SAP Package SPOO


The package SPOO (Spool) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BASIS.

Technical Information

Package SPOO
Short Text Spool
Parent Package BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package SPOO contains 25 function groups.

LPRF Local printing RFC
RSPOCFONT Cascading Font Services Spooler
RSPOLSTDRV List driver aux. functions
RSPOPOSS Print Options UTILs
RSPOTSP09 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SEXT Function Modules for Access Method E
SPOA Spool Administration
SPOB Spool Cache Administration / Usage
SPOC Spool: Conversions
SPOD Spooler: Output of data
SPOF Spool: C Calls for Front-End Printing
SPOH Help Functions For The Spooler
SPOI Spool Callback Functions Using RFC
SPOK Spool: Configuration Functions
SPOL Spooler Help Programs
SPOO Spool functions
SPOOL_SP01R Collection for New SP01 (Remote)
SPOR Spool authorization checks
SPOS Spool: User-Defined Settings
SPOX Spool extended functions
SPRR RFC Modules for Remote SP01
SXIOMS Internal Modules for External NWOMS
SXOM XMI OMS interface
SXSP XMI Spool Configuration Interface


SAP Package SPOO contains 12 transactions.

SP00 Spool and related areas
SP01 Output Controller
SP01O Spool Controller
SP02 Display Spool Requests
SP02O Display Output Requests
SP1T Output Control (Test)
SPAD Spool Administration
SPAT Spool Administration (Test)
SPCC Spool consistency check
SPIC Spool installation check
SPOV Spool Request Overview
SPTP Text elem. maint. for print formats

Database Tables

SAP Package SPOO contains 79 database tables.

T022A Spool: Indirect printer selection
T022B Spool allocation for logical/physical destination
T022D Spool: Print control translation
TSP01 Spool Requests
TSP01P Spool: Part Table of a Spool Request
TSP02 Spool: Print requests
TSP02A Dynamic Attributes for Spool Requests and Output Requests
TSP02F List of frontend printing to be executed
TSP02FX List of Front-End Printing to Be Printed (Replaces TSP02F)
TSP02JT Job ticket data
TSP02L Spool: List parameters for spool and print requests
TSP02T Spool: Output Requests Waiting to Be Activated
TSP02W Spool: Output Requests Waiting for Processing
TSP03 Spool: Printer declaration
TSP03A Spool: Device description (new format)
TSP03C Spool: Device Description Extension
TSP03D Spool: Device Description (New Format)
TSP03L Spool: Long device names
TSP03POCCNF Print option configuration
TSP03POCPRE Printer option configuration: preselection
TSP03T Paper format in the device paper tray
TSP04 Spool: Access to paper types
TSP05 Spool: Protection rules
TSP06 Spool: Sequences for handling paper
TSP06A Spool: Implemented format type of a device type
TSP06POT Print options texts
TSP06T Text table: Title texts for print formats
TSP07 Spool: Paper used by the printer
TSP08 Spool: Paper formats
TSP09 Spool: Printer drivers
TSP0A Spool: Device types
TSP0C Spool: Change Log
TSP0E Data for optical archiving
TSP0G Spool: Number ranges
TSP0H Printer pools
TSP0I Assignment of printers to terminals (room assignment)
TSP0K Print commands for host spooler (link type 'L')
TSP0L Spool events
TSP0N Graphical object
TSP0P Resources for formatting
TSP0Q Derivation resource
TSP0R Paper in the paper trays on the device
TSP0S Name Conventions For Spool Request Authorizations
TSP0T Assignment of local printer type to terminal
TSP0U Additional Information for Saved Data Transfer
TSP1D Spool: Format
TSP1T Spool: Long Text for Format
TSP2D Spool: Formats in a paper family/form
TSP2T Spool: Paper family (form)
TSP3T Spool: Command to prepare the printer for the paper family
TSP4D Spool: Check table for print control
TSP4T Spool: Explanation of the Print Controls
TSP5D LPQ formats (host spool system)
TSP5T Text for LPQ format from the spooler
TSP6D Type of connection to format program
TSP6T Text Table: Printer Access Method
TSP7D With or without cover sheet?
TSP7S With or without cover sheet?
TSP7T With or without cover sheet?
TSP8D Graphical object
TSP8T Description of graphical objects
TSP9D Resource
TSP9T Resource
TSPCMDS Command Line Model for LOMS
TSPCONV External converter
TSPDEVCF Reconfiguration Table for OMS Devices
TSPEVDEV OMS Events for Devices
TSPEVJOB OMS Events for Print Requests
TSPJSTAT Statistical data for output requests
TSPLOMS Logical Output Management Systems for Access Method 'E'
TSPOPTIONS Spool Options
TSPPOSSUSER User-defaults for print options
TSPQSTAT Statistical data about print queues
TSPRMGCF Reconfiguration Table for OMS Callback Groups
TSPROMS Real Output Management Systems for Access Method 'E'
TSPSV Spool: Server table
TSPSVI Spool: Server Information (Updated by Spool Work Processes)
TSPUSROPT Spool: User-specific settings
TSPUSRSEL Spool: User-Specific Settings


SAP Package SPOO contains 10 views.

H_TSP03 Help view for printer table
H_TSP09 Display printer driver with its long text
H_TSP0A Display device type and its long text
H_TSP1D Display long text for format type
H_TSP5D Help view for LPQ format description
H_TSP6D Help view for printer access methods
H_TSP7T Help View: Cover Page Selection
SH_PRIN Search help for output device


SAP Package SPOO contains 136 structures.

FRPRLIST List of Frontend Printers
PJDONE_T Selection Options for PJFINADONE (Checkbox)
PJERRP_T Selection Options for PJERRPROT (Checkbox)
PJHERR_T Selection Options for PJFINAHERR (Checkbox)
PJSERR_T Selection Options for PJFINASERR (Checkbox)
PJSERV_T Selection Options for PJSERVER
PJSYST_T Selection Options for PJSYST
PJTERM_T Selection Options for TSP02F Terminal
POSS_JOBTICKET Job ticket structure for spool request
POSS_JOBTICKETINFO Jobticket Information for user (includes name of option...)
POSS_OPTIONINFO Information about printer option
POSS_OPTVALINFO Information on values for print option
POSS_OPTVALSTRUCT Structure with fields for print options and option values
POSS_OPTVALTEXT Translated texts for printer option values
RQ0NAM_T Selection Options for RQ0NAME
RQ1DIS_T Selection Options for RQ1DISPO
RQ1NAM_T Selection Options for RQ1NAME
RQ2DIS_T Selection Options for RQ2DISPO
RQ2NAM_T Selection Options for RQ2NAME
RQADES_T Selection Options for RQADES
RQAUTH_T Select Options for RQAUTH
RQCLIE_T Selection Options for RQCLIENT
RQCOPI_T Selection Options for RQCOPIES
RQCRED_T Selection Options for CREDATE
RQDELD_T Selection Options for DELDATE
RQDEST_T Selection Options for RQDEST
RQDESTL_T Selection Options for RQDESTL
RQDIVI_T Selection Options for RQDIVISION
RQFIN_T Selection Options for RQFIN
RQIDEN_T Selection Options for RQIDENT
RQOWNE_T Selection Options for RQOWNER
RQPAGE_T Selection Options for RQPAGE
RQPAPE_T Selection Options for RQPAPER
RQPJDO_T Selection Options for RQPJDONE
RQPJHE_T Selection Options for RQPJHERR
RQPJRE_T Selection Options for RQPJREQ
RQPJSE_T Selection Options for RQJSERR
RQPRIO_T Selection Options for RQPRIO
RQRECE_T Selection Options for RQRECEIVER
RQSAPT_T Selection Options for RQSAPT
RQSYS_T Selection Options for System Name
RQSYST_T Selection Options for RQSYST
RQTITL_T Selection Options for RQTITLE
RQTLAN_T Selection Options for RQTELELAN
RQTNUM_T Selection Options for RQTELENUM
RQUNXT_T Selection Options for RQUNXT
RSPO_DS Data Set for Data Exchange
RSPO_DS2 Dataset for data exchange (long lines)
RSPO_DSX Data Set for Data Exchange
RSPO_DSX2 Dataset for data exchange (long lines)
RSPO_ID Request ID for Spool
RSPO_INDEX Page Index for SP01
RSPO_SXOMS_DEVICE Printer Description for OMS Web Service
RSPO_TINFO Spool: TemSe Information
RSPO_TYPES Type collection for ABAP Workbench
RSPOATTR Spool: Entry for Object Description
RSPOCHANGE Spool: Spool object last changed by
RSPOCHECK Internal structure as parameter block, authorization check
RSPODEV Spool: Entry for Device Description
RSPODEVC Spool: Entry in device cache
RSPODEVT Spool: Entry for Device Description
RSPOEGFATT List Driver: ESC/Page Font Attributes
RSPOEMSG Spoo: Error Message from Kernel
RSPOGINF Spool: Group Information for Spool Service
RSPOHNDLR Spool: Event Handler für Spool Requests
RSPOJOBS Spool: Entry in Job List
RSPOJQUEUE Spool: Entry in processing queue of the spool work process
RSPOLATTB Spool: List parameters for spool and print requests
RSPOLATTD list driver: Document attributes currently unused
RSPOLATTF LISTDRV: Formatting type attributes for dev. type (TSP06A)
RSPOLATTG LISTDRV: Attribute for output medium / device (TSP03C)
RSPOLATTJ List driver: Job attributes, currently unused
RSPOLATTL Layout information for list drivers
RSPOLATTM LISTDRV: Formatting type attributes (TSP1D)
RSPOLATTS Statistical attributes for list drivers
RSPOLATTU User-defined attributes for list drivers
RSPOLD Spooler: Structure for device, type, formatting
RSPOLOVR Spool: Lock overview
RSPOLPBI Table for transferring binary data using RFC
RSPOLPRINT Data Elements for Local Printing
RSPOLPTAB Table Structure for Data Transfer (Local Printing)
RSPOLS Spooler: Table with formatting data and page sizes
RSPONTA Spool: Structure definition (name, type, format)
RSPOOCLASS Spool: Ticket Name and Description
RSPOPART Spool: Part Description of a Composite Spool Request
RSPOPCFATT List driver: Font attributes for PCL-5
RSPOPGCNTL Data Structure: Control Information for Paging
RSPOPRFATT List driver: PRESCRIBE font attributes
RSPOPSFATT List driver: PostScript font attributes
RSPORQ Spool: Information on spool requests
RSPOSCSEL Spool: Selection Structure for Server Classification
RSPOSEL Spool: Selection Fields
RSPOSERVER Spool: Cache lines of a server entry
RSPOSPCTL Spool: Maintain a Print Control
RSPOSRVINF Spool: Dynamic server information
RSPOSUBJ Spool: Output Request for Job Ticket Output Request
RSPOSUBR Spool: Subrequests for Job Ticket Output Request
RSPOSVIG Spool: Group Information for TSPSVI
RSPOSWFATT List Driver: Windows Font Attributes
RSPOTINFO Spool: Information for feeders of a device
RSPOTOCE Spool: Entry for a Table of Contents
RSPOTYPE Spool data types
RSPOUATT Spool: User attributes for ABAP drivers
RSPOXTYPE Spool: Types for Conversion Module
SEXT_DATA Data Table for Data Transmission
SEXT_DEVCF OMS Device Configuration
SEXT_DEVEV Format of Event (Device Event)
SEXT_DLIST Entry in OMS Device Table
SEXT_DSTAT Status Line of OMS Device
SEXT_JCNCL Status Line of Delete Request
SEXT_JOBEV Format of Event for Print Request
SEXT_JSTAT Status Line for Jobs of OMS Device
SEXT_JTBLB Job Table Lines Basis Header (SEXT_JCNCL and SEXT_JSTAT)
SEXT_LCONF Configuration Structure of R/3 Flag Field for LOMS
SEXT_LFLGS Structure of R/3 Flag Field for LOMS
SEXT_PARAM Spool Parameters to transfer to external tools
SEXT_PQUEU Status Line for Queue Entries for OMS Device Polling
SEXT_QUEUE Status Line for Queue Entries of OMS Device
SEXT_RCONF Configuration Structure of R/3 Flag Field for ROMS
SEXT_RFLGS Structure of R/3 Flag Field for ROMS
SEXT_RMGCF CBG Configuration
SEXT_TYPES Dummy Table for Bypassing Dummy ABAP/4 Type System
STSP02F Spool: Structure for Enqueue for Front-End Printing
SXOM_DEVEV Format of Event (Device Event)
SXOM_JOBEV Format of Event for Print Request
TSP01_SP01 Extended TSP01 for New SP01
TSP01_SP0R Extended TSP01 for New SP01
TSP02_SP0R Extended TSP02 for New SP01


SAP Package SPOO contains 94 programs.

RSDSSPNR Reporting occupation of the spool number area to the Monitoring Arch.
RSDSSPTI Report waiting time for the spool server to monitoring architecture
RSPO_FIND_DELETED_PRINTERS Find Deleted Printers in Application Tables
RSPO_SHOW_SPO_NUM Display Spool Number Range Interval
RSPO0011 Count Output Formats
RSPO0012 Character Set Check
RSPO0013 Test Print Controls
RSPO0015 Test Report to Generate a Large Number of Spool Requests
RSPO0021 Test
RSPO0024 Spool List Display Test Report
RSPO0025 Test
RSPO0028 Generate Test Data for Printer Tests
RSPO0029 Delete All Output Devices
RSPO0030 RSPO0030: Number of Characters in the Character Sets
RSPO0031 Test Report for New Bar Code Technology
RSPO0036 Delete Large Spool Request
RSPO0040 Where-Used List for Output Devices
RSPO0041 Delete Old Spool Requests
RSPO0042 Deletion of device events
RSPO0043 Spool: Consistency Check
RSPO0044 Spool Test: Print Data Without Formatting
RSPO0045 Test
RSPO0046 Job Event Consistency Check
RSPO0047 Spool: Test Function Modules
RSPO0049 Enter Customer's Own Formatting Routine (Access Method Z)
RSPO0050 Set Traces System-Wide for SPOOL Component
RSPO0052 Reserve
RSPO0053 Reserve
RSPO0054 Reserve
RSPO0055 Installation Check for R/3 Spool
RSPO0056 Spooler: Search Program For Special Requests
RSPO0057 Test Program For Person Updating
RSPO0059 Add New Colors to Print Controls
RSPO0060 Extend Kyocera Printer Formats For Frame
RSPO0062 Test Program For Update Task
RSPO0064 Repair Report for Nametab Error During System Start
RSPO0065 Output All Existing Spool Requests
RSPO0067 Change Assignment Between Printers and Spooler Servers.
RSPO0068 BC-XDC: Convert and Print Single *.DOC
RSPO0069 BC-XDC: Query Status/Format/Printer List
RSPO0070 BC-XDC: Synchronous Conversion of *.doc to PCL5/POST
RSPO0071 BC-XDC: Generate and Convert Spool Request from SAPscript and *.DOC
RSPO0072 Spooler Lock Overview (Semaphore 43)
RSPO0073 Reserve
RSPO0074 Show End of Spool Request / TemSe Object
RSPO0075 Enter Various Additional Access Methods
RSPO0076 Spool: Display lock overview
RSPO0077 Job Event Overview
RSPO0098 Spool: Compile the Tables TSP1D and TSP06
RSPO0099 Delete Print Requests Waiting for Confirmation for a Server
RSPO1021 Program RSPO1021
RSPO1041 Delete Old Spool Requests
RSPO1043 Spool Data Consistency Check in Background
RSPO1055 Installation Check for R/3 Spool
RSPO2010 Repair Program for SAP Note 1422843
RSPO4TST Correction of Unreasonably High Values in Table TSP06T
RSPOARCHP Read the Archive Path (Called by SWP From the Kernel)
RSPOASASET Spool: Edit Program Collection of Hostpool Attribute Sets
RSPOASDEMO Spool: Edit Program for Ticket Attributes
RSPOCFTEST1 Unicode Font Metrics: List Metrics or Calculate String Width
RSPOCFUTIL Utility report for Cascading Fonts device types
RSPOCFUTIL_SWIN Utility report for cascading fonts SAPWIN device types
RSPOCOMP Create a Composed Spool Request
RSPOCP00 Contents of Table CP00
RSPOCP02 RSPOCP02: Print One or Two Character Sets (Codepages)
RSPODRV Embedding spool driver in ABAP
RSPOJTDIST Spool: Edit Program for Ticket Attributes
RSPOJTPRNT Spool: Edit Program for Sort Job Tickets
RSPOJTSORT Spool: Edit Program for Sort Job Tickets
RSPOLIST Display ABAP Spool List
RSPOLOG0 Analyze Log
RSPOLPRF Frontend Printing Form Routine Through Spool Work Process
RSPOLST2 Display ABAP Spool List
RSPOPOSS_TEST Test Report for SAPscript Print Output
RSPOPRNT Spool: Create a Composite Spool Request
RSPOSHOWCV Spool: Display Versions of C Sources
RSPOSHOWDT Overview: Formats for a Device Type
RSPOSP01 Output Controller
RSPOSP01NR Program RSPOSP01N (New SP01)
RSPOSTAT Statistical Analysis of Spool Data
RSPOTICKET Spool: Call a Ticket in the Spool Workprocess
RSPOUSR03 Read USR03 Data (Called from Kernel by Spool Work Process)
RSPOWP00 Frame for Spool WP
RSPOX22D Output Print Controls
RSPOXDEV Import and Export of Device Descriptions
RSPOXOMS Spool: Saving and Loading of Definitions
RSPOXP03 List Printers with Access Methods
RSPOXP06 Display Format Contents
RSPOXPRA XPRA for Conversion of TSP1D and Generation of TSP06A for TSP06
SAPMSPAD Spool Administration
SAPMSPTP Maintain Text Elements For Formats
SPOOLTST Display Icons in Lists

Search Helps

SAP Package SPOO contains 10 search helps.

H_TSP03 Help view for printer table
H_TSP09 Display printer driver with its long text
H_TSP0A Display device type and its long text
H_TSP1D Display long text for format type
H_TSP5D Help view for LPQ format description
H_TSP6D Help view for printer access methods
H_TSP7T Help View: Cover Page Selection
PRIN Search help for spool output devices

Message Classes

SAP Package SPOO contains 5 message classes.

PO Spool Nachrichten
SP01R SP01-Fehlermeldungen
SPO Nachrichten Spool
SPOC Spool: Nachrichten von C-Calls
SW Meldungen des SAPLPD.

Authorization Objects

SAP Package SPOO contains 3 authorization objects.

S_SPO_ACT Spool: Actions
S_SPO_DEV Spool: Device authorizations
S_SPO_PAGE Spool: Restriction on Maximum Number of Pages