SAP Package J1I2

India, Phase II

The package J1I2 (India, Phase II) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package J1I2
Short Text India, Phase II
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package J1I2 contains 6 function groups.

J1I4 India localization II - MM<->Tax Interf
J1I5 table maintainance
J1I6 Common routines - India Localization II
J1I7 User Exit - CIN 2.0
J1IBAPI BAPI function group for Excise invoice
J1IZ function group j1iz


SAP Package J1I2 contains 52 transactions.

J1I0 Customizing wizard
J1I2 Sales Tax Register
J1I3 Modvat utilzation in batch
J1I5 Register creation for RG23 and RG1
J1I57AE New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57AE
J1I6 Modvat forecast
J1I7 Query Excise invoices
J1I8 TDS Challan Update
J1I9 Number ranges for excise invoice
J1IA Excise Invoice Details
J1IB Excise Verification And Posting
J1IC194D Annual Return under section 194d
J1IC194I Annual Return under section 194i
J1IC194J Annual Return under section 194J
J1ICANCINV Cancel Invoice
J1ID Rate maint & amend open po's/so's
J1IDEPOT_VAL Depot Balance stock duty
J1IF Subcontracting
J1IG RG23D register receipt at depot
J1IGAR7 Capture - GAR7 Information
J1IH Create Excise JV
J1IHBK Copy House Bank ID from Invoice
J1IJ Excise invoice selec. at depot sale
J1IK Selection of Excise Invoice - Common
J1IL India Localization
J1IM Maintain Excise Number Range
J1IME2W Open Orders- PO & Scheduling Agrmnt
J1IME3M Open Orders- Contract
J1IO Retrospective price amendments
J1IP Excise invoice print
J1IQ Year-End IT Depreciation Report
J1IR Data Download
J1IS Excise invoice for other movements
J1IU Forms capture
J1IV Excise post & print for others mvmts
J1IW Excise Invoice without PO
S_AL0_96000099 IMG activity: J_1IREGSET
S_AL0_96000102 IMG activity: J_1IEXGRPS
S_AL0_96000103 IMG activity: J_1IWRKCUS
S_AL0_96000104 IMG activity: J_1ISRGRPS
S_AL0_96000105 IMG activity: J_1IEXCDEF
S_AL0_96000108 IMG activity: J_1IMINBAL
S_AL0_96000112 IMG activity: J_1IREJMAS
S_AL0_96000113 IMG activity: J_1IMVMT
S_AL0_96000116 IMG activity: J_1IEXCREF
S_AL0_96000118 IMG activity: J_1IEXSRDET
S_AL0_96000119 IMG activity: J_1IJ1I9
S_AL0_96000120 IMG activity: J_1IVTTXID
S_AL0_96000121 IMG activity: J_1IMESG
S_AL0_96000122 IMG activity: J_1IVFRTYP
S_AL0_96000174 IMG activity: J_1ITDSSEC
S_P6D_40000264 Report J_1I_ST3

Database Tables

SAP Package J1I2 contains 82 database tables.

A373 Country/Plant/Material
A375 Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl2Cust/TaxCl.2Mat
A376 Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl4Cust/TaxCl.4Mat
J_1I_BCKEXCSUS Customizing table for background capture of Exc Invoice-SUS
J_1I_WTH_SER_GTA Table to determine withholding line for GTA
J_1I_WTH_SER_MM Table to determine withholding line for GTA and Imports
J_1IADDEXC Additional Excise rate table
J_1IASSVAL Assessable value table for excise calculation
J_1IBILDET Billing Type Determination - India
J_1IBOSDEFAULT Default Blling Type for Export
J_1ICALOC Allocation of materials to assets
J_1ICUS_BILL_TYP Assign Customer Category to Bill Type
J_1IEXCACC Excise Account Assignment table
J_1IEXCDEF Tax default informations
J_1IEXCDEP Excise information of vendor at detail level for depot
J_1IEXCDTL Excise invoice line item details
J_1IEXCHDR Excise invoice header detail
J_1IEXCREF Delivery document to excise invoice refrence document link
J_1IEXESTA Excise indicator determination for co / cust / form code
J_1IEXGRPS Excise Groups
J_1IEXSRDET Excise / Series group determination
J_1IFRDTOT Transaction Table for Forms Tracking-Non SAP docs.
J_1IFRDTPO tranasction Table for Forms Tracking for Purchase
J_1IFRDTSO Transaction table for Forms Tracking for Sales.
J_1IFRMTYP Form Types
J_1IGAR7 Recordings of GAR7
J_1IGRXREF Goods Receipt to Excise Invoice Coss Reference
J_1IINDCUS Company Code Settings
J_1IITMDTL Item Details - for Capital goods and subcontracting
J_1IKONV Excise recalculated conditions
J_1IMATEXP Exceptional materials excise rates
J_1IMESG Message Control
J_1IMINBAL Minimum account balances
J_1IMVMT Movement types versus register relevance
J_1INEWJCODE VAT Transition Dummy Jurisdiction Code
J_1INEXCGRP excise group for no range
J_1IPART1 Excise part I detials
J_1IPART2 Excise Part II details
J_1IREGSET Excise Registrations
J_1IRG1 Excise RG1 details
J_1IRG23D RG23D register for the depot
J_1IRGSUM RG23 Summary of receipts and issues
J_1ISER_BSEG Transaction table having the Invoices with Service Category
J_1ISERACC Service tax account assignment table
J_1ISERCAT Service tax category description table
J_1ISERCATGTA Service Category based on GTA Code (LEVEL 5)
J_1ISERCATMM Service category determination for GTA and imports Invoices
J_1ISERCATMM1 Cust table to determine the Service Category on MM - Level1
J_1ISERCATMM2 Cust table to determine the Service Category on MM - Level2
J_1ISERCATMM3 Cust table to determine the Service Category on MM - Level3
J_1ISERCATMM4 Cust table to determine the Service Category on MM - Level4
J_1ISERCATMM5 Cust table to determine the Service Category on MM - Level5
J_1ISERCATMMFI1 Table to determine the Service Category on MM-FI - Level1
J_1ISERCATMMFI2 Table to determine the Service Category on MM-FI - Level2
J_1ISERCATMMFI3 Table to determine the Service Category on MM-FI - Level3
J_1ISERCATMMFI4 Table to determine the Service Category on MM-FI - Level4
J_1ISERCATSD1 Ser Category based on Customer, Material and Sales Area (L1)
J_1ISERCATSD2 Ser category based on Customer and Material (L2)
J_1ISERCATSD3 Service Category based on Material (L3)
J_1ISERCATSD4 Service Category determination based on Material Group (L4)
J_1ISERCATSDFI1 Customization table to determine the Service Category Level1
J_1ISERCATSDFI2 Customization table to determine the Service Category Level2
J_1ISERCATSDFI3 Customization table to determine the Service Category Level3
J_1ISERCATSDFI4 Customization table to determine the Service Category Level4
J_1ISERUTZ Tracking accounting docs already utilized for service tax
J_1ISRGRPS Excise Document Series
J_1ISSIRAT ssi concessional rates
J_1ISTAPPL Tax applicability
J_1ISTRATE Sales tax set off percentages
J_1ISUBTYP Subtransaction type text
J_1IT030K India Tax account determination ( T030K + BWMOD )
J_1IT059A Indicator to mention tax exemption
J_1ITCJCMAP Tax code and Jurisdiction code mapping
J_1ITCJCUPDATE Updatation table for open documents
J_1ITDSDUE TDS Payment due date customization
J_1ITRAN Transaction code
J_1ITRNACC Transaction code vs accounts
J_1IVATDATE Maintain Valid from date of VAT legislation in India
J_1IVATINVOICE Billing type determination for VAT
J_1IVATREGIO States Under VAT regime
J_1IWRKCUS Plant Settings


SAP Package J1I2 contains 35 views.

J_1I_VWTH_SER_MM View to determine With holding line for GTA and imports
J_1IT030K_V India Tax Account Determination
J_1IV_INVC Help view for Vendor Excise invoice
J_1IVATDATE_V Maintain Valid from date of VAT legislation in India
J_1IVEXGRP Help view for Excise groups
J_1IVEXGRPS Excise Group Maintenance
J_1IVFRMTY Help view for Form type
J_1IVFRTYP Maintenance view for Form Types
J_1IVREGID Help View for the register id
J_1IVSERCATMM View for Service category determination-GTA and imports
J_1IVSERCATMM1 View on service category determination MM L1 table
J_1IVSERCATMM2 View on service category determination MM L2 table
J_1IVSERCATMM3 View on service category determination MM L3 table
J_1IVSERCATMM4 View on service category determination MM L4 table
J_1IVSERCATMM5 View on service category determination MM L5 table
J_1IVSERCATMMFI1 View on service category determination MMFI L1 table
J_1IVSERCATMMFI2 View on service category determination MMFI L2 table
J_1IVSERCATMMFI3 View on service category determination MMFI L3 table
J_1IVSERCATMMFI4 View on service category determination MMFI L4 table
J_1IVSERCATSD1 View on service category determination SD L1 table
J_1IVSERCATSD2 View on service category determination SD L2 table
J_1IVSERCATSD3 View on service category determination SD L3 table
J_1IVSERCATSD4 View on service category determination SD L4 table
J_1IVSERCATSDFI1 View on service category determination SDFI L1 table
J_1IVSERCATSDFI2 View on service category determination SDFI L2 table
J_1IVSERCATSDFI3 View on service category determination SDFI L3 table
J_1IVSERCATSDFI4 View on service category determination SDFI L4 table
J_1IVSRGRP Help view for serial group
J_1IVT001 Document types for TDS JV
J_1IVTDSDU Payment due date in TDS
J_1IVTRAN Help view for the transaction type
J_1IVTTXID Text maintenance
J_1IVTTXOB Text object maintenance
J_1IVTXRAT Tax rate maintenance
J_1IVWTH_SER_MM View to determine With holding line for GTA and imports


SAP Package J1I2 contains 35 structures.

J_1I_GAR7_ALV_LIST Structure to display GAR-7 Payments Section data in ALV
J_1I_ST3_ALV_DISP ALV structure for ST3 display
J_1I_UTIL_ALV alv structure for totals and amounts display
J_1I_UTIL_TC structure for table control of j1iin utilization screen
J_1IACCBAL Structure for storing account no and balance
J_1IAUTHA Autharisation fields for India CIN
J_1IBAPIEXCINV Table for ExciseInvoice GetList Bapi
J_1IBPOTAB BPO structure for ERS - CIN
J_1IER1_ABSTACC XML: Abstract Account Current
J_1IER1_CHLNDETLS XML: Challan Details
J_1IER1_CHLNINVC XML: Challan Invoice
J_1IER1_CRDTKNUTL XML: CENVAT Credit taken Utilized
J_1IER1_DTYHDBRKUP XML: Duty Head Breakups
J_1IER1_DTYPYBL XML: Duty Payable for Clearances
J_1IER1_DUTYNOTIF XML: Duty Notifications
J_1IER1_HEADER XML: Header Structure
J_1IER1_INTGDSRECV XML: Receipt Details of Intermediate Goods Received
J_1IER1_INTRUNTRNF XML: Clearance Detail for Interunit Transfer
J_1IER1_OTHRPYMNTMISCL XML: Other Payments Miscellenous
J_1IER1_OTHRPYMNTS XML: Other Payments
J_1IER1_SELFMEMO XML: Self-Assessment Memorandum
J_1IEXCCOM Excise Components communication structure
J_1IEXCINV Structure for the User Exit Unit Conversion
J_1IEXCPOP Pop up for Excise JV
J_1IEXCSTR Structure for Excise verification
J_1IINKOMG KOMG Extension for India
J_1IINKOMP KOMP extension for India
J_1IKOMPCV India Localization extension for billing
J_1INKOMG Pricing condition fields for India
J_1IRECMAP Consolidating Classic & EWT table fields for Annual Returns
J_1IREG Fields for popup
J_1ITAXVAR Variable for tax value carry over in TAX calculation
J_1IVBKD Sales forms extension


SAP Package J1I2 contains 54 programs.

J_1I_BDC_CANC_INV BDC Program for Excise invoice cancellation
J_1I_CANCEL_INVOICE BDC program for cancellation of excise invoice
J_1I_ST3 Report J_1I_ST3
J_1I57AE Proforma Register under Rule 9 (5) of Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004
J_1ICAPG Capital Goods Tranfer Of Credit
J_1ICHLN TDS Challan Update: Classic
J_1IDNLD Download Register Data
J_1IER1 Report J_1IER1
J_1IEXCH Help For Internally Generated Documents
J_1IEXCP Print program for invoices
J_1IEXQR Excise Invoice Query
J_1IF26A Annual returns for 194a
J_1IF26D Annual Return for Section 194D
J_1IF26I Annual Return for Section 194I
J_1IF26J Annual Return for Section 194J
J_1IHBKD Copy Housebank ID from Invoice to TDS-Document
J_1IICHK Check Balances Before Utilisation For a Range of Billing Documents
J_1IJCHK RG23D Batch Selection
J_1IMENU Invoke the India version menu
J_1IMODF Cenvat Forecast
J_1IPRNE Printout of Excise Invoices
J_1IREGSN Update of Registers RG 1 and RG 23 (Part I)
J_1IRTRO Retrospective price update on Sales and Purchase orders
J_1IRUTZ Fortnight Utilization of CENVAT
J_1IRUTZN Monthly Utilization
J_1ITRANSITION_INTERFACE Transition Interface for VAT-2003
J_1IUPDATE_CO BDC for Contracts
J_1IUPDATE_CUSMAST BDC for Vendor Masters
J_1IUPDATE_PO BDC for Purchase order's
J_1IUPDATE_SA BDC for Schedule Agreements
J_1IUPDATE_SO BDC for Sales order
J_1IUPDATE_VENMMAST For Vendor Master's
SAPMJ1IA Excise Invoice Details
SAPMJ1IB Excise Invoice Details
SAPMJ1ID excise rate maintenance & amending open po's & so's for rate change
SAPMJ1IF Subcontracting
SAPMJ1IG Depot goods receipt
SAPMJ1IH Main program of Excise JV transaction
SAPMJ1II Sale from factory
SAPMJ1IJ Excise selection at depot sale
SAPMJ1IK Excise Invoice selection - common routine
SAPMJ1IL text object common routine
SAPMJ1IM Window to display balances
SAPMJ1IS Excise invoice for transaction type OTHR
SAPMJ1IU Forms Tracking
SAPMJ1IV Excise invoice for others
SAPMJ1IW Excise Invoice Details
SAPMJ1IX Excise Invoice Details

Search Helps

SAP Package J1I2 contains 17 search helps.

J_1I_GAR7 Gar7 Search Help for Internal Challan
J_1IEX_MIGO_EXNUM select excise invoice in migo popup
J_1IEX_MIGO_EXNUM_ALL Search help for excise invoice
J_1IEXCISE_HEADER Search help for TR6 Challan
J_1IEXCISE_INV_COLLECTIVE Search help for Excise Invoice for Header and Detail
J_1IEXCISE_INVOICE Search help for excise invoice
J_1IEXCISE_INVOICE_J1II Search help for excise invoice
J_1IEXCISE_INVOICE_PRINT Search help for excise invoice
J_1IEXCISE_YEAR Search help for excise year
J_1IOTHR Excise invoice for other movements
J_1ISERCAT_DESC Search help on Service category description
J_1ISUBTYP Search help for subtransaction type text
J_1IVFRMTY Help View For The Form Type
J_1IVREGID Help view for the register ID
J_1IVSRGRP Help view for serial group
J_1IVSTAPL Help view for tax applicability
J_1IVTRAN Help view for the transaction type

Authorization Objects

SAP Package J1I2 contains 37 authorization objects.

J_1I_IMG Authorization object for IMG
J_1I57F_4 Authorization object for 57F4 posting transaction
J_1IA_POSO Authorization object for Amend PO's SO's transaction
J_1IARE_ME Authorization object for area menu transaction
J_1IASSET Authorization for new Assets
J_1ICAP_GD Authorization object for capital goods transaction
J_1ICAPGD1 Authorization for capital goods assets/ consumables
J_1ICWIZ Health Check
J_1IDEP_S1 Enhanced Authorization object for depot sale transaction
J_1IDEP_SL Authorization object for depot sale transaction
J_1IDNLD Authorization object for Download
J_1IEWPOCR Excise invoice without PO create
J_1IEWPOVP Authorization object for Excise without PO - Verify
J_1IEX_PST Autorization object for posting Other Excise invoice
J_1IEXC_CR Authorization object for Excise Invoice Create
J_1IEXC_IV Authorization object for excise invoice posting transaction
J_1IEXC_JV Authorization object for Excise JV transaction
J_1IEXC_OT Authorization object for Other Excise Invoice Create
J_1IEXC_RT Authorization object for maintain excise rate transaction
J_1IEXCJV1 Excise Invoice
J_1IEXPRN Authorization object for printing excise invoice
J_1IFAC_SL Authorization object for Factory sales transaction
J_1IFRM_TR Authorisation object for Forms tracking transaction
J_1IFRTPYM Authorization object for Fortnightly payment transaction
J_1IPLA_FC Authorization object for PLA forecast
J_1IPRC_CH Authorization object for Basic price changes transaction
J_1IREGEXT Authorization object for excise registers extraction
J_1IREGPRN Authorization for Register Printing
J_1IREGS Authorization object for RG23 issues and RG1
J_1IRG23D Authorisation object for Depo Transactions
J_1ISRVTX Authorization for Service tax
J_1ITAX_DS Authorization object for tax deduction at source transaction
J_1ITDS Authorization object for TDS transaction J1IN
J_1ITDSCHL Authorization for TDS Challan
J_1IURG23D Authorisation object for receipts to depot
J_1IUTZL Autorization object for Fortnightly payment
J_1IUTZLTN Authorization object for Fortnightly payment