SAP Package KE

Profitability Analysis

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The package KE (Profitability Analysis) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package KE
Short Text Profitability Analysis
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package KE contains 168 function groups.

0EV3 Maintain View TKEV3 (Variant Groups)
0KE4 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KE6 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KE9 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KEE Views for CO-PA Basic Settings
0KEF Extended table maintenance (generated)
0KEG Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0KEI Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KEK Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KEMDM Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KEP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KER Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KERWUL Where-Used List for Key Figure Schemes
0KES Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KEU Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0KEV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
COPA_AS_GENERATE CO-PA:Generations for Archive Infosystem
COPA_DRB CO-PA: Connection to DRB
KCDC EDT: Tools for CO-PA
KE_APPL_LOG CO-PA Log Interface
KE_RECON F4 help for reconciliation
KE_SM CO-PA: Schedule Manager
KE_TKEEXCOND01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KE_TKETE01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KE_TKETE01_T Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KE_TKETE02 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KE_V_TKECO_ERSCH Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KE_V_TKEEXCOND Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KE_V_TKEI_COCMP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KE_V_TKETE03 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KE_V_TKEVA01N Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KEA2 F4 input support
KEA3 Central CO-PA routines
KEA4 Routines for external data transfer
KEA5 CO-PA:Actual Interfaces(Gen. Func. Mods)
KEA6 CO-PA: General modules
KEA7 Check and F4 for Special Characteristics
KEAA Char. deriv. CEEP structure
KEAB CO-PA: Valuation of Actual/Planning Data
KEABC PA Modules for Activity-Based Costing
KEABC_V View Maintenance KEABC
KEAC CO-PA: Product Costing Interface
KEAG CO-PA: generating modules Gen. CEEP
KEAK CO-PA Account Assignments Screen
KEAK_01 Account Assignment CO-PA Entry Aids
KEAK_02 Manually-Assigned Characteristics
KEAL CO-PA Allocation
KEAR Archiving: CO-PA
KEAT CO-PA: text reads
KEBAPI0017 BAPI CO-PA Operating Concern
KEBAPI1161 BAPI CO-PA Characteristic
KEBAPI1162 BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic
KEBAPI1164 BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy
KEBAPI1165 BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy: User-Defined
KEBAPI1169 BAPIs for BO COPAActuals BUS1169
KEBG Utilities report generation
KEBR CO-PA: Pop-ups for reports
KEC1 CO-PA: Pop-ups for the screen definition
KEC2 Variable definition
KECND Analyze Logical Conditions
KECU Currency translation
KED_PACK_1 Packed Storage for Segment Level
KED0 Maintain derivation tables
KED1 CO-PA database accesses
KED1_NOACCT Deactivate Account Number Determination
KED1_TRAFO CO-PA: Transform CEn Structures
KED1_WRITE Update of Data Basis in CO-PA
KED2 CO-PA period conversions
KED3 Database access: Write plan data
KED4 Selection table manipulation
KED5 Time stamp conversion
KED6 CO-PA: Delete Summarization Data
KED7 CO-PA: Fast roll-up of summariz. levels
KEDA Summarization levels
KEDB Maintain Summarization Levels
KEDC Read Summarization Levels
KEDD Update Summarization Levels
KEDE Delete operating concern
KEDIST Modules for CO-PA Distribution
KEDR Characteristic derivation
KEDRCOPA CO-PA characteristic derivation
KEDRRFC Derivation Tool: RFC Interfaces
KEDRWUL Derivation: Where-Used List
KEDRX Derivation: Appl.-Specific Functions
KEER PA transfer structure
KEET Modules for checks and reading text
KEEX External Data Transfer CO-PA
KEEX_BCT Succession for KEEX_ACT
KEEXITS Internal Exits
KEFB Authorizations
KEFC Conversion exit seven-digit periods
KEFH CO-PA: Lists of origins
KEFT Structure of value/characteristic field
KEFU Revaluation functions
KEFV Distribution functions
KEFV_MNT Distribution Key Maintenance: Framework
KEFV_OBJ Distribution Key Object Kernel
KEFV_SCR Distribution Key Maintenance Screens
KEG1 Generation data entry
KEG2 Generation, view maintenance modules
KEGN Generate text and check programs
KEH1 F4 help for characteristic values
KEI1 CO-PA: SD interface for sales orders
KEI2 Structure of transfer log RKERV001
KEI3 CO-PA-ACT-SD Application Log
KEIB CO-OM/CO-PA Interface
KEII CO-PA: Actual Interfaces
KEII_00 CO-PA: Callup Processing of FI/CO Doc.
KEIO Order settlement to profitab. segment
KELI Process and Display Line Items
KEM1 Hash Function
KEMC Mass Customization
KENC CO-PA Realignments: Execute
KEND CO-PA Realignments: Maintain
KEO1 Partitioning by Segment Numbers
KEP1 Interface CO-PA - SOP
KEP2 F4 input aids for planning
KEP3 CO-PA Forecasting
KEP4 Ratios
KEP5 Read and summarize data
KEP6 Top-down
KEP7 Log: CO-PA Read Interface
KEP8 Values: CO-PA Key Tables
KEPA CO-PA Planning: Appl. for Planning Proc.
KEPB CO-PA Planning: Appl.-Specific Core
KEPC Transfer commitments SD -> CO-PA
KEPG Automatic Planning Functions
KEPH Planning Scenarios
KEPI Integrated Planning: CO-PA
KEPL Interface CO-PA <-> LIS
KEPLS Services CO-PA Planning
KEPLU1 CO Planning Framework Application Log
KEPLU2 Business Logic for CO-PA Plng Surface
KEPLU3 CO-PA Planning Presentation Layer
KEPLU4 CO-PA Planning
KEPLU5 CO-PA Tree Control Framework
KEPLU6 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KEPLU7 CO_PA Planning Methods
KEPLUW Internet Scenario CO-PA-SPP
KEPLWU CO-PA: Planning Where-Used Lists
KEPP Mass Processing
KEPS CO-PA Plan structure: handling
KEPT Plan Structure Integration
KEPV Maintain Variants
KERFC RFC Interface to CO-PA
KES1 Module for the form/layout definition
KES2 Func. module for working with row/
KES4 RP: Data Level
KES5 RP: Kernel
KES6 RP: Services
KES7 RP: Presentation
KEV1 Update actual values
KEV2 Update plan data
KEVV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
KXIX FUGR for the cluster file COIX
KYBB Reporting
KYDR ABAP/4 Dictionary Interface Data Mining
KYER RKD: Error handling
KYP2 Export-Import Memory
KYP3 Info System RKD
KYP4_UC Unicode Check for Functions from KYP4
KYPR1 F4 Function Modules
KYRE_1 Display report parameters


SAP Package KE contains 299 transactions.

3KE1N EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE2N EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE3N EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
3KE4N EC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
3KE7N EC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
3KE8N EC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
3KE9N EC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
3KEAN EC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
4KE1N EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE2N EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE3N EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
4KE4N EC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
4KE7N EC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
4KE8N EC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
4KE9N EC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
4KEAN EC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
GLPLC FI-SL Change Planning Layout
GLPLD FI-SL Display Planning Layout
GLPLI FI-SL Create Planning Layout
KCR6 Display form
KE_CHACO_1 Convert ProfSegments in Sender Table
KE_CHACO_2 Convert CO Obj,Acct-Based PrAnalysis
KE_CHACO_3 Convert ProfSegments in Sender Table
KE_CHACO_4 Convert ProfSegments in Sender Table
KE0B Archiving: CO-PA
KE0C CO-PA Distribution: Initial Supply
KE0D CO-PA Distribution: Reconciliation
KE0F CO-PA Distribution: Activate
KE0G CO-PA Distribution: Roll-up
KE0H Archiving: CO-PA
KE11 Change plan data
KE12 Display plan data
KE13 Upload from Excel
KE13N Upload from Excel
KE13P Log: Flexible Excel Upload
KE14 Create Planning Layout
KE15 Change Planning Layout
KE16 Display Planning Layout
KE17 Maintain Planning Authorization Obj.
KE18 Display planning authorization obj.
KE1A Copy complete plan
KE1B Process complete plan
KE1C Delete Plan Data
KE1D Forecast Plan Data
KE1E Transfer Plan Data to SOP
KE1F Complete Plan Management
KE1FN Admin.: Logs for Overall Planning
KE1G Top-Down Complete Plan
KE1H CO-PA Planning: Set Planner Profile
KE1K Transfer to LIS
KE1L Create Plan Structure
KE1M Change Plan Structure
KE1N Display Plan Structure
KE1Q Reorganize Long Texts
KE1R Change Weighting Group
KE1S Display Weighting Group
KE1T Change Forecast Profile
KE1U Display Forecast Profile
KE1V Transfer to EC-PCA
KE1W Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-GL
KE1XO Ext. Data Transfer to CO-PA Planning
KE1Y Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-SL
KE1Z Transfer CO-PA Plan Data to GL (New)
KE21 Create CO-PA line item
KE21N CO-PA Line Item Entry
KE21S CO-PA Valuation Simulation
KE23 Display CO-PA line item
KE23N CO-PA Line Item Display
KE24 Line Item Display - Actual Data
KE25 Line Item Display - Plan Data
KE26 Repost Accounting Document
KE27 Periodic valuation
KE27S Reversal of KE27 Delta Line Items
KE28 Create top-down distribution
KE29 Management
KE29A Administration: All Logs
KE29N Administration: Logs
KE2B Correction to Incoming Orders
KE2C Delete records from error file
KE2D Display Error File
KE2K CO-PA: Maintain Key Figures
KE30 Execute profitability report
KE31 Create profitability report
KE32 Change Report
KE33 Display Report
KE35 Change form
KE36 Display form
KE37 Maintain Report Authorization Object
KE38 Display report authorization objects
KE39 CO-PA: Reorganize report data
KE3A CO-PA: Reorganize reports + data
KE3B Print and actualize reports
KE3C Reorganize Forms
KE3H Display line item layout
KE3L Split report
KE3M Overview of Reports
KE3P Maintain Variant Groups
KE3Q Maintain Variants
KE3R Schedule Variant Group
KE3S Define Variant Group
KE3T Reorganization of Variant Groups
KE3U Maintain variants (RKEBATCH)
KE3Y Report selection
KE3Z Convert profitability report
KE40 Maintain view V_TKEVA03
KE41 Create condition
KE42 Change condition
KE43 Display condition
KE45 Maintain View V_T258I_KO
KE46 Maintain costing sheet
KE47 Maintain condition types
KE48 Maintain access sequences
KE49 Create Condition Table
KE4A Change condition table
KE4B Display condition table
KE4C Copy Condition
KE4D Maintain external str. in ABAP Dict.
KE4E Maintain View V_T258W_KE
KE4F Post Incoming Orders Subsequently
KE4G Maintain View V_TKEVG
KE4H Maintain view V_TKEVA03A
KE4I View maintenance VV2_T258I_V
KE4IEX Assignment of CRM Conditions
KE4J Maintain view V_TKEVA03M
KE4L Pricing report
KE4M Maintain view V_T258M
KE4N Change Pricing Report
KE4O Display Pricing Report
KE4Q Execute Pricing Report
KE4R Maintain view V_TKEVA04
KE4S Post billing documents to CO-PA
KE4S00 CO-PA: Reversal of Line Items
KE4SFI CO-PA: Post Subsequently from FI
KE4SMM CO-PA: Post Material Documents Subs.
KE4ST Simulation billg docs transfer CO-PA
KE4TS Simulate Doc. Transfer from Orders
KE4U Maintain view cluster V_TKEVAx
KE4V Control table for ext. data transfer
KE4W Reset value fields
KE4XO Transfer External Data to CO-PA
KE4Z Maintain view V_T258Z_KE
KE91 Create Line-Item-Based Report
KE94 Create form
KE95 Change Form
KE96 Display Form
KEA0O CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern
KEA5 Maintain Characteristics
KEA6 Edit Value Fields
KEAE Generate Proc. Template Environment
KEAL Change Allocation IAA Result
KEAS Selection Characteristics CO-PA/ABC
KEAT Reconcile CO-PA <-> SD <-> FI
KEAW Reconciliation Make-to-Order Prod.
KEBA Display operating concern
KEBC Change operating concern
KEBI Set operating concern (batch-input)
KECA Copying Transaction Data (Actual)
KECB CO-PA Company Code Line Items
KECC Copy Transaction Data ( Plan )
KECD Valuation of Overhead Cost Transfer
KECO Transfer of Cost Component Split
KED0 Derivation: Initial Screen
KED5 Data Mining: Create Form
KED6 Data Mining: Change Form
KED7 Data Mining: Display Form
KEDA Export Summarization Level
KEDB Deletion of Test Data in CO-PA
KEDD COPA Char. Derivation Overview ALV
KEDE Maintain Derivation Rule Entries
KEDF CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)
KEDJ CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)
KEDP Maintain CO-PA Account Determination
KEDR Maintain Derivation Strategy
KEDR_CHACO Derivation When OpConc. Implemented
KEDRA COPA Customizing via ALE
KEDT Log Summarization Logs
KEDU CO-PA: Build Summarization Levels
KEDUS CO-PA: Period Build of Summ. Levels
KEDUSM CO-PA: Monitor Build for Summ. Lvls
KEDVS Maintain Old Storage Summ. Levels
KEDW CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)
KEDX CO-PA:Fill Summ.Lev. from Summ. Lev.
KEDZ Read Interface for CO-PA Log
KEFA Maintain Sender Structures
KEFB Maintain Rules
KEFC CO-PA External Data Transfer
KEFD Maintain Rules
KEG1 Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG1N Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG2 Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG2N Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG3 Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG3N Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG4 Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG4N Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG5 Execute Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG6 Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:Overview
KEG6N Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:Overview
KEG7 Create Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEG7N Create Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
KEG8 Change Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEG8N Change Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
KEG9 Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEG9N Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEGA Delete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEGAN Delete Indirect Plan Acty Allocation
KEGB Execute Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEGC Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview
KEGCN Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview
KEGD Overview Actual IAA Cycles
KEGE Overview Plan IAA Cycles
KEGV Generate Variant from KEPM Environmt
KEH5 Change Form
KEI1 Maintain PA Transfer Structure
KEIH CO-PA Allocation: Data Field Descr.
KEII CO-PA Assessment: Field Usage
KEIJ CO-PA Assessment: Data Control
KEIK CO-PA: Field Usage, Int. Cost Alloc.
KEIL CO-PA: Data Control,Int. Cost Alloc.
KEIM CO-PA Allocation: Field Group Texts
KEIT CO-PA Allocation: Table Information
KEK0 Test Key Figure Transaction
KEKK Maintain view V_TKA01_ER
KEKW Maintain Process Template Determin.
KEMN Profitability Analysis appl. menu
KEMO Profitability report: Test monitor
KEN1 Maintain Number Range: COPA_IST
KEN2 Maint. number ranges: CO-PA planning
KEND Realignments
KEOV CO-PA: Cycle Overview
KEP6 Maintain characteristics
KEP7 Display characteristics
KEP8 Operating concerns
KEP9 Value field assignment
KEPC Flexible Callup of Cost Estimates
KEPD Characteristic groups for reports
KEPE Segment-Specific Revaluation Keys
KEPF Segment-Specific Distribution Keys
KEPG Segment-Specific Forecast Profiles
KEPH Segment-Specific Events
KEPI Maintain Rule Values for Revaluation
KEPJ Maintain Rule Values for Distrib.
KEPK Maint. Rule Values for Forcast Prof.
KEPL Maintain Rule Values for Events
KEPM CO-PA Planning
KEPM_W Sales & Profit Planning in the WWW
KEPMU Create Planning Level from Layout
KEPP Check plan structure
KEPZ Segment-Specific Planning Functions
KEQ3 Maintain Charact. for Segment Level
KEQ5 Maintain View for Defined Op.Concern
KES1 CO-PA Maintain Characteristic Values
KES2 Customizing: Display characteristics
KES3 Maintain Characteristics Hierarchy
KETR CO-PA Translation Tool
KEU1 Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU1N Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU2 Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU2N Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU3 Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU3N Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU4 Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU4N Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU5 Perform act. cost-ctr cost transfer
KEU6 Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs,Overview
KEU6N Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs,Overview
KEU7 Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU7N Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU8 Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU8N Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU9 Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU9N Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEUA Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEUAN Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEUB Perform plan cost-ctr cost transfer
KEUC Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs,Overview
KEUCN Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs,Overview
KEUD Overview Actual Assessment Cycles
KEUE Overview Plan Assessment Cycles
KEUG Set up cost-center cost transfer
KEUU Reorganize data
KEV0 Maintain Distribution Keys
KEV1 Create distribution key
KEV2 Change distribution key
KEV3 Display distribution key
KEV4 Delete distribution key
KEVG Record Types for Process Costs
KEVG6 PA Transfer Schema: Overhead ACTUAL
KEVG7 PA Transfer Schema: Overhead PLAN
KEWW Reorganize forms
KEZ5 Execute Distribution
S_P00_99000048 Sales/Sales Revenues/Discount
S_P00_99000049 Target Achievement
S_P00_99000050 Price History
S_P00_99000051 Development of Customer Sales
S_P00_99000052 Analysis of Operating Profit
S_P00_99000053 Analysis of Incoming Orders
S_P00_99000054 Analysis CM II
TS_WS200003771000 Transaction for Task WS20000377

Database Tables

SAP Package KE contains 279 database tables.

CEALE01 CO-PA Distribution: Line Item Reference for Distribution
CEERROR CO-PA: Incorrect records from SD
CEFORMA CO: Change History for Row/Column Structure
CEFORMC RPT: History of formatting changes to elements
CEFORME Table of descriptions of element structures
CEFORMF CO: Definition of contents of element in row/col.str.
CEFORMS Table for description of structures
CEFORMT Table for Report Painter Row and Column Texts
CEFORMV CO: Variables for row/column structure
CEFORMW CO: Row/Column Structure Variable Texts
CEPRINT Table for description of print statement for CO-PA forms
CESETS Set Administration in the Report Painter
CEST4 Segment table (CO-PA)
COVA Variants: Cluster Table
COVAD Variant catalog
COVAL Log Management Table
COVAT Texts for Variants
GLTPC Profit Center Accounting
K9001 Derivation table for derivation rule A01
KEFV_ADDON Distribution Key Maintenance - Application-Specific Add-Ons
RKEMCAPPLFUNC Mass Customization - Exit Functions
RKEMCTEMLSTR Mass Customization - Template Structure Definition
SMCOPA Special CO-PA Data in Monitor
T237 Name of report structure
T237A Display control for T237
T237T Text table for T237
T239 Report version table
T239T Text table for T239
T255 Values for Characteristic '&'
T258A Determining the costing sheet for condition access
T258E Table for managing external data transfer
T258F CO-PA access control for Product Costing
T258I Assignment: Condition types -> CO-PA value fields
T258K Assignment of Cost Components to CO-PA Value Fields
T258M Assignment: SD qty. fields -> CO-PA qty. fields
T258T Description of assignment group
T258W Assignment: DDIC structures -> CO-PA structures
T258Z Definition of allocation groups
T25T Text table for characteristic values
T821S Distribution keys
T821T G/L Distribution Key Description
T821V User distribution key
TBVZ CO-PA report library (no longer used)
TBVZT CO-PA Report library
TERKR CO-PA structure
TERKT Texts for operating concern structures
TGFT Cashflow types
TGFTT Texts for cashflow types
TKB9A Assignment Structure for Settlement to Profitability Anysis
TKB9C Assignment in PA Transfer Structures
TKB9E PA Transfer Structures for Settlement
TKB9F Assignment of cost element grps to CO-PA value fields
TKB9G PA Transfer Structure: Source
TKE_CO_ERSCH PA Transfer Structure for Overhead Cost Allocation
TKE_DIST CO-PA Distribution
TKE_DIST_APPL CO-PA Distribution: Applications
TKE_DIST_BASE_C COPA Distribution: Basic Target Credit Characteristics
TKE_DIST_BASE_VF COPA Distribution: Base Value Fields / Portions
TKE_DIST_DIFF CO-PA Distribution: Differenciation Indicator
TKE_DIST_DIFF_T ID of Differenciation Indicator for CO-PA Distribution
TKE_DIST_EXEC Document Numbers in CO-PA Distribution
TKE_DIST_SRC_C COPA Distribution: Source Characteristics
TKE_DIST_SRC_VF COPA Distribution: Value Field Assignment
TKE_DIST_T Identifier for CO-PA Distribution
TKEA1 CO-PA: Control tab. for managing generated derivation tab.
TKEA2 CO-PA: Control tab. for managing generated derivation tab.
TKEABC CO-ABC -> CO-PA: Posting characteristics
TKEABCVGA CO-PA/CO-ABC:_Selection-Relevant Record Types
TKEADPC00 Assignment accounts -> value fields for profit center profit
TKEAS CO-PA derivation rules: Control table
TKEAT Text table for TKEAS
TKEB Management for Operating Concerns (Client-Specific)
TKEB1 Report Management
TKEB2 Report Texts
TKEB3 CO-PA: Table for managing segment authorizations
TKEBA Status of Operating Concern (Client-Specific)
TKEBB Management for Operating Concerns (Cross-Client)
TKEBC Translation Status of Operating Concern
TKEBF Programs for form routines: CO text-reader module
TKEBL Assignment: Ledger -> operating concern
TKEBPFL CO-PA Mass Processing: Parameters
TKEBPFM CO-PA Mass Processing: Function Modules
TKEBPSF CO-PA Mass Processing: Screen Fields
TKEBS Row/column structures
TKEBT Description of operating concern
TKECHACOAD Change of KOKRS/ERKRS Assignments: Administration
TKECHACOADP Conversion of Prof. Segments in Sender Table: Administration
TKECHACOADP_1 Conversion of Prof. Segments in Sender Table: Administration
TKECHACOADP_2 Convert Prof. Segments in Sender Table: Administration
TKECHACOADP_3 Copy Prof. Segments for Op. Concern Split: Administration
TKECHACOADP_4 Conversion of Prof. Segments in Sender Table: Administration
TKECHACOBL Change of KOKRS/ERKRS Assignments: Block Administration
TKECHACOFA Change of Assignment KOKRS - ERKRS: Field Assignment
TKECHACOPROT Change to the Assignment KOKRS - ERKRS: Logs
TKECHACOSEL Change to the Assignment KOKRS - ERKRS: Selection Criteria
TKEDP SAP tables for use when defining characteristics (CO)
TKEDR Characteristic Derivation: Strategies
TKEDRH Characteristic Derivation: Header
TKEDRIS Derivation Tool: Industry Exits
TKEDRPCONF Char. Derivation: Maintaining Personal Configuration Rules
TKEDRS Characteristic Derivation: Steps
TKEDRSF Characteristic Derivation: Steps, Fields
TKEDRST Characteristic Derivation: Steps, Texts
TKEDRT Characteristic Derivation: Strategies, Texts
TKEDRUPGRADE Characteristic Derivation: CO-PA Conversions from 3.0/3.1
TKEDRX System Table INDX
TKEEXCOND01T CO-PA: CRM Conditions - Text Table
TKEEXCOND02 CO-PA: Assignment of CRM Conditions to Value Fields
TKEEXITS CO-PA Internal Exits
TKEFE Field catalog, assignment to operating concern
TKEGC CO-PA: System table for management of generated coding (old)
TKEI_COCMP Active Indicator for the Cost Component Split Transfer
TKEICOCMP CO Interface:Assignment of Cost Components to CO-PA Val.Flds
TKEIDARK Control of Background Functions: CO-PA Actual Data
TKEIF CO-PA communication table
TKEIG CO-PA characteristics table
TKEIPV00 CO-PA: Entry Aids (User-Independent)
TKEIPV00T CO-PA: Entry Aids (User-Independent) - Texts
TKEIPV01 CO-PA: Entry Aids (User-Independent) - Characteristics
TKEIPV10 CO-PA: Entry Aids (User-Dependent)
TKEIPV10T CO-PA: Entry Aids (User-Dependent) - Texts
TKEIPV11 CO-PA: Entry Aids (User-Dependent) - Characteristics
TKEL CO-PA ledger
TKELT Description of CO-PA ledger
TKEMDM Table for Jump to CO-PA Master Data Maintenance
TKEMDM_C Customer Table for Jump to CO-PA Master Data Maintenance
TKENC1 CO-PA Realignments: Realignment Runs
TKENC2 CO-PA Realignments: Realignment Requests
TKENC3 CO-PA Realignments: Selection Criteria
TKENC4 CO-PA Realignments: Conversion Rules
TKENC5 CO-PA Realignments: Execution Logs
TKENC6 CO-PA Realign.: Lock only for excl. executable realign.runs
TKENCD CO-PA Net Change: Definitions
TKENCDT CO-PA Net Change: Definitions
TKENCF CO-PA: Characteristics of Realignments
TKENCG CO-PA Net Change: Groups
TKENCGT CO-PA Net Change Groups: Texts
TKENR Names for CO development objects
TKEOE Control for Profitability Segment Structure
TKEP1 CO-PA planning table for special fields
TKEP2 CO-PA planning of special fields
TKEP7 Characteristic group
TKEP8 Characteristic group - rows
TKEP9 Characteristic group - Text table
TKEPA CO-PA: Revaluation
TKEPACK Packed Storage for Segment Level: Control Table
TKEPB CO-PA: Revaluation / Factors
TKEPC CO-PA: Revaluation / Texts
TKEPD CO-PA: Screen Catalog - Planning
TKEPDARK Control for Hidden Functions
TKEPE Admin.table for transferring plan data from CO-PA to SOP
TKEPFIELDS Planning Scenarios: Relevant Key Figures
TKEPLEXIT Customer Exits for CO-PA Planning
TKEPLEXITT Texts for Customer Exits CO-PA Planning (table TKEPLEXIT)
TKEPP51 CO-PA Planning:Appl.-specific part of planner profile(TKA51)
TKEPPI Integrated Planning in FI/CO: +/- Sign Logic
TKEPPLASOCFC Assignment of OK Code to F Code
TKEPPLCSMFCH CO-PA: Function Codes for Context-Sensitive Menu - Header
TKEPPLCSMFCT CO-PA: Function Codes for Context-Sensitive Menu - Text
TKEPPLDYNPF CO-PA: Planning Interface for Element Attributes
TKEPPLFUNC Function Modules for Planning Screens
TKEPPLKPPFUNC Functions Available in Planning Processor
TKEPPLLEV Planning Level - Header
TKEPPLLEVC Planning Level - Characteristics
TKEPPLLEVS Planning Level - Selection Table
TKEPPLLEVT Planning Level - Text
TKEPPLLOGA CO-PA: Control Table Application Log Planning Framework
TKEPPLLOGFCAT Field Catalog for Displaying Logs in Application Log
TKEPPLLOGSORT Field Sort in Application Log
TKEPPLMEPACH Planning Parameters - Characteristic Selection
TKEPPLMEPAFA Planning Parameters - Value Field Assignment
TKEPPLMEPAH Planning Parameters - Header
TKEPPLMEPAIF Planning Parameters - Internet Functions
TKEPPLMEPARD Planning Parameters - Reference Data
TKEPPLMEPASACOP Planning Parameters - Copy
TKEPPLMEPASADEL Planning Parameters - Delete
TKEPPLMEPASADIS Planning Parameters - Distribute
TKEPPLMEPASAEVN Planning Parameters - Events
TKEPPLMEPASAFOR Planning Parameters - Forecast
TKEPPLMEPASARAT Planning Parameters - Ratios
TKEPPLMEPASAREV Planning Parameters - Revaluate
TKEPPLMEPASASQ Planning Parameters - Sequence
TKEPPLMEPASATPD Planning Parameters - Top-Down
TKEPPLMEPASAUEX Planning Parameters - User Exits
TKEPPLMEPASAVAL Planning Parameters - Valuate
TKEPPLMEPAT Planning Parameters - Text
TKEPPLMEPAV Planning Parameters - Values
TKEPPLMEPAVF Planning Parameters - Value Field Selection
TKEPPLMEPAVH Planning Parameters - Value Assignment - Header
TKEPPLMEPAVI Planning Parameters - Value Assignment - Items
TKEPPLMETHH Planning Methods - Header
TKEPPLMETHT Planning Methods - Text
TKEPPLPPH Planning Package - Header
TKEPPLPPS Planning Package - Selection Table
TKEPPLPPT Planning Package - Text
TKEPPLPROF Profile - Permitted Function Code
TKEPPLPROH Profile - Header Table
TKEPPLPROLEV Profile - Assigned Planning Levels
TKEPPLPROMET Profile - Assigned Methods
TKEPPLPROPAR Profile - Assigned Parametrizations
TKEPPLPROPCK Profile - Assigned Planning Packages
TKEPPLPROT Profile - Text Table
TKEPPLPROTO Log Structures for CO-PA Planning
TKEPPLPROTOITYPE Table for Information Types for CO-PA Planning Logs
TKEPPLPROTOTREE Storage of Tree Structure for Logs
TKEPPLPROU Profile - User Assignment
TKEPPLSZ Planning Scenarios: Derivation Parameters
TKEPPLTP Tree Format: Parameters
TKEPPLVAR Planning Variable
TKEPPLVART Planning Variable - Texts
TKEPROT Characteristic Values in CO-PA Key Tables
TKEPSA Plan Structure Attributes
TKEPSV CO-PA: Plan Structure Status Management
TKEPSZK Planning Aids: Access
TKEPSZKT Planning Aids: Text Table for Access
TKEPT Texts for SAP tables(entry aid for defining characteristics)
TKEPTRF Events: Fields
TKEPTRK Events: Header
TKEPTRP Events: Item
TKEPTRT Events: Text Table
TKEPVERS Table for New PVERS Logic (Industry-Specific)
TKEPVERS_DOKU PVERS Logic - Description of Program Versions
TKES CO-PA Basis Field Catalog (fixed fields)
TKES1 Row/column structures
TKES2 Text Table for Row/Column Structure
TKES3 Text variables for definition of row/column str.
TKES4 CO Row/Column Structure: Logical Pages
TKES5 Text Table for TKES4
TKESD CO-PA Basis Field Catalog: Dependent Characteristics
TKESK CO: Folder of key figures for row/column structure
TKESV Global variables
TKESW Text for global variables
TKETD1 Distribution profile
TKETD11 Distribution Profile: Distribution Level
TKETD1T Distribution Profile: Texts
TKETD2 Value Field Assignment
TKETD21 Value field assignment: value fields
TKETD2T Value field assignment: texts
TKETE01 Operating Concern Templates: Sub-Tree Structure
TKETE01_T Text Table for Operating Concern Templates:Subtree Structure
TKETE02 Templates: Control Table for Characteristic Maintenance
TKETRLGPS Summarization Levels: Period Statuses During Build Up
TKETRND CO-PA: Fast rollup of summ. levels: DBMS-spec. parameters
TKETRPROS Access Log, Control
TKETRPROT Access Log for Summarization Levels
TKETRPROTD Access Log Table for Summarization Levels, Detail
TKEVA01 Valuation - Control
TKEVA01N Valuation - Control
TKEVA02 Valuation Strategies (CO-PA)
TKEVA03 Costing Key
TKEVA03A Costing Key for Product
TKEVA03M Costing Key for Material Type
TKEVA04 Assign Costing Elements to CO-PA Value Fields
TKEVA05 CO-PA Quantity Field --> Quantity Field with Standard Unit
TKEVA10 Control for Transfer from SD to CO-PA
TKEVAA CO-PA: Administration Table for Periodic Revaluation
TKEVAKT CO-PA: Texts for Cost Estimate Selection
TKEVAS CO-PA Valuation Strategies
TKEVAST CO-PA Valuation Stategies
TKEVG Control of Profitability Analysis by business function
TKEVSGJ Fiscal-Year Dependent Version Parameters
TKEWP CO-PA value fields
TKEZU CO-PA: Assignments to CO-PA Characteristics
TKVST CO Version Texts
TMFT Quantity flow types
TMFTT Texts for quantity flow types
TVGA Record types for CO-PA
TVGAI Number range table for number range object COPA_IST
TVGAP Number range table for number range object COPA_PLAN
TVGAR CO-PA record types (not currently in use)
TVGAT Texts for Record Types


SAP Package KE contains 70 views.

H_T237A Generated Helpview for Check Table T237A
H_T239 Generated Helpview for Check Table T239
H_TERKR Generated Helpview for Check Table TERKR
H_TKEBB Display Operating Concerns
H_TKEDP Data-Entry Help for Definition of Characteristics (CO)
H_TKEP7 Characteristic Group for Profitability Segment
H_TKEPA Revaluation
H_TKEQUS1 Ratio scheme
H_TKES1 Row/Column Structure
H_TKVS Maintain CO Versions
H_TMFT Generated Helpview for Check Table TMFT
TKB9FV Value Field Assignments in PA Transfer Structures
V_RS_T237A Key Figure Scheme: Lines of the Formula
V_RS_T239 Key Figure Scheme
V_T237 Table of Formulas
V_T237A Key Figure Scheme
V_T239 Key Figure Schemes
V_T258E File for Managing External Interface to CO-PA
V_T258I_KE Assign Conditions -> CO-PA Value Fields
V_T258I_KO Assign Conditions -> CO-PA Value Fields
V_T258I_V Assign Conditions -> CO-PA Value Fields
V_T258M Assign SD Qty. Fields -> CO-PA Qty. Fields
V_T258W_KE Maintain Field Assignments
V_T258Z_KE Definition of CO-PA Assignment Group
V_T440G Weighting Groups for Finding the Moving Average
V_T440P_1 Maintain Forecast Profiles for CO
V_T8APP_KALK EC-PCA: Costing Key
V_TKA00_ER Active Indicator for Profitability Analysis
V_TKA01_ER Assignment Operating concern -> CO Area
V_TKAQ View for TKAQ, Application Class KE (Display Attributes)
V_TKB9F Maintain Assignment of Value Fields in CO-PA
V_TKDP CO-PA: Activate Special System Functions
V_TKE_CO_ERSCH PA Transfer Structure for Overhead Cost Allocation
V_TKEABC CO-ABC Characteristics for Selection and Update
V_TKEB Management of Op. Concerns Including Status (Client-Dep.)
V_TKEB_ALE CO-PA Distribution: Activate
V_TKEB_CHK Operating Concern - Generation Test
V_TKEB2 Define Operating Concern
V_TKEBB_CH Operating Concern - Generation Test
V_TKEEXCOND CO-PA: Assignment of CRM Conditions for CO-PA Value Fields
V_TKEI_COCMP Transfer of Cost Component Split
V_TKENCS CO-PA: Characteristics of assignment changes
V_TKEOE Segment Level Characteristics
V_TKEP7 Characteristic group
V_TKEP8 Characteristic group - rows
V_TKEPA Revaluation
V_TKEPB Revaluation factors
V_TKEPPLCSMFCH View: Maintain Admin. Tables in CO-PA Planning Context Menu
V_TKEPPLDYNPF CO-PA: Attribute Maintenance for Planning Interface Elements
V_TKEPVERS_DOKU Maintenance View for PVERS Documentation Maintenance
V_TKESV Maintain Variables
V_TKETE03 CO-PA: Templates / Reference Values / Example Data
V_TKEVA01 Valuation Strategy Assignments
V_TKEVA01N CO-PA: Valuation - Control for Overhead Transfer
V_TKEVA02 Valuation Strategies
V_TKEVA03 Costing Key
V_TKEVA03A Costing Key for Product
V_TKEVA03M Costing Key for Material Type
V_TKEVA04 Assign Costing Elements to Value Fields
V_TKEVA10 Reset CO-PA Value Fields
V_TKEVAS Valuation Strategies
V_TKEVG Assign CO-PA Characteristic Group for Actual Data
V_TKEZU Assign Fields to CO-PA Characteristics
V_TVGA_C Maintain and display record types
V2_TKEVG_ERSCH PA Transfer Structure for Allocation of Planned Overhead
VV_T258I_VAL_BA Assignment of ISB Conditions to Value Fields
VV_T258I_VAL_KE Assignment of CO-PA Conditions to Value Fields
VV_T682_KE Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_TKE_CO_ERSCH PA Transfer Structure for Overhead Cost Allocation
VV_TKESV_FB Maintain Variables


SAP Package KE contains 282 structures.

ACCCR_PA FI/CO document: CO-PA segment
ACCIT_PA FI/CO document: CO-PA segment
BAPI_PAOBJNR_FIELD_VALUES For Exchanging Characteristics Across Systems
BAPI0017_OPCONCERN BAPI Operating Concern
BAPI0017_OPCONCERN_DETAIL BAPI Operating Concern: Details
BAPI1161_CHARACT_DEPENDENCY BAPI CO-PA Characteristic: Dependencies
BAPI1161_CHARACT_DETAIL BAPI CO-PA Characteristic Details
BAPI1161_CHARACT_VALUES BAPI CO-PA Characteristic: Characteristic Value
BAPI1161_CHARACTERISTIC_VALUES BAPI CO-PA Characteristic: Characteristic Values
BAPI1161_SET_HEADER Basic set for CO-PA Characteristics: Header
BAPI1161_SET_VALUES Basic Set for CO-PA Characteristics: Values
BAPI1164_COPAHIERARCHY_SEL BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy Selection List
BAPI1164_PARAMETERS Structure for Parameters in BAPI1164
BAPI1167 BAPI CO-PA Planning
CEALE01_A CEALE01 for Actual Data
CEALE01_P CEALE01 for Plan Data
CEALES1 Fields for CO-PA Distribution
CEBLR Mathematical structure (2 operands and 1 operation)
CEBPARA CO-PA/SAP-EIS: Parameter Entry Str.: Row/column Str.
CEBPR Structure for specification of printed report (PRINT)
CEBRH Structure for key figures (RECH)
CEBSE Structure for specification of selected object (SEIG)
CEBSP Structure for definition of logical columns (SPARA)
CEBST Structure for specification of step-down report form (STAFF)
CEBSU Structure for step-down report form (STAFFU)
CEBZW Structure for value columns (ZWERT)
CEC01 CO-PA: Transfer structure for selection function module
CEC02 CO-PA: Transfer for function module for char. value selectn
CEC03 Transfer structure for numeric entries
CEC04 Transfer Structure for Freely-Defined Entries
CEC05 Transfer structure for free texts
CEC06 Transfer table for compound characteristics
CEC07 Transfer Structure for RKD_ROW_COLUMN_LAYOUT
CECOEPE Fixed Value Fields for Costing-Based Profitability Analysis
CEDDB Structure with reference fields for DB interface/totals rec.
CEDDBNCH CO-PA: List of Characteristics
CEDDBPARAM Control indicators for CO-PA read interface
CEDDBPSEC Drilldown reporting: CO-PA performance window
CEDDBSEL Totals Records: Table with Selection Conditions
CEDST Structure of selection table for segment table/level
CEEP Actual line-item data
CEEPK CO-PA: Default values for characteristics
CEEPMV Help Str. for Dynamic Move in Line Items
CEEPW Default table for all CO-PA value flds.
CEFLD CO-PA field table (additions to dictionary attributes)
CEFORMCNT Report Painter: Counter for Managing Formats
CEIGX Sample CO-PA characteristic
CELRC Mathematical structure (2 operands and 1 operation)
CEMERK CO-PA: Lock object for characteristic
CEMESS CO-PA: Transfer structure for message display
CEPBV CO-PA Budget Management
CEPFV Transfer String for Functn Module Grp KEFV - Distrib. Functn
CEPL1 Fields for CO-PA plan data-entry screen
CEPL10 CO-PA Planning: Screen Fields
CEPL2 CO-PA planning: Table for lock object of planning segments
CEPL3 CO-PA planning: Tab. for lock object for screen use
CEPL4 Fields for complete planning in CO-PA
CEPL4A Screen Fields for CO-PA Mass Processing
CEPL4B Screen Fields for CO-PA Mass Processing
CEPL5 Str. of Internal Table PLANMERK
CEPL6 Structure of internal table MENGENTAB
CEPL7 Structure for transfer of plan data to SOP - Parameters
CEPL8 Structure for transfer of plan data to SOP - Objects
CEPL9 Structure of Internal Table PLANWERTGP
CEPLTD1 Top-Down Planning: Objects
CEPLTD2 Top-Down Planning: Sender-Receiver
CEPLTD3 Top-Down: Value Table
CEPLTD4 Top-down periods
CEPLTD5 Top-Down Field Names
CEPLTXTK Long texts for CO-PA planning: text key
CEPRT Structure for specification of printed report (PRINT)
CERCH Structure for key figures (RECH)
CERE1 Selection screen for CO-PA reorg.
CERE2 Parameter fields for CO-PA reorg.
CESEG Structure for specification of selected object (SEIG)
CESETS_S Set Administration in Report Painter: Transfer Structure
CESPR Structure for definition of logical columns (SPARA)
CEST0 Reference Table for CE0xxxx (CO-PA Internal Structure)
CEST1 CO-PA Line-Item Actual Data
CEST1FIX Include for Reference Table: CO-PA Actual Line Items (fixed)
CEST2 CO-PA line-item plan data
CEST3 Segment level (CO-PA)
CEST3_PACKD Unclustered Segment Level - Fields
CEST3_PACKT Unclustered Segment Level - Timestamp
CEST4_ACCT CO-PA account assignment object
CEST4_KENC CO-PA realignments: restoration information
CEST5 CO-PA internal logical segment level
CEST5FIX CO-PA: Logical Object Level Internal (Standard Fields)
CEST6 Internal lock key (CO-PA)
CEST7 Gen. flds for assessment of cost center costs to CO-PA
CEST8 Transfer of cst ctr csts : Transfer str. for values
CESTF Structure for specification of step-down report form (STAFF)
CESTU Structure for step-down report form (STAFFU)
CESVB Lock object for synchronizing update/roll up
CETRPR01 Transfer Structure for Characteristics
CETRPR02 Summarization levels
CETRPR03 Dependency of Summarization Levels
CEZWT Structure for value columns (ZWERT)
CFB_S_ENQUE Structure for Locking
CFBAD01 Table for Controlling Aggregation in Drilldown Reporting
CFBFO01 Transfer str. for data-recall structure table
CFBFP01 Transfer str.: Priority rules for row/col. str.
CFBFR01 Text variables for definition of row/column str.
CFBHT01 Hierarchy Table for the Information System
CFBPS01 Update of connection between PRINT<->B<->SP
CFBSO01 Structure for function module transfer
CFBSR01 Index table for local calculation (totals)
CFBTP01 Text parameters for drill down
CFWAEH Time-dependent currency translation (drill down)
COPA_ACT CO-PA: Actual Data Work Fields
COPA_ACT_APPLOG_DOCUMENT Application Log - Context Structure for Application Log.
COPA_ACTUAL_DATA_TRACE CO-PA: Structure of Logs for Actual Data: Header
COPA_ACTUAL_DATA_TRACE_IT CO-PA: Structure of Logs for Actual Data: Item
COPA_EXIT_KEAB_004 CO-PA Valuation: Flexible Assignment Costing Key
COPA_EXIT_KEAB_004_INPUT Input Fields for User-Exit 'EXIT_SAPLKEAB_004'
COPA_MESSAGE_TAB Structure for displaying error messages in CO-PA
COPA_PRINT_ADMIN Print Line Item: Administration Data
COPA_PRINT_CHAR Print Line Items: Characteristics
COPA_PRINT_HEADER Print Line Item: Header
COPA_PRINT_VALUE Print Line Item: Value Fields
COPA_VALUATION_TRACE Structure for CO-PA Valuation Log
COPA_YS_KOKRS Controlling Area and Name
COPA998 Example Structure for Transferring External Data to CO-PA
COPA999 Example Structure for Transferring External Data to CO-PA
COPACRIT CO-PA: Characteristics
COPAFIELDS CO-PA: Fields (Characteristics, Values)
COPAOBJ CO-PA: Segment No. + Possible Char. (All Operating Concerns)
COPAVAL CO-PA: Value Fields
COVA1 Variants: Screen Fields
CWEPX Model entries for CO-PA value fields
E1BP1161_CHARACT_VALUES BAPI CO-PA Characteristic: Characteristic Value
FCALV_S_RKEB0503_LIST Structure for RKEB0503 ALV List
K9000 Derivation table for derivation rule $
KEABC_DYNPTAB KEABC: Selection in Dialog Box
KEDRCOPA CO-PA Characteristic Derivation: Global Structure
KEDRHELP Characteristic Derivation: Structure for F1/F4
KEDRHELPDERI Help for characteristic derivation
KEDRHELPPA2PC CO-PA: Flexible access of cost estimate (F1/F4)
KEDRHELPTFND Process Template Search: Help Structure for F1/F4
KEDRPA2PC CO-PA: Flexible access of cost estimate (Global structure)
KEDRPADI CO-PA: fields in planning scenario, distribution key
KEDRPAFC CO-PA: fields in planning scenario, forecast profile
KEDRPATR CO-PA: fields in planning scenario, revaluation factor
KEDRPCAP CO-PA: Accout Determination for Plan Data Transfer to EC-PCA
KEDRPLPA CO-PA: fields in planning scenario, revaluation factor
KEDRTFIND CO-PA: process template determination, posting level
KEFV_ADDON_ITEM Structure for Distribution Key Add-Ons Interface
KEFV_FVALUE Distribution Keys: Factor Value Structure
KEFV_MAIN_SCREEN Distribution Key Screen Structure
KEFV_MNT_ITEM Distribution Key Maintenance: Tree Item Structure
KEFV_NEW_SPRED Dialog Structure for New Distribution Key Dialog Box
KEFV_TREE_UPDATE Tree Update Callback Structure from Screen to Framework
KEFV_WULIST_ITEM Structure of Result Table for Where-Used List
KEPM_DYNPRO_ACOP Copy Screen Structure for Automatic Planning Method
KEPM_DYNPRO_ADEL Screen Structure for Deletion of Planning Method
KEPM_DYNPRO_ADIS Screen Structure for Planning Method Distribution
KEPM_DYNPRO_AEVN Screen Structure for Planning Method Revaluation
KEPM_DYNPRO_AFOR Screen Structure for Planning Method Forecast
KEPM_DYNPRO_ARAT Screen Structure for Planning Method Ratios
KEPM_DYNPRO_AREV Screen Structure for Planning Method Revaluation
KEPM_DYNPRO_ASEQ Screen Structure - Planning Sequence
KEPM_DYNPRO_ATPD Screen Structure for Planning Method Top-Down
KEPM_DYNPRO_AUEX Screen Structure for Planning Method User Exits
KEPM_DYNPRO_AVAL Screen Structure for Planning Method Distribution
KEPM_DYNPRO_CHARSEL Screen Structure for Characteristic Selection
KEPM_DYNPRO_FYVINFO Fiscal Year Variant Information Screen
KEPM_DYNPRO_PLSEQ Screen Structure - Planning Sequence
KEPM_DYNPRO_RAS_SWITCH Screen: Include Structure for Radiobuttons: Copy/Add/Remove
KEPM_DYNPRO_REFDATA Screen Structure for Reference Data
KEPM_DYNPRO_VALUES Screen Structure for Table Control: Alternating Values
KEPM_DYNPRO_VFIELDS Value Field Selection Screen Structure
KEPM_DYNPRO_VFLDASS Screen Structure for Value Field Assignment
KERFC_DRULE_DETAIL Derivation Rule Details
KERFC_RULE Derivation Rule
KERFC_RULE_FIELD Derivation Rule Field
KERFC_RULE_VALUES Derivation Rule Entry
KPP5SF Key figures and Values
KPP5SG Control Table for Key Figures
PAPARTNER SD partner that can be used in CO-PA
PARETAIL Retail fields that can be used in CO-PA
RKB1A Input/output fields for profitability report
RKB1B Screen fields in SAPMKEB1, SAPMKCBR
RKB1C Fields for maintaining Table 237
RKB1S Structure of CO-PA row/column description
RKB1T Transfer structure for CO-PA text-read function module
RKB1T1 KE: Structure for Generation Log RKD_SHORT_TEXT_GENERATE_30
RKB1T3 KE: Structure for Dependency Log RKD_SHORT_TEXT_GENERATE_30
RKB1W Structure of transfer table TEXTE_TAB (PRINT)
RKB2T Transfer structure for CO-PA text-read function module
RKCOEJ_ERSCH PA transfer structure data for COEJ
RKCOEP_ERSCH PA transfer structure data for COEP
RKE_ATPER Operating concern: value assignment by day
RKE_AVERR CO-PA: Availability Check, Error Table
RKE_DAT Date in time range
RKE_DATV Date and value for date
RKE_ERKRS_LOGO Screen Structure for Operating Concern Logo
RKE_FIELD_INFO Format information from field table
RKE_FRTO Time interval: From/To day
RKE_HIERARCHY_ITEM Structure for Items of Tree Control
RKE_HIERARCHY_ITEM_UPD Structure for Update of Items of Tree Control
RKE_LIS_CRITS Communication structure for characteristics CO-PA <-> LIS
RKE_LIS_VFIELDS Communication structure for key figures
RKE_NETCHG CO-PA Net Change: Documentation Structure
RKE_PERV Period ID and value of period ID
RKE_PLANNING_EXIT Parameters for User Exit in CO-PA Planning
RKE_PLS CO-PA Planstructure node information
RKE_PLSTRU CO-PA plan structure: documentation for branch
RKE_PROT_CONTEXT Log - Header Context Information
RKE_PROTO_OUTPUT Field Catalog for ALV Tree Output (CO-PA Log)
RKE_RW_CRITS Communication Structure CO-PA / FI/CO Characteristics
RKE_RW_VFIELDS Communication Structure CO-PA / FI/CO Accounts
RKE_TREE_PROT Tree Log Components
RKE_TVAL Value for time range
RKE_YS_ALE_TREE Display Structure: RKE_ALE Tree
RKE_YS_CHAR_DESCR Characteristic / Description
RKE_YS_CONTEXT_HEADER COPA: Structure for Context Header in Application Log
RKE_YS_DATA_UNITS_2 Units of Measure for Account-Based Profitability Analysis
RKE_YS_DATA_VALUES_2 Value Fields for Account-Based Profitability Analysis
RKE_YS_FILTER Structure for Filter in Application Log
RKE_YS_LOG_DETAIL Structure for Details of a Message in the Application Log
RKE_YS_LOG_FIELD_VALUE Structure for Displaying Log Details in ALV Grid
RKE_YS_PLAN_CRIT_LAYOUT Characteristics in Planning Layout
RKE_YS_POS_CHAR CO-PA: Item and Characteristic Value
RKE_YS_POS_MESS CO-PA: Message for the Item
RKEA1 Work fields SAPMKEA1
RKEA2 Work fields SAPMKEA2
RKEA3 CO-PA: Maintain operating concern, work fields
RKEAK Work fields for acct assignment screen
RKEAK_AX Work Fields for Assignment Screen - Appendix
RKEAK_TREEV_NODE Assignment Screen: Tree Control - Nodes
RKEAK_TREEV_UNOD Assignment Screen: Tree Control - Change Nodes
RKECOMPCA Communication Structure CO-PA / EC-PCA
RKEFB Help str. for module SAPMKEFB
RKEFBAUTHC Template structure for generated authorization fields
RKEI1 Work fields SAPMKEI1
RKEPLSCMA Communication Structure: Parameter Schedule Manager
RKEPR Communications table for conditions in CO-PA
RWIF_DOKU Report Painter: Dummy Fields for Storing Documentation
SCHEDMAN_SPECIFIC_COPA CO-PA-Specific Field Permitted for the Monitor
TKE_DATABUFFER Communication Structure for CO-PA Analysis
TKECHACOTA Change to the Assignment KOKRS - ERKRS: Task Number
TKEPPLENVDYNP Screen Elements: Planning Interface
TKEPPLMEPASMPLA Planning Parameters - Reference Data
TKEPPLMEPASSPLA Planning Parameters - Manual Planning
TKEPPLMETHDYNP Screen Elements: Planning Methods
TKEPPLTXTK Long Texts: CO Planning Framework
TKEPPLTXTP Structured Key for SAPScript Text Storage
TKEVA03_HELP Structure for F1-Help concerning V_TKEVA03_ACT
TKEVA03_Z Structure of Tables for Cost Estimate Selection


SAP Package KE contains 280 programs.

COPA_COPY Copy CO-PA Transaction Data Between Operating Concerns
COPA_COPY_LOG Log Data Output
COPA_COPY_PLAN Copy CO-PA Plan Data Between Operating Concerns
COPA_ERKRS_2_BUKRS CO-PA: Structure of Company Code Line Items
COPA_KEPM_SHOW Display Planning Levels, Packages
COPA_REVERSE_KE27 Reversal of KE27 Delta Line Items in Profitability Analysis
COXMKES1 XPRA COPA: Conversion of row/column structures 2.0 -> 2.1
COXMKES2 XPRA COPA: Conversion of row/column structures 2.0 -> 2.1
COXMKES3 XPRA CO-PA: Convert row/column structures 2.2 -> 3.0
KCPAERK1 External Data Transfer: IS-B/TR Loans
MENUKEMN Application Menu: Profitability Analysis
MENUORKE Customizing Menu: Profitability Analysis
RKCREOG1 Reorganize Forms
RKDRPFT1 RPT: Correction of Inapplicable Formula Types in Table TKESK
RKDRPTV1 RPT: Correction Program for Standard Text Variables
RKDRPTV2 Correction XPRA error COXMKES2: Sets $$ back to &$
RKE_ACTIVATE_PROT Activate Log Update for CO-PA Read Interface
RKE_ACTIVITY_COST_COMP_CONTROL Control the Transfer of Activities to Costing-Based CO-PA
RKE_AL_CHECK_CYCLE Separate Formal Cycle Check for Operating Concern (Batch also)
RKE_AL_CHECK_PARALLEL Prototype, Check Report, Parallel Processing
RKE_AL_CHECK_PROC_GROUPS Consistency Check of CO-PA Allocations for Cycle Run Groups
RKE_ANALYSE_COPA_REPORTS Analysis Program for CO-PA (Exclusively for Reports)
RKE_ANALYSE_ERKRS_INDEP_1 Overview of CO-PA Transaction Data (Across All Operating Concerns)
RKE_CALL_V_T258I_KO Assignment of Conditions to Value Fields for CO-PA Valuation
RKE_CHACO_DATA_TRANSFER Data Transfer Between Source and Target Operating Concern
RKE_CHACO_FIELD_ASSIGNMENT Assignment of Fields from Source + Target Operating Concern
RKE_CHACO_PAOBJNR_1 Conversion of Profitability Segments in Sender Tables
RKE_CHACO_PAOBJNR_2 Conversion of CO Objects for Account-Based Profitability Analysis
RKE_CHACO_PAOBJNR_3 Copy Prof. Segements for Operating Concern Split
RKE_CHACO_PAOBJNR_4 Conversion of CO Objects for Account-Based Profitability Analysis
RKE_CHACO_PROTOCOLS Change of the Assignment KOKRS - ERKRS: Log Administration
RKE_CHACO_WRITE_CUSTOMIZING Convert Prof. Segments in Sender Table: Save Customizing Assignments
RKE_CONVERT_LAYOUT_INTO_PLEVEL Create Planning Level from Layout
RKE_COPA_VE_OVERVIEW_DISPLAY Overview of CO-PA Summarization Levels
RKE_DERIVE_ALE Derivation Rule Transport via ALE
RKE_DERIVE_ALE_BATCH JOB Derivation Rule Transport via ALE
RKE_DIST CO-PA Distribution
RKE_EVALUATE_PROT Evaluation of Read-Interface Log
RKE_EXITS Activation / Deactivation of CO-PA-Internal Exits ( TKEEXITS )
RKE_FLEX_UPL Flexible Upload
RKE_KE26 Test
RKE_KEGD Overview Actual Assessment Cycles
RKE_KEGE Overview Actual Assessment Cycles
RKE_KENC_ANALYZE Test CO-PA Realignments R/3 4.0A
RKE_KENC_EXEC_CHGRUN CO-PA Realignments: Execute Realignments
RKE_KENC_TEST_CHGRUN CO-PA Realignments: Test Realignment Run
RKE_KENC_UNDO_CHGRUN CO-PA Realignments: Restore Segments to State Before Realignment Run
RKE_KEUD Overview Actual Assessment Cycles
RKE_KEUE Overview Actual Assessment Cycles
RKE_PROT_EVALUATE Log for CO-PA Read Interface
RKE_REMOVE_REFERENCES Use Profitability Segment Numbers with CHACO
RKE_REO_CE4 Reorganization of the Segment Table
RKE_SHOW_KEDR_DEPENDENCY CO-PA Characteristic Derivation: Overview
RKE27SHOW Log Output for Periodic Valuation
RKE4XTRACE External Data Transfer: Print Trace
RKEABCVGA Define Record Types for Selecting Cost Drivers
RKEABSHOW CO-PA Valuation Analysis
RKEABSHOW_01 Display Valuation Customizing
RKEAE005 Prepare Subsequent Posting of Incoming Sales Orders to CO-PA
RKEAE009 Post Sales Orders Subsequently to Profitability Analysis
RKEAE010 Transfer Sales Orders to Profitability Analysis
RKEAE011 Simulation of Document Transfer from Incoming Sales Orders
RKEAE015 Repost Sales Orders With Errors
RKEAEDEL Delete Sales Orders Containing Errors
RKEAEERR Display Sales Orders Containing Errors
RKEAEMOD Incorrect data - change 'BTCI' indicator
RKEAGENF Delete, Refil, Display Internal CO-PA Field Table FIELDTAB
RKEAGENV Regenerate View Maintenance for User-Defined Characteristics
RKEALE01 CO-PA Distribution
RKEALE02 CO-PA Distribution
RKEALEAG CO-PA Distribution: Reconciliation
RKEALEGV CO-PA Distribution: Initial Supply
RKEALER1 CO-PA Distribution: Repair Program for CO-PA Distribution
RKEALERU CO-PA Distribution: Periodic Roll-up
RKEALEST CO-PA Distribution: Reversal
RKEANA_ERKRS_OV Overview of Performance-Relevant Settings for the Operating Concern
RKEANAS0 Generator: Overview Operating Concern
RKEANAT2 Test Report: Read from Summarization Levels
RKEANAT3 CO-PA: Analyze FIELDTAB and NAMETABS in data basis
RKEANAT4 Overview: Usable Load Object Level/Act. Line Item + Selectivity Chars
RKEAVIEW Maintain View V_TKEOE for Defined Operating Concern
RKEB0201 ?...
RKEB0401 Customizing for Key Figure Schemes
RKEB0403 Reorganization of Reports
RKEB0404 Reorganization of Report Data
RKEB0406 Reorganization of report data
RKEB0501 Reorganization of Row/Column Structure
RKEB0502 Structure: Overview
RKEB0503 Report Painter: Where-Used List
RKEB0504 Tool for report output
RKEB0601 Display Line Items
RKEB0701 Report Selection Using Reporting Tree
RKEB0801 Transport: Planning Layout
RKEB0901 Display the Maintained Variable Groups
RKEB1001 Copy Forms Between Operating Concerns
RKEB1002 Copy Key Figure Schemes Between Operating Concerns
RKEBATCH Print/Actualize Profitability Report
RKEBPBATCHGIPB Periodic Valuation
RKEBPBATCHGITD Top-Down Distribution
RKEBPBATCHGPUF Transfer of Plan Values to FI-GL
RKEBPBATCHGPUG Transfer of Plan Values to FI-SL
RKEBPBATCHGPUH Transfer of Plan Values to FI-GL
RKEBPBATCHGPUL Transfer of Plan Values to LIS
RKEBPBATCHGPUP Transfer of Plan Values to EC-PCA
RKEBPBATCHGPUS Transfer of Sales Quantities to SOP
RKEBPR01 CO-PA Mass Processing
RKEBPRAD List Display: Management
RKEBPRG1 Fill control tables TKEBPSF, TKEBPFM, TKEBPFL for mass processing
RKEBPRUM CO-PA-SPP: Conversion Program for Administration Entries from 3.0/3.1
RKECADL1 Cancel CO-PA Line Items
RKECONVOBJLEV Conversion of object level tables: CE3 <-> CE3_PACKD/CE3_PACKT
RKECORR99_EASY Same COBK with T811D for Cycles in CO-PA
RKEDEL01 Delete Settings for Operating Concern
RKEDEL03 Delete Environment of Operating Concern
RKEDELE1 Deletion of CO-PA line items
RKEDELTEST Deletion of Test Data in CO-PA
RKEDR_CLIENT_EXPORT Create Transport Request for All Derivation Strategies in Client
RKEDR_REGENERATE_AFTER_CC Client Transport: Regenerate Programs for Derivation
RKEDR_REGENERATE_ALL CO-PA Characteristic Derivation: Regenerate Strategies
RKEDR001 Copy rule values
RKEDR002 ...
RKEDR003 ...
RKEDR004 ...
RKEDR005 ...
RKEDRCHECK Characteristic Derivation: Check Table
RKEDRCLEAN Characteristic Derivation: Cleanup
RKEDRCLEAN2 Characteristic Derivation: Clean Up Programs/Tables
RKEDRCOPA CO-PA Derivation of Characteristic Values: Callbacks
RKEDRCOPA_DEFAULT CO-PA Derivation of Characteristic Values: Callbacks
RKEDREXITS Template: Exits for Derivation Tool
RKEDRFIX CO-PA Characteristic Derivation: Derivation of Fixed Characteristics
RKEDRINTIDS Derivation Tool: Set Internal IDs
RKEDRPA2PC CO-PA/Read Product Cost Estimate: Callbacks
RKEDRPADI Callbacks: Object-Dependent Distribution Keys
RKEDRPAFC Callbacks: Object-Dependent Forecast Profiles
RKEDRPATR Callbacks: Object-Dependent Revaluation Factors
RKEDRPCAP CO-PA Derivation of Characteristic Values: Callbacks
RKEDRPLPA Callbacks: Object-Dependent Revaluation Factors
RKEDRPLSZ_DEFAULT Derivation, Planning Aids CO-PA: Callbacks
RKEDRPRINT Characteristic Derivation: Overview
RKEDRPRINT_ENTRIES Derivation Rule: Print Rule Values
RKEDRPRINT_ENTRIES_NEW Derivation Rule: Print Rule Values
RKEDRPRINT_NEW Characteristic Derivation: Overview
RKEDRSBUFFER Display content of shared buffer for derivation tool
RKEDRTFND Derivation of Process Template for Dynamic Process Allocation
RKEDRTRACE Characteristic Derivation: Analyze Derivation Steps
RKEDRTRACEWRITE Characteristic Derivation: Provide Trace Information Saved in TKEDRX
RKEDRXPRA XPRA: Derivation Tool: Regenerate Programs
RKEDU1ON Main Drilldown Program for User Interface
RKEGENPLANNINGAID Regenerate Code for Object-Dependent Planning Aids
RKEGITD1 Reverse Top-Down Distribution
RKEHOH10 Generate Seqential File with Line Items (generate data)
RKEKEN1_40B Creates number range transaction KEN1
RKEKENNZ CO-PA Key Figure Maintenance
RKEMM005 Transfer of Documents from Materials Management to Profit. Analysis
RKEMNTNERKRS Analysis and Maintenance: Usage of Packed Object Level
RKEMSG00 Action Log for Generating
RKEOV Cycle Overview (Profitability Analysis)
RKEPAEDI Use of Characteristics/Value Fields in Segment Types
RKEPGEDI Generation of Assignment of Operating Concern Fields to IDoc
RKEPLANMETHOD Call Up Planning Methods
RKEPLDIA CO-PA Planning: Activate Online Planning
RKEPLDKL CO-PA Planning: Delete Screen Catalog
RKEPLKEPM Report for Calling CO-PA Planning Environment
RKEPLKEPM_46C Delete PALEDGER Field from Table in Planning Level
RKEPLPPR Check plan structure
RKEPLPST CO-PA Planning: Edit Plan Structure
RKEPLSZPADI Exit Program: Planning Scenario, Distribution Key
RKEPLSZPAFC Exit Program: Planning Scenario, Time-Dependent Revaluation
RKEPLSZPATR Exit Program: Planning Scenario, Time-Dependent Revaluation
RKEPLSZPLPA Exit Program: Planning Scenario, Revaluation
RKEPLU101 Callbacks: Tree CO-PA Planning Environment
RKEPLU102 Callbacks: Tree CO-PA Planning Environment: Mouse Menu
RKEPLUM1 CO-PA Planning: Correction Program for Attributes 3.0C -> 3.0D
RKEPLUM2 CO-PA Planning: Repair ABAP for Attributes in the Layout After Upgrade
RKEPLUMS CO-PA: Convert Planning 2.2 -> 3.0
RKEPLUT1 CO-PA Planning: Repair Planning Layout If OEKZ Was Changed
RKEPRODHIER CO-PA: Product Hierarchy
RKEPROT1 Structure generation: List of characteristics
RKEPROT2 Generate Structure: List of Value Fields
RKEPROTADM List Display: Management
RKERECE4 Reorganization of table CE4xxxx from CE1xxxx and CE2xxxx
RKEREO31 Reorganization of Segment Level - Actual
RKEREO3X Test and Reorganization of Tables CE1xxxx-CE4xxxx (Starter)
RKEREOBL Reorganization for Blocking Factor, Generate Program for Saving Data
RKEREOFC Reorganization of CO-PA field catalog TKEF / TKEFE / TKEFD / TKEBL
RKEREOG1 Reorganize Forms
RKEREOLT Reorganize Long Texts for CO-PA Planning
RKEREP3X Delete table T2501, Correction of Foreign Key Description in CE7xxxx
RKERET_BUFFER_REFRESH CO-PA Special Chars: Refresh Buffer for Material Group Hierarchy
RKERV002 Transfer SD Billing Documents to CO-PA
RKES0101 Call View Maintenance for V_TKESV
RKESHOW0 CO-PA: Display Structure Assignments
RKESOPVS List Display: Management
RKESTAT0 CO-PA: Statistics, Operating Concern
RKESTAT1 Overview: Number of Rule Values
RKESTAT2 Derivation: Field Verification
RKESTAT3 Derivation: Display All Internal IDs
RKET1GEN Setting Up Cost-Center Cost Transfer to CO-PA
RKET811D Convert Management Data for Cycles for Cost Center Cost Transfer
RKETKETR_XLSLIST Downloadable List of Summarization Levels (Customizing)
RKETRECL Summarization Levels: Delete Inconsistencies
RKETREPR Default for Summarization Levels (Not a Standard Function)
RKETREPROT Access Log Analysis: Summarization Levels
RKETRERF Build summarization levels from join table: costing-based CO-PA
RKETRERF_PARALLEL Build Summarization Lvls by Period from JOIN Tables (costing-based PA)
RKETRERF_PARALLEL_PERIOD Internal: Build a Summarization Level by Period
RKETRERF_PARALLEL_PERIOD_SUB Build Summarization Levels for Profitability Analysis
RKETRERF_PERIOD_MONITOR Monitor for Building Summarization Levels by Period
RKETRERJ Build Join Table (Costing-Based Profitability Analysis)
RKETRERT Build Summarization Level from Another Summarization Level
RKETRERU Build Summarization Levels for Profitability Analysis
RKETRERV Build Summarization Levels for Profitability Analysis
RKETREXT Export Data from Summarization Level to File
RKETRK2G Overall Planning: Log
RKETRK2H Text elements for RKEVRK2H
RKETRK2P Text elements for RKEVRK2P
RKETRK2T Overall Planning: Log
RKETRK4A Costing-Based CO-PA Archiving: Archiving Program
RKETRK4B Costing-Based CO-PA Archiving: Deletion Program
RKETRK4C Costing-Based CO-PA Archiving: Reload Program
RKETRK4D CO-PA Archiving Program: Account-Based CO-PA
RKETRK4E Account-based CO-PA Archiving: Deletion Program
RKETRK4F Account-Based CO-PA Archiving: Reload Program
RKETRTXT CO-PA Translation Tool
RKETVGAX XPRA for Supplying Record Type Tables in all Clients
RKEU_KEYFIGURE Create Calculated Values and Install Periodic Allocation
RKEU1GEN Setting Up Cost-Center Cost Transfer to CO-PA
RKEVAT30 XPRA for new Customizing Tables in CO-PA Valuation
RKEVEXT0 Transfer External Data to CO-PA
RKEVEXT1 CO-PA External Data Transfer: Maintain Sender Structure
RKEVEXT2 CO-PA External Data Transfer: Execute
RKEVEXT3 Execute CO-PA External Data Transfer
RKEVRK1C CO-PA: Create Actual Data
RKEXA40C XPRA: Convert Actual Assessment Cycles for Transfer of Cost Split
RKEXD000 CO-PA: Create/Display File in Structure COPA999
RKEXDLOG Display Error Log
RKEXSO40 XPRA for new Customizing Tables in CO-PA Valuation
RKEXU30C XPRA for renaming the standard enhancement for CO-PA derivation
RKGALKEG5 CO-PA: Actual Activity Allocation
RKGALKEGB CO-PA: Planned Activity Allocation
RKGALKEU5 CO-PA: Actual Assessment
RKGALKEUB CO-PA: Plan Assessment
RKGALPAR Allocations: Report for Background Start (CO-CCA -> CO-PA)
RKMERK00 Jump to Characteristic Value Maintenance
RKMERK01 Characteristics Maintenance
SAPFKEDU CO-PA External Data Transfer: Application-Specific Routines
SAPFKEFC CO-PA: Access Routines for Field Catalogs
SAPMGPSP Maintain Distribution Key
SAPMKEA3 CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern
SAPMKEDR Customizing for Characteristic Derivation
SAPMKEFB Module Pool for Authorization Objects
SAPMKEI2 Create/Display LI
SAPMKEI3 Print Line Items (User Interface)
SAPMKEND CO-PA: Maintain Realignments
SAPMKETREPROT Log for Accesses of Summarization Levels
SAPMKETRESTORAGE Maintain 'Alternative Storage' for Summarization Levels
SAPMWS20000377 Module Pool for Task WS20000377

Search Helps

SAP Package KE contains 29 search helps.

COPA_COND_EX CO-PA: Search Help for External Conditions
COPA_KAPPL_VALUATION Permitted Condition Classes for CO-PA Valuation
COPA_KSCHL Search Help for CO-PA Conditions
CRTP Currency type
H_LISCOPAZ_PLAN Search help for assignment info structure -> op. concern
H_T237A Generated Help View for Check Table H_T237A
H_T239 Generated Helpview for Check Table T239
H_T821S_COPA Distribution Keys Search Help with CO-PA Restrictions
H_TERKR Generated Helpview for Check Table TERKR
H_TKEB Helpview for Maintenance of Op.Concern
H_TKEBB Display Operating Concerns
H_TKEDP View: Tables Allowed as Entry Aids for Defining Charact.
H_TKEP7 Characteristic Group for Profitability Segment
H_TKEPA Revaluation
H_TKEPLEXIT Search help for customer exit in CO-PA planning
H_TKEPLEXIT_TP Search Help for Customer Exit in CO-PA Planning
H_TKEPPLMEPAH Parameter settings
H_TKEPPLMETHH Search Help for Planning Method
H_TKEPSZK CO-PA: Access for flexible planning aids
H_TKEQUS1 Ratio scheme
H_TKEQUS1_1 Ratio scheme
H_TKES1 Row/Column Structure
H_TKVS Maintain CO Versions
H_TKVS_COPA Maintain CO Versions
H_TMFT Generated Helpview for Check Table TMFT
H_TVGA Generated Helpview for Check Table TVGA
H_WWWDATA Web Repository Search Help
KECT Currency type

Message Classes

SAP Package KE contains 12 message classes.

K/ Nachrichtenklasse Merkmalsableitung etc.
K# Report Painter: Nachrichten
K7 Nachrichten zur Zeilen-/Spaltenstruktur
KE_CHACO Nachrichtenklasse für Ergebnisbereichsmerge / -split
KE/AD CO-PA: Istdatenfortschreibung (LIS/RW-Beleg)
KE/NC CO-PA Zuordnungsänderungen
KEBAPI Nachrichten für BAPIs
KG COPA - Planung
KG1 CO-PA Planung
KH Ergebnisrechnung: Berichtswesen

Authorization Objects

SAP Package KE contains 16 authorization objects.

K_KEA_ALE Profitability Analysis: Distribution
K_KEA_NET Profitability Analysis: Realignments
K_KEB_BER Profitability Report: Authorization Objects
K_KEB_REP Profitability Report: Report Name
K_KEB_TC Profitability Reports
K_KED_UM Profitability Analysis: Cost Center Assessment
K_KEDT_TC Profitability Analysis: Transfer Data to CO-PA
K_KEI_TC Profitability Analysis: Actual Data
K_KEKD_TC Profitability Analysis: Conditions
K_KEPL_BER CO-PA Planning: Authorization Objects
K_KEPL_FR Profit Planning: Initial Screen
K_KEPL_GP CO-PA Planning: Integrated Planning
K_KEPL_TC Profit Planning
K_KEPL_VER CO-PA Planning: Plan Version
K_KER_TC Profitability Analysis: Derivation Rule Values
K_KES_TC Profitability Analysis: Derivation Strategy