SAP Package CSCP

Semiconductor Planning

The package CSCP (Semiconductor Planning) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CSCP
Short Text Semiconductor Planning
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CSCP contains 4 function groups.

CSCP_OVRPARA Übersteuerung von Planparametern
CSCPMCL Maintain material completion levels
CSCPPARA1 Maintain time/BOM-dep. planning param.
CSCPPARA2 Passing entrance from mat. in CSCPPARA1


SAP Package CSCP contains 1 transactions.

CSCPPLPA Maint. routing param with materials

Database Tables

SAP Package CSCP contains 6 database tables.

PLPLAN_PARAM BOM-dependent planning parameter
TCSCP_COMP_LVL Material completion levels (including their sequence)
TCSCP_COMP_LVLT Material completion level (Description)
TCSCP_CONV_TYPE Conversion types for production figures
TCSCP_CONV_TYPET Conversion type for production figures
TCSCP_TDSV Activate period dependent operation parameters


SAP Package CSCP contains 2 views.

M_CAP4I Generated view for matchcode ID CAP4 -I
V_MAT_ROUT_BOM Connected materials, routingd, BOMs


SAP Package CSCP contains 11 structures.

CSCP_MAT_ROUT_BOM Structure for Listscreens in CSCPPARA1
CSCP_PLAN_PARAM Interface-structure of Table CSCP_PARAM (planning parameter)
E1POSIT Purchasing document - item data
E1POSSI Purchasing document - schedule line data
MCEKPOSEC Semiconductor, extension MCEKPO
RCCSCP01 initial screen-fields for SAPLCSCPPARA1 0200
SCSCP_EQUP Material master quota file item (part for SDM)
SCSCP_LINK Linkage of demands to supplies (output of SDM)
SCSCP_LIS Sales Document: Item Data
SCSCP_PERIOD_STR Tupel of date from and date to with index and id
SCSCP_VBAK Demand header data for LIS communication

Search Helps

SAP Package CSCP contains 2 search helps.

CAP4 Mass changing of capacity (units of measure) unit of measure
CAP4I Mass changing of capacity (units of measure) unit of measure

Message Classes

SAP Package CSCP contains 1 message classes.

P/ Messages for Category a Priorities

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CSCP contains 8 authorization objects.

C_SCP_DCPL Demand Coordination Planning Level Transaction Authorization
C_SCP_HIER Hierarchy Delete transaction CSCPHIEDEL info structure check
C_SCP_METH Demand Coordination tran CSCPDC3 supplementation method defn
C_SCP_MOD Supply Chain Planning: Planning authorization for a model
C_SCP_MODC Model Characteristics Authorization Object.
C_SCP_MODL Demand Coordination transaction CSCPDC5 planning model check
C_SCP_MODR Assigning Resource Allocation Hierarchies to Planning Models
C_SCP_RAHC Copy Available Capacity to a Resource Allocation Hierarchy.