SAP Package KABT

Process Template

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The package KABT (Process Template) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package KABT
Short Text Process Template
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package KABT contains 15 function groups.

2137 Cost Management Tool: Template
0KWT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
COTPL_TAB Template: Maintenance of steering tables
KAMB Material Document Functions
KWPC Product Costing with ABC
KWTE Evaluate template
KWTF Functions Used in Process Templates
KWTF2 Functions Used in Process Templates
KWTF4 Function Module for F4 Possible Entries
KWTFWF Template Functions for Workflow
KWTG Tool for Generation and Formula Parsing
KWTK New Logistics Functions for ABC
KWTMA Template maintenance
KWTU Template Environment Maintenance
KWTV Activity Based Costing: Miscellaneous


SAP Package KABT contains 6 transactions.

CPT1 Create Template
CPT2 Change Template
CPT3 Display Template
CPT4 Delete Template
CTU6 Function Tree with Tree Control
KTPF View Maint.: Find Template

Database Tables

SAP Package KABT contains 44 database tables.

ABC_F4TAB CO-ABC: Table for Subdividing F4 Data Elements
ABC_FTREE CO-OM-ABC: Function Tree
ABC_FTREET CO-ABC: Texts for Tree Structure
COENV_COPY Functions copied from sub environments to main environments
COENV_REL Assignment of Environments to Sub-Environments
COFUNC1 CO-OM-ABC: Functions in Class
COFUNC2 CO-OM-ABC: Function Definitions
COFUNCL CO-OM-ABC: Language-Dependent Functions
COHIERARCH CO-OM-ABC: Hiearchy Graphic for Functions
COHIERARCH_USER CO_ABC : Function Trees (activation user-dependent)
COPARAM CO-OM-ABC: Function Parameters
COPARAML CO-OM-ABC: Language-Dependent Parameter Names
COSRVAPPL Application Component to Which LIS Variants Belong
COTPL CO-ABC Template Master Data
COTPLACT CO-OM-ABC: Values for Activation Column in Process Template
COTPLACTT CO-OM-ABC: Texts for Entries in Activation Column
COTPLAPPL Template applications
COTPLAPPLT Template application texts
COTPLCLASS Template environments
COTPLCLASS_NA Invalid Template Environments
COTPLCLT Template environment texts
COTPLCOLUMN Template columntypes
COTPLCOLUMNT Template column default texts (if not in COTPLDEFCOLT)
COTPLDEF Template: Definitions for Classes
COTPLDEFCELL Template Cell Control
COTPLDEFCOL Template columns
COTPLDEFCOLT Template column texts per class
COTPLDEFLINETYP Template line types per application
COTPLDEFTC Table Control Assignments: Fields
COTPLDROPDOWN DropDown-Listbox Values for Template columns
COTPLF CO-ABC Find Template
COTPLFC CO-OM-ABC: Process Template Control Blocks (TYPE TPLIC_BCB)
COTPLFP CO-OM-ABC: Formula Parameter Lists for Process Template
COTPLFS ABC: Sources of Formulas in a Template
COTPLFV CO-OM-ABC: Formula Value Lists for Process Template
COTPLLINETYPE Template linetypes
COTPLLINETYPET Template line type texts
COTPLP CO-OM-ABC: Items in Process Template
COTPLPT CO-OM-ABC: Texts for Items in Process Template
COTPLR CO-OM-ABC: Master Data Extension, Process Template (Reports)
COTPLS CO-ABC: Source Text for Formulas in Template
COTPLT CO-OM-ABC: Descriptive Text for Process Template
COTPLTABLE Template: Valid Tables in Environment Maintenance
COTPLTABLET CO-ABC: Valid Tables in Template Environment (lang-dependnt)


SAP Package KABT contains 3 views.

H_COTPL Helpview for Template Environment with Text
V_COTPLCL CO-OM-ABC: Helpview for Displaying Environments
V_COTPLF View for Template Determination


SAP Package KABT contains 51 structures.

ABC_CON Structure for Constants in Template
ABC_DIVERS Structure with Different Data Elements
ABC_E_LIHE Titles (Table + Field + Name) for Fields, Functions
ABC_E_LIST Fields/Formulas/Fixed Values Allowed for Transfer to Formula
ABC_F_KEY TPL: Key Fields for Logical Functions in Environment
ABC_F4_STRUCTURE CO-OM-ABC: Possible Entries Structures for Parameters
ABC_FTRE_S Structure for Function Tree Maintenance (Template)
ABC_KINFOS CO-OM-ABC: Info for Creating Selections in Process Template
ABC_S_ACTIVATION_EDITOR Structure for the new activation editor ABC-Template
ABC_TPLIC_VALUE Structure for ABC-Template
ABC_TPLINF Information for Work Areas/Tables in Process Template
BAPI_TEMPLATECO_CELLFIXVALUE Data Structure for Fixed Values of Cells for BO TemplateCO
BAPI_TEMPLATECO_CELLSOURCE Data Structure for Sources of Cells for BO TemplateCO
BAPI_TEMPLATECO_COMMON Common Data Structure for Methods of BO TemplateCO
BAPI_TEMPLATECO_FLEXFUNCSRC Data Structure for Flex. Func. Sources for BO TemplateCO
BAPI_TEMPLATECO_POSITION Data Structure for Positions of BO TemplateCO
COTPL_INFO Template Information
COTPL_S_METOBJ Template object value
COTPL_S_VALUE Template object values
COTPL_SEND_FUNC Template sender function information
COTPLFLTAB Dialog Window Titles for Errors in Process Template Imports
COTPLIC CO-OM-ABC: Execution Communication for Process Template
COTPLICVAL CO-OM-ABC: Period Values for Process Template
COTPLPARAMETERS Parameters for Transfer to Parallel Processing Module
CSSL_TPL Cost Center/Activity Type Field for Process Template
FSTREE_ID Function Tree: Screen Fields
KOSTL_LSTAR Cost Center and Activity Type
MBLNR_PRE Material Documents for Order Confirmation
RCBPR Receiver Process Fields for Process Template
RKWSB Structure requirement Template Allocation Structure Display
TCTPLP Table Control Structure for Maintenance of Process Templates
TPL_COMP CO-OM-ABC: Calculation Row Information in Process Template
TPL_ENV_FCT_OCCUR CO-ABC: Funktion occurences
TPL_ENV_PAR CO-OM-ABC: Global Info on Environment Maintenance (Param.)
TPL_ENV_SCR Template: Global Information on Environment Maintenance
TPL_ENV_TAB_FIELD CO-OM-ABC: F4 Help Structure for Environment Maintenance
TPL_ENV_USAGE CO-ABC: Application Screen in Template Env. Maintenance
TPL_F4_INTERFACE CO-OM-ABC: F4 Interface Structure, Additional Information
TPL_FHIER_SCR CO-OM-ABC: Global Info on Environment Maintenance (Hier.)
TPL_LANGU_SCR CO-OM-ABC: Global Info on Environment Maintenance (Hier.)
TPL_PAR_F4 CO-OM-ABC: Parameter Acceptance in F4 Help
TPL_PARAM Structure for Parameter Entry for Process Template Functions
TPL_SCR CO-OM-ABC: Global Information, Process Template Maintenance


SAP Package KABT contains 31 programs.

RKABCCD9 Change Key Figure Variant
RKWTP_CPAE Template allocation actual: profitability analysis
RKWTP_CPAS Actual Template Alloc.: Bus. Process
RKWTP_CPPE Template allocation plan: profitability analysis
RKWTP_CPPS Plan Template Allocation: Business Process
RKWTP_CPTB Template Allocation: Internal Orders
RKWTP_CPTB_WL Template Allocation: Worklist Internal Orders
RKWTP_CPTD Template Allocation: Production Orders and Prod. Cost Collector
RKWTP_CPTD_WL Template Allocation: Worklist Prod. Orders and Prod. Cost Collector
RKWTP_CPTH Template Allocation: Cost Object Hierarchy, general cost object
RKWTP_CPTH_WL Template Allocation: Worklist Cost Object Hierarchy, gen. cost object
RKWTP_CPTJ Template Allocation: Sales Document Item
RKWTP_CPTJ_WL Template Allocation: Worklist Sales Document items
RKWTP_CPTL Template Allocation: Projects/Networks
RKWTP_CPTL_WL Actual Template Allocation: Projects/WBS Elements/Networks
RKWTP_CPUB Plan Template Allocation: Orders
RKWTP_CPUB_WL Template allocation plan: work list orders
RKWTP_CPUL Template-allocation plan: project/network
RKWTP_CPUL_WL Template allocatn. plan: work list, projects/networks
RKWTP_KPAS Template-allocation actual: cost centers
RKWTP_KPPS Template-Allocation Plan: Cost Center
RKWTPL_EXTERNAL_TEXTS Implementation of external function and parameter names of template
RKWTPL06 Delete Table COTPLR for Current Client
RKWTPL08 Expert Download/Upload of Environment Tables
RKWTPL10 Trace Template
RKWTPL11 Environment/Client Copy for Template/Environments
RKWTPL14 Execute Process Template Without Environment Information
RKWTPL17 Template environment consistency checks
RKWTPL18 Insertion of Function Parameter in Existing Templates
RKWTPLDU Standard Download/Upload of Environment Tables

Search Helps

SAP Package KABT contains 5 search helps.

COTPL_MCLASS Template Main Environments
COTPL_SCLASS Template Subenvironments
COTPLCLASS Search Help for Template Environments
H_COTPL Template
V_COTPLCL CO-OM-ABC: Helpview for Displaying Environments

Message Classes

SAP Package KABT contains 1 message classes.

COTPL Template-Nachrichten

Authorization Objects

SAP Package KABT contains 1 authorization objects.

K_TEMPL CO: Auth. Template (ABC-allocation, formula planning, other)