SAP Package SO


The package SO (SAPoffice) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BASIS.

Technical Information

Package SO
Short Text SAPoffice
Parent Package BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package SO contains 94 function groups.

SO00 SAPoffice: Send Short Message
SO01 SAPoffice: Window - create object
SO02 SAPoffice: Inbox/Express window
SO03 SAPoffice: Screen, window - RAWtext
SO04 SAPoffice: Screen - send
SO05 SAPoffice: Dynpros - Proxy On/Off
SO06 SAPoffice: Windows Folders
SO07 SAPoffice: Screen - folders
SO08 SAPoffice: Window - external interface
SO09 SAPoffice: Window - recipient list
SO10 SAPoffice: General Document Display
SO12 SAPoffice: Screen, window - proxy
SO13 SAPoffice: Screen, window - user
SO13_TAB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SO14 SAPoffice: Screen - TOM, editor dist.lst
SO15 SAPoffice: Screen - editor folder
SO16 System Profile Maintenance
SO17 SAPoffice: Objects
SO18 SAPoffice: Window - resubmission
SO19 SAPoffice: Object folder
SO20 SAPoffice: Window - utilities object
SO21 SAPoffice: Attribute search
SO22 SAPoffice: Interface SAPfind, interface
SO23 SAPoffice: Error Log
SO24 SAPoffice: Screen - object selection
SO25 SAPoffice: TOMs for MS Windows
SO26 SAPoffice: Interface - Fax Objects
SO27 SAPoffice: RTF editor
SO28 Maintenance interface for table SOGR
SO29 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SO30 SAPoffice: Utility Modules PC Connection
SO31 SAPoffice: Folder Manager
SO32 SAPoffice: DocManager and DocRepManager
SO33 SAPoffice: Document Manager (RAW)
SO34 SAPoffice: Shared Folders Subscribed to
SO35 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SO36 GBT: Unicode Conversions
SO37 Archiving of WI Attachments (SOFM)
SO38 MIM Tom (Dummy?)
SO50 Table maintenance TSOTX (gen.texts)
SO51 Table maintenance TSOTD (doc.classes)
SO52 Table maint. TSOTT (doc.class texts)
SO53 Table maintenance TSOVM (exec.parameter)
SO54 Table maint. TSOVT (exec.param.texts)
SO55 Table maintenance SOEMSREP
SO60 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SO61 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SO62 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SO90 API for SAPoffice interface
SO91 User interface for interface IFATTACH
SOA1 SAPoffice: Function - object
SOA2 SAPoffice: Function - send
SOA3 SAPoffice: Function - user
SOA4 SAPoffice: Function - proxy
SOA5 SAPoffice: PC Upload/Download
SOA6 SAPoffice: Function - dist. list API
SOA7 SAPoffice: Function - folder API
SOA8 SAPoffice: Interface SAPfind, database
SOA9 SAPoffice: Function - graphics
SOAD SAPoffice: Address management
SOAL SAPoffice Function ABAP List
SOAS SAPoffice: Attribute Search
SOB1 SAPoffice: Resubmission
SOB2 SAPoffice: Attachments
SOB3 SAPoffice: Document Functions
SOB5 SAPoffice: Function - correspondence
SOB7 SAPoffice: Utilities without screen
SOB9 SAPoffice: Function - initializing
SOC1 SAPoffice: Function - profiles
SOC2 SAPoffice: Function - ?????
SOC3 SAPoffice: Function - folder (int. DB)
SOC4 SAPoffice: Enqueue/dequeue management
SOC5 SAPoffice: SAPscript function for office
SOC6 SAPoffice: General Check Function
SOC7 SAPoffice: Folder Authorizations
SOC8 SAPoffice: Table Checks
SOC9 SAPoffice: DB Functions for RAW
SOD1 References
SOD2 SAPoffice: Conversions
SODS SAPoffice: Access to LDAP services
SOE1 SAPoffice: Send and Receive Externally
SOE2 API to SAPconnect for transmission
SOE3 SAPoffice: Inbox distribution
SOE4 Evaluation function modules for SOST
SOI1 API Function Modules for Externals
SOI2 2nd API - Test Edition
SOIL SAPoffice: Archive Documents (Images)
SOKP KPro Integration
SOLD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SOLD2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SOOF SAPoffice: Object folder
SOQU Quota
SORP Replication function modules
SOST SAPoffice: SAPscript texts


SAP Package SO contains 65 transactions.

F00 SAPoffice: Short Message
S_BCE_68000252 IMG Activity: SIMG_OSC1
S00 Short Message
SO00 SAPoffice: Short Message
SO01 SAPoffice: Inbox
SO01X SAPoffice: Inbox
SO02 SAPoffice: Outbox
SO02X SAPoffice: Outbox
SO03 SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO03X SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO04 SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO04X SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO05 SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO05X SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO06 SAPoffice: Substitution on/off
SO07 SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO07X SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO12 SAPoffice: User Master
SO13 SAPoffice: Substitute
SO15 SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO16 SAPoffice: Profile
SO17 SAPoffice: Delete Shared Trash
SO18 SAPoffice: Shared Trash
SO19 SAPoffice: Default Documents
SO20 SAPoffice: Private Default Document
SO21 Maintain PC Work Directory
SO22 SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. Files
SO23 SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO24 SAPoffice: Maintenance of default PC
SO28 Maintain SOGR
SO30 Business Workplace: Reorg.
SO31 Reorganization (daily)
SO36 Create Automatic Forwarding
SO38 SAPoffice: Synchr. of Folder Auths.
SO40 SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set MAIL
SO41 SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEFAX
SO42 SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_K
SO43 SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_M
SO44 SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEX
SO52 Deletes Address from User Master
SO55 User consistency check
SOAD SAPoffice: External Addresses
SOBN01 Personal data
SOCP SAPoffice: External Addresses
SODS SAPoffice: LDAP Browser
SOEX Express Message
SOFF SAPoffice: Area Menu
SOFR Mapping of telex recipients
SOPE Exclude Document Classes
SOSB Send Order Overview (User)
SOSG Overview Send Requests (Groups)
SOST SAPconnect Send Requests
SOSV SAPconnect Send Requests
SOTD SAPoffice: Maintain Object Types
SOTR Test transaction for API1 (received)
SOY1 SAPoffice: Mass Maint. Users
SOY2 SAPoffice: Statistics data collect.
SOY3 SAPoffice: Statistics Evaluation
SOY4 SAPoffice: Access overview
SOY5 SAPoffice: Inbox overview
SOY6 SAPoffice: Document overview
SOY7 SAPoffice: Folder overview
SOY8 SAPoffice: Mass Archiving
SOY9 SAPoffice: Inbox Reorg.
SOYA SAPoffice: Change folder owner

Database Tables

SAP Package SO contains 91 database tables.

SADRF Fax addresses with cover sheet
SADRO SAPoffice: Table for storing UNIX addresses
SADRU SAPoffice: Table for storing UNIX addresses
SADRX5 X.500 Directory Entries
SOADRBUF SAPoffice: DB for objects (import/export)
SOATT SAPoffice: Attachments for BOR objects
SOC3 SAPoffice: DB for objects (import/export)
SOCS SAPoffice: table for storage of an Office ID (SAPcomm)
SOCVPC SAPoffice: Conversion Table for PC Documents
SOCX SAPoffice: table for storing SAPcomm IDs
SOCY SAPoffice: inverse table for SOCX (SAPcomm ID table)
SODEST SAPoffice: Destinations
SODM SAPoffice: distribution list contents
SODSAT SAPoffice: User-friendly LDAP attribute names
SODSATST LDAP Attributes for Office Transmission Methods
SODSPROF Presettings for access to LDAP service
SODSPROF2 LDAP Profile (New 4.6C)
SOEMSREP SAPoffice: Control table for emergency sys. return transport
SOEP SAPoffice: Table for data transfer during express handling
SOER SAPoffice: receive externally
SOES SAPoffice: External send operation
SOFA SAPoffice: user-specific authorization for shared folders
SOFD SAPoffice: Object Definition
SOFFCHKF SOFF: File Name of Last Checkout
SOFFCHKO SOFF: Checkout Data to a Physical Information Object
SOFFCONT1 SOFF: Table for Document Contents (import/export)
SOFFLOIO SOFF: Instances of Logical Information Objects
SOFFLOIOT SOFF: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
SOFFLOPR SOFF: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
SOFFLORE SOFF: Outgoing Links for Logical Information Objects
SOFFLORI SOFF: Incoming Links for Logical Information Objects
SOFFPHF SOFF: Files of Physical Information Objects
SOFFPHHR SOFF: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
SOFFPHIO SOFF: Instances of Physical Information Objects
SOFFPHNM SOFF: Use of Target Anchor in Physical Objects
SOFFPHPR SOFF: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
SOFFPHRE SOFF: Outgoing Links for Physical Information Objects
SOFFPHRI SOFF: Incoming Links for Physical Information Objects
SOFFRE SOFF: Instances of Links
SOFFREPR SOFF: Attributes of Links
SOFIND SAPoffice: Search table via SOFD
SOFM SAPoffice: Folder contents
SOFR SAPoffice: Distribution List Table for Incoming Faxes
SOGR SAPoffice: Recipient determination during inbound distrib.
SOHS SAPoffice: DB for Home System (Shared Buffer)
SOID SAPoffice: Inverse record for distribution list
SOIMAP SAPoffice: Mapping Table IMAP UID - API2 ID
SOMF SAPoffice: Address tables for fax screen
SOMFT SAPoffice: SOMF language table
SOMG Table for persistence of objects MESSAGE/RECIPIENT
SOML SAPoffice: Multiple MLP: List of relevant systems
SOOC SAPoffice: object counter (per object type and year)
SOOD SAPoffice: Object definition
SOOF SAPoffice: object folder
SOOS SAPoffice: send process
SOPCPATH Path + File Name for Deleting PC Work Files
SOPR SAPoffice: System-wide profile
SOQUOTA Quota: Number and Size of Documents in Private Folders
SORD SAPoffice: Viewed Records for Shared Folders
SOREORG SAPoffice: Reorganization table for interim storage of keys
SORF SAPoffice: Replication Table
SORP SAPoffice: Replication Table
SORS SAPoffice: Resubmission of user
SORTSUBF SAPoffice: User-specific sort of folders subscribed to
SOSC SAPoffice: Connection table to SAPcomm and SAPconnect
SOST SAPoffice: Status log table
SOSTAT SAPoffice: Statistics
SOSU SAPoffice: Substitute for a user
SOSUBUT Workplace: Private Sort of Folders Subscribed to
SOSXTEST SAPoffice/SAPconnect: Temporary folder for test results
SOUB SAPoffice: Inverse user (SAPoffice user)
SOUC SAPoffice: Inverse user (SAP user)
SOUD SAPoffice: user definition
SOUR SAPoffice: Set of Regulations for User Agent
SOUXA SAPoffice: Address ID for System User without USR02
SOXP SAPoffice: Table for data transfer during express handling
TBCS_RECIP Control Table for Possible Dialog Recipient Types
TSALQ SAPaccess: language-dependent description of requests
TSARQ SAPaccess: all supported requests
TSOCX SAPoffice: SOC3 split
TSOEX SAPoffice: Trace Table
TSOPA SAPoffice: SET/GET Parameter
TSOPCFAV Favorites PC Documents
TSOPE Exclusion of Specific File Extensions
TSOPT SAPoffice: Parameter Texts
TSOTD Valid Object Types
TSOTT Object Type Texts
TSOTX General texts for SAPoffice
TSOUX SAPoffice: System User without USR02
TSOVM SAPoffice: valid processing types
TSOVT SAPoffice: Processing types, text table


SAP Package SO contains 33 views.

H_TSOPA SAPoffice: Help View for SET/GET Parameter
H_TSOTD SAPoffice: Help View For Object Types (TSOTD)
H_TSOVM SAPoffice: Help View for Processing Type
SOUI SAPoffice: Switching Between SAP Name, SAPoffice Name, ID
TSOPCFAV_V Maintenance of View to TSOPCFAV
V_SO_SOST Send Date and Title of Transmissions
V_SODM SAPoffice: Projection of Keys of Tab. for DL Entries
V_SOFC SAPoffice: View For Reading Folders
V_SOFC_ATT SAPoffice: Projection of Folder View
V_SOFC_P SAPoffice: Projection of Folder View
V_SOFD SAPoffice: View for Folder Hierarchy
V_SOFDSOFA SAPoffice: Join for Selecting Folders Subscribed to
V_SOFMSOFD SAPoffice: Join Between Folder Entry and Folder Definition
V_SOIC SAPoffice: View For Reading Inbox/Outbox
V_SOIC_ATT SAPoffice: Projection of Inbox View
V_SOIC_P SAPoffice: Projection of Inbox View
V_SOID SAPoffice: View of Inverse DL Tab. and Field Objects of SOOD
V_SOOF SAPoffice: object folder
V_SOOS_P View of table SOOS
V_SORDFDFA SAPoffice: Unviewed shared folders in subscribed list
V_SORDOD_P SAPoffice: Join for Selecting Unviewed Shared Documents
V_SORDSOFD SAPoffice: Unviewed shared folders in subscribed list
V_SORDSOOD SAPoffice: Join for Selecting Unviewed Shared Documents
V_SOUBADRP SAPoffice: Connection between SOUB and SADRP
V_SOUCADCP SAPoffice: SAP Name -> User Data
V_SOUCADRP SAPoffice: Connection between SOUC and SADRP
V_SOUD_P1 Projection view of SOUD for 4.0-XPRA adress management
V_SOUDADCP SAPoffice: User Data
V_SOUDADRP SAPoffice: View of SOUD and Fields of SADRP (Addresses)
V_SOUIADRP SAPoffice: View of SOUI and Fields of SADRP (Addresses)
V_SOUSRADR SAPoffice: View for SAP user and his/her address
V_TSOPCFAV Maintenance of View for PC Favorites


SAP Package SO contains 305 structures.

DOC_STRUCT Dummy structure with field (for func. mod. table parameters)
REC_STRUCT SAPoffice: Recipient from inbound distribution
REC_TYPE Structure with Instantiated Recipient Types
SADD SAPaccess: data for DDIC structures
SADK SAPaccess: key for access of DDIC structures
SADRFD Data part of a fax address
SADROD SAPoffice: Table for storing UNIX addresses
SADRUA SAPoffice: Index A Structure for Table SADRU
SADRUD SAPoffice: Data Part of a UNIX Address
SAML SAPaccess: request structure for mailman
SAMN SAPaccess: structure for description of unviewed mails
SAPS SAPaccess: system request structure
SASY SAPaccess: system response structure
SATT SAPaccess: structure for test request
SELC_WI Selc for Archiving of WI Attachments
SFORWARD Automatic Forwarding or Substitute
SMPSPARTS Single Part of Multipart/Related
SOADDR For buffering addresses in SHARED BUFFER
SOADDRESS SAPoffice: Address of a SAPoffice user
SOADDRTYPE Extension sxaddrtype
SOATTCHGI1 Data of an object which can be changed
SOATTINFI1 SAPoffice: Parameters belonging to the document itself
SOATTLSTI1 SAPoffice: Structure of Attachments List
SOCHANGEI1 SAPoffice: Data of Last Change of Object
SOCREATRI1 SAPoffice: Creation Information of an Object or User
SOCSA SAPoffice: structure of index A via SOCS
SOCSD SAPoffice: data division of SAPcomm ID
SOCSK SAPoffice: key part of the SAPcomm ID table
SOCSO SAPoffice: structure of the SAPcomm ID (SAP-SAP) table
SOCXD SAPoffice: data division of X.400 SAPcomm ID table
SOCXK SAPoffice: key of X.400 SAPcomm ID table
SOCYA SAPoffice: structure of the index on the inverse table SOCY
SOCYD SAPoffice: data fields of table SOCY
SOCYK SAPoffice: key fields of table SOCY
SOCYO SAPoffice: data and key fields of SOCY
SODH SAPoffice: distribution list header data
SODH1 SAPoffice: distribution list, change attributes
SODH2 SAPoffice: distribution list, display attributes
SODLICHGI1 SAPoffice: Changeable General Data of a Distribution List
SODLIDATI1 SAPoffice: General Information about a Distribution List
SODLIENTI1 SAPoffice: Entries in a Distribution List
SODLITREES Node Structure of a Simple Tree (Report SAPTREX3)
SODM1 SAPoffice: entry in DL with return code
SODM2 SAPoffice: entry in distribution list
SODMD SAPoffice: distribution list entries (data division)
SODMK SAPoffice: distribution list entries (key part)
SODMO SAPoffice: distribution list entries (without client)
SODMOO SAPoffice: distribution list contents without client
SODOCCHGI1 Data of an object which can be changed
SODOCCHGI2 Object data which can be changed - version 2
SODOCINFI1 SAPoffice: Parameters belonging to the document itself
SODOO SAPoffice: Structure like View of Inverse DL (w/o Client)
SODS SAPoffice: Input/output fields for LDAP browser
SODS01 Structure for Screen 500
SODS02 Transfer Structure Screen 320
SODSSERV LDAP Server (with Search Help SOLDAPSV)
SOENTRYI1 SAPoffice: Entry ID of a Folder Entry
SOERD SAPoffice: data division of the external receiving table
SOERK SAPoffice: key part of the external receiving table
SOERO SAPoffice: data and key part of recipient table
SOES1 SAPoffice: Selection result fields for SOES
SOESD SAPoffice: data structure of external send protocol (SOES)
SOESK SAPoffice: key structure of external send protocol (SOES)
SOESO SAPoffice: key and data of SOES (external send process)
SOEXTATTI1 SAPoffice: External Send Attributes for API
SOEXTOLE SAPoffice: Transfer Parameter of OLE2 Inplace Display
SOEXTRECI1 SAPoffice: Structure of the External Recipient List
SOFAD SAPoffice: user-specific folder authorization (data div.)
SOFAK SAPoffice: user-specific folder authorization (key part)
SOFAVDES Class and Description of PC Documents
SOFDD SAPoffice: Data of the Folder Definition SOFD
SOFDK SAPoffice: Key of Folder Definition SOFD
SOFDO SAPoffice: SOFD without Client
SOFDS SAPoffice: Search Criteria when Viewing Folders
SOFDSOFA SAPoffice: Structure for hierarchy data
SOFH SAPoffice: folder header data
SOFH1 SAPoffice: folder, change attributes
SOFH2 SAPoffice: folder, display attributes
SOFID SAPoffice: Data Part of the Filter
SOFILTERI1 SAPoffice: Filter for the Object Information
SOFM_WI Sofm for Archiving of WI Attachments
SOFM1 SAPoffice: folder contents, change attributes
SOFM2 SAPoffice: folder contents, display attributes
SOFMD SAPoffice: folder contents (data division)
SOFMK SAPoffice: folder contents (key part)
SOFMO SAPoffice: folder contents (without MANDT)
SOFOLCHGI1 Data of a folder which can be changed
SOFOLDATI1 SAPoffice: Information about the Data of a Folder
SOFOLENTI1 SAPoffice: Information about a Folder Entry
SOFOLHIRI1 SAPoffice: Hierarchy Table for Graphical Display etc.
SOFOR SAPoffice: Filter Structure for Viewing a Document
SOFORWI1 SAPoffice: Information about the Forwarder
SOFX SAPoffice: Help Structure for Fax Objects
SOGRD SAPoffice: Recipient determination inbound dist. (data part)
SOGRD2 SAPoffice: SOGR data section w/o sender or recip. address ID
SOGRK SAPoffice: Recipient determination inbound distr. (key part)
SOIDD SAPoffice: inverse record for object (data division)
SOIDK SAPoffice: inverse record for object (key part)
SOIDO SAPoffice: inverse record for object (without MANDT)
SOL2_WI Soli for Archiving of WI Attachments
SOLI SAPoffice: line, length 255
SOLI_WI Soli for Archiving of WI Attachments
SOLISTI1 SAPoffice: Single List with Column Length 255
SOLIX SAPoffice: Binary data, length 255
SOMFD SAPoffice: SOMF data fields
SOMFK SAPoffice: SOMF key fields
SOMGD Data part of SOMG (table for persistence of RECIPIENT)
SOMGK Key part of SOMG (table for persistence of RECIPIENT)
SOMLREC90 SAPoffice: Structure of API recipient list
SOMLRECI1 SAPoffice: Structure of the API Recipient List
SOMODSTR Structure for Screen Modification
SOMT SAPoffice: folder, display contents
SONV SAPoffice: table not to be used
SOOBJCHGI1 Data of an object which can be changed
SOOBJINFI1 SAPoffice: Parameters belonging to the document itself
SOOBJTP_S Structure of OBJTP
SOOCD SAPoffice: object counter (data division)
SOOCK SAPoffice: object counter (key part)
SOOD_WI Sood for Archiving of WI Attachments
SOOD1 SAPoffice: object definition, change attributes
SOOD2 SAPoffice: object definition, display attributes
SOOD4 SAPoffice: Interface for send screen and MOM
SOOD5 SAPoffice: Interface for attachment list
SOOD6 SAPoffice: path to object
SOODD SAPoffice: definition of an object (data division)
SOODK SAPoffice: Definition of an Object (Key Part)
SOODO SAPoffice: definition of an object (without MANDT)
SOOP1 SAPoffice: Parameter for Dialog Modules
SOOP1_WI Soop1 for Archiving of WI Attachments
SOOS1 SAPoffice: recipient with attributes
SOOS10 GBT: Transmission info in outbox
SOOS11 Recipient ID for Transfer to Send Module
SOOS2 SAPoffice: recipient with attributes
SOOS3 SOOS table and object name
SOOS4 SAPoffice: object, recipient, send attributes
SOOS5 SAPoffice: Send operation (without client)
SOOS6 SAPoffice: Transmission Information for FOLDER_CONT (SOMT)
SOOS7 Recipient data for express handling
SOOS8 SAPoffice: Recipient ID
SOOS9 SAPoffice: Archiving structure for SOOS and SOES
SOOSD SAPoffice: send process (data division)
SOOSK SAPoffice: send process (key part)
SOOSO SAPoffice: Send operation (without client)
SOPARAI1 ABAP/4: Old structure of selection table
SOPARBI1 SAPoffice: Parameter for Dialog Modules
SOPCKLSTI1 SAPoffice: Description of Imported Object Components
SOPRD SAPoffice: system-wide profile (data part)
SOPROCESI1 SAPoffice: Processing parameters for document
SOPROCPAR Execute parameters in express handling
SOQU_HDISP Display Structure for Header in RSSOQUDI
SOQUCONT Entries for Quota Display
SOQUTREEND Node Structure of a Simple Tree (Report SAPTREX3)
SORECI1 SAPoffice: Information about a Recipient
SORECINFI1 SAPoffice: Info structure for objects to be received extern.
SORECLSTI1 SAPoffice: Structure of Recipient List
SORECSCR SAPoffice: Transfer Parameter of Send Screen
SOREPLYREC SAPoffice: Substructure for reply recipient
SORH SAPoffice: RAW text header data
SORSD SAPoffice: resubmission of a user (data division)
SORSK SAPoffice: resubmission of a user (key part)
SORSO SAPoffice: resubmission of a user (without MANDT)
SORTSUBFD SAPoffice: Data - user-specific sort of folders subscr. to
SORTSUBFK SAPoffice: Key - user-specific sort of folders
SOS_OBJDAT SAPoffice: Data Exchange with Workplace
SOS_OBJLST SAPoffice: List for WP User
SOS00 SAPoffice: Short message
SOS01 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO01
SOS02 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO02
SOS03 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO03
SOS04 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO04
SOS04_N Extension of Screen Fields for SO04
SOS0414 SAPoffice: Tree Structure for Recipient List
SOS06 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO06
SOS07 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO07
SOS08 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO08
SOS09 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO09
SOS0915 SAPoffice: Tree Structure for Recipient List
SOS12 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO12
SOS13 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO13
SOS14 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO14
SOS15 SAPoffice: Screen Fields for Function Group SO15
SOS16 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO16
SOS17 SAPoffice: Screen fields for function group SO17
SOS18 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO18
SOS20 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO20
SOS211 SAPoffice: Attribute search
SOS22 SAPoffice: screen fields for function group SO22
SOS26 Inbound fax processing: Screen structure for SO26
SOS27 SAPoffice: Automatic reply
SOS28 Ref. structure for SOGR maintenance user interface screen
SOS31 SAPoffice: Screen Fields for Function Group SO15
SOS33 SAPoffice: Screen Fields for Function Group SO33
SOS90 SAPoffice: Structure for interface API
SOSC1 SAPoffice: Complete structure of SOSC
SOSCD SAPoffice: data division structure of SOSC (link to SAPcomm)
SOSCK SAPoffice: key structure of SOSC (link to SAPcomm)
SOSCO SAPoffice: Complete structure of SOSC
SOSCR SAPoffice: Additional Parameter for SCR Print
SOSENDERI1 SAPoffice: Information about the Sender
SOSNDATTI1 SAPoffice: Send Attributes
SOSNDCNTI1 SAPoffice: Counter of the Send Operation
SOSNDINF SAPoffice: Transmission info for status confirmation
SOSNDSCR SAPoffice: Transfer Parameter of Send Screen
SOSTATUSI1 SAPoffice: Status Information about an Object Entry
SOSTD SAPoffice: Data part of SOST
SOSTK Key structure of SOST
SOSTSTATUS Structure for Status in SOST
SOSTVW SAPoffice: Structure for Statistics Evaluation
SOSUBL SAPoffice: Structure for listing substitutions
SOSUD SAPoffice: Substitute for a user (data section)
SOSUK SAPoffice: Substitute for a user (key part)
SOSUO SAPoffice: Substitute for a user (without MANDT)
SOSUS SAPoffice: Screen Fields for RSSOUSED
SOSUX SAPoffice: Substitute for a user (with name)
SOSUY SAPoffice: All users a substitute is to subst. for (w/names)
SOTXT Dynamic Function Texts
SOTXTINFO Link to text to be output during express handling
SOTXTSCR SAPoffice: Transfer Parameter of Send Screen
SOTXTSTRUC SAPoffice: Structure for text in an express pop-up
SOUBD SAPoffice: inverse user (SAPoffice user) (data division)
SOUBK SAPoffice: inverse user (SAPoffice user) (key part)
SOUCD SAPoffice: inverse user (SAP user) (data division)
SOUCK SAPoffice: inverse user (SAP user) (key part)
SOUD1 SAPoffice: externally usable data of user (change)
SOUD2 SAPoffice: user data (display)
SOUD3 SAPoffice: SAP Name and SAPoffice Name of a User
SOUDACCI1 SAPoffice: Last Access Times
SOUDAREPI1 SAPoffice: Automatic Reply
SOUDATAI1 SAPoffice: Data of an Office User
SOUDAUTHI1 SAPoffice: Authorizations of a User
SOUDD SAPoffice: user definition (data division)
SOUDD1 SAPoffice: Part 1 of SOUDD
SOUDD2 SAPoffice: Second Part of SOUDD
SOUDFOLI1 SAPoffice: Root Folders of a User
SOUDK SAPoffice: user definition (key part)
SOUDNAMEI1 SAPoffice: SAP Name and SAPoffice Name of a User
SOUDO SAPoffice: user definition (without MANDT)
SOUDVIEWI1 SAPoffice: User View Settings
SOUIO SAPoffice: user definition (without MANDT)
SOUSERI1 SAPoffice: SAP Name and SAPoffice Name of a User
SOUSRADRI1 SAPoffice: Connecting structure between user and address
SOUXAD SAPoffice: Data Part of TSOUXADR
SOUXD Data Part of Table SOUX (Exceptions for User Names)
SOVALTIME Period of validity for express information
SOWIARC Structure of Archiving of WI Attachments (SOFM)
SOWPREG SAPoffice workplace: Folder Area
SOXAC SAPoffice: table with only ACONE group for interfaces
SOXAN SAPoffice: Sub-structure of an Address
SOXARC SAPoffice: Contents of archived documents
SOXAS SAPoffice: Check structure for similar SOOD entries
SOXATT SAPoffice: Display Structure for the Attachment List
SOXAU Internal Structure for SAP Authorizations in Office
SOXDA SAPoffice: Direct address with ID
SOXDL SAPoffice: inverse record DL + ident. (from SOOD) or client
SOXEA SAPoffice: address structure for sending externally
SOXEB SAPoffice: header of body part of external send
SOXEH SAPoffice: header structure for external sending
SOXEI SAPoffice: (current) SAPcomm ID for sending
SOXEM SAPoffice: Structure of Error Messages
SOXEQ SAPoffice: locked objects from the DB access modules
SOXER SAPoffice: external recipients of an object
SOXERR SAPoffice: Table structure for error log
SOXET Function codes which cannot be active
SOXFA SAPoffice: folder authorization (with user name)
SOXFI SAPoffice: Filter to read folder (inbox) )
SOXFLD SAPoffice: List of field names available for selection
SOXFX SAPoffice: Structure of data for fax cover sheet
SOXGL SAPoffice: Attributes for Viewed flag
SOXHD SAPoffice: Display of folders subscribed to
SOXHI SAPoffice: Hierarchy Table for Graphical Display etc.
SOXIMAP Structure for IMAP-ID - API2-ID Conversion
SOXLI SAPoffice: Table for List of Folders
SOXLL SAPoffice: Link list structure
SOXMS SAPoffice: Data in multiple selection for TOM
SOXNA SAPoffice: Name components for name selection
SOXOBJ SAPoffice: Object
SOXOF SAPoffice: Object folder
SOXOT SAPoffice: structure for table of object types
SOXPA SAPoffice: SOC3-ID of the PC paths provided
SOXPB SAPoffice: Structure of a name for external attributes
SOXPC SAPoffice: Paths to PC applications
SOXPL SAPoffice: Description of imported object components
SOXRE SAPoffice: Transfer Structure for Read Register
SOXRF SAPoffice: Structure of filter for recipient list
SOXRG SAPoffice: exclude table for the file systems
SOXRL SAPoffice: Link List of Documents
SOXRR SAPoffice: table with resubmission data and recipients
SOXRS SAPoffice: transmission and resubmission data
SOXRT SAPoffice: send attributes for recipients of an object
SOXSA SAPoffice: structure of an internal SAP address
SOXSC SAPoffice: structure of SAPcomm IDs (X.400) (splitting)
SOXSDNSO Structure for Transmission Options on Send Screen
SOXSE SAPoffice: structure of the internal table SELECTION_TABLE
SOXSG SAPoffice: Structure for SET/GET Parameters for Windows TOMs
SOXSP SAPoffice: Display structure for send processes
SOXSP2 Structure for SOST (Internal Use Only)
SOXSR SAPoffice: recipient table for status send/receive
SOXST SAPoffice: structure of the internal table SELECTION_TABLE
SOXSU SAPoffice : SOOS key + Correspondent (corresp. history)
SOXTP SAPoffice: Document selection, limit by type
SOXTX SAPoffice: Text Fields for Popup
SOXVT SAPoffice: available variable from SAPoffice for parameter
SOXWD SAPoffice: header table for MS WinWord objects
SOXX4 SAPoffice: exact structure of an X.400 address for SAPcomm
SOXX5 DN structure


SAP Package SO contains 169 programs.

BCI_OUTPER Performance measurement
RSBCS_NUMBER_RANGE BCS: Check and Correction of BCS Number Range Objects
RSSO_DEL_EMPTY_FOLID Delete SOFM Entries with Empty Folder ID
RSSO_DELETE_PRIVATE SAPoffice Administration: Delete Private Folder Items
RSSO_REPLACE_FILENAME_OBJHEAD SAPoffice: Verification of Document Name
RSSO0028 SAPoffice: SOGR Maintenance
RSSOADM0 Administration of automatic forwarding
RSSOADM1 SAPoffice: Administration: Adjust DL with Folder Authorizations
RSSOADRDUP BCS: Delete Duplicate Addresses
RSSOADRREF GBT: Reorganisation of direct addressses in address management
RSSOADRV BCS: Delete Unused Address References
RSSOAPIC SAPoffice: Test report for checking document creation API
RSSOAPID SAPoffice: Test report for checking distribution list creation API
RSSOAPIF SAPoffice: Test report for checking document creation API
RSSOAPIR SAPoffice: Test report for checking reception API
RSSOAPIS SAPoffice: Test report for checking distribution list creation API
RSSOAPIV SAPoffice: Test report for checking document creation API
RSSOAPUT Mass Archiving of Documents
RSSOAUTH SAPoffice: Internal subroutine: Adjust folder authorization
RSSOBCI03 SAPoffice: Third test generator for sending using SAPconnect
RSSOBCITEST01 Test report BCI: EditRecipientList, Copy, Delete, Submit
RSSOBCITEST02 Test report BCI: DisplayRecipientList
RSSOBCITEST03 Test report BCI: Recipient.Edit
RSSOBCITEST04 Test report BCI: Change address of appended recipient
RSSOBCITEST05 Test report BCI: Reassign, if message object, to non-hidden folder
RSSOBCITEST06 Test report BCI: BrowseLinkedApplObjects
RSSOBCITEST07 BCI test: Select/create document, link with FORMABSENC, send
RSSOBCITEST08 Test report BCI: ReadDocumentAttributes
RSSOBCITEST09 Test report BCI: Status/recipient info after Message.Submit
RSSOBCITEST10 Test BCI: Send to printer using BCI
RSSOBCITEST11 Test report BCI: Send under another name
RSSOBCITEST12 Test report BCI: Send with dialog
RSSOBCITEST13 Test report BCI: Attribute query recipient/address
RSSOBCITEST14 Test report BCI: Lock/unlock
RSSOBCITEST16 BCI-Test: Recipient.Expand
RSSOBCITEST17 Test report BCI: Address.Display
RSSOBCITEST18 BCI: Single sending for performance examination
RSSOBCITEST19 Test report BCI: Attibute query message object
RSSOBCITEST20 Test report BCI: Changed Flag for edit recipient list
RSSOBCITEST21 Test report BCI: Message.Create with KPro-ID
RSSOBCITEST22 Test report BCI: Cross-client copy of recipient
RSSOBCITEST24 Test report BCI: Create with dialog
RSSOBCITEST25 Test BCI: Business partner support
RSSOBCITEST26 Test report BCI: Attach
RSSOBCITEST27 Test report BCI: Copy attachments (CRM)
RSSOBCITEST28 Test report BCI: Send screen with document display
RSSOBCITEST29 GBT: Test report BCI, pager inbox
RSSOBCITEST30 Test report BCI: Compose with attachment
RSSOBCITEST31 Test report BCI: Sending to internal users using SAPscript
RSSOBCITEST32 Test report BCI: External sending to users
RSSOBCITEST33 Test BCI: Message.Edit
RSSOBCITEST35 Test BCI: Recipient Selection
RSSOBCITEST36 Test Report BCI: Create Binary Document
RSSOBCITEST38 Test Report BCI: Execution Attributes
RSSOBCITEST39 Test Report BCI: Competing Access to Recipients
RSSOBCITEST40 Test: Copy Message
RSSOBCITEST41 Test: Pager with API1
RSSOBCITEST42 Test: Direct Pager/SMS Address
RSSOBJRD SAPoffice: Check: Adjust Viewed Flag Between SOFM and SOOS
RSSOCHDR SAPoffice: Administration: Check Working Directory
RSSOCHOW SAPoffice: Administration: Report for Changing Folder Owners
RSSOCHPC SAPoffice: FORM Routines: PC Conversion Dialog Box
RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Administration: Customizing, Form Maintenance
RSSOCVPC SAPoffice: Conversion: PC Documents Created Before 3.0
RSSODELA SAPoffice: Administration: Delete All Data From All Clients
RSSODELDARK GBT: Deletion of Special Application References
RSSODELT SAPoffice: Administration: Delete All Data for Client
RSSODFRE Delete Documents from Hidden Folder
RSSODIAD GBT: Check Report for Direct Addresses
RSSODLIN SAPoffice: Administration: Delete Folder Entries of a User
RSSODLPC SAPoffice: Delete PC Work Files
RSSODLTX SAPoffice: Administration: Delete TSOEX (Trace Data)
RSSODLWF SAPoffice: Deletion of WF-SOFM entries
RSSODS SAPoffice: LDAP Browser
RSSODSX2 Address Export in LDAP Directory
RSSOEINV Conversion report for inbound distribution (table SOGR)
RSSOEMSC SAPoffice: Initialize emergency system replication table SOEMSREP
RSSOEMSD SAPoffice: Initialize transports from emergency system
RSSOEMSI SAPoffice: Initialize transports from emergency system
RSSOEMSR SAPoffice: Data transports from emergency system into normal system
RSSOEMUD SAPoffice: Transport of general distribution lists into emergency sys.
RSSOEMUM SAPoffice: Transport of substit./autom.forwarding into emergency sys.
RSSOEMUU SAPoffice: Transport of users into emergency system
RSSOEMUV SAPoffice: Transport of substit./autom.forwarding into emergency sys.
RSSOEXDA Delete Expired Documents from Outbox
RSSOEXTCOM SAPoffice: Check External Communication Addresses
RSSOEXTD SAPoffice: Administration: Trace List from Sending and Receiving Ext.
RSSOEXTR SAPoffice: Administration: Trace for Sending and Receiving Externally
RSSOFADL SAPoffice: Administration: Compare DL with Folder Auth. (Delete??)
RSSOFALU Update of authorizations for shared folders
RSSOFAX0 Fax Receipt: Upload a TIFF File to Shared Folders
RSSOFAX1 Create a Fax Document in Inbox
RSSOFIIN SAPoffice: Report for Updating SOFIND
RSSOFIND SAPoffice: Find Document
RSSOFOLD Evaluation of folders in shared folders
RSSOGDLI SAPoffice admin.: Create distribution list with all office users
RSSOINBD SAPoffice: Administration: Delete Inbox of a User
RSSOINBO Number of documents in user inbox
RSSOINIF SAPoffice: Report for Changing SAPoffice Default Documents
RSSOKIF1 Sample report for new communications interface for 4.0
RSSOKIF2 Sample report for using communications interface via SAPscript
RSSOKMIG SAPoffice: Administration: Migration of documents in KPro
RSSOLAZY Display inactive users
RSSOLSMP SAPoffice: Change the logical system for object references
RSSOMAPI2 MAPI: Test report
RSSOMAPI3 MAPI: Test report
RSSOMOVE Reorganization of inbox
RSSOOBJA SAPoffice: Reconstruction of Compatible Data Regarding RE + ToDo
RSSOOBJS Send Objects
RSSOPCDR Set the PC Working Directory in FRONT.INI
RSSOPRIV Number of documents per user
RSSOQUDI Display quota
RSSOQUMS Send mail because of quota
RSSOQURE Evaluation of quota data at distribution list level
RSSOQUTA Calculation of the quota
RSSORE00 Reorganization
RSSORE01 SAPoffice: Consistency Check Program
RSSORE02 Reorganization
RSSORECOVER SAPoffice: Retrieval of documents from deleted users
RSSOREDF Reorganization of Documents in Background Folder
RSSOREFC SAPoffice: Test Report for Creating References
RSSOREKI SAPoffice: Reorganization of communication interface
RSSORERF SAPoffice: Reorg. program for table SADRU
RSSORERU SAPoffice: Reorg. program for table SADRU
RSSORESN Reorganization of Successful Send Processes
RSSOREST Delete Unnecessary SOST Records
RSSORFCD Change RFC Destination in SAPoffice Profile
RSSORPLI SAPoffice: Replication of Shared Folders Main Program
RSSORSCL Deletes SOFM Records Without SOOD Record
RSSOSCRC SAPoffice: Receives a Document From SAPcomm And Forwards it
RSSOSCSD SAPoffice: Passes Objects to SAPcomm For Sending Externally
RSSOSCSR SAPoffice: Receiving a Status Message For a Sent Object
RSSOSCSS SAPoffice: Transfer of Status Messages to SAPcomm
RSSOSDPR SAPoffice: Selection of transmission requests
RSSOSDSD SAPoffice: temp: only to be processed in system
RSSOSEND SAPoffice: Sends a Document from Table INDX
RSSOSFRP Recreate SAPFind Indexes (After Client Copy, For Example)
RSSOSNDM SAPoffice: Sends a Document from Table INDX
RSSOSO00 SAPoffice: Test
RSSOSOES BCS: Reorganization of Send Tables
RSSOSOSTSTAT Administration of External Send Processes
RSSOSPPC SAPoffice: Set Paths to PC Applications for OS/2-PCs
RSSOSTAT Data collection
RSSOSTATDATE Correction of invalid date entries in status update
RSSOSTVW Evaluation of data collection
RSSOSXANA01 SAPoffice: Analysis of test data for sending using SAPconnect
RSSOSXDEL01 SAPoffice: Delete selected log data
RSSOSXGEN01 SAPoffice: First test generator for sending using SAPconnect
RSSOSXGEN02 SAPoffice: Second test generator for sending using SAPconnect
RSSOSXGEN03 SAPoffice: Third test generator for sending using SAPconnect
RSSOTRCL Delete shared trash
RSSOTRRP Report for Note 361548
RSSOUADD SAPoffice: Delete Address Number from Office User
RSSOUADR Enter missing addresses in SAPoffice from address management
RSSOUMSC SAPoffice: Conversion report for SOSC 3.x->4.0
RSSOUPDL Copying EXT Files to a Central Local Directory
RSSOUSCK Restore consistency of an individual user
RSSOUSCO Consistency check of user tables
RSSOUSCO_FOR_CC SAPoffice: Create consistency between SOUD, SOUC and addresses
RSSOUSDF SAPoffice: Changing the Setting for the Confirmation Prompt On/Off
RSSOUSED Mass change of private office settings for users
RSSOUSFD SAPoffice: Repair Report for Missing User Root Folders

Search Helps

SAP Package SO contains 5 search helps.

H_TSOPA SAPoffice: Help View for SET/GET Parameter
H_TSOTD SAPoffice: Help View For Object Types (TSOTD)
H_TSOVM SAPoffice: Help View for Processing Type
SOLDAPAT LDAP Attribute Numbers

Message Classes

SAP Package SO contains 1 message classes.

SO SAPoffice: Nachrichtentexte

Authorization Objects

SAP Package SO contains 6 authorization objects.

S_OC_DOC SAPoffice: Authorization for an Activity with Documents
S_OC_FOLCR SAPoffice: Authorization to Create Shared Folders
S_OC_ROLE SAPoffice: Office User Attribute
S_OC_SEND Authorization Object for Sending
S_OC_SOSG Authorization Object for Send Requests Overview
S_OC_TCD SAPoffice: Transaction Code Authorizations