SAP Package KBAS

Overhead Cost Controlling

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The package KBAS (Overhead Cost Controlling) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package KBAS
Short Text Overhead Cost Controlling
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package KBAS contains 122 function groups.

0004 Business Object Controlling Area
0012 Business Object BUS0012 (Cost Center)
1030 Business Object BUS1030 (Cost Element)
1031 Business Object BUS1031 (Activity Type)
1138 Business Object BUS1138 (Stat. Key Fig.)
0COF Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0COMEBR Maintenance View for Table COMEBR
0KA1 CO Interface: Control Parameters
0KAV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KC6 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCA Table Maintenance, AC Interface
0KCE Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCU Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0KMA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KMP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KO2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KS1 Cluster Controlling Area Maintenance
0KS2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KS3 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KS4 CO Customizing: Application Log
0KSK Stat. key figure master data
0KSW Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KTR Allocations: Cycle Transport
AIMU Capital Investment Update Modules
ASCS SAP AS: Simplest CO connection
CMDT3 Functions for Cost Centers w. Status
CMDT4 ===> Object CMDT_BP , generated b
COBE CO-OM Report Authorizations
COSR Standard Routines RK 2
COTB CO Authorizations: Toolbox
COUT Utilities CO-OM/PS
COVS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
COZ1 Checks for Controlling Area
COZ2 CO: Country settings, type 2 countries
COZ3 Version Cluster (Generated)
COZT Test Data Resetting
EING Possible Entry Display
GRWR_KS CO Line Items: Include Report Texts
IWOX Archive Evaluation IH
K_CEL_ASEG_GET Selection of A Segment of Cost Element
K_VERSN_F4 Input Help for Version Maintenance
KAB1 CO General: Report Functions
KAB2 CO Reporting: General Functions
KAB3 CO Reporting: Interface Modules
KABL CO Interface for Actual Postings in CO
KABR Read CO document via COBK_INDX
KABX General list output
KACU Popup for defining currency
KADS CO General: Lock Database
KADU CO: Generate CO documents
KADV Versions for transactions in delta vers.
KAE0 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KAE1 Reports: Report Header Definition
KAE2 Help Functions for Line Item Reports
KAE3 Performance Measurement and Output
KAE4 Go to Original/Following Documents
KAE5 Read External Texts (Creditor, Material)
KAE6 Release Selection Data
KAEO Data for Profitability Segment
KAEP Line Item Report Modules
KAGT CO General: Generate Report
KAIA Pre-Check Function for FI-AA
KAIPTRACE CO Interface: Trace Functions
KAIR Co interface for RW document: display
KAIT CO General: Generate Iteration
KALI Cost Center/Activity Type Tests/Accesses
KALL CO General: Routines
KAMM CO Master Data: Global Functions
KAPS CO Period Lock
KAR1 Report Writer Functions
KARE Resources: Master Records
KARO Maint.: Resource Prices and Price Calc.
KARV Co object:read routines with ref.version
KASS CO Object Selection Subscreen
KASS_BTE BTE for KASS Function Group
KASV Go to Object Master Data Transaction
KBE2 Authorization Concept, Release 4.0
KBER CO: Authorization Checks
KCSP Function Group: Period Lock
KGR0 CO Group Distribution with ALE
KGR1 Created by Object ALESETS
KIKA CO Interface: Validate Cost Element
KILA CO Interface: Activity Types
KLTK Copy chart of accounts (CO/FI)
KLTL Delete, copy, transport ChrtAcct (CO/FI)
KMA1 Master Data Maintenance: Cost Centers
KMA4 Master Data Maintenance: Cost Elements
KMA6 Master Data Maintenance: Activity Types
KMS0 Cost Center Selection
KMS1 Cost Center Selection: Dialog Window
KMS10 Statistical Key Figure Selection
KMS11 Stat. Key Fig. Selection (Subscreen)
KMS4 Cost Element Selection (Remaining)
KMS5 Cost Element Selection (Subscreen)
KMS6 Activity Type Selection (Remaining)
KMS7 Activity Type Selection (Dialog Window)
KMS8 Resources selection (remainder)
KSB1 Cost Center Modules
KSB2 CO: Reporting Functions
KSCA Cost splitting: Layout assignment
KSCC Debug Standard CCtr Hierarchy After Copy
KSCT CO-CCA CATT Function Modules
KSHR Cost Center Hierarchy Assignment
KSSV Distribute Cost Center Costs
KSV1 Cost Center Change Document Updating
KSV2 Cost Element Change Document Updating
KSV3 Activity Type Change Document Update
KTRA Customizing Transport
KWA0 Transfer statistical key figures
REPP User-Settings Framework: Basis
REPP1 User-Settings Framework: Customizing
REPP2 User-Settings Framework: Client Tools
RKIB RKIN: Update Routines
RKMA RK-S Master Data Maintenance
RKMT RK Master Data Text Selection
RKMU RK-S Master Data Update
RKSR General CO subroutines
SMAN_POSTING Schedule Manager: Update Monitoring
SMAPOM OM-Specific Coding for Schedule Manager
TADC Check Function Modules: Transaction Data
TITI Time-Related Table Interface


SAP Package KBAS contains 215 transactions.

0KM1 CO Variant Maintenance: Cost Centers
0KMV List Variants, CCA/ABC Master Data
0KW3 CO Variant Maintenance: CO-OM-ABC
0KWD Delete Business Processes
ANNETTE Check Archiving Documentation
BD27 Send cost center activity prices
BD28 Send obj/cost element control data
CJ70 Maintain Project Settlement LIs
CJIG Display PS Cash Documents
COCUSDIS Display Customizing Settings
GRE0 Report Writer: Extract Management
GRE1 Report Writer: Display Extracts
GRE5 Report Writer: Delete Extracts
GRE6 Report Writer: Print Extracts
GRE7 Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
GRE8 Extracts: User Settings
GRE9 Extracts: User settings, coll.maint.
KA01 Create Cost Element
KA02 Change Cost Element
KA03 Display Cost Element
KA04 Delete cost element
KA05 Cost element: display changes
KA06 Create Secondary Cost Element
KA23 Cost Elements: Master Data Report
KA24 Delete Cost Elements
KAB9 Planning Report: Orders
KABL Order: Planning Overview
KABP Controlling Documents: Plan
KAH1 Create Cost Element Group
KAH2 Change cost element group
KAH3 Display cost element group
KAID Delete ALE-COEP(L) Line Items
KAK2 Change statistical key figures
KAK3 Display Statistical Key Figures
KAVA Send Cost Center Totals Records
KAVB Send Cost Center Group
KAVC Send Cost Element Group
KAVD Send Activity Type Group
KB15 Enter Manual Allocations
KB16 Display Manual Allocations
KB17 Reverse Manual Allocations
KBC0 Maintain list of screen variants
KBC1 Cost Transfer Layout Variants
KBC2 Int. Cost Alloc. Screen Variants
KBC3 Screen Variants: Stat. Key Figures
KBC4 Transfer Revenue Screen Variants
KBC5 Non-alloc. Activity Screen Variants
KBH1 Create statistical key figure group
KBH2 Change statistical key figure group
KBH3 Display statistical key figure group
KJH3 Display WBS Element Groups
KK01 Create Statistical Figure
KK02 Change Statistical Figure
KK03 Display Statistical Key Figures
KK03DEL Delete Statistical Key Figures
KK04 Stat.Key Figures: Master Data Report
KKAA Sales Document Line Items Res.Anal.
KKBH Planning report: Cost objects
KKBU Cost Object: Planning Overview
KKFB RS Header: Line Items Variance
KL01 Create Activity Type
KL02 Change Activity Type
KL03 Display Activity Type
KL04 Delete Activity Type
KL05 Activity type: Display changes
KL13 Activity Types: Master Data Report
KL14 Delete Activity Types
KLH1 Create Activity Type Group
KLH2 Change Activity Type Group
KLH3 Display Activity Type Group
KM1V Cost Center Selection Variants
KM5V Selection Variants: Cost Elements
KM7V Activity Type Selection Variants
KOB4 Orders: Budget Line Items
KOB8 Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Line Items
KP9S Revaluate CO Resource Prices
KPR1 Callup View Maintenance With COArea
KPR2 Maintain Resources Master Record
KPR3 Display Resource Master Record
KPR6 Maintain CO Resource Prices
KPR7 Maintain CO Resource Prices
KPR8 CO Res.: Maintain Valuation Variants
KPR9 CO Res.: Display Valuation Variants
KPRA CO Resources: Maint. Price Strategy
KPRB CO Resources: Display Price Strategy
KPRN Copy Resource Planning
KPRW Evaluate resources used
KRMI Run Sched. Header: Line Items Actual
KS01 Create cost center
KS02 Change cost center
KS03 Display Cost Center
KS04 Delete cost center
KS05 Cost Center: Display Changes
KS07 Execute rough entry of cost center
KS08 Execute list editing of cost center
KS12 Change Cost Centers
KS13 Cost Centers: Master Data Report
KS14 Delete Cost Centers
KS30 Cost Centers: Change Management
KSB1 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items
KSB5 Controlling Documents: Actual
KSB9 Planning Report: Cost Centers
KSBL Cost centers: Planning overview
KSBP Cost Centers: Plan Line Items
KSBT Cost centers: Activity prices
KSH1 Create Cost Center Group
KSH2 Change Cost Center Group
KSH3 Display Cost Center Group
KSMN Actual Menu
KVBO Sales Documents: Commit. Line Items
KXH1 Create Group (Hierarchical)
KXH2 Change Group (Hierarchical)
KXH3 Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)
MSG_TEST Test Message
OCMI Import models cost elements
OK01 Controlling Area: Components/StKFs
OK15 Maintain authorization group version
OKA1 Display Cost Center Types
OKA2 Maintain Cost Center Categories
OKA8 Change Primary Posting Price Var.
OKA9 Display Primary Posting Price Var.
OKB1 Transfer G/L Acct: Display Defaults
OKB2 Transfer G/L Acct: Maintain Defaults
OKB6 Generate Cost Center Acctg. Reports
OKB9 Change Automatic Account Assignment
OKBA Transfer FI Documents to CO
OKBB Transfer MM Documents to CO
OKBC Transfer SD Documents to CO
OKBE Cost Center Acctg: Current Settings
OKBF Import Planning Layouts
OKBG Post Down Payments
OKC1 Display CO Transactions
OKC3 Delete transaction data
OKC4 Delete Cost Centers
OKC5 Delete cost elements
OKC6 Delete Activity Types
OKC7 Define Validation
OKC8 Change Currency Translations
OKC9 Define Substitution
OKCX Change 'All Currencies' Indicator
OKD1 Export CO-CCA Reports
OKD3 Import CO-CCA Reports
OKD6 Import Individual Reports
OKE1 Display logical databank CRK
OKE10 Transport Organization Customizing
OKE2 Display logical databank CEK
OKE3 Display logical databank CIK
OKE4 Display logical databank CPK
OKE5 Transport Organization Customizing
OKE6 Transport Mater Data Settings
OKE7 Transport Planning Settings
OKE8 Transport Actual Posting Settings
OKE9 Transport Tool Settings
OKEA Maintain Cost Center Matchcode IDs
OKEB Display Cost Center Matchcode IDs
OKEC Maintain Cost Element Matchcode IDs
OKED Display Cost Element Matchcode IDs
OKEE Maintain Activity Type Matchcode IDs
OKEF Display Activity Type Matchcode IDs
OKEG Change Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs
OKEH Display Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs
OKEI Maintain Time-Based Fields/Act.Types
OKEJ Display Time-Based Fields/Act.Types
OKEK Maintain Time-Based Fields/CElems
OKEL Display Time-Based Fields/CElems
OKEM Display logical databank SAK
OKEN Display Standard Hierarchy
OKENN Display Standard Hierarchy
OKEO Change Standard Hierarchy
OKEON Change Standard Hierarchy
OKEP Down Payment: Maintain Default CElem
OKEQ Maintain Versions (General)
OKEQN General Version Maintenance
OKER Define Component/Switching Structure
OKEV Maintain Versions (CO Area)
OKEV1 Change Valuation in Version 0
OKEVN Version Maintenance in CO Area
OKEX Transport Planning Layouts
OKEY Display Time-Dependent Field/Process
OKEZ Change Time-Dependent Field/Process
OKKA Maintain Controlling Area
OKKP Maintain Controlling Area
OKKP1 Controlling Area: ALE Settings
OKKP2 Controlling Area: ALE Settings
OKKS Set Controlling Area
OKLB Maintain ABC Report Tree
OKLS Maintain CCA Report Tree
OKM0 Display IMG Structure
OKM1 IMG Controlling: General
OKM2 IMG Controlling: General
OKMI Import models Cost Center Accounting
OKP1 Maintain Period Lock
OKP2 Display Period Lock
OPMI Import models activities
ORK0 Configuration menu gen. controlling
ORMI Import models orders
OX19 Controlling Area: Assgn. to CCode
REPP1 CO-OM-IS User Settings: Customizing
RPA0 Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPA1 Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currency
RPAM Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currency
RPAN Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPB0 Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPBN Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPC0 Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC1 Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC2 Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPCN Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPO0 Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPON Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPP0 Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPPN Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPX0 CO-OM Information System: Settings
RPXN CO-OM Information System: Settings
TRACE Program Trace

Database Tables

SAP Package KBAS contains 77 database tables.

A132 Price per Cost Center
A136 Price per Controlling Area
A137 Price per Country/Region
CMDT Generic Master Record: General Header
CMDT_ADR Generic Master Record: Address
CMDT_CC Generic Master Data: Cost Center Enhancements
CMDT_TEXT Generic Master Record: Texts
COACT List of possible actions for authorizations
COACTA Assignment of actions to authorization objects
COACTT Text of Authorization Check Activities
COACTV Assign transaction, activity to CO_ACTION
COINCTRL CO Interface: Control Parameters
COMEBR CO Interface: Control Puffer Refresh During Online Errors
COSC CO Object: Assignment Original Costing Sheets
CRVAR1 Variants for CO Resource Price Determination
CRVAR1T Variants for CO Resource Price Determination: Texts
CRVAR2 Variants for CO Resources: Assign Costing Sheets
CSKR Resource master record
CSKV Resource texts
CSSK Cost center /cost element
CSSL Cost Center/Activity Type
KAPS CO Period Locks
KBEROBJ Settings for authorization objects in Cost Center Accounting
KONR Resource Prices: Help Table for Variable Fields
KONR1 Resource Prices: Help Table for Variable Fields
REPPAPPL Reporting CO-OM : Applications for use of user settings
REPPARMS Reporting CO-OM : User settings
REPPINDX CO-OM Reporting: Field Catalog for Screens for User Settings
REPPSCRN CO-OM Reporting: Screens for User Settings Maintenance
REPPTABS CO-OM Reporting: Tabs for Screens from REPPSCRN
REPPTABST CO-OM Reporting: Tab Text for Screens from REPPSCRN
SMCOOM Specific CO-OM Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_coom)
T823C Revaluation groups
T823D Revaluation document numbers
T823K Revaluation key fields
T823P Revaluation percentages (plan)
T823T Revaluation-descriptions
T823Z Revaluation percentages (plan)
TFKB Functional areas
TFKBT Name of the functional areas
TK01H Time-based CO master data
TKA07 Fiscal-Year Dependent Version Parameters
TKA09 Basic Settings for Versions
TKA09V Version Table: Separate Bus. Transactions for Delta Version
TKA10 Master Data Table, Price Indicators
TKA12 Switching Structure for Cost Component Splitting
TKA12Z Switching Structure: Cost Component Iteration and Assignment
TKA20 Sender/receivers for CO postings
TKA4 Cost Element Characteristic Group
TKA4E Cost Element Attribute
TKALV Control Parameter for Line Item Report with AAA
TKALV1 Additional AAA Field Catalog Information
TKALV2 Additional AAA Field Catalog Information
TKAR1 CO Resource Prices Valid for the Controlling Area
TKAR2 CO Resource Prices Per Cost Center
TKAVK Permitted Combinations of Transaction/Cost Element Category
TKAZ CO-Validation/Substitution: callup points
TKAZE Activation of callup points for CO validation/substitution
TKAZT Text table for TKAZ:CO validation/substitution callup points
TKSB0 Transaction control CO
TKSBB Totals Versions
TKSBC Short Description of Totals Variants
TKSBL List Classes for Display Variants
TKSBR Field Selection for Special Functions (List Display)
TKSBS Fields for Line Structure
TKSBT Display Variant Texts
TKSBV Default Values for Layouts
TKSBZ Line Structure Variants
TKSF0 CUA control function modules
TKSKA Account classification for account intervals
TKSP1 CUA control CO-CCA master data
TKT03 Stat. key figure texts
TKT05 Cost center type texts
TKT09 Texts for versions in master table
TKT10 Master table texts for price indicators
TKT12 Switching Structure for Cost Component Splitting
TKVS CO Versions


SAP Package KBAS contains 61 views.

COBKCURR Currency fields for CO document header
CSKT_CSKS Read Cost Center Texts with Validity Period
CSLAV Control indicators from activity type master record
CSLT_CSLA Read Activity Type Texts with Validity Period
H_TKA01 Controlling Areas
H_TKA03 Help view for statistical key figures
H_TKA05 Help View for Cost Center Types
H_TKA09 Help View for Versions in Cost Accounting
H_TKA10 Generated Help View for TKA10 Check Table
M_COCAN View for Matchcode ID COCA-N
REPPTABS_V User Settings: Tabstrip Information
V_CMDT_BP Generic Master Record: Read View for Business Process
V_CMDT_CC Generic Master Record: Read View Cost Center
V_COACT Activities of CO Authorizations
V_COACTA Authorization Object Assignments - CO Activity
V_CRVAR1 Definition of Valuation Variants for CO Resources
V_CRVAR2 Valuation Variants for CO Resource Prices
V_CSKR Resources: Master Records
V_CSKR_S CO Resources: Master Data Maintenance
V_KONH_COR Costing Sheet: Overhead Details
V_KONR Resource Prices: Condition Records
V_REPPAPPL User Settings: Maintain Linked Applications
V_REPPINDX User Settings: Maintain Screen Screen
V_REPPSCRN User Settings: Maintain Entry Screens
V_REPPTABS User Settings: Maintain Tab Strips
V_T022_CO CO transactions
V_T683_COR Costing Sheets
V_T683S_CR Rows
V_T685_COR Resource Prices: Condition Type
V_T685_CR1 Calculation base
V_T687_COR Costing Sheet: Credits
V_T895PCA_CL Settings for Profit Center Accounting
V_TBRG_CO Authorization Groups
V_TBRG_CO_KVS Authorization Groups: Versions
V_TFKB Functional areas
V_TJ01_CO Controlling Transactions
V_TKA00 Control indicators
V_TKA01_ALE ALE Distribution for Cost Accounting
V_TKA01_DEL Delete Delivery Dates
V_TKA01_GD Basic Data
V_TKA01_KA Down Payments: Default Cost Elements
V_TKA01_VL Controlling Area: Currencies and Valuations
V_TKA02 Assignment of company code(s)
V_TKA03 TKA03 (All Fields)
V_TKA03_T Statistical Key Figures
V_TKA05 Cost center categories
V_TKA07_CL Fiscal-Year Dependent Version Parameters
V_TKA08 Primary data price variances
V_TKA09_CL Basic Settings for Versions
V_TKA09_V Valuations
V_TKA09_VL Valuation Version 0
V_TKA09V_CL Business Transactions for Delta Version
V_TKA12 Cost Component/Switching Structure
V_TKA12Z Cost Components for Switching Structure
V_TKA4 Attribute mix
V_TKA4E Cost Element Attributes
V_TKAZE Callup Points for Validation
V_TKAZES Callup Points for Substitutions
V_TKEVS_CL Version Settings in Operating Concern
V_TKVS_CL CO Versions
VAFKO_VC View via AFKO and AFVC for Object Number Determination


SAP Package KBAS contains 435 structures.

ALESETS Change Pointer for Sets
AUFK_WU Structure for Where-Used List: Cost Centers in Orders
BAPI0004_1_APP Append Structure for BAPI0004_1
BAPI0004_2_APP Append Structure for BAPI0004_2
BAPI0004_3_APP Append Structure for BAPI0004_3
BAPI0012_3 BUS0012 (Cost Center): Address Data Structure
BAPI0012_4 BUS0012 (Cost Center): Communcation Data
BAPI0012_5 BUS0012 (Cost Center): Individual Parameters
BAPI0012_6_APPEND Validation Tables Relevant to Accounting
BAPI0012_ACTCTRLDATA_APPEND Foreign Key for Accounting
BAPI0012_ACTPRICES_APPEND Foreign Key for Accounting
BAPI0012_CCDELLIST Interface: Cost Centers - Intervals to be Deleted
BAPI0012_CCINPUTLIST Interface Structure: Create Cost Center Input List
BAPI0012_CCOUTPUTLIST Interface Structure: Cost Center Output List
BAPI0012_GEN Interface Structure: General Fields
BAPI0023_1_APP Append for Object 0023: FunctionalArea GetList/Detail
BAPI1030_CEINPUTLIST Interface Structure: Create Cost Element Input List
BAPI1030_CELIST Interface Structure: Cost Element Key and Text
BAPI1030_CEOUTPUTLIST Interface Structure: Cost Element Output List
BAPI1030_GEN Interface Structure: Cost Element General Fields
BAPI1031_3 BUS1031 (Activity Type): Individual Parameters
BAPI1031_ATINPUTLIST Interface Structure: Create Activity Type Input List
BAPI1031_ATOUTPUTLIST Interface Structure: Activity Type Output List
BAPI1031_GEN Interface Structure: General Fields
BAPI1138_KFINPUTLIST Interface Structure: Create Stat. Key Figure Input List
BCSKB Structure for batch input to cost elements
BPRC_DATA Business Process: Data and Update Information
BPRC_TEXT Business Process: Texts and Update Information
BUKRSINFO Selected Company Code Fields (Controlling Area Maintenance)
CCR1S Extra table for Report Writer
CCR1S_Z Include structure for virtual field groups from CCR1S
CCR1T CO: Structure for activity price report
CCR1Z Extra table for CCSS
CCR1Z_Z Additional table for CCR1Z (user-defined fields)
CCSS_DS Dynpro fields for selection filter DS_entrys
CCTR_DATA Cost Center: Data and Update Information
CCTR_TEXT Cost Center: Texts and Update Information
CLKZL Activity master indicator string
CMDT_ADR_S Generic Master Record: Address - Data and Update Information
CMDT_ADR_STRUC Generic Master Record: Address
CMDT_BASIC Generic Master Record: General Data
CMDT_BP_ATTRI Gener. Master Record: Bus. Proc. Enhancements: Characterist.
CMDT_BP_BASIC Generic Master Record: Bus. Proc. Enhancements - Basic Data
CMDT_BP_HISTO Generic Master Record: Bus. Proc. Enhance. Change Statement
CMDT_BP_PRICE_QUAN Generic Master Record: Bus. Proc. Enhancements Qty's/Prices
CMDT_BP_S Generic Master Record: BusProcess - Data and Update Info.
CMDT_BP_TEMPL Generic Master Data: Business Process Enhancement Templates
CMDT_BP_WORKFL Generic Master Record: Bus. Process Enhancements Workflow
CMDT_CC_BASIC Generic Master Data: Cost Center Enhancements - Basic Data
CMDT_CC_IND Generic Master Data: Cost Center Enhancements - Indicator
CMDT_CC_S Generic Master Record: Cost Center - Data and Update Info
CMDT_CC_TEMPL Generic Master Data: Cost Center Enhancements - Templates
CMDT_CD_BP Generic Master Data: Bus. Process Enhancements - Data Part
CMDT_CD_CC Generic Master Record: Cost Center Enhancements - Data Part
CMDT_CD_MAIN Change Documents: Generic Master Record - General Part
CMDT_CD_MAIN_BP Change Docs, Generic Master Record: General Part (BusProc)
CMDT_CD_PC Generic Master Record: Profit Center Enhancements, Data Part
CMDT_COMMON Generic Master Record: Common Fields
CMDT_CR Generic Master Record: Entry Data
CMDT_HEAD_BP Generic Master Record: Header for Business Processes
CMDT_HEAD_CC_PC Generic Master Record: Header - Cost Centers/Profit Centers
CMDT_KEY Generic Master Record - Key Fields
CMDT_PC_BUKRS_S Generic Master Record: Prof.Ctr <> CoCd - Data/Update Info
CMDT_PC_S Generic Master Record: Profit Center - Data and Update Info
CMDT_S Generic Master Record: Header - Data and Update Information
CMDT_TEXT_S Generic Master Record: Texts - Data and Update Information
CMDT_TEXT_STRUC Generic Master Record: Text Fields
CMDTBP_ALL Change Document Structure: Generic Master Record Bus. Proc.
CMDTPC_BUKRS Generic Master Record: Company Code Assign. for Profit Cent.
CO23E Transfer structure for actual postings in CO - item data
CO23I Internal fields for internal postings in CO
CO23K Transfer structure for actual postings in CO - header data
COABC_CBAT Business processes: characteristic fields
COACC_OBJ CO account assignment objects
COALLOC_SI Allocation information
COAREATAB Controlling Area Key with Info Field
COAS_BUF Buffer for CO Orders (Reporting)
COBK_AWOBJ Structure of Field AWREF and AWORG for object type COBK
COBK_P External fields for CO document header for posting
COBL_GENERAL Sender/Receiver Header Information from COBL
COBL_HEADER Sender/Receiver Header Information from COBL
COBL_REC_OBJECT Receiver Object
COBL_REC_PROP Attributes of Receiver Object
COBL_RECEIVER Receiver Object Information
COBL_SEND_PROP Attributes of Sender Object
COBL_SENDER Sender Object Information
COBLP_COKZ Acct Assmnt Types of CO Acct Assignments for Partner Objects
COBTR Cost fields for a period
COCOBL COBL fields that may be substituted in CO
COCOM CO object: cost component split
COCOMPRC CO object: cost component split, prices
COEP_P CO object: Line items by period, transfer structure
COEP_X Add'l struct.for transfer of act.line items to func.grp KADU
COEPCR Currency and valuation information for COEP
COEPL_P CO Object: LI Activity Types for Periodic Transfer Structure
COEXPRICE External Price for CO Valuation Functions
COFIELDVALUE CO Master Data: Field Name and Field Value
COHIST Include for changes to CO master data
COKA1 CO Object: Control Data for Cost Elements
COKA2 CO Object: Control Data for Cost Elements
COKL2 CO Object: Control Data for Activity Types
COKP1 CO Object: Control Data for Primary Planning
COKP2 CO Object: Control Data for Primary Planning
COKR1 CO Object: Control Data for Statistical Key Figures
COKS1 CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Cost Planning
COKS2 CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Cost Planning
COOBJ_TEXT Objects With Text
COORG Organizational units in CO for authorization exit
COPROT Log Structure
COSL2 CO Object: Activity Type Totals
COSP1 CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
COSP2 CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
COSR1 CO Object: Statistical Key Figure Totals
COSS1 CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings
COSS2 CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings
COST2 CO Object: Price Totals
COSTCENTER_S_TYPE Cost Center Types - Structure
COTAR Prices for Valuation of Activity Allocations
COTB_HIER Table of Used Authorization Hierarchies
COTEXTS Texts for CO objects, cost element, etc.
COVALUATION Activity Valuation for a CO Object
CRARG Arguments for CO Resource Price Determination
CSKA_B_U Cost Element: CSKA + CSKB + CSKU
CSKA_HIST Cost element: history
CSKAB Structure of cost element master for change docs.
CSKAF Field selection from CSKA for master data validation
CSKAP Structure for cost lement update (CSKA1,TITAB)
CSKAS Cost elements + short description
CSKAU Explicit indicators for CSKAF
CSKB_ATTRI Cost Element: Attributes
CSKB_CI Customer Enhancement
CSKB_JOVE Cost Element: Joint Venture
CSKB_KEY Key Fields for CSKB: Object Key (No Date)
CSKB_KONT Cost Element: Default Assignment
CSKB_MENGEN Cost Element: Quantity Fields
CSKBD Cost Element: Extra Fields for CSKA and CSKB
CSKBV Control indicators in the cost element B segment
CSKS_ADRE Cost Center: Address
CSKS_BROAD Cost Center: Fields for Broadcasting
CSKS_CI Customer enhancement
CSKS_HIST Cost Center: History
CSKS_JOVE Cost Center: Joint Venture
CSKS_KEY Key Fields for CSKS: Object Key (No Date)
CSKS_KOMM Cost Center: Communication
CSKS_KZ Cost Center: Indicator, Structures, and Templates
CSKS_ORG Cost Center: Organizational Units
CSKS_T Cost Center: CSKS + CSKT
CSKSB Cost center master strucure for change documents
CSKSC Cost Center: Screen Controls (Buttons and List Boxes)
CSKSD Cost Center: Extra Fields for CSKS
CSKSF Field selection from CSKS for master data validation
CSKSI Field Selection from CSKS
CSKSP Structure for cost center update (KOST1,TITAB)
CSKSS Cost centers + short description
CSKSU Explicit indicators for CSKSF
CSKSV Control indicators from cost center master record
CSKSW Cost center view for texts and currency
CSKSZ Cost center: CSKS + CSKSD + CSKT
CSLA_CI Customer Enhancement
CSLA_HIST Activity Type: History
CSLA_KEY Key Fields for CSLA: Object Key (No Date)
CSLA_KZ Activity Type: Indicators
CSLA_T Activity Type: CSLA + CSLAD + CSLT
CSLA_VERR Activity Type: Allocation
CSLA1 csla + cslt
CSLAB Activity master structure for change documents
CSLAD Activity Type: Extra Fields for CSLA
CSLAF Field selection from CSLA for master data maintenance
CSLAP Structure for activity update (CSLA1,TITAB)
CSLAS Activities + short description
CSLAU Explicit indicators for CSLAF
CSLAZ Activity Type: CSLA + CSLAD + CSLT
CSSL_KEY Key fields for table CSSL
CSSL_PRE Func. group KALI: Interface structure PRE-Fetch CSSL
DKAK2 Dynpro fields SAPDKAK2
DKC00 Dynpro fields SAPMKC00
DKC02 Dynpro fields for module pool SAPMKCO2 / SAPMKBPT
E1COSB1 Total Variances/Accrual Costs - Key Fields
E1COSB2 Total Variances/Accrual Costs - One Period
E1COSL1 Total Activity Types - Key Fields
E1COSL2 Total Activity Types - One Period
E1COSR1 Total Statistical Key Figures - Key Fields
E1COSR2 Total Statistical Key Figures - One Period
E1COSS1 Total Costs - Internal Postings - Key/Fixed Fields
E1COSS2 Total Costs - Internal Postings - One Period
E1COST1 Total Activity Prices - Key Fields
E1COST3 Total Activity Prices - One Period
E2COSB1 Total Variances/Accrual Costs - Key Fields
E2COSB2 Total Variances/Accrual Costs - One Period
E2COSL1 Total Activity Types - Key Fields
E2COSL2 Total Activity Types - One Period
E2COSR1 Total Statistical Key Figures - Key Fields
E2COSR2 Total Statistical Key Figures - One Period
E2COSS1 Total Costs - Internal Postings - Key Fields
E2COSS2 Total Costs - Internal Postings - One Period
E2COST1 Total Activity Prices - Key Fields
E2COST3 Total Activity Prices - One Period
E3COSB1 Total Variances/Accrual Costs - Key Fields
E3COSB2 Total Variances/Accrual Costs - One Period
E3COSL1 Total Activity Types - Key Fields
E3COSL2 Total Activity Types - One Period
E3COSR1 Total Statistical Key Figures - Key Fields
E3COSR2 Total Statistical Key Figures - One Period
E3COSS1 Total Costs - Internal Postings - Key Fields
E3COSS2 Total Costs - Internal Postings - One Period
E3COST1 Total Activity Prices - Key Fields
E3COST3 Total Activity Prices - One Period
ENTRYSVAL Single values in graphic set maintenance
EXTR_LIST Field List for ALV Representation in Extract Management
FAGL_S_RKHIER03_HEADER Header Data for Report RKHIER03
FAGL_S_RKSCUS01_LIST1 ALV Structure for RKSCUS01 - List1
FAGL_S_RKSCUS01_LIST2 ALV Structure for RKSCUS01 - List2
FCALV_S_RKSCUS05 Structure for RKSCUS05
FISCYEARR Selection Structure: Fiscal Year
GRIX_HLP Temporary Fields for Extract Management: Report Writer
HEAD21 SAPscript: Text header
HEAD22 SAPscript: Text header
HEAD23 SAPscript: Text header
HEAD24 SAPscript: Text Header
HIFLD List of Fields for Profit Center Accounting
ICCTRETTPR Info Source: Cost Centers, Budget (Periodic)
ICORDBUDYR Info Source: Orders, WBS elements
IMPORTMESS Messages from import
IONRAO Data Fields for ONRAO (Reconciliation Object)
KAEP_BDG Field List for Budget Line Items
KAEP_BDG_RC Report Currency Enhancement for KAEP_BDG
KAEP_BPBK_X Item Field List: Header Data for Budget Line Items
KAEP_BPEJ_X Item Field Data: Annual Values for Budget Line Items
KAEP_CM Field List: Commitment Line Items
KAEP_CM_RC Report Currency Enhancement for Commitment LI report
KAEP_COAC Field List: Line Item Report for Actual Costs
KAEP_COEJA_X Item Field Structure: Plan Line Item Report
KAEP_COEP_RC Calculated Key Figures for KAEP_COEP_X
KAEP_COEP_X Item Field List: Actual Cost Line Item Report
KAEP_COMMN Common fields used in the SAP List Viewer
KAEP_COPL CO Object: Line Items by Year + Doc. Header for All Periods
KAEP_COPL_RC Report Currency Enhancement for LI Report of KAEP_COPL
KAEP_COXXRV Line Items: Permitted Text Fields for Revaluation
KAEP_DOCUMENT_KEY_ACTUAL Key for Call 'Original-/Follow-On Document Transactions'
KAEP_DOCUMENT_KEY_COMM Key for Original Document Display for Commitments
KAEP_ETAT Line Item Report: Structure for Cost Center Budget Report
KAEP_GKONT Offsetting Account Information for Line Item Reports
KAEP_HBDGKS Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Cost Center Budget
KAEP_HBDGOR Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Order Budgets
KAEP_HCM Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Commitments
KAEP_HCMKS Line Items: Permitted Header Fields For Commitment CCtrs
KAEP_HCMOR Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Order Commitments
KAEP_HCMPD Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Project Commitment
KAEP_HCOAC Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Actual Costs
KAEP_HCOACBP Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Bus. Proc. Act.Costs
KAEP_HCOACHP Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Cost Obj. Act. Costs
KAEP_HCOACKS Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for CCtr Actual Costs
KAEP_HCOACOR Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Order Actual Costs
KAEP_HCOACPD Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Project Act. Costs
KAEP_HCOACVB Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Sales OrdrAct. Costs
KAEP_HCOPL Line Items: Permitted Header Fields for Planned Costs
KAEP_HCOPLBP Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for Bus. Proc. Plan. Costs
KAEP_HCOPLHP Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for Cost Obj. Plan. Costs
KAEP_HCOPLKS Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for CCtr Planned Costs
KAEP_HCOPLOR Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for Order Planned Costs
KAEP_HCOPLPD Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for Project Planned Costs
KAEP_HCOXXAL Line Items: Permitted Text Fields for Allocations
KAEP_HDO Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for Documents
KAEP_HSETL Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for Settlement
KAEP_HSETLOR Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for Order Settlement
KAEP_IM Line Item Report: Capital Investment Management Structure
KAEP_KSTAR Formatting Structure for Cost Elements
KAEP_KSTAR_X Formatting Structure for More Cost Element Fields
KAEP_MATNR Material Information for Line Item Reports
KAEP_MATNR_X Additional Material Information for Line Item Reports
KAEP_OBJNR Output Format Structure for the Object
KAEP_OBJNR_X Output Format Structure for More Object Fields
KAEP_ORG Line Item Report Structure: Organizational Units
KAEP_PAROB Output Format Structure for Partner Object
KAEP_PAROB_X Output Format Structure for More Partner Object Fields
KAEP_PI Line Item Report Structure: More Posting Information
KAEP_SEL_OPT Output Structure for Selection Tables
KAEP_SETS LI Report Substructure for Object- and Cost Element Groups
KAEP_SETT Line Item Report: Selection Settings
KAEP_STATISTICS Performance: Statistical Info (Output Structure)
KAEP_TEXTS Text Fields for Translation List
KAEP_UMBPAR Output Processing Structure for Reposting Partner
KAEP_USPOB Output Format Structure for Source Object
KAEP_USPOB_X Output Format Structure for More Source Object Fields
KAEP_WRTTP Structure for Value Type Selection in Line Item Report
KAPSA CO Period Locks: All Periods
KCD_CHANGE_POINTER Change Document: Change Pointer
KCMDTBP_ALL Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
KCSKAB Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
KCSKSB Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
KCSLAB Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
KMA1L Dynpro fields list processing SAPMKMA1
KMA1S Dynpro fields view selection SAPMKMA1
KMAS_D Screen Fields for Master Data Selection (FUGR KMS0 - KMS7)
KNTBE Substitutions during account assignment check
KNTBL Coding Block
KOMACS Permitted fields for CO-CCA calc. of imp. costs
KOST1 csks + cskt
KOSTL_STR Reference Structure for T_KOSTL Parameter in Group KALI
KSEL_COOI Field list for additional selection criteria COOI
KSEL_COVP Field list for additional selection criteria COVP
KTRAKEY Transfer Structure to Correction for Transport
LINE21 SAPscript: Text Lines
LINE22 SAPscript: Text Lines
LINE23 SAPscript: Text Lines
LINE24 SAPscript: Text Lines
LIST_BLOCK General list output: control parameters for list block
LIST_COL_C General list display, column control
LIST_ROW_C General list display, row control
LTITI Local memory fuction group TITI
MEMOCLUST Structure for Connection of CO Area Cluster / BOR
OBJNR_FIELDVALUE CO Master Data (Mass Changes): Object and New Field Value
ONR001 General Object Number
ONR002 General Object Number
PRPS_WU Structure for Where-Used List: Cost Centers in Projects
RANGE_BUKRS_CO RANGE Structure for Company Code
RANGE_PRCTR_CO RANGE Structure for Profit Center
RANGE_WERKS_CO Range Structure for Plant
RCOOM_SME Statistical Quantities for Report Writer
REOM_USER_CRIT Reporting CO-OM : User-defined selection criteria
REPP_FIELDS Reporting CO-OM : Values of settings
REPP_SCREEN CO-OM Reporting: Maintenance Screen Structure
REPPSCREEN_PS PS Reporting: Structure for Maintenance Screen
RGSRW Control info for Report Writer in set line
RK22B Dynpro fields-SAPMK22B
RK23O SAPMK23B: Fields for all sender and receiver objects
RK23O_DATA SAPMK23B: Data fields for RK230 structure
RK23O_KEY SAPMK23B: Key fields for RK230 structure
RKA_GROUP Groups with corresponding field names
RKAB1 Dynpro fields for function modules <group:KAB1>
RKAB1_FELD Help structure for POPUP_SEEK_IN_TABLE (only 1 field)
RKAB1_VAR Function group: KAB1 fields for search window
RKACT_CL Class (actual or plan) for CO business transactions
RKADF General dynpro fields
RKADI Master data intervals
RKAFT Field table (field name,attributes,description)
RKAFT_F4 Field table for F4 Help
RKAKY Key for reading report tables (180P,021R)
RKASE Table of values entered (w/o editing)
RKASF Table of selected fields
RKASK Table of selection criteria
RKASS Selection criteria for CO objects
RKAST Selected fields for sort / summation
RKATBP Display for Business Process-/ Activity Price Reports
RKATDT Detail Screen: Activity Price Report Display
RKATKL Display for CCtr-/ Aty Type-/ Aty Price Reports
RKAWT Field table (field name)
RKCSP Dynpro fields for SAPMKCSP
RKHLP General help fields
RKLDB Dummy segment for parameters in new log. DB / CO
RKMA0 Work fields SAPMKMA0
RKMA1 Work fields SAPMKMA1
RKMA2 Work fields SAPMKMA2
RKMA4 Work fields SAPMKMA4
RKMA6 Work fields SAPMKMA6
RKNMA_D Screen fields value absorp/plan reconc. CO-OM (SAPLKNMA)
RKPLN Screen fields for Planning in Overhead Cost Controlling
RKPOS Transfer string for line items
RKPOS_OBJ RKPOS: Object list
RKPOS_ORG RKPOS: Organizational units
RKPOS_PI RKPOS: Additional posting information
RKPOS_REST RKPOS: Residual values for order settlement
RKPU1 Dynpro fields SAPMKPU1
RKPU2 Dynpro fields rkpu2
RKPU2_BLTXT Planned Revaluation: Structure for Document Header Text
RKSB1 Work fields line-item reports
RKSBL Internal data for set line in SAPMKMA1
RKSBPL Structure for Planning Report (Cost Center Accounting)
RKSK1 Stat. ratios work fields
RKSLN Structure of set object line
RKZ_OBJST Description for structure table reorg
RNG_OBART Ranges Structure for Object Type in CO
RSLTITI Local memory fuction group TITI
RWCOOMZ Additional Reporting Structure for Table RWCOOM
RWFUN Function modules from RW Interface
SCHEDMAN_SPECIFIC_COOM Permitted CO-OM-Specific Fields for the Monitor
SCHEDMAN_SPECIFIC_COOM_DATA CO-OM-Specific Data for the Monitor
SET01INC Characteristics of sets (group 01)
SI_CSKA Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)
SI_CSKB Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)
SI_CSKB_EX Cost Elements: Maintainable Fields
SI_CSKS Cost Center Master Data
SI_CSKS_EX Cost Centers: Maintainable Fields
SI_CSKSI Field Selection from CSKS
SI_CSLA Activity Type Master Data
SI_CSLA_EX Activity Types: Maintainable Fields
SI_TKA00_AUTH SI Structure for TKA00_AUTH (because of decoupling)
SI_TKA01 Controlling areas
SI_TKA01_AUTH SI Structure for TKA01_AUTH (because of decoupling)
SI_TKA03 Statistical Key Figures
SI_TKA05 Cost Center Types
SKBE2 All Fields That Can Be Maintained With K_VBER_EXIT
SUBKEY Structure for CO Subkey
T894TPCA_EXTENDED Version Text PCA for Version Maintenance
TEXTMDCO Text Structure for CO Master Data
TIH_CONTROL_STRUCTURE Control Structure for Time Interval Handler
TKA00_AUTH Include in TKA00 to Control Authorization Hierarchies
TKA00_AUTH_KE Include in TKA00 to Control Authorization Hier. (PCA)
TKA01_AUTH Include in TKA01 To Control Authorization Hierarchies
TKA01_AUTH_KE Include in TKA01 To Control Authorization Hierarchies (PCA)
TKA01_SELECT Selection of Controlling Areas
TKA03_EX Statistical Key Figures: Maintainable Fields
TKA09_VERSN Version
TKA09VV Version and business transaction
TKALV_DB Substructure for TKALV Database Table Names
TKALV_SELV Substructure for TKALV with Selection View Key
TKALV_TAB Substructure for TKALV Data Dictionary References
TKALV_TXT Substructure for TKALV Text Table Names
TKEB_SELECT Selection of Operating Concerns
TRAGROUPS CO-CCA Transport: Groups
TRANSOBJ Hierarchy maintenance: Objects (sets)
TRANSSING Hierarchy maintenance: single values
TRANSTEXTL Set texts (rows)
USER_SAVE Transfer structure (in particular for K_USER_VALUES_SAVE)
VALUTYPES Possible Valuation Types
XXLDB General structure for gen. parameters reorg / archive


SAP Package KBAS contains 145 programs.

CALL_DRB_FROM_KAEP Call DRB (Document Relationship Browser) from FG KAEP
CO_CUS_DISPLAY Selected Settings for CO Configuration and Data Analysis
CO_SURCHARGE_RATES_ICD Transport of Accrual Overhead Rates
COKPR004 Revaluate CO Resource Prices
COKPR005 Copy CO Resource Prices
COOMDISPLAYPTEXTS Display Planning Long Texts
DAT_INIT_TRSTI Initializes Report-Report Interface for CO-OM-OPA
FILLUSEX Write Entries to Table USEXIT1
K_SETUSE Update Where-Used List in Authorization Maintenance
MSG_TEST Message Test
RBDSEACT Cost Center/Activity Type: Transmit plan quantities and acty prices
RBDSECOK Cost Center/Cost Element: Send Control Records (Quantity Unit)
RBDSECOT Send Cost Center Totals Records to Central System
RCCAVIEW Call-Up of View Maintenance with Set Controlling Area
RCOKLCRE Create Missing COKL Records (see note no. 426899)
REPP_VC_1 CO-OM Reporting: Customizing Maintenance Screens for User Settings
REPPINIT CO-OM Reporting: Initialization of REPP Tables (Internal Use Only)
REPPXXX0 CO-OM Information System: Individual Maintenance of Default Settings
REPPXXXN CO-OM Information System: List Maintenance Default Settings
RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Extract Management
RGSALEAT Send Activity Type Groups via ALE
RGSALECC Send Cost Center Groups via ALE
RGSALECE Send Cost Element Groups via ALE
RGSALEH1 Send Complete CO Hierarchy via ALE
RGSALEPC Send Profit Center Groups or Account Groups via ALE
RKABCBW1 Background Procesing for Transfer of Stat. Key Figures from LIS
RKABCCD0 Functions for Implementing Cost Drivers in Activity-Based Costing
RKABCL01 Actual Line Items
RKABCWB0 For Background Processing
RKACOR04 Adjustment Betw. Line Items and Totals Records (Act.Cost + Commitment)
RKACOR04_OLD Adjustment Betw. Line Items and Totals Records (Act.Cost + Commitment)
RKACOR06 Midyear Change to CoCd/BusArea in Master Record of Cost Center/BusProc
RKACOR13 Correct Extra COEPL Records from Billings
RKACOR30 Adjustment Program for CO Down Payments: CO - FI Comparison
RKACUM26 Convert Parob Field From 'Space' to Object Type
RKACUMKT Conversion of Cost Element Categories 02 and 32 to 01
RKACUMKX Cost Element Texts: Supply of New Matchcode Field
RKADELIT Delete ALE Line Items in Central System
RKAEPALV Report on Generation of Key Entries in TKALV1
RKAEPCUS Copy Line Item Report Settings to Other Client
RKAEPHED Program for Deleting Unneeded Line Item Report Headers
RKAEPTCP Copy Header Definition to Display Variant of Line Item Report
RKAEPTCPX Copy Header Definition to Display Variant of Line Item Report
RKAEPVIM Import ALV Layouts with Header Definition (Line Item Report)
RKAIPBUF CO Interface: Buffer Refresh Settings for Dialog Errors
RKAITG00 Generation Program for Fixed Includes Iteration
RKALER01 ALE Correction Program: Amounts < 0.5 Rounded Down to 0
RKALLEWS Change 'Update All Currencies' in Controlling Area
RKAMKMAA General Master Data Record Changes
RKANBU02 Reconstruct Down Payments (Expenditure)
RKANRCHK Check Number Ranges for CO Documents
RKASL000 Display Activity Type Control Data
RKATARIF Price Report for Activity Types and Business Processes
RKAVTBRG Maintain Authorization Groups to an Authorization Object
RKBIKA00 Create Batch Input Session to Create Cost Elements
RKCOOKP1 Set Period Locks in Batch
RKCORR01 Correction Program: Debug CO Document Number Ranges
RKCORR03 Correction Program: Remove Discrepancies in Object Numbers
RKCORR04 Assignment Reconstruction: Transaction/Number Interval (CO)
RKCORR05 Reorganize Allocations Document Management
RKCORR06 Reorganize Revaluation Document Management
RKCORR07 Correction Program: Debug Order Settlement Number Ranges
RKCORR09 Clean Up Cost Elements (Plan Account Dependent Part)
RKCORR10 Correction Program: Compare BEKNZ in COEP and COSP
RKCORR12 Correction Program: Delete Unnecessary COBK_INDX Entries
RKCORR14 Convert BSEG-ZUONR for Settlement of Sales Documents
RKCORRH1 Standard Hierarchy Adjustment - Master Data
RKCORRH2 Check for Completion (Master Data in Group)
RKCORRH3 Reset Order Groups (ALPHA Conversion Invervals)
RKCORRH4 Compare Hierarchy Area in Intervals for One Cost Center
RKCORRH9 Create table TKO1H for time-dependent master data fields
RKCOSSX1 Create Index for COSS through USPOB
RKCOVIEW Where-Used List: Cost Center/Business Process
RKCOVIEW_DOCK Where-Used List: Cost Center/Business Process
RKCOVIEW_TREE Where-Used List: Cost Center/Business Process/Order/Object Number
RKCUSTDL Delete Delivered Controlling Areas
RKCUTR01 Transport Planning Layout
RKHIER01 Delete Group
RKHIER02 Copy Group (OSS Note #117206)
RKHIER03 Delete All Groups Not Assigned to an Existing Organizational Unit
RKKBC000 CO Actual Postings: Maintain List Screen Variants
RKKOASEL Cost Element Selection
RKKOASEV Cost Elements: Maintain Selection Variants
RKKOCOSR Select and Correct COSR Records in Actual with False MEINH
RKKSTSEL Select Cost Centers
RKKSTSEV Cost Centers: Maintain Selection Variants
RKKVRZ00 Cost Center Catalog: Sort by Hierarchy
RKLISVAR CO Actual Postings: Maintain List Screen Variants
RKLSTSEL Select Activity Types
RKLSTSEV Activity Types: Maintain Selection Variants
RKMASDEL Delete Master Data
RKMDCHMD Batch Planning: Change Master Data for Org. Units (Change Management)
RKMDCHMG Batch Planning: Change Master Data for Org. Units (Change Management)
RKMDDBDC Delete Master Data Batch Planning (Report Program RKMASDEL)
RKMODIMP Importing Models From Report Painter in Client 0
RKOBSHOW Number of CO Objects in Controlling Area
RKOKOK50 Master Data List for Orders
RKPLNR10 Import Standard Settings for Resource Planning from Client 000
RKSARLDB Logical Databank Structure
RKSBAB01 Variance Calculation
RKSBCL03 CO Document Display (Actual)
RKSBPL00 Planning Report
RKSBPL01 Cost Centers: Planning Overview
RKSBSP01 Actual Cost Splitting
RKSBTA01 Cost Centers: Activity Prices
RKSCMAMAIL Send Mail to User
RKSCMAMAIL_SEL Send Mail to User (Entry as Select Option)
RKSCUS01 Delete Transaction Data
RKSCUS02 Delete Cost Centers
RKSCUS03 Delete Cost Elements
RKSCUS04 Delete Activity Types
RKSCUS05 Time-Based Fields
RKSCUS06 Delete Business Processes
RKSCUS07 Change Currency Setting in Controlling Area
RKSCUS08 Change Currency Setting in Controlling Area
RKSCUS10 Changes in Version Settings in Controlling Area
RKSCUS11 Deletion of Version Settings in Controlling Area
RKSCUS12 Version: Change Fiscal Year Dependent Entries
RKSMON00 Test Report for CO-CCA Final Assembly
RKSODEL1 Delete CO Line Items in Target Cost Calculation
RKSSVGEN Generation Routine for Defining Data From the RKSSVD1G Reference
RKTCSKBU Deletes Default Account Assignments from CSKB if KATYP = Revenue
RKTKA04C CO: Refresh Business Transactions with Number Ranges
RKUMCTYP Fill Currency Type in Controlling Area
RKZUKO00_ICD Comparison for Tables Used in Overhead Calculations
SAPFCOOM CO-OM-IS: Form Pool for Report Writer Table RWCOOM
SAPFK21R Routine Pool Exits for Report Writer Reports in CCSS
SAPMK23B CO Module Pool: Actual Postings
SAPMKB01 Planning Report: Initial Screen
SAPMKB02 Planning Report: Initial Screen
SAPMKC01 ?...
SAPMKC02 Transport CCA Customizing
SAPMKC05 Access Matchcode Maintenance
SAPMKCSP Module Pool Period Lock
SAPMKMA1 Cost Centers: List Processing, Raw Version
SAPMKMA6 Activity Type Master Data
SAPMKOMP Prototype View Cluster with SUBSCREEN Method (STEP-LOOP)
SAPMKWM1 Program to Transfer LIS Data to CO
SAPVK23B Module Pool for Sample SAPMF05A Screens

Search Helps

SAP Package KBAS contains 17 search helps.

ASH_KOST Append Search Helps for Cost Centers
ASH_TKA01 Append Search Helps for Controlling Areas
ASH_TKA05 Append Search Help for Cost Center Types
COBL_EX_FKBER_APPEND Append for Functional Areas on the Coding Block
COCA Matchcode Object CO-OM: Cost Center / Activity Type
COCAN Cost Center/Activity Type
COT001 Select Company Code or Controlling Area
H_TFKB Functional Areas
H_TKA01 Controlling Areas
H_TKA03 Help View for Statistical Key Figures
H_TKA05 Help View for Cost Center Types
H_TKA09 Help View for Versions in Cost Accounting
H_TKA10 Generated Help View for TKA10 Check Table
K_ACT_VERSN CO Actual Version With Text
K_VERSN_EXUVS Sorting of Exclusive Where-Used Indicator
KARO_RESS Resource Price Maintenance: Category R Only
KOSTH Standard Hierarchy

Message Classes

SAP Package KBAS contains 13 message classes.

9K Nachrichten: Datenbeschaffung Reporting CO-OM
BK Erfassen, Anzeigen, Stornieren Kostenrechnungsbeleg
K0 Fehlermeldungen für zentrale Kostenrechnungsroutinen
KB Kostenrechnung: Berichtswesen
KBAPI Allgemeine Nachrichten für BAPIs CO-OM
KL Bewertungsbausteine Leistungsverrechnung
KP CO-OM Planung
KS Stammdatenpflege RK-S
KT Nachrichten Tabellenpflege RK
OR Rechercheberichte des CO-OM
REPP Reporting CO-OM : user specific reporting parameters
UW Toolbox CO-Berechtigungen

Authorization Objects

SAP Package KBAS contains 18 authorization objects.

G_EXTRACT Report Writer: Extract Management (obsolete, do not use)
K_CCA CO-CCA: Gen. Authorization Object for Cost Center Accounting
K_CSKA_SET CO-CCA: Cost Element Groups
K_CSKB CO-CCA: Cost Element Master
K_CSKB_PLA CO-CCA: Cost Element Planning
K_CSKS CO-CCA: Cost Center Master
K_CSKS_BUD CO-CCA: Cost Center Budget Planning
K_CSKS_PLA CO-CCA: Cost Center Planning
K_CSKS_SET CO-CCA: Cost Center Groups
K_CSLA CO-CCA: Activity Types Master
K_CSLA_SET CO-CCA: Activity Type Groups
K_KA03 CO-CCA: Statistical Key Figures
K_KA03_SET CO-CCA: Statistical Key Figure Groups
K_KA09_KVS CO: Version
K_ORGUNIT CO: Organizational Units Used in Actual Postings
K_PRPS_SET CO-CCA: PSP Element Groups
K_REPO_CCA CO-CCA: Reporting on Cost Centers/Cost Elements
K_REPO_USR CO: Reporting / User Settings