SAP Package JBST

Standard objects of application development IS-B EGK

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The package JBST (Standard objects of application development IS-B EGK) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package JBST
Short Text Standard objects of application development IS-B EGK
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package JBST contains 9 function groups.

JBD2 IS-B: General Interest Table Functions
JBD6 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
JBM6 Business Partner Spec.for Rq./Op.Control
JBYCDETAIL Yield Curve Maint. per Tab Strip
JBYCLIST Yield Curve Overview
RMYC Continuous Compounding Zero Yield Curves
TB42 Entry template
TVHS_CAL Calendar Functions for TVHS
TVSX_CORE Functions for Scenarios


SAP Package JBST contains 13 transactions.

JB68 Interpolate yield curves
JB69 Maintain Int. Rates for Yield Curves
JB69T TimeOFday dep. IR's for Zcurves pf1
JB72 Display int.rates for
JB72T IR's for timeOFday dep. ref. int.
JB73 Display int. rates for date
JB73T TimeOFday dep. IR's for date
JBCR Goto currency redemption
JBGK Maintain Yield Curve Types
JBIR Goto reference interest rates
JBIRM Goto ref. int. rate maintenance
JBIRMTD Goto time-dependent int. rate. maint
JBYC Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curves

Database Tables

SAP Package JBST contains 8 database tables.

FRWRDDATES Start and End of Term of a Forward Transaction
JBD11 IS-B: Extended interest rate table
JBD14 Yield Curve Types (Header Information)
JBD15 Yield Curve Types (Values)
JBD16CURR Replacement of currencies for yield curve types
JBD1T Yield Curve Types (Texts)
JBDRATEBAR Deviation range of ref. int. rates depend. on exact time
JBDT56P Reference interest rate table dependent on exact time


SAP Package JBST contains 9 views.

JBV_JBDT56P Time-Dependent Reference Interest Rates
JBV_T056P Reference Interest Rate Values
JBVJBDT56PD Time of day dependent IR's for date
JBVJBDT56PR Interest rates for reference rates dependent on exact time
JBVT056PD Interest Rates for Date
JBVT056PR Interest Rates for Reference
JBVT056R Reference Interest Rates
V_JBD16CURR Replacement of Currencies for Yield Curve Types
V_JBDT56P Time-Dependent Reference Interest Rates


SAP Package JBST contains 23 structures.

J11DABE1 TR-EDT: Transfer of Flow Data
J11TRDSVV RF-VV R/2 Loans: Master Data
JBD11_ALT JBD11 - Old
JBD11F_TYP Table Line Type for Int. Rate Table with FLOAT Exactitude
JBDFEED Datafeed Parametrization
JBICURVEBASIS Structure for calculation basis for yield curves
JBIDKONDSEL Transfer structure for select options for condition date
JBIGKMV Structure for Interest Rate Maintenance
JBILESEDATUM Read date for yield curves with 'direct read back'
JBIPUNKTE Structure for Transferring Points
JBIREFERENCE_VR Reference interest structure for possible-entries-help
JBIREFERENZ_NEW Structure for selecting references
JBIREFERENZEN IS-B: Structure for transferring reference int. rates
JBISZKART_VR Yield curve type structure for possible-entries-help
JBISZKARTSEL Transfer structure for select options for yield curve types
JBIUPPA1 TR Business partner transfer with internal fields
JBIWERTE Structure for transferring real values
JBIWWAER_NEW Structure for Currency Selection
JBIWWAERSEL Transfer Structure for Selection Options for Currencies
JBIX11 Extended Structure for JBD11
JBIZINST Structure for calculating median yield curves
JBIZKARTLIST Structure for Calculation Indicator and Replacement Currency


SAP Package JBST contains 7 programs.

RJBCHKZK IS-B: Consistency Check for Yield Curve Types
RJBD14XPRA TR Market Risk Management: Initialize Interpolation Basis
RJBINTZK Interpolation of Yield Curves on Condition Dates
RJBRATES Enter and Evaluate Yield Curves
SAPMJBD7 Yield Curve Maintenance
SAPMJBDZ Maintain Interest Rates

Search Helps

SAP Package JBST contains 2 search helps.

JBSREFERENZ Reference interest rates dependent on exact time
WAEHRUNG Currency dependent on yield curve type

Message Classes

SAP Package JBST contains 1 message classes.

J6 IS-B: Zinskurven

Authorization Objects

SAP Package JBST contains 2 authorization objects.

J_B_MARKET IS-B: STC Authorization Object for Market Data
J_B_YLDCUR IS-B: STC Authorization Object for Yield Curve Types