SAP Package FMBS

FIFM: Basis

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The package FMBS (FIFM: Basis) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package FMBS
Short Text FIFM: Basis
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package FMBS contains 33 function groups.

0F50 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0F55 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0F57 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0F59 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FMK Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CATT01 Function Modules for CATTs
DECK View re unreal cover eligibility
FM00 FIFM Customizing
FM1A Master data: general tools
FM2A Funds center
FM2B Maintain funds center
FM3A Commitment item: DB operations
FM3B Maintain Commitment Item
FM3E Commitment Item: Conversion Routines
FM3R Read Commitment Item
FM5B CA Budgeting
FMAU FIFM: Authorizations
FMCN TR-FM: CCN - Locking Entries
FMFK FIFM: FM Area Functions
FMHH Master Data: Hierarchy Test
FMHR Read Objects Using Hierarchy
FMKL CB's for Classification
FMKR Master Data: Commitment Item Criteria
FMPO Internal Item Number Management
FMS2 FIFM Status Management
FMSV FIFM: General Service Function Modules
FMU2 Master Data: Update (old)


SAP Package FMBS contains 40 transactions.

DECK Cash Holding Years
FM5I FIFM: Create Fund
FM5S FIFM: Display Fund
FM5U FIFM: Change Fund
FM6I FIFM: Create Application of Funds
FM6S FIFM: Display Application of Funds
FM6U FIFM: Change Application of Funds
FMC2 Customizing in Day-to-Day Business
FMC3 Customizing Curr. Operation (Loc.Au)
FMSS Display Status Assignment
FMSU Change Status Assignment
ISP4 Text
OF09 Funds Management Consistency Check
OF14 Set Up FM Area
OF15 Maintain FM Area - Funds Management
OF16 Activate/Deactivate Funds Management
OF18 Assign Company Code to FM Area
OF19 Maintain Number Range: FM_BELEG2
OF24 Assign Default Funds Center
OF30 Assign FY Variant to FM Area
OF31 Assign Plan Profile to FM Area
OF32 Assign FY Variant to FM Area
OF33 Assign Number Range to FM Area
OF34 Assign Budget Profile to FM Area
OF35 Assign Status Profile to FM Area
OFD1 Cash Bdgt Mgt: Delete Master Data
OFD5 Delete Funds and Application of Fnds
OFD8 Delete Commitment Item From G/L Acct
OFDA FM Areas - Year-Dependent Parameters
OFGF Residual Revenues
OFGH Sequence In Generic Arguments
OFK1 Maintain Criteria Type Cmmt. Item
OFK2 Maintain Criteria Category Group
OFK3 Assign Crit.Cat. to Crit.Cat.Group
OFK4 Maintain Criteria
OFKA Maintain Carryfwrd Values Tot. Rec.
TCMK Funds Management
TFMN Cash Flow
UD96 Revenues Increasing Budget

Database Tables

SAP Package FMBS contains 54 database tables.

CTRUNICLAS is being deleted
FB03 Financial Transactions
FCABK FI-CA: Document Header
FCABP FI-CA: Document Item
FCDUNICLAS is being deleted
FM00 Client-Dependent Fields in Funds Management
FM01A FM area control records
FM01B Control Records for FIFM Company Codes
FM01C FM area control parameters
FM01E Info on cover availability per FM area
FM01F Overall parameters for FM areas
FM01G FM Areas: Availability Control Settings
FM01Y FM Areas- Year-Dependent Values
FMACTPOS FIFM: List of Internal Item Numbers
FMAPSTAT FIFM: System Status for FIFM Acct Asst Objects
FMAVC is being deleted
FMBE FI-FM Cash Levels
FMCFAA TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward
FMCFAAS TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Interim Storage)
FMCFAB TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Sender+Receiver)
FMCFABS TR-FM: Transferred Commitment/Budget (Senders+Receivers)
FMCFBPAKS FM-FYC: Budget/Planning Updates (Interim Storage)
FMCFC0 Default Settings for Fiscal Year Change
FMCFC1 FYC Commitment Control
FMCFC1R FYC Commtiment Control (Carryforward Parameter)
FMCFC2 FYC Budget Control
FMCFRULE FM - Carryforward Parameters (FYC)
FMCFSB FM - CF: Carryforward rules
FMCFSBCD FM-CF: Carryforward Rules (Dummy -> Change Documents)
FMCFSI TR-FM Selected Open Commitments
FMCFSIF FI-FM: Selected Open Documents from FI Update
FMCFSIO FI-FM: Selected Open Commitment Documents
FMCNAI FM Line Items with Active CCN Logic
FMDECK3 Cover eligibility: amount management for sender budget obj.
FMEP FI-FM Line Items
FMFCPO FIFM: Commitment Summarization Item
FMFCPOT FIFM: Financial Summarization Item Texts
FMFPO FIFM: Commitment Item
FMFPOT Texts for a Financia Management Item
FMFREEPOS FIFM: Free List of Internal Item Numbers
FMGEBER FIFM: Financing Code for Sponsor
FMHICTR FIFB: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations in a Center
FMHIPOS FIFM: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations for an Item
FMISPSUSER Special Control Table for FMISPS per User(only SAP internal)
FMLOG Log file for documents not updated
FMSU FI-FM Totals Records
FMTACT Activities which can be Protected
FMTACTT Activities that can be protected
FMTACTZ FM: Valid Activities per Authorization Object (same TACTZ)
POS00 Is No Longer Used: List of Internal Item Numbers
POSFREI Is No Longer Used: Free List of Internal Item Numbers
TFB03T Names of Financial Transactions
TFB05 Free Financial Transactions
TFB06 Financial Transaction Reporting


SAP Package FMBS contains 38 views.

M_FICOO Generated view for matchcode ID FICO-O
M_FICOV Generated view for matchcode ID FICO-V
M_FIKRB Generated view for matchcode ID FIKR-B
M_FISTB Generated view for matchcode ID FIST-B
M_FPOSB Generated view for matchcode ID FPOS-B
M_FUSEK Generated view for matchcode ID FUSE-K
V_FB06 Financial Transaction Reporting
V_FM01_A Create FM areas
V_FM01_C Maintain FM Areas
V_FM01_D Commitment Item for Unassigned Expenditures/Revenues
V_FM01_E Assign FM Area to Fiscal Year Variant
V_FM01_F Assign Planning Profile to FM Area
V_FM01_FC_PERIV Activate FM Area -> FY Variant Assignmetn in the Fund
V_FM01_G Assign FM Area to Fiscal Year Variant
V_FM01_GRF Alternative Authorization Group for Fund
V_FM01_H Assign FM Area to Number Range Interval
V_FM01_I Assign Budget Profile to FM Area
V_FM01_J Assign FM Area to Status Profile
V_FM01_K Default Funds Center
V_FM01_KOM Local Authorities-Specific Reference Number in FM Area
V_FM01_L Ranking Order in Generic Search
V_FM01_M Master Data Year Dependency
V_FM01_N Activate Functional Area in Funds Management
V_FM01C Settings for Budgeting
V_FM01E Remainder from Revenues Increasing Budget
V_FM01F FM Areas - Year-Dependent Parameters
V_FM01G FM Areas: Availability Control Settings
V_FMDECK3 Revenues Increasing Budget
V_FMFCPO Summarization Item and Text
V_FMFPO Account Assignment Item and Text
V_FMKR FM: Criteria for Criteria Category
V_FMKRG FM: Criteria Category Group
V_FMKRGTP FM: Criteria Category to Criteria Category Group Assignment
V_FMKRTP FM: Criteria Category
V_GEBER_A Maintain Fund
V_T001_FM Assigning Company Codes to FM Areas
VV_FMISPS_1 Activate Additional Functions
VV_FMISPS_2 Activate Additional Functions


SAP Package FMBS contains 77 structures.

ACPE Actual periods
FCABPCCN FM: Append Structure for FCABP (CCN Fields)
FIFM_AUTHA Append Structure Authorization Fields for FI-FM
FMCFAAI TR-FM: Budget Closing Operations
FMCFABI TR-FM: Budget Closing Operations
FMDY FIFM: Screen Fields
FMFIPEX Structure for Blocking Commitment Item
FMFPOHR HR-Relevant Fields in the Commitment Item
FMHPH TR-FM: Data transfer structure - hierarchy maintenance tool
FMHPO TR-FM: Structure for Hierarchy Maint.Tool Transfer Table
FMKLDYNP FMKL read module, screen fields
FMPERIOBTR Period Amounts 1-16 for Cash Budget Management
FMPL FI-FM: Financial Planning Transfer Structure
FMPL1 FI-FM: Financial Budgeting Transfer Structure (Centers)
FMPS Financial Item Selection
FMSAKFPO TRFM: G/L account with commitment item control data
FMSU1 FI-FM Financial Data Totals Records
FMSUA FI-FM Totals Records - All Periods
FYAC Fiscal year for actual values
FYBU Fiscal year for budget
IFM_FMCFSB_ENQ Substructure of FMCFSB for locking purposes
IFM_LIST_HEADER_ACTION FM ALV GRID Lists: Action Information in List Header
IFM_LIST_HEADER_ATTRIBUTES FM ALV grid lists: Attributes for object info display
IFM_LIST_HEADER_DATA FM ALV GRID Lists: Object Information in List Header
IFM_LIST_HEADER_MESSAGE FM ALV GRID Lists: Messages in List Header
IFMCFSB FM - CF: Carryforward rules - transfer structure
IFMFCPO FIFM: Internal Table for Cmmt Summztn Item Screen Fields
IFMFCTR FIFM: Internal Table for Funds Center Screen Fields
IFMFICTR Funds centers (in reporting)
IFMFIPEXKY FIFM: Commitment Item, Lock Argument for User Key FIPEX
IFMFIPOSNR FIFM: Commitment Item, Replace Temp.No. with Final Number
IFMFPO FIFM: Internal Table for Commitment Item Screen Fields
IFMFUSE FIFM: Structure for Application of Funds
IFMKR Structure: Commitment Item Criteria Fields
IFMOBJNR FIFM: Assignment of Final to Dummy Object Number
IFMPTRNODE FIFM: Interface Table Between Master and Graphics
IFMSTX30 FIFM: Long Texts for Status
IFMSTXT04 FIFM: Status Short Texts
IFMSYSTAT FIFM: Structure for Status Management Screen Fields
IFMVALNODE FIFM: Hierarchy Node Contents
IFMWRTTP Amount fields by value category for expenditure
INT_FMFPO Internal Table for the Financial Item
RANGE_C1 Ranges Table for Structure with Char1
RANGE_C10 Structure of a Range Table for a (10) Character Field
RANGE_C12 Structure of a Range Table for a 12 Character Field
RANGE_C14 Structure of a Range Table for a 14 Character Field
RANGE_C16 Structure of a Range Table for a (16) Character Field
RANGE_C18 Structure of a Range Table for an 18 Character Field
RANGE_C2 Structure of a Range Table for a Two Character Field
RANGE_C22 Structure of a Range Table for a 22 Character Field
RANGE_C24 Structure of a Range Table for a (24) Character Field
RANGE_C24A Structure of a Range Table for a (24) Character Field
RANGE_C25 Structure of a Range Table for a 25 Character Field
RANGE_C3 Structure of a Range Table for a 3 Character Field
RANGE_C4 Structure of a range table for a character (4) field
RANGE_C6 Structure of a Range Table for a 6 Character Field
RANGE_C8 Structure of a range table for a character (8) field
RANGE_CUKY Structure of a Range for a Currency Field (CUKY Type)
RANGE_DATE Structure of a Range Table for a Date
RANGE_N2 Structure of a Range Table for a Two-Figure Number Field
RANGE_N3 Structure of a range table for a numeric (3) field
RANGE_N4 Structure of a range table for a numeric (4) field
RANGE_N6 Structure of a range table for a Num(6) field
RANGE_N7 Structure of a Range Table for a 7 Character Numeric Field
SI_FM01 Financial Management Areas
VFMCFSBCD Change document structure, generated using RSSCD000
VFMFCPO Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VFMFCPOT Change Document Structure, generated by RSSCD000
VFMFCTR_CD Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
VFMFCTRT Change Document Structure, generated by RSSCD000
VFMFCTRT_CD Änderungsbelegstruktur, generiert durch RSSCD000
VFMFPO Change Document Structure, generated by RSSCD000
VFMFPOT Change Document Structure, generated by RSSCD000


SAP Package FMBS contains 29 programs.

RFFMABL1 FIFM: Display Change Documents for Master Data
RFFMBE01 Check of Master Data Hierarchy for Commitment Items and Funds Centers
RFFMCHK1 FIFM: Program for Checking User Keys for Commitment Items (FIPEX)
RFFMCP01 Copy Commitment Item in G/L Account from Source CC to Target CC
RFFMCU03 Leveling Report for Table FM01 - Field OBJNR
RFFMDL03 Remove Commitment Item from the G/L Accounts for a Company Code
RFFMDL53 Delete Plan Data for an FM Area in Cash Budget Management
RFFMHIRC Root Entry of Centers Inserted in an FM Area (new)
RFFMPO01 Set Number Range for Cross-FM Area Internal Commitment Items
RFFMPO02 FIFM: Commt Items (Length 24)-Convert Authorizations in Transp.Tables
RFFMUD96 Revenues Increasing Budget
RFFMUD97 Setting the Indicator that Budget has been Increased for FM Documents
RFFMUD98 Revenues increasing budget
RFFMYC01 Activate Year-Dependent Funds Centers
RFMXPR01 FIFM: Transfer Table POS00 to Table FMACTPOS
RFMXPR03 FIFM: Include FM Area Object Number in FMFPO
RFMXPR04 FIFM: Create Hierarchy Relationships for Existing FIPOS
RFMXPR05 FIFM: Reorganize Commitment Item (FMFPO) Time Dependency
RFMXPR07 FIFM: Reorganize Funds Center (FMFCTR) Time Dependency
RFMXPR08 FIFM: Reorganize Cash Budget Management Activation
RFMXPR10 FIFM: Commitment Item - Fill Conversion Table FMFXPO
RFMXPR11 FIFM: Commitment Item Length 24 - Convert Customizing Tables
RFMXPR12 FIFM: Commitment Item Length 24 - Convert Authorizations
SAPMFM00 Central Functions
SAPMFM9R Reporting

Search Helps

SAP Package FMBS contains 16 search helps.

ASH_FICO FIFM: Fund Append Search Tool
ASH_FIST FIFM: Funds Center Append Search Tool
COBL_EX_FICO_APPEND Append for Fund in Coding Block
COBL_EX_FIKR_APPEND Append for FM Area in Coding Block
COBL_EX_FIST_APPEND Append for Commitment Item in Coding Block
COBL_EX_FPOS_APPEND Append for Commitment Item in Coding Block
FICO FIFM: Fund matchcode
FICOC Search Using Name
FICOG Search using description
FICOO Search via customer
FIKR FIFM: FM area matchcode
FIKRB Search via name
FPOSB Search via name
FUSE FIFM: Application of funds matchcode
FUSEB Search via name
FUSEK Search via fund

Message Classes

SAP Package FMBS contains 1 message classes.

FI TR-FM Funds Management

Authorization Objects

SAP Package FMBS contains 18 authorization objects.

F_FICA_CCT Funds Management, Cross-Funds Center
F_FICA_CTR Funds Management Funds Center
F_FICA_CVE Funds Management: Cover Eligibility
F_FICA_CVP Funds Management: Cover Pool
F_FICA_EAL Funds Management: Collective Expenditure
F_FICA_FCD Funds Management Fund
F_FICA_FOG Funds Management: authorization group of fund
F_FICA_FPG Funds Management: authorization group for the cmmt item
F_FICA_FSG Funds Management: authorization group for the funds center
F_FICA_FTR Funds Management FM Account Assignment
F_FICA_POP Funds Management: authorization group posting period
F_FICA_SEG Funds Management: authorization group cross-funds centers
F_FICA_SIG Funds Management: authorization group funds center internal
F_FICA_TRG Funds Management: authorization groups for FM account assgmt
F_FICA_WCT Funds Management Within One Funds Center
F_FICB_FKR Cash Budget Management/Funds Management FM Area
F_FICB_FPS Cash Budget Management/Funds Management Commitment Item
F_FICB_VER Cash Budget Management/Funds Management Version