Search Help for Q_ID
HREHS02QTOPREL Search Help for Questionnaire/Subject Area Assignment

Message Classes

SAP Package CQ99 contains 1 message classes.

CQ99 Fragebogen und Fragenkatalog