SAP Package SVIM

Basis View Maintenance

The package SVIM (Basis View Maintenance) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BASIS.

Technical Information

Package SVIM
Short Text Basis View Maintenance
Parent Package BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package SVIM contains 14 function groups.

0SVM Generated View: Maintenance Pool
SCLM Data cluster maintenance - Model
STB0 Table Maintenance Utilities
SV54 SM30 generation dialog
SV54I Maint. dialog generation internal use
SVAUTH Organization Criteria Authorization
SVCD View cluster definition utility routines
SVCL Basis/view cluster maintenance
SVCM Viewcluster maint.: general modules
SVF4 F4 Help View Maintenance Dispatcher
SVGN Generate table maintenance dialog
SVIM View Maintenance: General Modules
SVIX Editing tabular data
SVORG Organization Criteria: Maintenance


SAP Package SVIM contains 9 transactions.

S_BCE_68001484 xxx
S_BCE_68001485 x
SE54 Generate table view
SE55 Table view maintenance DDIC call
SE56 Table view display DDIC call
SE57 Delete external table view maint.
SM30 Call View Maintenance
SM31 Call View Maintenance Like SM30
SM34 Viewcluster maintenance call

Database Tables

SAP Package SVIM contains 21 database tables.

ORGCRACT Organizational criteria activation
ORGCRATT Organization criteria attribute
ORGCRATT_T Organization criteria
ORGCRFLD Organization criteria attribute
ORGCRIT Organization criteria
ORGCRIT_T Organization criteria
TQLOG Operator for View Maintenance Query (Obsolete)
TQLOT Logical operators for view maintenance query (texts)
TQOP Compare Operators for View Maintenance Query
TQOPT Compare operators for view maintenance query (texts)
TVDIR View Directory
TVDIR_TC Supplement for TVDIR for conversion to table control 3.0B
TVIMF User routines called from view maintenance
TVIMV extended table maintenance: Selection variants
TVIMVT extended table maintenance: Selection variant texts
VCLDIR Viewcluster directory
VCLDIRT Viewcluster directory text table
VCLMF User routines called from view maintenance
VCLSTRUC Viewcluster: Structure table
VCLSTRUCT Viewcluster structure text table
VCLSTRUDEP Viewcluster: Dependencies between object fields


SAP Package SVIM contains 19 views.

F4_TVDIR F4 Help for Tables/Views with Generated Maintenance Dialog
F4_VCLDIR F4 Help for Active View Cluster
F4_VVAR F4 Help for View Variants
H_TQLOG Help View Generated for Check Table TQLOG
H_TQOP Help View Generated for Check Table TQOP
HW_TEST90 Test
TEST_SE54 test SE54
V_BRG_54 Authorization groups for tables and views
V_DDAT_54 Authorization group assignment to table/view
V_ORGCRACT Organizational criteria activation
V_ORGCRATT Organization criteria attribute
V_ORGCRFLD Organizational criteria table fields
V_TVIMF FORM routines to be called from view maintenance
V_VCLDIR Maintenance of view cluster descr. (view cluster directory)
V_VCLMF FORM-Routines to be executed from View cluster maintenance
V_VCLSTDEP Viewcluster description maintenance (dependencies)
V_VCLSTRUC Viewcluster description maintenance (structure table)
VV_TVDIR Maintain VIEW-DIRECTORY (Transport System Only)


SAP Package SVIM contains 35 structures.

FIELD_TAB Internal field table structure
OCCHECKKEY Key field values of a table or view
OCSELINT Organizational criterion selection condition
OCSELLIST Selection Range for View Maintenance
OCSELVALUE Organizational criterion selection condition
OCUS Interface Field Definition for Function Pool OCUS
ORGCR_T Generate to Pass Org. Crit. Long Text
ORGCRTAB Used to Generate Organizational Criteria
QUERY_TAB Structure of Query Table
REPL_TAB Structure for Replace Function
RSTABLE Table Lock Structure
SV54I_RES Rresult import flag comparison
SV54I_UF Flags dialogs for IMPFLAG
SV54I_USED Dialog used in Variants, Viewclusters
VCLOBJECTS View cluster maintenance: Subobjects
VCLTREEC View Cluster Tree Control
VIEW_01 Subset depencency for view cluster
VIEW_CL01 Prototype for the definition of view clusters
VIM_T000 Part of table T000
VIMDESC Control block structure for view maintenance
VIMDYNFLDS Screen fields for view maintenance
VIMEXCLFLD extended table maintenance: fields to be excluded
VIMEXCLFUN Table of inactive CUA functions for view maintenance
VIMFLAGTAB Flag structure for view maintenance tool: Flags for views
VIMGENCB Control vector for generating the view maintenance tool
VIMMODIX Extended table maint.: Index for entries to be changed
VIMMODRES Extended table maint.: Result of external editing
VIMNAMTAB Control block structure for view fields in view maintenance
VIMSELLIST Selection range for view maintenance
VIMSHORTSL extended table maint.: Selection conditions short form
VIMSTATUS Processing status vector for view maintenance
VIMTBFLAGS Flag structure for view maint. tool: Flags for tables
VIMVIEWTAB ext. table maint.: changeable tables for view
VIMWHERETB Structure for dynamic selection conditions (WHERETAB)


SAP Package SVIM contains 22 programs.

AROTES06 ?...
RS_ADD_TITLE_TO_TC Insert title in TableControl
RSOBJTR1 Customizing objecte transport connection
RSSCLM01 Report for the view cluster text pool
RSVCLNAVI Delete navigation subscreen from view cluster screen
RSVIEWDYNPVERSION View maint.: Generated screen version correction
RSVIEWGN Create View Module for View Maintenance (SM30)
RSVIEWHI View Table Hierarchy
RSVIEWMA Mass generation of maintenance modules for views/tables
RSVIEWMOD Comparability for (modified) maintenance dialogs
RSVIEWNR Frame DRRKOR54 for call from message long text
RSVIEWTD Extended table maint: Generate validity range supplements
RSVIMRP1 Correction of incorrect screens for extended table maintenance
RSVIMT_NON_UC_VIM_AREAS Unicode-compatible regenerated function groups with view maintenance
RSVIMT_UC_VIEW_MAINT_GEN Regeneration of View Maintenance Dialogs for Unicode Conversion
SAPMSVIM Extended table maintenance module generation
SAPMSVMA Extended Table Maintenance: Dispatcher Transaction

Search Helps

SAP Package SVIM contains 8 search helps.

H_TQLOG Help View Generated for Check Table TQLOG
H_TQOP Help View Generated for Check Table TQOP
S_ORG_CRIT_AUTH Organizational criteria selection
VCLNAME View cluster name
VCLNAME_ACT View Cluster Name
VIEWMAINT View maintenance maint. object (SM30)
VIEWNAME Select View or Table Name
VIEWVAR Select View Variant

Message Classes

SAP Package SVIM contains 2 message classes.

S0 Generierung Viewpflege Bausteine
SV Nachrichten View-Pflege Customize

Authorization Objects

SAP Package SVIM contains 3 authorization objects.

S_TABU_CLI Cross-Client Table Maintenance
S_TABU_DIS Table Maintenance (via standard tools such as SM30)
S_TABU_LIN Authorization for Organizational Unit