BASIS Structure Package

The package BASIS (BASIS Structure Package) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Package BASIS
Short Text BASIS Structure Package
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Embedded Packages

SAP Package BASIS contains 1016 embedded packages.

AWU Wizard-Driven Definition of Event Enablers
BDL Service data download
BDL3 Service data download (as of R/3 Release 3.x)
DSWP_MON_GRMG Generic Request and Message Generator
S_ABAP_EXCEPTIONS ABAP Runtime Errors as System Exceptions
S_ABAP_GEN ABAP Generation
S_ABAP_TOOLS ABAP: Troubleshooting Tools
S_ARCH_DB_ANALYZE Table Analysis
S_AS_AFB Archive File Browser
S_ASAP ASAP Roadmap Migration to KW
S_ATRA_MAIN Main Package for All ATRA Subpackages
S_AUTH_EXTERNAL Authorization Assistant
S_BADI_FORMULA_BUILDER BADI Implementation with Formula Builder
S_BASIS_GENERAL General Basis Functions
S_BBP_CUA Components of Central User Administration for BBP
S_BFA_TEST Objekte zum Testen der BFA-Funktionalität
S_BOOK2FLY Demo - Flight Information Application
S_BOR_MIG Tools and Basis Developments for BOR/CL Migration
S_BPT_WIZARDS Wizards: Wizard Builder and Wizard Runtime System
S_CHECK_MC Mutiple Client Check Functions
S_CHECK_RESULT_MANAGEMENT_EXT Check Result Management (Used by Checks)
S_CODE_INSPECTOR ABAP Source Code Analysis
S_CONTEXT_MANAGEMENT Central Context Management
S_CUSTOMIZING_ACTIVITY Customizing activity
S_CUSTOMIZING_EXTERNALS Customizing: External Interfaces
S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_ACTIVITY IMG Activity (Document, Activity, Attributes)
S_CUSTOMIZING_IMG_TOOL Maintenance Tools for IMG
S_CUSTOMIZING_LANDSCAPE System-Landschaftpflege für Customizing-Tools
S_CUSTOMIZING_MAPPING Mapping Tools for Customizing
S_CUSTOMIZING_PROJECTS Customizing Projects: Administration and Processing
S_DBMON_ORA Database Monitor for Oracle
S_DEVICE_DOCUMENTS Object Wrapper from Documents for an External Device
S_DMCC Preconfigured DMC Projects, Conversion Objects
S_DMCM Data Mapping and Conversion: Maintenance
S_DMCR DMC Tool: Runtime Environment Objects
S_DRB Document Relationship Browser
S_DX_BAPI Data Transfer Workbench
S_DX_WB Data Transfer Workbench
S_EDX External Data Transfer
S_GENERIC_COMPARE Generic Comparison Tool
S_GUI Web Client 2000
S_GUI_DEMO Demo-Klassen
S_GUI_INTERNAL Web Client 2000 Internal Objects
S_HIERARCHY General hierarchy maintanence tool
S_ISSUE Issue Management - Solution Architect
S_LWE_WF_CONNECTOR Workflow Connector for Life and Work Events
S_MEMORY_UTILS Memory Management Utilities, Test Driver etc.
S_PACKTOOLS Tools for Packages/Delivery Information
S_PERF_TRA New Performance Trace / Statistics with DB Connection
S_PERS Development Class for Personalization
S_PERS_MA Prototyp Personalisierung MiniApps
S_PROFGEN Profile generator
S_RRR_BCCUST Installation Post-Processing: Basis Customizing
S_SAA_WP System Administration Assistant for the Workplace
S_TECHED_2001_WR2D2W1 TECHED 2001 Wien/LA Unicode Enabling
S_TECHED_2002_WR3D1W3 TEched 2002: ABAP lists and Unicode Demos
S_TECHED_2003 Teched 2003: Unicode outside communication
S_TEST_P test
S_TWB Test Workbench
S_TWB_GUI Test Workbench: Interface Design
S_TWBM Test Workbench Manager
S_UKM Unified Key Mapping (UKM)
S_WEBDYNPRO_RECORDING Persistence for Web Dynpro Recording
S_WIZARD Wizards
S_WP_AGR_DR Drag&Relate item type for activity groups
SAAB Activatable Breakpoints and Assertions
SABA IR310 3.0 Delta Roll-Out Training Examples
SABAPDOCU ABAP Documentation Objects in ABAP Workbench
SABB Example Objects for the ABAP/4 Manual
SABP ABAP Runtime Environment
SABP_DYNAMIC_TYPES Objects for Dynamic Type Generation
SABP_UTIL Workbench: Utilities for ABAP sources
SACC R/3 Accessibility
SACL Access Control Lists
SADA Porting and CCMS SAP DB
SADB Adobe Project
SAFL ABAP Foundation Library
SAI_PROXY Application Integration: ABAP Proxies
SAI_PROXY_TEST Test Package for Generated Proxies
SAIO ALL IN ONE developments
SAIS Audit Info System BC
SAIS_BCE Audit Info System BC
SALC Application Link Enabling: Customizing
SALE Application Link Enabling
SALE2 Application Link Enabling/ Basis Tools
SALE3 ALE Synchronization of Customizing Data
SALERT Main Package for SAP Alert Management System
SALL SYBASE System 10 Porting
SALV ALV: Customer Wrapper
SALV_BS ALV Basis Package for Web Dynpro and SALV
SALV_EX ALV Services
SAOA SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow and Office Integration
SAOC SAP ArchiveLink: Test Programs
SAOD KPRO: Asynchronous Requests and Monitor
SAOF SAP ArchiveLink Document Finder
SAOI ArchiveLink Application Attributes
SAOK SAP ArchiveLink KPRO Functions
SAOL ArchiveLink: Record User Activities (Logging)
SAOM KPRO CMS: Near-Frontend Functions
SAOO SAP ArchiveLink Business Objects
SAOP ArchiveLink general
SAOV Document Viewer
SAP_FRONTEND_COMPS Maintain make and installation procedure
SAP_NOTE SAP General Note Function
SAP_RECORDS SAP Records Management System
SAP_TRANSLATION_99 Translation: <not assigned>
SAP_TRANSLATION_AC Translation: General Accounting
SAP_TRANSLATION_AD Translation: Aerospace & Defense Industry Component
SAP_TRANSLATION_AP Translation: Advanced Planner and Optimizer - APO
SAP_TRANSLATION_AU Translation: Automotive Industry
SAP_TRANSLATION_B1 Translation: Enterprise Buyer Professional Edition
SAP_TRANSLATION_B2 Translation: Customer Relationship Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_BA Translation: Bank Components
SAP_TRANSLATION_BC Translation: Basis
SAP_TRANSLATION_BW Translation: SAP Business Information Warehouse
SAP_TRANSLATION_CA Translation: Cross-Application Components
SAP_TRANSLATION_CF Translation: Corporate Finance Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_CM Translation: Campus Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_CO Translation: Controlling
SAP_TRANSLATION_CS Translation: Customer Service
SAP_TRANSLATION_CY Translation: Capital Gains Tax, IBS AG
SAP_TRANSLATION_E1 Translation: E-Business Accounting
SAP_TRANSLATION_EC Translation: Enterprise Controlling
SAP_TRANSLATION_EH Translation: Environment, Health & Safety
SAP_TRANSLATION_EN Translation: Engineering & Construction Industry
SAP_TRANSLATION_EP Translation: Enterprise Portals
SAP_TRANSLATION_FI Translation: Financial Accounting
SAP_TRANSLATION_FS Translation: Financial Services
SAP_TRANSLATION_HC Translation: Hospital Industry
SAP_TRANSLATION_HT Translation: High Tech Industry
SAP_TRANSLATION_IM Translation: Investment Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_IN Translation: Insurance Industry
SAP_TRANSLATION_IS Translation: Real Estate Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_JV Translation: Joint Venture Accounting
SAP_TRANSLATION_KM Translation: Knowledge Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_LE Translation: Logistics Execution
SAP_TRANSLATION_LO Translation: Logistics General
SAP_TRANSLATION_ME Translation: Media Industry
SAP_TRANSLATION_MM Translation: Materials Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_MP Translation: Marketplace
SAP_TRANSLATION_PA Translation: Personnel Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_PC Translation:Contract Accts Receivable/Payable, Public Sector
SAP_TRANSLATION_PE Translation: Training and Events Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_PM Translation: Plant Maintenance
SAP_TRANSLATION_PP Translation: Produktion Planning and Control
SAP_TRANSLATION_PS Translation: Project System
SAP_TRANSLATION_PT SAP Translation: Time Management (PT)
SAP_TRANSLATION_PY SAP Translation: Payroll
SAP_TRANSLATION_QM Translation: Quality Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_RE Translation: Real Estate Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_SC Translation: Business Consolidation
SAP_TRANSLATION_SD Translation: Sales and Distribution
SAP_TRANSLATION_SE Translation: Strategic Enterprise Management
SAP_TRANSLATION_SM Translation: Corporate Performance Monitor
SAP_TRANSLATION_SV Translation: Service
SAP_TRANSLATION_TE Translation: Telecommunications Industry
SAP_TRANSLATION_TR Translation: Treasury
SAP_TRANSLATION_UT Translation: Utilities Industry
SAP_TRANSLATION_WP Translation: Workplace
SAP_TRANSLATION00 Dummy Development Class for Translation Environment
SAP50 SAP Training: SAP50
SAPBC_BOR SAP Training: BOR Demonstration Objects
SAPBC_DATAMODEL Data Model: BC_TRAVEL for Workbench Training and Docu.
SAPBC_GLOBAL SAP Training: Objects for Multiple Course Use
SAPBC_IBF IBF Concepts for Flight Data Model 1 (Demonstration Only)
SAPBC_IBF2 IBF Concepts for Flight Data Model 2 (Demo Only)
SAPBC_TRAVELAGENCY Flight Data Model - Travel Agency
SAPBC402 SAP Training: BC402
SAPCALENDAR Calendar Control Development Class
SAPHTMLEDITOR Development Class for HTML Editor
SAPITEST1 Test Class Library API: nie transportieren!
SAPPICTURE SAP Picture Control
SAPTEXTEDIT Development class for text edit control
SAPTEXTEDITOR Wrapper of TextEdit Control
SAPTOOLBAR SAP Toolbar Control
SAPWL_COLLECTOR SAP Workload Collector: New Functions as of Release 4.6D
SAPWL_DISTRIB_STATRECS SAP: Statistics Records for a Distributed System Landscape
SAPWL_FRONTEND SAP: Workload Display, Enjoy & OO Version - ST03N
SAPWL_NONE_R3_STATREC Read/Process Statistical Data from Non-R/3 Systems
SAPWL_NONE_R3_TRACE Read/Process Traces for Non-SAP R/3 Systems (DSR Project)
SAPWL_OLD_COLLECTOR SAP Workload Collector (Old Version)
SAPWL_OLD_FRONTEND SAP: Old Version of Workload Disp.(ST03) (4.6): ENGLISH ONLY
SARC Archive Development Kit
SARC_DA Archiving/Deletion
SARCIS Archive Information System
SAS4 General Basis / AS/400
SASAP Question && Answer Database
SASAPIA Implementation Assistant
SATL ABAP Template Language
SATT Attribute Repository for Reference Objects
SATT_CONT General Attribute Repository Content
SAUCTION Example Auction
SAUD Description of Delivery Units
SAUS Transport Control (Repository Switch)
SAUT Upgrade Tools for DB and OS Porting
SBAC Kernel Objects
SBADITEXTS General Texts for BAdI Documentation
SBAPI BAPI Remote Programming Model
SBAPITEXTS General Texts for BAPI Documentation
SBAS Miscellaneous BASIS
SBAT BASIS System Tables
SBCM Basis Application Components
SBCOA OrgUnit Management (OA)
SBCOM_ADMIN Business Communication: Administration
SBCOM_ALTMON Business Communication: Connection to Alert Monitor
SBCOM_IR Business Communication Interaction Routing
SBCOM_MIME Business Communication: MIME Conversion Tool
SBCOM_ROUTING Business Communication Rule-Based Routing
SBCOM_SETUPTOOLS Business Communication: Setup and configuration support
SBCOM_TOOLS Business Communication: Tools for SAPconnect and SAPphone
SBCOMS Business Communication Service
SBDC SAP Batch Input
SBDS SAP Knowledge Provider Business Document Service
SBEIF Reference Structure and Process Maintenance Interface
SBEX BE - General Basis Customizing
SBF_BAPI Business Framework BAPI, Central Modules, Tools
SBF_BAPI_DEMO Business Framework BAPI, Examples
SBF_BAPI_TODO TODO Checks for the BAPI Environment
SBF_BATMAN Business Framework: BaTMan Functions
SBF_BW Business Framework: BAPI Development Workbench
SBF_WEB Obsolete: Do Not Use (BFA WebBasis)
SBIC Business Information Warehouse: Extraction Customizing Tab.
SBIE Business Information Warehouse: Data Extraction
SBIG Business Information Warehouse: Generation Tool
SBII Business Information Warehouse: Idocs in 4.0 format
SBIM Business Information Warehouse: Metadata maintenance
SBIS Multi-Dimensional Set Object
SBIW Business Information Warehouse: Central objects
SBMIF Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
SBMIG Migration BOR -> Class Library
SBOR_MIGRATION BOR Migration Conversion Assistant
SBOT Business Object Technology (BOT)
SBPT_FWWP Framework for Workplace
SBPT_GUI GUI Components
SBRN Replace Industry-Specific Short Texts
SBRN_TTT Industry Sector Text Conversion Test Environment
SBSP Business Server Pages (BSP) Objects
SBSP_MOBILE Extensions for Mobile Devices
SBSPEXT_GRAPHICS BSP Extensions for SAP Graphics
SBSRVC Basis Services - Customizing
SBTC SAP Background Processing
SBTC_OLD Development Class for Old Background Objects
SBTCONOBJ Control Objects, Comp. Trace, Verfication, Cleanup for BTC
SBTF Business Text Framework
SBTFR Text Storage in BTF
SBTI User Interface and Job-API of Background Processing
SBTJOBAPI new background job API
SBTJOBAPI_UI User interface for new job api
SBUF Table Buffers
SCAI Central Administration Infrastructure
SCAT Computer Aided Test Tools
SCAU CATT Unused Objects from SCAT
SCBR Customer Branding
SCCC Basis: Customizing Comparison
SCCMSUPDATE Update Monitoring
SCCU Measurement of Concurrent Users
SCET Control Enabling Technology / Control Framework
SCFL Conversion utilities
SCL Basic Objects for Classification
SCLA Classification
SCMA Change Management Server
SCMC_BACKEND CCMS Monitoring Console Backend Functions
SCMC_FRONT_BSP CCMS Monitoring Console: BSP Front End
SCMG Case Management
SCMG_ATTRIBUTES Case Management - Attribute Display
SCMI CCMS: Central Management Infrastructure
SCMO ???
SCMP Splitscreen Editor
SCMS KPRO: Content Management Service
SCOM Application packets
SCOMPONENT Test and Correction Programs for Component Hierarchy
SCON SAPconnect - External Communication
SCONTROLS Control administration and information system
SCOOL Enterprise Services Framework
SCOOL_DICTIONARY Dictionary Service Module
SCOV ABAP Coverage Analyzer
SCP SAP Code Pages
SCPR Business Configuration Sets
SCQADB Collaborative Q&Adb
SCRP Screen Painter
SCRP_UTIL Screen Painter: Utilities
SCS4 R/3 Customizing Tools 4.0
SCSC R/3 Customizing Tools
SCSL CSL: Cross-System Cross-LUW Lock
SCSM CCMS Central System Management
SCSM_DATACOLLECTION Data Supplier in the CCMS Monitoring Architecture
SCSM_DATASUPPLIER Data Supplier in CCMS Monitor Architecture
SCSM_UI User Interface for System Component Repository
SCSM_XML XML Interface to System Component Repository
SCTS_API CTS API for External Change Management
SCTS_BAS CTS: Central Functions (Including Authorizations)
SCTS_CAT CTS: Object Directory & Packages
SCTS_CICO CTS: Link for CheckOut-CheckIn
SCTS_COMP CTS: System Comparison
SCTS_COMP_SYS Compare Repository in Two SAP Systems
SCTS_CTO_CUST_SYNC Callup of Customizing Synchronizer from CTO
SCTS_CUS CTS: Originality Attributes for Customizing Settings
SCTS_EXE CTS: Transport Services
SCTS_IAC Transport, Studio Link, Publishing IAC Objects
SCTS_IMG CTS: Implementation and Customizing (IMG)
SCTS_LOG CTS: Log Interface
SCTS_NSP CTS: Namespaces and Naming Conventions
SCTS_OBJ CTS: Object Editing (Including Transport Objects)
SCTS_PRJ CTS: Transport Control Using Projects
SCTS_REQ CTS: Request Editing
SCTS_SE07 CTS: Transaction for Analyzing tp import all
SCTS_TODO TODO Checks from the Change and Transport System
SCTS_TRA CTS: Transport Control & System Configuration
SCUA Menu Painter
SCUI Customer Info Project
SCURMAINT Prototype: Improved exchange rate maintenance
SCUS Customer Information
SCVAU Check Variants After Upgrade
SCWB Correction Workbench
SCWN Note Management
SDAD ABAP/4 Dictionary: Cross-object, Mass Processing
SDB_ADBC ABAP Database Call Interface (Dynamic SQL)
SDB_DBI General Database Interface
SDB_ORA Oracle Porting
SDB2 DB2/390: DDIC
SDB4 ABAP Dictionary / iSeries
SDB6 Porting: DB2 UDB for UNIX and Windows
SDBA DBA: Database-Independent Code
SDBI DBA: Informix-Specific Components
SDBO Database Administration: Oracle-Specific Components
SDBP Database Profile Maintenance
SDBT ABAP Dictionary: Basic Tools
SDD Data Dictionary Maintenance 2.2 (and 3.0)
SDDB ABAP/4 Dictionary: Converter
SDDC Classification of Enhancement Option in DDIC
SDDD Data Dictionary: objects accessed in the kernel
SDDO ABAP/4 Dictionary: Domains, Data Elements
SDDU DD: Development Class for Dictionary Tools
SDDX Structures and tables old info system
SDEL Objects from SL Group Flagged for Deletion
SDEW Service Download Earlywatch for DB2
SDF_CCMS_CON Interface Between Service Download and CCMS
SDFI Repository Interface Reference Model
SDFM Maintenance of Reference Structure and Processes
SDFU Reference Model Upload
SDGR Graphics connection for Dictionary maint.
SDIC ABAP Dictionary
SDIM DM: Interfaces ABAP/4 Dic.<->Data Modeler (new) & SIMO (old)
SDIR DD: Interface-Repository
SDIT Access to Global Tables
SDMC R/3 Matchcode Development - New Functions
SDME_CON DME: Controls
SDME_DLG DME: Maintenance dialogs
SDME_OBJ DME: Maintenance Objects
SDME_ODT DME: Object Design Tool
SDMM Information on HRGEN (Data Modeler)
SDMO Database Monitor
SDOC Documentation Maintenance
SDOCUTEST2 Namespace extension: Development class w/o namespace
SDOK SAP Knowledge Provider
SDSH ABAP Dictionary internal: Poss.entries (F4)
SDTB ABAP/4 Dictionary: Tables
SDTI Desktop Integration
SDTT DD: Table types
SDUM DM: Data Modeler (new) and SIMO (old)
SDUT ABAP/4 Dictionary: Analysis Repair Utilities
SDVI ABAP/4 Dictionary: Views, Lock Objects
SDVS KW: DVS MEta Model and Interfaces
SDW0 ABAP/4 Development Workbench - demo
SDW1 ABAP/4 Development Workbench - Demo 1
SDW4 ABAP Workbench Demos
SDW5 ABAP/4 Development Workbench: BEAC Corporate Flight System
SDW6 ABAP Development Workbench Tutorial
SDWA Documentation: Examples of Dialog Programming
SE36 Logical databases
SEC_SSO2 Workplace Server Single Sign-On 2
SECA General Basis Security
SECATT eCATT - Enhanced Computer Aided Test Tool
SECATT_EU eCATT Integration Workbench - Development Environment
SECC Basis Security (Kernel Components)
SECE Enhancement concept
SECE_MATEST Testobjekte Modifikationsassistent (Upgradetests)
SECE_MATEST_BCE MODASS Test Objects with Original System BCE
SECE_UTIL Utilities Based on Package SECE
SECF Secure Store & Forward (SSF) Support
SECF_BCE Secure Store & Forward (SSF) Support
SECH Security: MD5-Hash (Copyright by RSA Data Security, Inc)
SECLVIEWER Engineering Client Viewer for 2D/3D objects
SECN SNC Secure Network Communication
SECSTORE Secure Memory
SECU Security Audit
SECU_ABAP Security and Protection of ABAP Programs
SED IDoc Interface (Processing, Administration, Definition)
SEDITOR Emergency Editor
SEDK Program editor interface edit control
SEDS Editor - splitscreen (new)
SEDT Program editor: Initial screen/attributes
SEDX Program editor: ABAP text elements
SEM ABAP Object Visualization
SEMC Monitoring EMC's Symmetrix
SENMA Enablement Map
SENQ Enqueue Handling
SEO ABAP Objects Class Library Database Layer
SEO_BOR_MIGRATION Class Library Support for BOR Migration Assistants
SEO_MODIFICATION Class Builder Modification Support
SEO_PERSISTENCE_SERVICES ABAP Objects Persistence Services
SEO_REFACTORING Refactoring Assistant
SEO_TEST Test Paket für ClassBuilder
SEOE ABAP Objects Class Builder
SEOK ABAP Objects Class Builder Services
SEPC Online Correction Support
SEPS SAP Electronic Parcel Service
SEPSS Electronic Performance Support System
SERP R3TR TRAN Entries of Report Selection for WinHelp
SERV Network services
SESS Session Manager, Internet Session Manager and menus in R/3
SEST Tools for program analysis
SETS ABAP Objects Test Workbench
SETX Logging of Text Changes for Workbench Objects
SEU ABAP Workbench
SEU_CLASSIFICATION Classification of Development Elements in the R/3 Repository
SEU_CLASSIFICATION_DATA General Package for Classification Data
SEU_CLASSIFICATION_GENERIC_GUI Generic Interface for Classifying Development Elements
SEU_CONTROL_COMPOSITE Tools and Utilities for Controls: Composite and Loader
SEU_DEPENDENCY Object dependencies
SEU_GLT Graph Layout Toolkit
SEU_TREE_CONTROL OO Framework for Tree Control
SEU_TREE_MODEL Tree Model Framework
SEU_WIZARD Workbench Wizards
SEUA Assorted maintenance tools
SEUB Indexes for Navigation and Where-Used List
SEUC Menu Painter
SEUD ABAP/4 Development Workbench demo examples
SEUE ABAP Workbench Tools
SEUI Repository Information System
SEUIX Repository Information System Where-Used List
SEUK Controls (Obsolete)
SEUN Navigation Tools
SEUP Dialog Design
SEUT Hierarchy framework
SEUX Repository Interfaces
SEWA Early Watch Alert
SEWI EarlyWatch: DDIC Appends + Customer Includes 'Download'
SEWREIMP Reimport of EarlyWatch Results (Delivery)
SEWS Web Services
SEXP Transport Control (Repository Switch Export)
SF SAPfind
SFBX Financial year variants in the Basis
SFCS Function Builder
SFIB Financials: Components in Basis
SFIL Platform-Independent File Names
SFIN Basis Development: SAPfind Information Retrieval
SFOS Create Messages in the Customer System (OSS or SM)
SFRM Contexts
SFSD Advanced Application Group
SFTE General Functions for Development Class FTE
SFUNC Function Builder
SGDMA Generic Document Management API
SGDMA_TEST Test Implementation for GDMA
SGEN ABAP Generation Tools
SGIS GIS Integration with IGS (Routing and Mapping)
SGLB CCMS: Generic Grouping and Load Balancing
SGLS New Glossary for 4.0
SGOH MyObjects
SGOS Generic Object Services
SGOS_EXMPL Examples for Generic Object Services
SGRA Graphics: C Development
SGRB ABAP Graphic Proxies
SGRC ABAP Graphics Development: Network, Bar Chart
SGRP ABAP Graphics Development
SGUI GUI Objects
SGUIMACHINE Gui Machine Anbindung
SH Online Help
SHARED_OBJECTS Shared Objects: Basis Components
SHDG Global Fields
SHDI Transaction Variants Image Archive
SHEL New Help Processor
SHFG Ergonomics: Sample Transactions, Check Reports and so on
SHI_VERS Hierarchy tool - Versioning
SHI0 Hierarchy maint. tool - R/3 display component
SHI1 Hierarchy maint. tool - DB-independent tool
SHI2 Hierarchy maintenance tool - structure for IMG etc.
SHI3 General hierarchy maintenance: Archiving / change documents
SHI4 Hierarchy maintenance tool Control visualization
SHLP_DYNP_INTERFACE F4: Field Transport for POV
SHTTP Development Class for HTTP Communication
SHTTP_CHECKMAN Objects for ICF Check in CheckMan
SIBF_LOCAL Internet Business Framework: Local Generic Services
SIC1 ICNV Components (Not Allowed in Tool Import)
SIC2 DD: ICNV tools that use the latest upgrade programs
SICF_EXT Internet Communication Framework Extensions
SICI Incremental Conversion Importer
SICM Internet Communication Manager
SICN Incremental Conversion and Tools
SICONS Development class for icon maintenance
SICU Incremental Migration for UNICODE
SIDOC_METADATA Meta Data API for IDoc Adapter
SIDX Long Texts Index and Search
SIHTTP HTTP Framework (iHTTP) Class Wrapper HTTP
SIM1 Customizing tools from Release 4.0
SIMC Intermode Communication
SIN Inbox Development
SINF Informix Porting
SINFMONI Informix: Alerts Next Gen: Tools (Analyze, Collecting, ...)
SINO Inbox Development - Office Functions
SINST Installation
SINT Intelligent terminal
SINW Workflow: Interface Inbox for Business Workflow
SIPC Inter Process Communication (IPC) Interface
SISQ InfoSet Query
SIT1 Tools and Services for ITS and SAP GUI for HTML
SIW1 Info Repository tables for Information Workbench
SIW2 KW: Intranet Management Tables/ E Objects
SIW9 SAP Knowledge Engineer: Translation of keywords
SIWB Information Workbench
SIWC IWB: Administration
SIWF Performance Evaluation Workbench (SAP Learning Solutions)
SIWH KEN: R/3 Links, ...
SIWL AsseT Learningscape (PEW) / Knowledge Warehouse
SIWN SAP Learning Solutions / KW - Learning Architecture
SIWO SAP Learning Solutions / KW - Learning Architecture - Cert
SIWR KEN: Help Processor, Browser Startup, ...
SIWT KW: External Editors, Download Mechanism...
SIWW Internet Applications
SIXBC Binary Connector for iXML
SIXML iXML: XML Parser/Render and DOM Component
SJAVASCRIPT Integrated Java Script Engine
SJAVASHOP Java Bookshop
SJCO JCO Test Modules
SKBC Middleware: Business Connector
SKBT Knowledge Base Tools: Tools for the KPro
SKBT_XT Extended Modeling
SKCD Data transfer: Elements from application basis
SKMM Knowledge Management Application Components
SKOA Communication: ABAP Development
SKOC Communication: C development
SKON Religious Denominations
SKW_DEMO SAP Knowledge Warehouse - Demo
SKW_KM_WORKFLOW KW- Connection to SAP Business Workflow
SKWA KW Administration Workbench
SKWD KW Document Workbench
SKWF SAP Knowledge Warehouse Framework
SKWG GOS and BCS - Functions
SKWG_XT Subscription Functions
SKWM_BDS KW Models for BDS
SKWR Search and Classification
SKWS CM Status Management
SKWS_XT CM Extended Status Management
SKWT SKWF Test Environment
SKWV Knowledge Warehouse: Visual Components
SKWX SAP Knowledge Warehouse Framework: Sample Data
SKWX_XT CM Extended Examples
SLCL Landscape Infrastructure Service (LIS)
SLD_API System Landscape Directory API
SLD_DB_PERS System Landscape Directory: DB Persistence
SLD_XI_ACCESS System Landscape Directory: Special XI Access
SLDAP LDAP Basic Functions
SLDAPREG LDAP Directory Registration
SLDAPSYNC LDAP Synchronization
SLDBV Selection Screens, Variants, Logical Databases
SLDBV_API API Selection Screens
SLDC DO NOT USE NOW: Tables, structures, etc for Reuse Library
SLGN Post-Upgrade Generation Tools
SLIC SAP price computation
SLIM System Measurement
SLIM2 License Administration Workbench
SLIN Development Class for Transaction SLIN
SLIS Generic list types
SLIS_SRV Basis: Landscape Information Service
SLOG System log
SLRN Plug-Ins for the Workplace - Administration
SLST Standard Modules for Formatting Lists
SLVC liveCache CCMS
SLXE New MLT Environment
SLXE_TEST Translation Testcases (do not translate manually)
SLXF Proposal Pool Components
SM&P Modeling and Prototyping
SM38 ABAP Reporting
SMAC R/3 Matchcode Development
SMAP_TOOL Solution Maps
SMART SAP Smart Forms
SMCX Matchcode OCX shell
SMEN Dynamic menu
SMESSAGE Maintain Messages / Message Classes Using Object Navigator
SMET Metrics: Number of function calls
SMIG4 Data Migration R/2 - R/3 (Release 4.0)
SMIM_API MIME Repository - API
SMIM_CONTEXT_MENU MIME Repository: Context Menus Dependent on Folder Role
SMIM_VERSION MIME Objects in Correction Workbench/Version Management
SMIMES MIME Repository - Model, Tools, and Integration
SMIMES_EXTEND MIME Repository - Tool Extension
SMIMES_EXTEND_XPRA MIME Repository - Initialization for Tool Enhancement
SMLEGEND Amodal Legend
SMOD Transaction Variants
SMOI CCMS: Monitoring Architecture
SMOI_EN English version of Dev Class SMOI
SMOI_OO Object-Oriented Nesting of Monitoring Infrastructure
SMON SAPconnect/SAPphone: Monitoring of External Components
SMOS Monitoring Operating System
SMOU CCMS Monitoring Architecture: Special Handling with Upgrade
SMQS IBM-MQ Series, MQLink
SMSD SAP/Microsoft Desktop Connection
SMSS_ALERTS Database alerts for MS SQL Server
SMSS_ANALYZE Database analysis tools for MS SQL Server
SMSS_DBACCESS Database system information for MS SQL Server
SMSS_DDIC Data Dictionary Porting for Microsoft SQL Server
SMSS_REMOTE SAP Remote Database Monitor for SQL Server
SMSS_SQLJOBS Database jobs for MS SQL Server
SMSS_TOOLS Utilities for MS SQL Server
SMUM SAP Markets User Management
SMVP Variant Painter
SMWP Mobile Workplace
SMYO My_Objects
SNL1 Scans for Code Page Problems (UPPER, LOWER)
SNLSK Kernel NLS Development
SNWC Network Configuration Checks
SO SAPoffice
SO2_DBLAYER mySAP Application Server Pages: Database Layer
SO2_THEME Application Server: Theme
SO2_TOOL mySAP Application Server Pages: Tool
SO2_WEBDAV Application Server: WebDAV Interface
SOAE ArchiveLink BAdIs
SOAP ABAP Part of SOAP Runtime
SOAP_APPS Package for Various SOAP Applications
SOAP_RUNTIME SOAP Framework for Web Services
SOAP_XML SOAP Runtime: Core XML Functions
SOBJ Workflow Object Types: Release 2.1
SOBL Generic Relation Service for Business Objects
SOBL_BROWSER Generic Object Relationship Browser
SOCS OCS: RFC Functions for Registering Support Packages
SOFFICEINTEGRATION Platform- and application-indep. Office integration
SOFTCOMP Development Class for Component Upgrade
SOIL IS-OIL: Basis Objects
SOLAR Solution Architect
SOLAR_APPL_PLUGIN Plug-In for Solution Architect Connection
SOLAR_DOC Document Management - Solution Architect
SOLAR_EVAL Projektauswertungen im Solution Architect
SOLAR_PROJ Projekte Im SolutionArchitect
SOLAR_STATUS Statuswerte im Solution Architect
SOMO Oracle Monitor
SOMRT Object Model RunTime ABAP Interface
SONO SAPoffice: Notifications
SOOL Object-Oriented Basis Classes
SORA General Oracle functions for all development projects
SOS_COMMON Common Object Services
SOS_ENJOY_BANK Enjoy bank (Beispiel für die Anwendung der Object Services)
SOS_EXAMPLES Object Services: Examples
SOS_EXCEPTION Object Service Exception
SOS_MAPPING Object Services Relational Mapping
SOS_PERSISTENCE Object Services Persistence
SOS_TOOLS Object Service Tools
SOS_TRANSACTION Object Service Transaction
SOSY Object System
SOTR Online Text Repository
SOTR_MIGRATION Functions for Migrating Old Structures to OTR
SOTR_STRING Management and Definition of Strings in the OTR
SOTR_TEST Test Programs in OTR Environment
SOTR_VOCAB_BC Basic Vocabulary: Basis
SOTR_VOCABULARY_BASIC Basic Vocabulary of the SAP System
SOXYGEN Application Server Pages
SOXYGEN_BSP BSP Temporary Package
SOXYGEN2 Oxygen: Transitional Development Objects
SP0_ITVERSIONS Infotype Extensions/Versions
SP0_URL URL Generation
SP00 Organization and Planning
SP00_ITF Infotype Framework
SP00_SERVICE Various Service Tools, Classes, Function Modules, Programs
SP01 HR: ALE Distibution with Message Type HRMD (Basis+Appl.)
SP02 HR: Object Maintenance (Basis)
SP03 HR: Employee Self-Service (Basis)
SP06 PD OM Graphics
SP0A HR-OM: General Attribute Maintenance in Org. Management
SP0C HR: Central Person
SP0E HR-OM: Organizational Management Enhancements
SP0G HR-OM: Generic Role 'Manager'
SP0K Generic Role 'Manager': Recipient Side
SP0L ALV Enhancements
SP0M HR-OM: Manager's Desktop Basis
SP0O HR-OM: Extended Organizational Plan
SP0R Reporting HR Basis (Previously SLIT)
SP0U HR: Basis General Tools
SP0W HR-CA: Workflow Enabling
SP0X HR: Data Exchange (GUIDs)
SPAC Online Correction Support
SPAD SAP Patch Assembly/Distribution Engine (SPADE)
SPAK Summary of Package Builder Packages
SPAK_BCE Package for BCE Developments
SPAK_MIGRATION_HELP Migration of Development Classes (NOT TRANSLATED)
SPAM OCS - Installation/Implementation Tools
SPCI IMG Objects for SAPphone and SAPconnect
SPDA Standalone Patch Disassembler
SPDFVIEWER Integration of Adobe Acrobat and Reader
SPETSTORE Pet Store: J2EE Example
SPFL Profiles
SPH1 SAPphone Call Center Enhancement
SPH2 SAPphone Predictive Dialing Enhancement
SPH3 SAPphone Extension Groups Extension
SPHO SAPphone: Telephone Integration in R/3
SPI Process Information Infrastructure
SPIG Graphic
SPLDAP HR LDAP Extraction (Basis Part)
SPOC SAPconnect Spool Coupling
SPOD Spool Documentation
SPOO Spool
SPOPI Printer / device type relation information
SPOR SAP Portal Tools
SPPF Composite Package for All PPF Components
SPPF_CONF PPF: Configuration
SPPF_PRPR_EXT PPF: Enhancement for Printer Determination
SPRG Forecast Basis Separation
SPRO_DWB Integration of Project Management in Development Environment
SPROJDOC Customizing and DEVBOOK document repository
SPROJECT General project management
SPSE ABAP Remote Processing Engine
SPTA Parallel processing
SPTG UIF GUI Abstraction (Interfaces)
SPTH UIF GUI Abstraction (Implementation)
SPTP UIF General Application
SPTU UIF Interfaces Abstraction (Interfaces)
SPTV UIF Interfaces Abstraction (Implementation)
SQACAT Question categories
SQADB Question and Answer Database
SQIO Queue
SQLRM SQL Trace RFC Download
SQLT Trace for SQL, Enqueue, RFC, Memory
SQM Temporary Development Class for QM Manuals
SQUE Application Development R/3 SAP Query
SQUECNTRL Control for SQVI and SQ02
SRAG Information Agent for Document Management Backbone
SRCG RFC Code Generator (Deprecated)
SRCX Development Class for Remote Communication: RFC and RMC
SREL Object Relationship Service
SREL_BAPI BAPIs for Object Relationship Service
SRET SAP Retrieval system for index creation and full text retr.
SRET_DEMO Retrieval Demonstration
SRET_PERS Retrieval: Personalization and Inbox
SRFC Middleware Runtime Environment
SRLA Release Notes
SRLB Reuse Library
SRM Main Package for Records Management Development Objects
SRM_GSP_KPRO Generic SP on GDMA KPro Implementation
SRMPS_PLAN Records Plan (PS)
SRP Report Painter
SRPT Business Engineering Objects - Basis
SRRI Report/Report Interface
SRTM Package for Runtime Monitor
SRTR Report Trees
SRTU Natural Language Text Retrieval: Utilities for clients
SRTV Natural Language Text Retrieval: Core functions
SRTX Management and maintenance of report texts (e.g. headers)
SRZL Computing Center Management System
SSAA System Administration Assistant
SSAPTERM_BC Terminology and Glossary: Translation in BC
SSAPTERM_BC_CST Terminology & Glossary: Translation in BC-CST
SSAPTERM_BC_CUS Terminology & Glossary: Translation BC-CUS
SSAPTERM_BC_DOC Terminology & Glossary: Translation BC-DOC
SSAPTERM_BC_DOC_TER Terminology & Glossary: Translation BC-DOC-TER
SSAPTERM_BC_NET Terminology and Glossary: BC-NET Translation
SSAPTERM_CA Terminology & Glossary: Translation CA
SSAPTERM_SV Terminology & Glossary: Translation SV
SSAPTERM_SV_ASA Terminology & Glossary: Translation SV_ASA
SSCR SAP Source Code Registration
SSMTP Development Class for SMTP Communication
SSQC SSQJ-Tools for Dictionary Development
SST_DEMO SAP Simple Transformations Demo
SSTP Solution Manager Implementation Proxies
SSUB Subscription (KW)
SSVM Application component SV
ST5S Temporary
STAB Table history
STCC Technical Core Competence
STCDIR Task control system directory services
STEMPLATE Templates for Best Practices
STER Terminology - Database
STERM SAPterm Terminology Database
STES Test development class
STFO Examples of ABAP/4 Dictionary Objects
STIDY html tidy tool
STMA Transport Management System
STMA_BC TMS: Background Processing
STMA_CTWAY TMS: Transport Route Editor
STMA_QC TMS: Quality Assurance & Check Tools
STMA_TSY Transport Synchronizer
STMA_UNI Universal CI Interface
STMA_WF TMS: Transport Workflow
STOA Data model reports
STPDA Two-Process ABAP Debugger
STRALAN Language Transport with tp/R3trans
STRB Mapping Tool for Simple Transformations
STRC Trace
STRI Customizing import
STRJ Additional translation tools (partly only for Japan)
STRM Client Copy & Adjustment Tools
STRN Language Transport
STRO Online Translation Environment (SE63)
STRP Processes for Translation Control
STRQ R/3 translation memory
STRR Cleanup Programs, Language Cleanup
STRS Change and Transport System: Sample Data for BC325
STRUST PKI Management
STSK Task Handler, Number Range, Update, Gateway and so on
STSK_TEST Test Programs for Package STSK
STSL Objects for Software Logistics Checks
STTO Transport Tools
STU2 CCMS for DB2 for OS/390
STU2_TR CCMS on DB2 UDB for OS/390 - to Be Translated
STU3 Development Class for Database Monitor
STU4 iSeries: CCMS
STU6 DB6: Performance-Monitor (UNIX/Windows)
STUA Application Monitor
STUE CCMS SAP DB (Old Projects)
STUI Informix Database Monitor
STUN DBA: All the rest in English -> No translation
STUN_ORA Objects for Performance Analysis (ST04): Oracle DB
STUO ORACLE Database Monitor
STUS SQL Server Monitor
STWB Test Workbench
STXD SAPscript
STXT SAPscript: Form Tree
SU22 PFCG Quality Assurance Authorization Default Values
SUMIG Unicode Migration: Table of Converters + Repair Tool
SUMIG_TEST Unicode conversion tool: test cases
SUMO Support for Modification Adjustment
SURL URL Generation
SUSM User Menu
SUSP Profile Generator Table Declarations (Partly Outdated)
SUSR User Master
SUSR_CERT User Administration: Certificate administration
SUTI ABAP Dictionary Utilities and Objects
SUTL Formula Interpreter
SVIM Basis View Maintenance
SVN WFMC: Basis Message Control
SVRS Basis Versions
SVRS_SYST_COMP System Comparison Tools
SVSCAN Virus Scan of SAP Objects
SW3_BWIZ WAB: Wizards for Generating Business HTML
SW3_TOOL ITS Connection: Tool
SWA Business Workflow: Expressions, binding
SWAD Workflow Administration
SWAF Wireless Application Framework
SWAPPUSH WAP Push Architecture
SWB Business Workflow: Condition Editor & Start Conditions
SWB_CTS_REQUEST_BROWSER Browser Tool for CTS Requests
SWB_TRAINING_DM BC_TRAVEL Data Model for Workbench Training
SWBM Workbench Manager
SWC Business Object Repository Container
SWDC Web Dynpro Controls
SWDP ABAP Web Dynpro
SWDP_CMI Common Model Interface
SWDP_DWB_TOOL_GENERATION Package for View Set Generation
SWDP_RT_CUA Web Dynpro: CUA Runtime Reader
SWDPDOKUMENTATION Web Dynpro Documentation
SWDYNP Migration: Screen -> WebDynpro
SWE Business Workflow: Events
SWF_API Workflow API / XML Interface
SWF_BRR Business Rule Repository
SWF_CRL Workflow: Correlations
SWF_EVT Workflow: Events
SWF_HTTP Incorporation of External Services with HTTP into a Workflow
SWF_MAIL Workflow: Connection to Mail System
SWF_MIG Workflow: Database Table Migration
SWF_MOD Workflow: Modeling Objects
SWF_RLS Rules - Workflow Rules and Rule Systems
SWF_VMD Workflow: Visualization Metadata
SWF_WORKFLOW SAP Business Workflow
SWF_WSC Client Part for Web Service Execution in Workflow
SWF_XMP Workflow: Proxies for XML Messages
SWF0 BPT: Workflow Engine
SWF1 BPT: Workflow Definition
SWF2 BPT: Workflow Tools
SWFMOD Workflow Modeler
SWG Workflow: Temporary development class
SWH Business Workflow: Objects for Demos,Test,Docu,Performance
SWI Business Workflow: Information System
SWJ_PPF Workflow Output Medium in PPF
SWK Workflow Plugin for Workplace
SWL Business Workflow: Worklist Client
SWLWP Workflow: Workplace Server Part
SWM Business Workflow: Error Messages
SWN Business Workflow: E-Mail Notifications for Work Items
SWN_TEST Business Workflow: Tests for Email Notifications
SWNC_COLLECTOR Kollektor & Aggregate
SWNC_INTERFACES Interfaces for Workload Statistics
SWNC_READ Read Functions for Workload Statistics
SWO Business Object Repository Tools
SWP Business Workflow: Processor
SWP_AKH Workplace Application Components
SWPC Workplace Customizing
SWPDRAGREL Workplace: Drag&Relate
SWPS Workplace Server
SWPUM User Management in the WPAS
SWR Business Workflow: WAPI Interfaces
SWR_DEPRECATED Business Workflow: Obsolete Interfaces
SWS_WSDL WebServices: WSDL Import Tool
SWT Business Workflow: Workflow Trace Functions
SWU Business Workflow: Utility Functions (Package-Independent)
SWUO Business Workflow: Office Integration
SWUV Business Workflow: Desktop Objects
SWW Business Workflow: Work Items
SWWW Development class for basis WWW project
SWX Business Workflow: Utilities
SWZ Business Workflow: Work Queue
SWZ_WIZARD Wizard Wizard
SXC SAP Exchange Connector
SXDP XML Documentation Project
SXMI CCMS: Interfaces to external management tools
SXML Streamed XML Reader/Writer
SXML_EXPORT Package for Exporting Data in XML Format
SXML1 Services for IDoc/XML Processing
SXML2 Services for XML Messages Interfaces
SXNR Repository Switch Upgrade: Name Range Extension Test Tools
SXPK XPRA Delivered to Customer
SYCP System Copy
SYSTEMSWITCH System Switch: Sets Specific System Instance
SZ3S Central Basis Development: Scheduling ('Time Stream')
SZA R/3 Development Central Address Management (Old)
SZA1 Exceptions to Package SZA (Repository Switch)
SZA2 Exceptions to Package SZAD (Repository Switch)
SZAD SAP Technology - Business Services: Address Management
SZAL R/3 Central Basis Development: Application Log
SZC R/3 Central Basis Development: Factory Calendar
SZD R/3 Central Basis Development: Change Documents
SZEV Event Period - Generic appointments for CRM, APO
SZFT R/3 Central Basis Development: Function Module TOOLS
SZGEOCODING Geocoding, Independent of Business Address Services
SZGEOCODING_TEST Test Programs and Routines for Geo-Coding
SZGL R/3 Central Basis Development: Geo Locations
SZGL_TEST Tests for the SZGL Development Class
SZME R/3 Central Basis Development: Measurement Units
SZN R/3 Central Basis Development: Number Ranges
SZNT R/3 Central Basis Development: Number Ranges for Test Tools
SZOB R/3 central Basis development: Compound maintenance objects
SZP R/3 Central Basis Development: Dialog Boxes...
SZRS SAP Technology - Business Services: Regional Structure
SZS R/3 Central Basis Development: Objects
SZTC Basis Development R/3 Central: Scheduling (Time Calculation)
SZTG Calendar Control
SZTI Central Basis Development: Time ('Time/Event')
SZTI_TEST Central Basis Development: Time (Test Objects)
SZTK R/3 Central Basis Development: Appointment Calendar
SZTK_GW Objects for Groupware Integration
SZTL R/3 Central Basis Development: Profiles
SZTP Central Basis Development: Periods ('Time Periods')
SZTR Central Basis Development: Time Rule
SZTR_TEST Test Environment for Package SZTR
SZTS Central Basis Development: Scheduling ('Time Stream')
SZTT Central Basis Development: Time Segment
SZTZ Central Basis Development: Time Zones
SZU R/3 Central Basis Development: Basis Utilities
SZZ R/3 Central Basis Development: Service Functions
XJPTEST_MAIN Test package for KW docu 50a