SAP Package SP00

Organization and Planning

The package SP00 (Organization and Planning) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BASIS.

Technical Information

Package SP00
Short Text Organization and Planning
Parent Package BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package SP00 contains 96 function groups.

0H00 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0H00_ARCH Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0H08 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0H10 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0H20 System Tables for Workflow Control
DELREPS Table Maintenance DELREPS
HRBAS00_STRUCTURE_REMOTE Remote Accesses to Structures
HRBAS00ARCH Archiving HR Object
HRBAS00ENQDEQ Lock Management
HRBAS00EXTERNAL_OBJECTS HR: Interface to External Objects
HRBAS00SEARCH HR: Search Function and Entry Check
HRBAS00SEARCH_INTERNAL HR: Object Search (Internal)
HRBAS00SUBSCRBUFFER Buffer Handling for Generic Subscreens
HRBAS00TOOLS_PP01 HR-IPA: Logs and Auxiliary Functions
HRCI Repository objects for infotypes
RH_PDOTYPES BAPI Function Modules
RH_STRUCTURE_GET Read Structures
RH_WORKLIST_SERVER Worklist Server Fuctions
RH_WS_CONTAINER Container Operations in the WF Environ.
RHAB Structural Administration
RHAC Authorization
RHAD HR: General Dialog Interface
RHADDRESS Address maintenance
RHAP Personnel Planning Update
RHAS Structural Administration
RHCI PD: Create Infotype
RHCJ Edit Infotypes
RHCP Reconcile Plan Versions
RHCT PD: Catalog Administration
RHDB DB Interface for PD
RHDC HR-OM: Inheritance
RHDM HR: Dynamic Menus
RHF4 IPA: Search Help Modules
RHFE Check Form Routine or if FM Exists
RHGB Company Organization Structure
RHGB_FORG Permanent Search Help for RHGB
RHGC PPOM Encapsulation
RHGD Auxiliary Functions PPOM
RHGE Basis Enhancements RHGB
RHGO Generic Structural Authorization
RHIE Interface to External Infotypes
RHIN PD: Internal Number Assignment
RHIV PD: Internal Number Assignment
RHMC HR: Modules for Restrictions
RHNI Country-Specific Infotypes
RHOA BOR Object Navigation and Maintenance
RHS0 PD: Basis Functions (Separation)
RHSH PD: Additional Functions for Lists
RHSR PD: Possible Entries
RHSV PD: Service Function Modules
RHTS Add-Ons for Object Maintenance Catalog
RHU2 HR-CA: Roles
RHU3 Task Group: Utilities
RHUA User Authorizations
RHUG Roles: Check Accesses etc.
RHUM Old Roles
RHUS User Master Interface
RHUT PD: General Utilities
RHUY HR-CA: User Master -> Org. Assignment
RHUZ Areas of responsibility
RHW0 Organizational Management for Workflow
RHW0_EC Interface Modules for E-Commerce
RHW1 PD: Org. Management for Work List Client
RHW2 Workflow/OrgManagement: Substitutes etc.
RHW3 PD: Work Item Mass Reading
RHW4 PD: Task Maintenance Initial Screen
RHW5 PD: Callbacks Inbox
RHW6 WF: Change Allowed WI Agents
RHW7 HR-CA Comp./Dev.Class St. Objects
RHW9 Inbox Runtime
RHWA Role Resolution
RHWB Workflow Runtime: Read Binding Def.
RHWC PD: Functions for Standard & Customer-O
RHWD PD: Database Access for Container
RHWE PD: WF Editors (Cont., Data Flow, Def.)
RHWF PD-ORG: WF Interfaces
RHWF_RUNTIME HR-WF Runtime Accesses for Tasks
RHWG PD: Org.Information
RHWH PD Workflow: Help for Tasks etc.
RHWJ Additional Functions for WF Objects
RHWL Search Function for Workflow
RHWM Correction Sys.Connection, No.Assignment
RHWN BOR Object Interfaces
RHWO RH: OrgManagement Roles Function Module
RHWP Workflow Functions in Standard PD System
RHWQ PD: Maintain SAP Org. Object Assignment
RHWR SAP Standard Objects Read Access
RHWS Maintenance of SAP Standard Objects
RHWS_CHECK Check Routines for WS and TS
RHWT Standard Objects for Transactions
RHWU PD: Mainten. Interfaces for Std Objects
RHWV Standard Object Editing Interfaces
RHWW HR-WF Prefix Numbers
RHWY Interface for Simulation Planning
RHWZ PD: Customer Enhancement of Std Objects


SAP Package SP00 contains 176 transactions.

HRAUTH Authorization Workbench
OHPS Org.Management Configuration
OO2S Description: Subtypes
OO91 SAP Org. Object Type Assignment
OOAP Set Active Plan Version
OOAS Aspects
OOAU Authorizations
OOAW Evaluation Paths
OOBC Pushbutton Control Batch Input
OOCH Consistency Check
OOCR Set up PD Transport Connection
OOCT Catalogs
OOCU Task Customizing
OOCU_PAR Task Customizing with parameters
OOCU_RESP Customizing Responsibilities
OODT Data Transfer
OOIT Infotypes
OOLG Language Sequence in Pers. Planning
OOMA Mail Connection
OOMG Control Elements Materials Mgmt
OOMT Actions
OOMV Create Sequential File for PD
OONC No. Assignment for All Plan Versions
OONR Number Ranges
OOOE Organizational Plan
OOOS Functions
OOOT Maintain object types
OOPR Authorization Profile Maintenance
OOPV Plan Versions
OOSB User (Structural Authorization)
OOSP Authorization Profiles
OOSU Subtypes
OOTR Display Import Lock Table
OOTS Breakpoints
OOUA Batch Input User Level
OOUS Maintain User
OOV1 Display Table T77S0
OOV2 Maintain Table T77S0
OOVK Relationships
OOW1 Classification of Task Complexes
OOW2 Substitute Profile
OOW3 Substitute Profile: Class. Assignmnt
OOW4 Workflow/Org.Mgmt Prefix Numbers
OOZR Target OT-Dependent Time Constraint
PF_WLS_SUBST Substitute inbox worklist server
PF05 Number Range Maintenance: HRSOBJECT
PFAC Maintain Rule
PFAC_CHG Change Rules
PFAC_DEL Delete Rule
PFAC_DIS Display Rule
PFAC_INS Create Rule
PFAC_RESPO Maintain Responsibilities
PFAC_STR Maintain Rules -> Dummy Screen
PFCP Copy Workflow Tasks
PFCT Task Catalog
PFCU Task Customizing
PFOM Maintain Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFOS Display Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFSO User's Organizational Environment
PFT Maintain Customer Task
PFTC General Task Maintenance
PFTC_CHG Change Tasks
PFTC_COP Copy Tasks
PFTC_DEL Delete Tasks
PFTC_DIS Display Tasks
PFTC_INS Create Tasks
PFTC_STR Task Maintenance -> Dummy Screen
PFTG Maintain Task Group
PFTR Standard Task for Transaction
PFTS Standard Task
PFWF Maintain Workflow Task (Customer)
PFWS Maintain Workflow Template
PO01 Maintain Work Center
PO01D Display Work Center
PO03 Maintain Job
PO03D Display Job
PO08 Maintain External Person
PO08D Display External Person
PO10 Maintain Organizational Unit
PO10D Display Organizational Unit
PO13 Maintain Position
PO13D Display Position
PO14 Maintain Task
PO14D Display Task
PO15 Maintain Company
PO15D Display Company
PP01 Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided)
PP01_DISP Display Plan Data (Menu Guided)
PP02 Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PP03 Maintain Plan Data (Action-Based)
PP03_DIRECT Execute Action Directly
PP05 Number Ranges
PP06 Number Range Maintenance: HRADATA
PP7S Organizational Management
PP90 Set up Organization
PPCI Copy Infotype
PPCJ Create Infotype
PPCK Enhance List Screen
PPCM Enhance Infotype
PPCO Organisational Plan: Initial Screen
PPCT Task Catalog
PPDM Detail Maintenance Planning ITs
PPMM Personnel Planning
PPO3 Change Reporting Structure
PPO4 Display Reporting Structure
PPOC Create Organizational Plan
PPOC_OLD Create Organizational Plan
PPOM Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOM_OLD Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOS Display Organizational Plan
PPOS_OLD Display Organizational Plan
PPST Structure Evaluation
PPWFBUF Synchronize OM Workflow Buffer
PQ01 Actions for Work Center
PQ03 Actions for Job
PQ08 Actions for External Person
PQ10 Actions for Organizational Unit
PQ13 Actions for Position
PQ14 Actions for Task
PQ15 Actions for Company
PSO0 Set Plan Version for OrgManagement
PSO1 Set Aspect for OrgManagement
PSO2 PS System/Database Tools
PSO3 Infotype Overview
PSO4 Individual Infotype Maintenance
PSO5 PD: Administration Tools
PSOA Work Center Reporting
PSOC Job Reporting
PSOG OrgManagement General Reporting
PSOI Tools Integration PA-PD
PSOO Organizational Unit Reporting
PSOS Position Reporting
PSOT Task Reporting
RE_RHAKTI00 Change Object Status
RE_RHAUTH00 Authorized Objects
RE_RHBEGDA0 Change start date
RE_RHCHECK1 Check Database Consistency
RE_RHCHECKV Check Relationships
RE_RHCHEXOB Reconcile Infotypes Ext. Objects
RE_RHCOPL00 Copy Plan Version W/O Comparison
RE_RHCOPLPT Reconcile Plan Versions (Partly)
RE_RHCOPY00 Copy Object
RE_RHCOPY10 Copy Objects Using Selection List
RE_RHCOPYSTRUCT Copy structures
RE_RHDBST00 PD Database Statistics
RE_RHDBST10 Database Statistics: No. of Objects
RE_RHDBST20 Database Statistics: No. of Notes
RE_RHDBST30 Database Statistics: Infotype
RE_RHDBST40 Database Statistics: Infotypes
RE_RHDESC10 Display Infotypes of an Object
RE_RHEXIST0 Existing Objects
RE_RHGRENZ0 Delimit Objects
RE_RHGRENZ1 Set New End Date
RE_RHGRENZ2 Delimit Infotypes
RE_RHGRENZ4 Set new end date for infotypes
RE_RHMOVE30 Manual Transport Link
RE_RHNAVIG0 Structure Navigation Instrument
RE_RHRHAZ00 Display PD Database Records
RE_RHRHDC00 Delete HR Database Records via List
RE_RHRHDL00 Delete PD Database Records
RE_RHTRANS0 Translate Language-Dependent Records
RE_RHXEXI00 Existing Organizational Units
RE_RHXEXI01 Existing Work Centers
RE_RHXEXI02 Existing Jobs
RE_RHXEXI03 Existing Positions
RE_RHXEXI04 Existing Tasks
RE_RHXSTR00 Organizational Plan (Org.Units Only)
RE_RHXSTR01 Org. Structure with Positions
RE_RHXSTR02 Org. Structure with Persons
RE_RHXSTR03 Org. Structure with Work Centers
RE_RHXSTR04 Reporting Structure with Persons
RE_RHXSTR05 Reporting Structure Without Persons
RE_RHXSTR06 Work Centers per Org. Unit
RE_RHXSTR07 Activity Profile Without Persons
RE_RHXSTR08 Activity Profile with Persons

Database Tables

SAP Package SP00 contains 179 database tables.

DELREPS Reports Designated for Deletion
HRC1002 Customer Clipboard for Standard Infotype 'Description'
HRC1206 Customer Clipboard for Work Item Text for Standard Task
HRC1212 Customer Enhancement IT 1212 Events (with Binding)
HRIADATANR Additional Data Numbers
HRINTE30 Personnel Numbers to be Processed per Integration
HRITABNR References to Table Extensions
HRP1000 Infotype 1000 DB Table
HRP1001 Infotype 1001 DB Table
HRP1001_ARCH Infotype 1001: Inverse Relationship After Archiving
HRP1002 Infotype 1002 DB Table
HRP1016 Infotype 1016 DB Table
HRP1017 Infotype 1016 DB Table
HRP1028 Infotype 1028 DB Table
HRP1032 Infotype 1032 DB Table
HRP1061 DB Table for Infotype 1061
HRP1201 Infotype 1201 DB Table
HRP1205 Infotype 1205 DB Table
HRP1206 Infotype 1206 DB Table
HRP1208 Infotype 1208 DB Table
HRP1210 Infotype 1210 DB Table
HRP1211 Infotype 1211 DB Table
HRP1212 Infotype 1212 DB Table
HRP1213 Infotype 1213 DB Table
HRP1214 Infotype 1214 DB Table
HRP1215 Infotype 1215 DB Table
HRP1216 Infotype 1216 DB Table
HRP1217 Infotype 1217 DB Table
HRP1218 DB Table for Infotype 1218
HRP1220 DB Table for Infotype 1220 Activity Profile
HRP1221 DB Table for Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities
HRP1230 DB Table for Infotype 1230
HRP1240 DB Table for Infotype 1240
HRPAD007 Additional Data PAD007
HRPADD2 Additional Data PADD2
HRPADD3 Additional Data PADD3
HRPADNN General Additional Data Table
HRPADXN Additional Data PADXN
HRPXXXX DB Table for Infotype XXXX
HRPYYYY DB Table for Infotype YYYY
HRS1000 Standard Infotype 1000 (SAP) Object Existence
HRS1002 Standard Infotype 1002 Verbal Description
HRS1200 Standard Infotype 1200 (SAP) Rule Assignment for Task
HRS1201 Standard Infotype 1201 (SAP) Object Method
HRS1202 Standard Infotype 1202 (SAP) Secondary Object Method
HRS1203 Standard Infotype 1203 (SAP) Executable Functions
HRS1205 Standard Infotype 1205 Workflow Definition
HRS1206 Standard Infotype 1206 (SAP) Work Item Text
HRS1210 Standard Infotype 1210 (SAP) Container Definition
HRS1211 Standard Infotype 1211 (SAP) Container Definition Texts
HRS1212 Standard Infotype 1212 (SAP) Events with Binding Definition
HRS1213 Standard Infotype 1213 (SAP) Binding Task - Rule
HRS1214 Standard Infotype 1214 (SAP) Other Bindings for Task
HRS1216 Standard Infotype 1216 (SAP) Assigned Reference Function
HRS1220 Standard Infotype 1220 (SAP) Transaction Code
HRS1221 Standard Infotype 1221 (SAP) Set/Get Parameter for Transact.
HRSCONT Container Data for Workflow Container (Definition)
HRSOBJECT Index for Standard Objects
HRT1002 Table Part Infotype 1002
HRT1016 Table Part Infotype 1016
HRT1017 Table Part Infotype 1017
HRT1061 Table Division for Infotype 1061
HRT1210 Table Part Infotype 1210
HRT1211 Table Part Infotype 1211
HRT1212 Table Part Infotype 1212
HRT1213 Table Part Infotype 1213
HRT1214 Table Part Infotype 1214
HRT1218 Table Part Infotype 1214
HRT1220 Table Part Infotype 1220 Activity Profile
HRT1221 Table Part Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities
HRT1230 Table Section Infotype 1230
HRTYYYY Table Part Infotype YYYY
HRUS_D2 User Substituted by User
HRWL_SUBST Substitution Table Workflow Inbox for the Worklist Server
PLOG Planning and Organization File
PLOGI Table Index HRP*
PLOGI_DEL Transport PD Objects to be Deleted
SWWHRINDEX Time Stamp for Indices in OrgManagement Workflow Environment
SWWUSERWI Current Work Items Assigned to a User
T582C Include Screens for Infotypes
T772S Subtypes of Infotype 1002 with SAPscript
T777A Building Addresses
T777BIRTH Exrend relationship maintenance until birthday
T777D Infotypes - Dialog/Database Assignment
T777E Allowed Relationships
T777F Function Code Assignment to Planning Status
T777H Object Type Hierarchy
T777I Infotypes per Object Type
T777M Definition of Actions
T777O Object Type Texts
T777P Plan Versions
T777R Request - Server - Table
T777S Planning Status
T777T Infotypes
T777U Subtype Texts
T777V Relationship Texts
T777Z Infotype Time Constraint
T778A Evaluation Paths
T778L Languages Supported in HR-PD
T778M Actions
T778O Object Types
T778P Plan Versions
T778S Planning Status
T778T Infotypes
T778U Subtypes
T778V Relationships
T7791 Assignment to SAP Organizational Object Type
T779O Object Types Allowed for Rule Resolution
T77AD DB Tables for Additional Data
T77AP Aspects
T77AR Additional Data on Relationships
T77ARCH Archiving Subobjects
T77ARCH_T Archiving Subobjects
T77ARCHLINE Definition of Archiving Subobjects
T77AS Aspects
T77AT Evaluation Path Texts
T77AU Bottom-Up
T77AW Definition of Evaluation Paths
T77CD Infotypes - Customer-Specific Settings
T77CO User Interface
T77EO External Object Types
T77EV External Relationships
T77FC PD Function Codes
T77FD PD Function Code Texts
T77FL Logical Function Codes
T77FLT Name: Logical Function Code
T77ID Infotypes: Enhancements to T777D
T77IV Number Assignment
T77LA Address Types with Long Addresses
T77MB Action Texts
T77MC Restrictions Related to Object Type in Search Function
T77MT Cross-Module Texts
T77NI Country-Specific Infotypes
T77OA Object Types and Infotypes per Aspect
T77OC Catalogs
T77OD Catalog Definition
T77OF Editing Functions for Catalogs
T77OS Structure Search
T77OT Catalog Texts
T77PA Plan Versions per Aspect
T77PQ Authorization Profiles
T77PR Definition of Authorization Profiles
T77PS Authorization Profile Texts
T77RO Definition of Proxy Profiles
T77RP Substitute Profile
T77RQ Text for Substitute Profile
T77S0 System Table
T77S1 Menu: Functions
T77S2 Menu: Services
T77S3 Menu: Screen Modifications
T77S4 Menu: Dynamic Menu Texts
T77S5 Menu: Dynamic Menu Functions
T77SC Customizing: Grouping Entries in T77S0
T77SO Structurally-Dependent Object Types
T77ST System Tables
T77TC Classification of Tasks
T77TD Texts for Task Classification
T77TR Transport Lock for Infotypes and Subtypes per Object
T77TT Profiles for RHDESC20 Texts
T77UA User Authorizations
T77UU User Table for Batch Input
T77VA Relationship Characteristics
T77ZA Additional Conditions for Time Constraint 3
T77ZC Check Table: Additional Conditions for Time Constraint 3
T77ZR Infotype 1001 Time Constraint (Target Object Type-Dependent)
T77ZT Text Table for Additional Conditions - Time Constraint 3
T77ZZ PD XPRA Control
T787I Infotypes for Standard Object Types
T787O Text Table: Standard Object Types
T787T Text Table: Infotypes for Standard Object Types
T787U Text Table: Subtypes for Standard Objects
T787V Text Table: Relationships for Standard Objects
T788E Check Table for Allowed Standard Relationships
T788O Check Table for SAP Standard Object Types
T788T Check Table for Standard Object Infotypes
T788U Check Table Subtypes for Standard Objects
T788V Check Table for Standard Relationships
T78NR Prefix Numbers for Standard Object Types
T78NRI Prefix Numbers and Number Intervals for Standard ObjectTypes


SAP Package SP00 contains 71 views.

H_T777A Helpview for Table T777A
H_T777M Helpview for Table T777M
H_T778A Helpview for Table T778A
H_T778M Helpview for Actions
H_T778O Generated Helpview for Check Table T778O
H_T778P Generated Helpview for Check Table T778P
H_T778S Generated Helpview for Check Table T778S
H_T778T Generated Helpview for Check Table T778T
H_T778U Generated Helpview for Check Table T778U
H_T778V Generated Helpview for Check Table T778V
H_T77AP Generated Helpview for Check Table T77AP
H_T77FC Helpview for Table T77FC
H_T77IV Helpview for Table T77IV
H_T77MB Helpview for Table T77MB
H_T77OC Possible Entries For Catalogs
H_T77S4 Helpview for Table T77S4
HRV1001 View of ADATA Number of Relationships
HRV1016A Standard Authorization Profiles
HRV1017A PD Authorization Profiles
HRV1210 Database View for Infotype 1210
HRV1211 Database View for Infotype 1211
HRV1212 Database View for Infotype 1212
HRV1213 Database View for Infotype 1213
HRV1214 Database View for Infotype 1214
HRV1218 Database View for Infotype 1218
HRV1218_RO Database for Rule Resolution with Responsibilities
HRV1220 Database View for Infotype 1220
HRV1221 Database View for Infotype 1221
HRVPADD2 View for Substitute Profiles in Additional Data
HRVPADD3 View for Relationship 270 with Additional Data
M_PLOMA Generated View for Matchcode ID PLOM-A
M_PLOMB Generated View for Matchcode ID PLOM-B
M_PLOMC Generated View for Matchcode ID PLOM-C
V_778U Subtypes
V_ACOBJECT View: Check Table for Rules
V_ACTEXT View: Text Table for Rules
V_DEADL_WI View for Determining Deadline Data
V_HRS_COMP Database View of Development Class for Standard Tasks
V_HRS1221 View T Code - Set/Get Parameter
V_HRSSWDHD Test Workflow Definition
V_PDEO_OBJ Read BOR Organization Object Type of Interface Program
V_SFLOW_RO View for Reading Workflow Template Rule
V_T777I Infotypes Per Object Type
V_T777ZIT Infotype Time Constraint
V_T777ZVK Relationship Time Constraints
V_T778O Object Types
V_T778U Subtypes
V_T778U_1 Subtypes
V_T77AW Evaluation Paths
V_T77OD Catalog Description
V_T77OF Editing Functions
V_T77OS Structure Search
V_T77S0 View T77S0
V_T77S0AW View T77S0
V_T77S0OT View T77S0
V_T77S0SC Variable View for T77S0
V_T77S0VK View T77S0
V_T77S0ZW View T77S0 for Time Management Integration
V_T78NR_TA Join for TADIR and T78NR
V_TSOBJECT View: Check Table for Standard Tasks
V_TSTEXT View: Text Table for Standard Tasks
V_USEREXST Read Existence of User
V_USERNAME View for Reading User Name
V_WFLOW_RO View for Reading Use of Rule in Workflow Task
V_WI_HEAD View for Reading Work Items for Inbox
V_WICONTOB View of Object Reference and SWWWIHEAD: do not use
V_WSOBJECT View: Check Table for Workflow Templates
V_WSTEXT View: Text Table for Workflow Templates
V1205STEPS View for Retrieving WF Task Steps


SAP Package SP00 contains 369 structures.

AFT_IMAGE After-Image for Creating Events when Updating Database
BAPI_LAISO Language Key
BAPI_OBJEC Objec Structure for BAPIs
BEF_IMAGE Before-Image for Creating Events when Updating Database
BORPAR SAP OrgObject Structure (Input and Output Parameters)
BORRELINFO Relationship Information of BOR Objects
EXT_OBJECT Object which Defines Existence
GDSET Transfer Data: Structure Condition
GDSTR General Structure Description
HRADATA Additional Data Structure
HRALVHISTO ALV structure when objects' historical records are removed
HRAUTH HR: Authorization main switch
HRAUTHPROF Transfer Structure RH_AUTHORITY_BUILD: Profile Table
HRBAS_BADI_IMPLEMENTED Structure for BAdI Implementation
HRBAS_GENERATE_INDX Structure for Generating Table INDX
HRBAS_OUTPUT Output Table Analysis
HRBAS_PERNR_USER Assigned Person to User
HRBAS_PROF_FILTER Structure for Profile Filter
HRBAS_REALORG Structure for Linked Organizational Units
HRBAS_ROLESANDPROFL Structure for User's Roles and Profiles
HRBAS_USERLIST_FLAG Structure for Deleted Users
HRBUFFER Infotype Buffer
HRCHECK Description Table for Structure Condition
HRCHECK1 Structure for ALV Tree in Program RHCHECK1
HRCOND Description of Condition Line
HRCONT_TXT Structure Texts for Container Definition
HRCUST HR: Reference Structure Customizing (T77S0)
HRDATES Structure for Selection of FM HR_POPUP_BEGDA_ENDDA
HRDBTAB Update Table
HRDI_DYN Structure from vdata and opera
HRDIALOG Dialog Table
HRDSVIEWCP HRDSYS: Changed View Entries
HREXPATH HR: Expansion Path Entry for Seach Object
HRF4_FOT HR: Help Structure for External Objects FILL_OBJID_TAB
HRF4INFTY HR: Input Help List Infotype
HRF4LIST HR: F4 - Structure for Output List
HRF4NOREL HR: F4 for OBJID - Without Relationship
HRF4ODISP HR: Display Structure for SAP Office Hit List
HRF4OLIST HR: SAP Office Hit List
HRF4PARAM HR: Parameter F4 for OBJID (Bridge to Search Help)
HRF4RELAT Infotype 1001: Relationships
HRF4SCLAS HR: F4 Help Structure for displaying target object type
HRFUNC_BC General Data for Selection by Function Module (Basis)
HRHCTADMIN Administrative Data Index Generation
HRHCTEXTD PD Object (Object Type/Object ID/Texts/Validity Period)
HRHCTGENER Reference Fields Index Generation
HRHCTOBJC PD Object (Object Type/Object ID)
HRHCTREFER Catalog Administration Reference Fields
HRHNODES HR: Hierarchy Node Structure
HRHUT Reference Structure for Function Group RHUT
HRHUTTXTAB Reference Structure for Text Tables in Function Group PDPC
HRHUTVMASK Validity Flags
HRHYPVIEW Authorization Hyperview
HRI1000 Infotype 1000 Fields
HRI1001 Internal Structure Description for External Relationships
HRI1016 Pointer
HRI1028 Infotype 1028 Fields
HRI1032 Infotype 1032 Fields
HRI1061 Fields of Infotype 1061
HRI1201 Infotype 1201 Fields
HRI1205 Infotype 1205 Fields
HRI1206 Infotype 1206 Fields
HRI1208 Infotype 1208 Fields
HRI1212 Fields for Infotype 1212 Event Binding
HRI1213 Fields for Infotype 1213 Rule Binding
HRI1215 Infotype 1215 Fields
HRI1216 Infotype 1216 Fields
HRI1217 Infotype 1217 Fields
HRI1218 Data Part for Infotype 1240
HRI1220 Infotype 1220 Fields
HRI1221 Infotype 1221 Fields
HRI1230 Fields for Infotype 1230
HRI1240 Data Part for Infotype 1240
HRIADMIN Infotype Administration Data
HRIEXOB Transfer Structure for External Objects
HRIKEY Extended Key Definition of PD Infotypes
HRIKEYL Language-Dependent Key Definition of PD Infotypes
HRINBOXADM HR-WF: Internal Administration Structure for the Inbox
HRINNNN General PD Infotype Structure
HRIP1001 Infotype-Specific Fields of IT1001
HRIPKEY Key Structure for Infotype Structures PNNNN
HRIPKEYL Key Structure for Language-Dependent IT Structures PNNNN
HRIS1002 Data Fields for Standard Infotype 1002 Description
HRIS1206 Data Fields for Standard Infotype 1206 Work Item Text
HRIS1212 Data Fields for Standard Infotype 1212 Events with Binding
HRIXXXX Fields for Infotype XXXX
HRIYYYY Infotype YYYY Fields
HRKS1002 Key Fields for Standard Infotype 1002 Description
HRKS1206 Key Fields for Standard Infotype 1206 Work Item Text
HRKS1212 Key Fields for Standard Infotype 1212 Events with Binding
HRLISTPARM Internal Structure for Function Group RHWH (Current Info)
HRNADATANR Newly Created Physical Additional Data Pointer in the Update
HRNTABNR Newly Created Physical Table Pointer in the Update
HROBJMSG Structure tree_objec With Information and Message
HROEXIST Status-Dependent Existence Intervals of Object
HRORGTASK Work Item ID with Task, Origin and Flag
HROTJID Transfer Structure for Field OTJID
HROTJID_RANGE Range for Selection Using OTJID
HROTSUBTY Structure with Object Type, Subtype, Target Object Type
HROTYPE Structure with Object Type
HRPADBLIST Additional Data Databases
HRPADNLIST Additional Data Number List
HRPEVENTS Events Used in the WF Environment (WF)
HRPP0C Report Parameters for Report Category PP0C
HRPP0D Report Parameters for Report Category PP0D
HRPP0E Report Parameters for Report Category PP0E
HRPROFL Periods of a Structural Profile
HRRELLI HR: Related Objects (Source Object - Target Object)
HRREPOTREE Report Tree Transfer Structure
HRRHAD_MSG Transfer Structure for Return Code and Message
HRRHAP Function Group RHAP Parameter Structure
HRRHAS Import Parameters for Function Modules in FM Group RHAS
HRRHDB Function Group RHDB Parameter Structure
HRRHNI Interface Structure for FUGR RHNI
HRROOTOB Root Objects
HRROOTOD Root Objects
HRS_OBJEC OBJEC Structure for Standard Objects
HRS_TRANSL PD: Translation / Languages
HRSACTOR Rule Fields
HRSAPPHONE Radio Buttons for SAP Phone
HRSCMPERR Substitution not Written to the Component System
HRSCOMPDEV Assignment of Component and Dev. Class for Standard Objects
HRSCRIT Selection Critera for HRPnnnn Infotypes
HRSETOBJ Structure for Object Transfer to Object Table
HRSETTAB Object Table Description
HRSEVENTS Events Used in the WF Environment
HRSEVTERM Closing Events Used in the WF Environment
HRSFCODES Table Structure for Excluding F Codes
HRSIMMAP Map Structure for WF Simulation
HRSIMOBJEC Organizational Units and Positions for Simulation
HRSIMPROT Log Table for Workflow Simulation
HRSIMSUB Org. Units With Subordinate O and S
HRSOBID Extended Object
HRSTASK Fields for Standard Task, Rule, and Workflow Template
HRTASK_EVT Assignment of Tasks and Events
HRTBUFFER Buffer for Table Part of Table Infotype
HRTDBTAB General DB Table Table Part for Table Infotype
HRTRACEV Trace Authorization View
HRTRACEV2 Trace Authorization Hyperview
HRTSKCLS Task with Classification
HRVIEW Authorization View
HRWFADMODE Structure for Setting Work Item Administrator Mode
HRWFINFO_L Structure for Transfer of Results FM Org_Info_and_Task
HRWFNAME Superstructure for Field Name for Structures RS_TREE_...
HRWFSUBST Substitution Details
HRWFUSER_V Transfer Structure to FM Org_Info_and_Task
HRWFWI_L Transfer Structure: Selected Work Item List
HRWITSKCNT Number of Work Items per Task
ILFCOD Transfer Structure for Logical Code
MSGOM PD: Help Text for Lists in Organizational Management
OBJEC Work Area for Database PCH
P1000 Infotype 1000: Object Name
P1000_AF Additional Query Fields
P1001 Infotype 1001: Relationships
P1001_AF Additional Query Fields
P1001_OLD Infotype 1001 with ADATA Old Length (Rel. 2.2/3.0/3.1)
P1002 Infotype 1002: Description
P1002_AF Additional Query Fields
P1002_EXP Infotype 1002 Expanded
P1016 Infotype 1016: Standard Authorization Profiles
P1016_AF Additional Query Fields
P1016_EXP Infotype 1016 Expanded
P1017 Infotype 1017: PD Authorization Profiles
P1017_AF Additional Query Fields
P1017_EXP Infotype 1017 Expanded
P1028 Infotype 1028: Address
P1028_AF Additional Query Fields
P1032 Infotype 1032: Mail Addresses
P1032_AF Additional Query Fields
P1061 Infotype 1061
P1061_AF Additional Query Fields
P1061_EXP Infotype 1061 Expanded Structure
P1061_URL Infotype 1061
P1201 Infotype 1201: Object Methods
P1201_AF Additional Query Fields
P1205 Infotype 1205: WF Process to be Executed
P1205_AF Additional Query Fields
P1206 Infotype 1206: WF Work Item Text
P1206_AF Additional Query Fields
P1208 Infotype 1208: Assignment of SAP Organizational Objects
P1208_AF Additional Query Fields
P1210 Infotype 1210
P1210_AF Additional Query Fields
P1210_EXP Infotype 1210 Expanded
P1211 Infotype 1211
P1211_AF Additional Query Fields
P1211_EXP Infotype 1211 Expanded
P1212 Infotype 1212
P1212_AF Additional Query Fields
P1212_EXP Infotype 1212 Expanded
P1213 Infotype 1213
P1213_AF Additional Query Fields
P1213_EXP Infotype 1213 Expanded
P1214 Infotype 1214
P1214_AF Additional Query Fields
P1214_EXP Infotype 1214 Expanded
P1215 Infotype 1215: WF Process Dependent on Organizational Unit
P1216 Infotype 1216: Assigned Reference Function
P1216_AF Additional Query Fields
P1217 Infotype 1217: WF Classification and Lock Indicator
P1217_AF Additional Query Fields
P1218 Infotyp 1218
P1218_AF Additional Query Fields
P1218_EXP Infotyp 1218 Expanded
P1220 Infotype 1220: Activity Classes
P1220_AF Additional Query Fields
P1220_EXP Infotype 1220 Expanded
P1221 Infotype 1221: Excluded Activities
P1221_AF Additional Query Fields
P1221_EXP Infotype 1221 Expanded
P1230 Infotype 1230: Clerk Determination
P1240 Infotype 1240: Existence Dependency
P1240_AF Additional Query Fields
P1250_AF Additional Query Fields
P1251_AF Additional Query Fields
P1252_AF Additional Query Fields
P1253_AF Additional Query Fields
P1254_AF Additional Query Fields
P1280 Work Item Basic Data
P1281 Work Item Schedule Data
P1282 Event Type Linkage
P1283 Work Item Return Data
P778AT Screen Fields for T778A
P77SX Screen Fields for PD User Interface Control
PAD007 Additional Data for 1001 Subtype 007 (Condition for GUM)
PADD2 Additional Data for Relationships: 210 Specified Substitute
PADD2_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PADD3 Additional Data Relationship 270 Describes (User Menu)
PADRO Additional Data for Use of Rules
PADRO_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PADXN Additional Data for Relationships: 283 Message Type
PADXN_QUE Structure for Additional Data in Query
PCHDY Selection Parameters for Database PCH
PD1203 Addition to HRS1203
PDACT_HIDE Internal Act_hide Structure for SEUT Display
PDCO1 RHCOPY10 Screen and Work Fields
PDCOP RHCOPY10 Screen Fields
PDDATASET Structure for Data Transfer of PD Data
PDEXI RHEXIST0 Screen Fields
PDMSG PD: Structure for Function Module RH_DOCU_IN_LIST
PDNAV RHNAVIG0 Screen Fields
PDORG_SAPO Relate Structure for PD Object with SAP Org.Object
PDOWFD_VER Versions of WF Definitions of WF Task
PDPERNRUSR Structure: Users per Personnel Number
PDRHCI Screen Fields for Infotype Copier
PDRHCT Input and Screen Fields for Function Group RHCT
PDRHGB Input and Screen Fields for Function Group RHGB
PDRHGC Structure for Function Group RHGC Screens
PDRHUM Structure for Screen Fields
PDSEL Definition of Conditions for Accessing Objects
PDSTATE Status Texts
PDSTR RHSTRU00 Screen Fields
PDTASK Texts for Task Editing
PDTASK_REL Relate Structure for Task with Agent
PDTASK_TYP Selection List for Task Type
PDWFCTASK Screen Fields for Customer Enhancements of Standard Objects
PDWISTAT Transfer Structure for Work Item Status
PFNDY SAPFH5AN Screen Fields
PGEN_QUE General Structure for Data 1000/1001 in PCH Queries
PHQ_CTAB RFC Transfer Table for HQ Without Structure
PINFDY Structure for RHINFAW0 Screen Fields
PKEY1 Common Key for External Objects
PKEYS Default Key for Related Objects
PLOGDB Update Table for Planning and Organizational File
PM0D1 SAPMH5A0 Screen Fields
PM0DY PD: SAPMH5A0 Screen Fields
PMSDY PD: SAPMH5AS Screen Fields
PNNNN Special Fields for Different Infotypes
PNNNN_EXP HR Work Area for Expanded Table Infotypes
PP00 Parameter String for Program Class PP00
PP0B Parameter String for Program Class PP0B
PP0C Parameter String for Program Class PP0C
PP0D Parameter String for Program Class PP0D
PP0E Parameter String for Program Class PP0E
PP0G Parameter String for Program Class PP0D
PP0I Parameter String for Program Class PP0I
PP0L Parameter String for Program Group PP0L
PP0O Create Organizational Structure
PP0P Parameter String for Program Class PP0P
PP0U Parameter String for Program Group PP0U
PPCPD Personnel Cost Plan: Admin.Structure for Payroll Results
PPCSH Help Fields for Personnel Cost Planning
PPENQ Lock Key
PPHDR Common Key for PD Infotypes
PPHDX PD Screen Fields
PPKEY PPKEY: PD Key Structure
PPLOG PD Infotype Record
PPMAC Selection of Matchcode Procedure
PPPAR PD Parameter String
PPPAR_EXEP Cooper structure flag
PPPCH System Parameter for Database PCH
PPSEL Transfer Selection Parameters for Object ID
PRHGR Function Group RHGR : General Data
PT1002 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1002
PT1016 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1016
PT1017 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1017
PT1061 Fields for Table Division of Infotype 1061
PT1210 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1210 Container
PT1211 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1211 Container
PT1212 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1212 Event Binding
PT1213 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1213 Rule Binding
PT1214 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1214 Other Binding
PT1218 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1218
PT1220 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1220 Activity Profile
PT1221 Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities
PT1230 Fields for Table Section Infotype 1230
PTXXXX Fields for table infotype XXXX
PTYYYY Fields for Table Part of Infotype YYYY
PUN_OM_ITFLDS Structure with F4-Help for Position title
PXXXX_AF Additional Query Fields
PXXXX_EXP Infotype XXXX expanded structures
Q1000 Screen Field Infotype 1000 (Object Name)
Q1001 Screen Field Infotype 1001 (Relationships w/o Application)
Q1002 Screen Field Infotype 1002 (Description)
Q1208 Fields for Displaying Infotype 1208
Q1217 Screen Fields Infotype 1217
Q778P Screen Fields for Table T778P (Plan Versions)
Q78NR Display Structure for Table T78NR
RHAGENT_INFO ALV Display Structure for Function Module RH_AGENT_INFO
RHCAADMIN PD: Structure for Catalog Administration
RHCAOBJECT PD: Object (Without Plan Version)
RHCAORDER PD: Catalog Index
RHCATOBJEC PD: Object (Without Plan Version) With Description
RHDBST00_ALV_S Field Catalog RHDBST00
RHDM0 Table Structure for Dynamic Menu
RHDM1 Menu Display
RHLRHW Fields for SAPLRHW* Function Modules
RHMC0 Screen Fields for Function Group RHMC
RHMC1 Data on Restrictions
RHMC2 Object Table for PLOG Search Function
RHOBJ_NAME Org.Management Object Name
RHOBJECTS Structure for Org.Objects
RHOBJEXTRD Transfer Structure for External Objects with Rh_Read_Object
RHWF_METH Secondary Method for Standard Task
RHWFD1 Screen Fields for SAPLRHWS 500
RHWFINTFAC Fields for WF ORG Interface
RHWFTSKATT Task Attributes
RHWI_ID Structure for Work Item IDs
RHWIAG Structure Work Item and Agent
SETGD Transfer Data for Structure Condition
STRUC Structure Information for Database PCH
SWHACTOR Rule Resolution Result
T77PR_WA Structure for Excluded Structural Profiles
TASK_ATTR Task Attributes (Method Context)
TEXTBUF Object Text Buffer
WPLOG PD Infotype Work Area
WPLOG_EXT PD Infotype Workarea (Extended Object Key)
WPLOG_LONG Structure WPLOG with Additional Character-200 Field
WPLOG_OLD WPLOG with VDATA Old Length (Rel. 2.2/3.0/3.1)


SAP Package SP00 contains 192 programs.

BC_HROBJ_DEL Archiving HR Object: Delete Program
BC_HROBJ_PRE Archiving HR Object: Preprocessing Program
BC_HROBJ_WRI Archiving HR Object: Write Program
MP100000 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1000 Object
MP1000BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP100200 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1002 Descriptions
MP1002BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP101600 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1016
MP1016BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1016
MP101700 PD Module Pool for Infotype 1017
MP1017BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1017
MP102800 Infotype 1028 - Address
MP1028BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MP103200 Module Pool for Infotype 1032
MP1032BI Batch Input for Infotype 1032
MP106100 HR Module Pool Infotyp 1061
MP1061BI Batch Input 1061
MP120100 PD Infotype 1201 Object Method
MP1201BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1201
MP120500 PD Infotype 1205 Workflow Definition
MP1205BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1205
MP1206BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1206
MP120800 PD Infotype 1208 SAP Organizational Objects
MP1208BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1208
MP1215BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1215
MP1216BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1216
MP121700 PD Infotype 1217 Classification/Lock Indicator
MP1217BI PD Batch Input Interface Infotype 1217
MP122000 PD Module Pool Infotype 1017
MPS00100 PD Module Pool Infotype 1001 Relationships (Basis System Version)
MPS001BI General Data for All PD Infotypes
MPTTTT00 HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY
MPXXXXBI Batch Input for Infotypes
MPYYYY00 HR Module Pool Infotype YYYY
MPYYYYBI Batch Input for Table Infotypes
RH77MBDO Action Documentation
RH77S0BU Back Up for Table T77S0
RH77S0RE Program RH77S0RE
RHACTGR0 Interface Roles
RHACTOR0 Interface for Roles
RHAKTI00 Change Object Status
RHALTD00 Legacy Data Transfer
RHAREL00 Object Types
RHASPD00 Aspects
RHAUTH_VIEW_INDX Display of Objects Per User of Those Saved in INDX
RHAUTH00 Authorized Objects per User/Profile
RHAUTH01 Display Authorization Views
RHBAUS00 Regeneration of INDX for Structural Authorization
RHBAUS01 Compare INDX and T77UU
RHBAUS02 Check and compare T77UU (user data in SAP memory)
RHBEGDA0 Set new start date
RHCHECK0 Installation Check
RHCHECK1 Check Database Consistency
RHCHECKP Consistency Check PD Database Table and Additional Data Pointers
RHCHECKRELATIONS Delete relationships without existing objects
RHCHECKRELATIONS_OLD Delete relationships without existing objects
RHCHECKV Display and Create Missing Inverse Relationships
RHCHEXOB Relationships of Nonexistent External Objects
RHCLUC00 Cluster Controller
RHCONC00 Relate Objects
RHCOPL00 Copy Plan Version
RHCOPLPT Reconcile Plan Versions (Partly)
RHCOPY00 Copy Object
RHCOPY10 Copy Objects Using Selection List
RHCOPYSTRUCT Copy structures
RHCTIMCO_NO_ALV Errors in infotype records for time constraint 1 and 2
RHCUST01 Customizing: Editing Table T77S0
RHDBST00 Personnel Planning Database Statistics
RHDBST10 Database Statistics: Number of Objects in PLOGI
RHDBST20 Database Statistics: Use of Notes
RHDBST30 Database Statistics: Use of an Infotype
RHDBST40 Database Statistics: Use of All Infotypes
RHDDIC00 Table Fields from Data Dictionary
RHDDIC10 PD Data Dictionary Interface
RHDESC00 Display and Maintain Infotypes
RHDESC10 Display Infotypes of an Object
RHEVENT0 Workflow Events Interface
RHEXIST0 Existing Objects
RHFCAREA Interface Function Areas
RHFREE00 Display related or unrelated objects
RHGRENZ0 Delimit Objects
RHGRENZ1 Set New End Date
RHGRENZ2 Delimit Infotypes
RHGRENZ4 Set New End Date
RHGROUP0 Calculate Value for Modification Groups
RHGROUP1 Derive Function Codes from Modification Group
RHHISTO0 Creating/removing historical records for objects
RHHRSC00 Check Object References of Standard Tasks and Rules
RHHRSC01 Check Object References of WF Templates, Tasks and Customer Tasks
RHINDX10 Display Strategic Index via HRPnnnn
RHINFT00 Maintain Infotype
RHMCROLL PLOG Search Function: Change of Roll Area
RHMOVE00 Transport Personnel Planning Data Records to Sequential File
RHMOVE30 Manual Transport Link
RHMOVE50 Transport of Objects Using Object Lock
RHMOVE60 Further Transport of Planning Objects
RHMULT00 Create Multiple Object Copies
RHNAVIG0 Structure Navigation Instrument
RHOBJMTD Interface Programs for Object Method
RHORGMAN Organizational Structures
RHPLDF00 Display Infotype Definitions
RHPLOGI0 Display/Maintain PLOGI Object Index
RHPROFL0 Generate User Authorizations
RHPROFL0_OLD Generate User Authorizations
RHRELA00 Relationship Display
RHRELAT0 Allowed Relationships of Object Types
RHREPO00 Interface for User Master Data
RHREQK00 ?...
RHRH77EO Example program for interface to external objects
RHRHAZ00 Display Personnel Planning Database
RHRHDC00 Delete Individual Personnel Planning Records
RHRHDL00 Delete Data Records from Personnel Planning Database
RHSAPORG SAP Organization Objects Interface
RHSEARK0 Auxiliary Program: Manual Selection of Search Function
RHSFLOW0 Interface for Workflow Template
RHSHOWOR Display of Organizational Assignment
RHSOBJCH Transport: Reconcile OBJS with HR Database Tables
RHSTASK0 Standard Task Interface
RHSTAT00 Status Overview per Object Type
RHSTRU00 Structure Display/Maintenance
RHSTRU00_OLD Structure Display/Maintenance
RHTAB100 Selection of Error Messages from Table T100
RHTCATAB Task Catalog
RHTCODE0 Interface for Transaction Code
RHTGRP0 Interface for Task Groups
RHTRANS0 Translate Language-Dependent Records
RHTRANS0_NO_ALV Translate language-dependent records
RHTRANS1 Obsolete (Translate Language-Dependent Records)
RHTRANSC Standard Objects: Check Report for Search String (Abbreviation & Name)
RHTSCAT0 Task Catalog
RHTSKCAT Task Catalog
RHTTCP77 Copying client-dependent T77* tables from client 000
RHUNIT00_BASE Merging of PD Infotype Records
RHUSER00 Interface for User Master Data
RHUSGRP0 User group interface
RHVERSP1 Increment Report Version Number
RHWEGID0 Suitable Evaluation Paths
RHWFACTI Activation of Tasks not yet Active in Current Client
RHWFACTV Report for Activating WF Definitions in WF Tasks
RHWFCHK0 Consistency Check of Workflow Installation
RHWFCONS PD: Workflow Template in Transp.-Make Plan Version Consistent(3.0 B&C)
RHWFCOP2 Import PD Objects from Client 0 into Current Client
RHWFCOPL Copy Workflow Template to Active WF Plan Version
RHWFCOPY Copy Report for Workflow Tasks
RHWFDEF0 Interface for Workflow Definition Interpretation
RHWFINDEXRESET Synchronize Workflow buffer in organizational environment
RHWFOBJT Interface Workflow Objects
RHWFOTSK Check Organizational Assignment of Work Item for Task Specified
RHWFOTYP Interface Workflow Object Types
RHWORKIT Interface Work Item
RHWSDEL0 List of All Workflow Template Versions
RHXCHK00 Check Routines for Pre-Programs
RHXEXI00 Existing Organizational Units
RHXEXI01 Existing Work Centers
RHXEXI02 Existing Jobs
RHXEXI03 Existing Positions
RHXEXI04 Existing Tasks
RHXSTR00 Organizational Structure
RHXSTR01 Organizational Structure with Positions
RHXSTR02 Organizational Structure with Persons
RHXSTR03 Organizational Structure with Work Centers
RHXSTR04 Report Structure with Persons
RHXSTR05 Report Structure Without Persons
RHXSTR06 Work Centers per Organizational Unit
RHXSTR07 Activity Profile for Positions Along Organizational Structure
RHXSTR08 Activity Profile of Positions with Persons Along Org. Structure
RHXTCATB Task processing
RHXTSCAT Task Catalog
RHXWOSHW Display of Work Items for Workflow Object (Type)
RHYDEL00 Delete Generated Menu Programs
SAPFH5AA Menu Service Routines
SAPFH5AD PD Dialog Control
SAPFH5AN Module Pool
SAPFH5AP PD Buffer Handler
SAPMH5A0 Module Pool for PD Transactions
SAPMH5AR Menu Control
SAPMH5AS Structure Administration for Evaluations
SAPMHPS0 Control for Dynamic Menu onto Area Menu

Search Helps

SAP Package SP00 contains 37 search helps.

H_T777A Helpview for Table T777A
H_T777M Helpview for Table T777M
H_T778A Helpview for Table T778A
H_T778M Helpview for Actions
H_T778O Generated Helpview for Check Table T778O
H_T778P Generated Helpview for Check Table T778P
H_T778S Generated Helpview for Check Table T778S
H_T778T Generated Helpview for Check Table T778T
H_T778U Generated Helpview for Check Table T778U
H_T778V Generated Helpview for Check Table T778V
H_T77AP Generated Helpview for Check Table T77AP
H_T77FC Helpview for Table 77FC
H_T77IV Helpview for Table T77IV
H_T77MB Helpview for Table T77MB
H_T77OC Possible Entries For Catalogs
H_T77S4 Helpview for Table T77S4
HRBAS00INFTY Search Help Infotype (PA/PD)
HRBAS00LFCOD Search Help Logical Function Code
HRBAS00OBJID Search Help Object
HRBAS00OBJID1 Search Term
HRBAS00OBJID1RC Search Term with Restrictions
HRBAS00OBJID1WOR Search Term (Unrelated Objects)
HRBAS00OBJID2 Structure Search
HRBAS00OBJID3 Search Term (Object Type Specific)
HRBAS00OBJID4 Abbreviation and Name
HRBAS00OTYPE Search Help Object Type
HRBAS00PLVAR Search Help Plan Version
HRBAS00RELAT Search Help Relationship
HRBAS00SCLAS Search Help Target Object Type
HRBAS00WEGID Search Help Evaluation Path
PLOM Matchcode for PLOG
PLOMA Abbreviation
PLOMC Abbreviation and Name
PLOMS Search Function

Message Classes

SAP Package SP00 contains 6 message classes.

5A Basis Personalmanagement
5W Nachrichten für PD (insbesondere Workflow)
HRBAS00CUST HR: Customizing Prüfungen
HRBAS00OFFICE Nachrichten Office-Schnittstelle HR

Authorization Objects

SAP Package SP00 contains 3 authorization objects.

P_TCODE HR: Transaction codes
PLOG Personnel Planning
PLOG_CON Personnel Planning with Context