SAP Package STXD


The package STXD (SAPscript) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BASIS.

Technical Information

Package STXD
Short Text SAPscript
Parent Package BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package STXD contains 25 function groups.

CNFP SAPscript Form Painter
STSC SAPscript: Syntax check for ITF texts
STX4 SAPscript User Guidance
STXA SAPscript Archiving of Long Texts
STXBITMAPS SAPscript Graphics and bitmaps
STXC SAPscript composer
STXD SAPscript program interface 1
STXE SAPscript program interface 2
STXF SAPscript AFM/font services
STXG SAPscript load
STXH SAPscript Program Interface 3
STXI SAPscript update modules
STXK SAPscript text conversions
STXKS SAPscript text conversions
STXL SAPscript editor line management
STXM SAPscript table maintenance
STXN SAPscript Internet
STXP SAPscript printer driver
STXR2 Convert R/2 Texts to R/3 SAPscript
STXS SAPscript style and form maintenance
STXU SAPscript utilities
STXV SAPscript symbols
STXW OTF screen output
STXX SAPscript editor
STXXP Dialog Window Outside Editor


SAP Package STXD contains 11 transactions.

SE71 SAPscript form
SE72 SAPscript Styles
SE73 SAPscript Font Maintenance
SE74 SAPscript format conversion
SE75 SAPscript Settings
SE75TTDTGC SAPscript: Change standard symbols
SE75TTDTGD SAPscript: Display standard symbols
SE76 SAPscript: Form Translation
SE77 SAPscript Styles Translation
SE78 Administration of Form Graphics
SO10 SAPscript: Standard Texts

Database Tables

SAP Package STXD contains 64 database tables.

BDSCHKF3 SDOK: File name of last checkout
BDSCHKO3 BDS: Check out data for a physical information object
BDSCONT3 SDOK: Table for document contents (import/export)
BDSLOIO3 BDS: Instances of logical information objects
BDSLOIOT3 BDS: Descriptions of logical information objects
BDSLOPR3 BDS: Attribute values of logical information objects
BDSLORE3 BDS: Outgoing relationships of logical information objects
BDSLORI3 BDS: Incoming relationships of logical information objects
BDSPHF3 BDS: Files of physical information objects
BDSPHHR3 BDS: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objects
BDSPHIO3 BDS: Instances of physical information objects
BDSPHNM3 BDS: Use of target anchors in physical objects
BDSPHPR3 BDS: Attributes of physical information objects
BDSPHRE3 BDS: Outgoing relationships of physical information objects
BDSPHRI3 BDS: Incoming relationships of physical information objects
BDSRE3 BDS: Relationship instances
BDSREPR3 SDOK: Relationship attributes
STXB SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format
STXBITMAPS SAPscript Graphics Management
STXH STXD SAPscript text file header
STXITFD SAPscript Verification: ITF data table
STXITFR SAPscript Verification: ITF reference table
STXL STXD SAPscript text file lines
STXOTFD SAPscript verification: OTF data table
STXOTFR SAPscript verification: OTF reference table
STXRDID SAPscript: Raw Data Interface - Data Table
STXRDIR SAPscript: RDI - Reference Table for Test Mode
TFO01 Entity table of font families in SAPscript
TFO02 SAPscript system fonts
TFO03 SAPscript printer fonts
TFO04 AFM fontmetrics for SAPscript font maintenance
TFO05 SAP bar codes
TFO06 Printer Bar Codes
TFO07 Table with default font family for language
TFO08 Assignment of font family, language -> replacement family
TFO09 Assignment of font family to language
TFO10 Font replacement for special device type
TFO11 PDF converter: Adobe type 1 font file
TFO12 Adobe type 1 font file attributes for PDF converter
TFO13 Graphic: font families->PDF fonts for PDF converter
TFO14 PDF converter: Encoding vector for Adobe type 1 font
TFO15 PDF converter: Adobe font data
TFO16 Corresponding RTF form for a font family in SAPscript
TFO17 Replacement for font familiy (table TFO16)
TFO18 Configuration Table for OTF PDF Converter
TT3X40 Form Painter access for 3.X systems
TTDCF Table for style sheet conversion
TTDCW Conversion of abbreviations in MS Word terms
TTDTG SAPscript: Standard Symbols for Word Processing
TTXFP Selection list of print programs
TTXFPT Assignment of print program to form (test)
TTXFT SAPscript: Tables for Forms
TTXGR SAPscript Graphics Management: Objects and IDs
TTXGRT SAPscript Graphics Management: Texts for objects and IDs
TTXID Valid text IDs
TTXIE SAPscript: Function modules for INCLUDE exit
TTXIN SAPscript: Who with whom?
TTXIT Texts for Text IDs
TTXOB Valid text objects
TTXOT Short Texts for Text Objects
TTXPI SAPscript program interface
TTXPS SAPscript: Tables for Program Symbols
TTXSY SAPscript system symbol


SAP Package STXD contains 7 views.

H_FO05 Dummy view for deleting obsolete view H_FO05
H_TFO01 Help View For SAPscript Font Families in Table TFO01
H_TFO05 Help View For SAPscript Bar Code Check Table TFO05
H_TTXID Help View For SAPscript Text ID Table TTXID
H_TTXOB Help View For SAPscript Text Object Table TTXOB
H_TXID Dummy view for deleting obsolete view H_TXID
H_TXOB Dummy view for deleting obsolete view H_TXOB


SAP Package STXD contains 159 structures.

AFMHD AFM header
AFMMS AFM metrics table
E1RDI_BODY SAPscript RDI: [DUMMY] Segment for Document Body
E1RDI_DOC SAPscript RDI: [DUMMY] Segment for a Document
E1RDIC SAPscript RDI: Control Structure
E1RDID SAPscript RDI: Data Structure
E1RDIH SAPscript RDI: Header Structure
E1RDIHEAD SAPscript Raw Data Interface: Header Structure
E1RDII SAPscript RDI: Archive Index
E1RDIMA SAPscript RDI: Mail Application Object
E1RDIMR SAPscript RDI: Mail Recipient
E1RDIMS SAPscript RDI: Mail Sender
E1RDIP SAPscript RDI: Archive Parameters
E1RDIS SAPscript RDI: Sort Structure
HTMLLINE SAPscript: Text Lines in HTML Format
ITCCA STXD active events
ITCCC STXD catalog contents
ITCCE STXD: text contents events
ITCCO TDIC text contents
ITCCV STXD: Composer variable text stack
ITCDA Style attributes
ITCDB SAPscript form debugger interface
ITCDP Paragraph Style
ITCDQ TDIC style tabs
ITCDS Style character strings
ITCDT SAPscript form trace
ITCDV SAPscript: data types from Data Dictionary
ITCEC SAPscript: User-Specific Editor Settings
ITCED Editor options
ITCER Editor return parameter structure
ITCFC Table for font character metrics
ITCFD Generated system character set, single-byte codes
ITCFE Generated system character set, multi-byte codes
ITCFG STXD font replacements after generation for printer
ITCFH STXD generated font header
ITCFORMVER SAPscript: Versions of a form
ITCIN SAPscript: Structure for Reference Fields Function Modules
ITCLH Structure for multidimensional table text header+lines
ITCOO OTF Structure
ITCPA Generated printer attributes for SAPscript
ITCPB Generated printer bar codes for SAPscript
ITCPC SAPscript: Structure for Copying Texts
ITCPD SAPscript: Structure for Deleting Texts
ITCPF Generated printer fonts for SAPscript
ITCPO SAPscript output interface
ITCPP SAPscript output parameters
ITCPS PostScript lines
ITCRCVSORT SAPscript: Raw Data Interface External Sort Field
ITCRF SAPscript reference key
ITCRS STXD result of check
ITCSNDSORT SAPscript: Raw Data Interface SAP Sort Field
ITCSO SAPscript Syntax Check Options
ITCST SAPscript: Symbols in a text
ITCSY Text symbol: Name and value
ITCSY1 Program symbol: Name
ITCTA Form Attributes
ITCTC SAPscript: Structure for Copying Texts
ITCTG STXD form pages
ITCTH STXD: form page window
ITCTK Screen fields for text conversion and transfer
ITCTL Logical structure STXH-KEY+text lines
ITCTS SAPscript: Data fields for symbol tests
ITCTT SAPscript Form Translation: Structure for Consistency Check
ITCTW STXD form window
ITCWE SAPscript: text elements of a form
OTF_BC OTF: BC - Barcode Output
OTF_BS OTF: BS - Barcode Output
OTF_BX OTF: BX - Draw Box
OTF_CH OTF: CH - SAP Character
OTF_CP OTF: CP - Code Page Change
OTF_CTRL OTF: // - Start/End OTF Data Stream
OTF_FC OTF: FC - Font Call
OTF_GR OTF: GR - Graphic
OTF_IN OTF: IN - Form Info
OTF_MC OTF: MC - Microfiche Cold Indicator
OTF_MK OTF: MK - Marking
OTF_MT OTF: ST - Character String
OTF_OP OTF: OP - Open Page
OTF_PC OTF: PC - Print Control
OTF_RD OTF: RD - Raw Data
OTF_SETPOS OTF: /P - Set Current Position for Display
OTF_ST OTF: ST - Character String
OTF_SU OTF: SU - Superscript/Subscript
OTF_SW OTF: SW - Space Width
OTF_SY OTF: SY - Symbol
OTF_TELE OTF: /T - Telecom
OTF_UL OTF: UL - Underline
RDIRESULT SAPscript RDI: Return strctre in session not equal to spool
RSSCE Screen fields for SAPMSSCE
RSSCF Form maintenance for SAPMSSCF screen fields
RSSCG SAPscript: Screen fields for graphics management
RSSCM Structure for data transfer to context menu
RSSCO Field definitions for SAPscript font maintenance
RSSCS Style maintenance for SAPMSSCS screen fields
RSSED SAPscript-RTF-Editor: Dynpro Fields
RSTXC STXD Composer status and screen data
RSTXD SPA/GPA parameters for form and style maintenance
RSTXF Screen fields for SAPscript font maintenance
RSTXG SAPscript: windows for text graphics
RSTXT Standard texts for screen fields
RSTXU SAPscript: screen field utilities
RSTXV SAPscript: screen fields for symbols
RTFFRMT Format Information for Format Bar of RTF Editor
RTFLINE SAPscript: Text Lines in RTF Format
SAPSCRIPT SAPscript system fields
SCRIPTCUST SAPscript: User-Specific Settings
SEDCAPLIST SAP Smart Forms: Mapping Technical on Logical Field Names
SEDCFORM SAPscript Editor: Character Formats
SEDFIELD SAPscript Editor: Fields in editor control
SEDFONT SAPscript Editor: Font Table
SEDPFORM SAPscript Editor: Paragraph Formats
SEDTB SAPscript Editor: Tabulators External
SEDTBI SAPscript Editor: Tabulators Internal
SEDTEMPL SAPscript Editor: Template Table
SEDTFORM SAPscript Editor: Formats
SRDILDAT RDI Label Data (structure)
SRDILDOC RDI Label Document (structure)
SRDILHEAD RDI Label Header (structure)
SSFNODE Line-Type Check
STEXTNAME Structure Contains Elementary Type TDNAME
STXADDRESS SAPscript: Structure for Address Info
STXDRID SAPscript Programming Interface: Ranges for Text IDs
STXDRLANG SAPscript Programming Interface: Ranges for text languages
STXDRNAME SAPscript Programming Interface: Ranges für text names
STXDROBJ SAPscript Programming Interface: Ranges for text objects
STXERROR SAPscript: ITF Syntax Check - Structure for Errors
STXH_COPY Key SAPscript Text File Header
STXH_KEY Key SAPscript text file header
STXRDIDD SAPscript: Raw Data Interface - Data Part for Data Table
STXRDIDDS SAPscript: Raw Data Interface - Data part for simple mode
STXRDIH SAPscript: Raw Data Interface - Administration Table
STXRDII SAPscript: RDI Archive Index Parameters
STXRDIP SAPscript: RDI Archive Parameters
STXRDIS RDI: Sort fields
STXTOKEN ITF Scanner Token
TARCHKEY Structure of text key archiving class TEXT
TCATALOG SAPscript Programming Interface: Structure CATALOG
TDCF SAPscript Editor: Character Formats External
TDCFI SAPscript Editor: Character Formats Internal
TDOTFLO Old OTF Data from Non-Unicode System
TDPF SAPscript Editor: Paragraph Format External
TDPFI SAPscript Editor: Paragraph Format Internal
TDPN SAPscript Editor: Structure Paragraph
TDPNI SAPscript Editor: Structure Paragraph Internal
TEXTH R/2 texts: Text header
TEXTL R/2 texts: Line table
THEAD SAPscript: Text Header
TLINE SAPscript: Text Lines
TRECT Structure for pop-up window position and size
TTXCT Text editor profile structure


SAP Package STXD contains 99 programs.

RSTX_SCANNER_TEST Test program for ITF scanner
RSTXCDM1 SAPscript: Sample Program for Form Printing
RSTXCHKO Consistency Check for Styles and Forms in a Client
RSTXCLREP Repair Program STXH/STXL: Cluster Defective
RSTXCNVR Converting SAPscript standard text to RAW format (ASCII)
RSTXCPAG Upload/Download Character Set Definitions in Old Format (Code Pages)
RSTXCPDF Routines for Converting OTF Format to PDF Format
RSTXCPDG PDF Converter for Old Releases
RSTXCPFS Copy Program for SAPscript Forms/Styles where Transl. is Applic.
RSTXCPRI Copy Device Type
RSTXDBUG Activate/Deactivate Form Debugger
RSTXDELL SAPscript: Delete Load
RSTXDPRI Delete a Complete Device Type Definition
RSTXDUMS SAPscript: Change Format Conversion Maintenance
RSTXDV01 SAPscript: Test Report Symbol Formatting
RSTXDV02 SAPscript: Printer Test System Character Set
RSTXEXP1 SAPscript: Sample Program for Form Printing
RSTXEXP2 SAPscript: Example program for Course CA930 Chapter 5
RSTXEXP3 Template report for practice task, exercise chapter 5, course CA930
RSTXFCHK Form Syntax Check
RSTXFCOM Comparison of Two Forms
RSTXFCON SAPscript: Conversion of Page Format for Forms
RSTXFCPY Copy Forms Between Clients
RSTXFDEL Delete and Repair
RSTXFINF Comprehensive Information about a Specific Form
RSTXFLST Display Forms in Two Different Clients
RSTXFPR0 SAPscript: Forms Test Printing
RSTXFPR1 SAPscript: Forms Test Printing
RSTXFPR2 SAPscript: Form Test Printing
RSTXFPR3 SAPscript: Form Test Printing
RSTXFPR4 SAPscript: Layout Display for SAPscript Forms
RSTXFRM1 Help report for mass conversions of SAPscript forms/styles
RSTXFSF1 Page Format Simulation: Possible Forms For Fixed Page Format
RSTXFSF2 Page Format Simulation: Possible Page Formats For Fixed Format
RSTXGDES SAPscript Smart Forms: Translation of Generation Description
RSTXHTML Conversion of SAPscript Texts (ITF) to HTML
RSTXICON List of SAP icons and their names and SAP numbers <xxxxx>
RSTXINSH Activating forms/styles after language transport
RSTXINUP Exceptions for Default Font Replacement in Smart Styles
RSTXLDMC Uploading TIFF Files to SAPscript Texts
RSTXLITF Report For Uploading ITF Format From a Dataset
RSTXLMET Loading SAPWIN/SAPlpd Fontmetrics File V 1.5 into R/3
RSTXPDF2 Administration/Upload of type 1 and TrueType font files
RSTXPDF2UC Management of TrueType Fonts for PDF Converter (Unicode)
RSTXPDF3 Customizing for PDF Conversion
RSTXPDFT Test report for PDF conversion - converting standard texts to PDF
RSTXPDFT4 Converting SAPscript (OTF) or ABAP List Spool Job to PDF
RSTXPDFT5 Test: GUI Download of a Spool Request
RSTXPDFT6 Test report for PDF conversion - converting standard texts to PDF
RSTXPUTR Report to be run as an XPRA during upgrade, deletes SAPscript load
RSTXPUTZ Delete SAPscript objects in incorrect namespace
RSTXR3T2 Test: Read with RSTXR3TR compressed DATASET and display contents
RSTXR3T3 Mass activation of original-language styles/forms in sy-mandt
RSTXR3TR Transport Program For SAPscript Transport Objects
RSTXSCAT Find Styles
RSTXSCN3 Search for destroyed texts in clustered table STXL
RSTXSCNL Search for destroyed texts in clustered table STXL
RSTXSCPY Copy Styles Between Clients
RSTXSCRP SAPscript Export to Dataset / SAPscript Import from Dataset
RSTXSDEL Delete SAPscript Styles
RSTXSDTA Evacuate coding Wg. 36 X in generate subroutine pool
RSTXSDTX builds a tree with data descriptions in SMARTFORMS interface
RSTXSF01 TrueType font installation for SAPscript/SmartForms
RSTXSF02 Deinstallation of TrueType Fonts for SAPscript/SmartForms
RSTXSITF Report For Unloading an ITF Format to a Dataset
RSTXSLST Display Styles in Two Different Clients
RSTXSORT SAPscript Raw Data Interface: Report with Form to fill Sort Fields
RSTXSRDI RDI: RDI data stream display
RSTXSYMB List of SAP symbols and their names as well as <xxxxx> SAP number
RSTXTC3 Find standard texts (R3.1H)
RSTXTCAT Find Standard Texts
RSTXTCPY Copy Texts Between Clients
RSTXTLST Display Standard Texts in Two Different Clients
RSTXTPRI SAPscript: Test Printing For System Fonts
RSTXTRAN Transfer of SAPscript Texts to a Correction
SAPMSSCB Help Routines for Form Debugger
SAPMSSCC Customizing of SAPscript Control Tables
SAPMSSCD Display Text as ABAP List
SAPMSSCE SAPscript Standard Text Maintenance
SAPMSSCF SAPscript Form Maintenance
SAPMSSCG SAPscript Translation Tool for Forms
SAPMSSCH SAPscript: Administration of Graphics Stored as Texts
SAPMSSCO Font Administration
SAPMSSCS SAPscript Style Maintenance
SAPMSSCU SAPscript: Maintenance Tools For Print Format Conversion
SAPSCRIPT_DEMO_NOTE_EDITOR Simple Editor for Creating Notes

Search Helps

SAP Package STXD contains 4 search helps.

H_TFO01 Help view for SAPscript font families in table TFO01
H_TFO05 Help view for SAPscript bar code check table TFO05
H_TTXID Help View For SAPscript Text ID Table TTXID
H_TTXOB Help View For SAPscript Text Object Table TTXOB

Message Classes

SAP Package STXD contains 1 message classes.

TD SAPscript: Texteditor, Composer, Formulare, Stile und Fonts

Authorization Objects

SAP Package STXD contains 6 authorization objects.

S_SCRP_ACT SAPscript: Activities
S_SCRP_FRM SAPscript: Layout set
S_SCRP_GRA SAPscript: Graphic
S_SCRP_GRB SAPscript: Graphics (BDS buffer)
S_SCRP_STY SAPscript: Style
S_SCRP_TXT SAPscript: Standard text