SAP Package VZ0C

Customizing R/3 SD Central Functions

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The package VZ0C (Customizing R/3 SD Central Functions) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package VZ0C
Short Text Customizing R/3 SD Central Functions
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package VZ0C contains 22 function groups.

080G Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080H Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080L Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080S Generated View: Maintenance Pool
080T Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080V Generated View: Maintenance Pool
080W Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
081C Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
081K Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
081V Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0PAR Customizing Partners
0V01 Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0V99 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VAR SD: Customizing Archiving
O80F Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
V03T Consistency Checks: Availability/Reqmts.
V06D Transport Reporting Customizing
V80B Conditions: Pricing Customizing
V81T Table Maint. Modules Text Customizing
V81TN Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package VZ0C contains 138 transactions.

MY01 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY03 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY04 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY05 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY06 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY07 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY08 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY09 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY10 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY11 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY12 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY13 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
OMSP C MM-BD Divisions
ORF1 C SD TVST in Route Determination
ORF2 C SD TVLK in Route Determination
OV23 Condition Exclusion: SD
OV25 V_T681F: RevAccDeter - Allowed Flds
OV26 V_T681F: MatDeterm. - Allowed Flds
OV27 V_T681F: List Excl. - Allowed Fields
OV28 V_T681F: Rebate - Allowed Fields
OV30 Condition Exclusion: ProcedAssignmnt
OV40 V_T681F:Cross-Selling:PermittedFldNo
OV60 V_T681F: RecAccDet - Allowed fields
OV61 Recon. account det.: Create table
OV62 Rec. account det.: Change table
OV63 Rec. account det.: Display table
OV65 Cond. proc. for rec. account det.
OV66 Cond. types: Acc. det. rec. accounts
OV71 Cash account det.: Change table
OV72 Cash account det.: Display table
OV73 V_T681f: RecAccDet - Allowed fields
OV75 Cash account det.: Condition types
OV76 Cond.: Procedure for cash acc. det.
OV80 Acc. det.- credit cards: Create tab.
OV81 Acc. det.- credit cards: Change tab.
OV82 Acc. det.- credit cards: Displ. tab.
OV83 V_T681F: Credit card -Allowed fields
OV85 Condition types: Acc.det.
OV86 Cond.proc. for credit cards
OV90 COPA project: Create table
OV91 COPA project: Change table
OV92 COPA project: Display table
OV93 V_T681F: COPA project all. fields
OV95 COPA project: Condition types
OV96 Pricing procedure for COPA project
OVCA C RV Tab. TVKK 'NoRng Adr > Acct.
OVCN C RV Tab. TVKK 'NoRng for sls.activ.
OVCO C RV Tab. TVKK (SalesAct <--> STGRP)
OVCT C RV Tab. TKSF 'CAS: Statistics grp
OVCU C RV Tab. TKSFK 'CAS: Statistics seq
OVE1 Commodity Code / Import code no.
OVE2 C SD Table T615 Customs offices
OVE3 C SD Table T618 Mode of Transport
OVE4 C SD Table T605 'Business type'
OVE5 C RV Table T605Z 'Prop. for bus.type
OVE6 C RV Table T616 'Exp/Import Proced.
OVE7 C SD Table T616Z 'BusTransTypeProp.
OVE8 C SD Table TVFM 'MatPrGrp-Imp/Exp
OVH4 C RV Hierarchie Pricing
OVKF C SD Table T005E Ctry/Region/County
OVKG C SD Table T005G Ctry/Region/City
OVKH C SD Table TVAK Sales Document Types
OVLG C SD Tab. TVLG Weight Grp/Delivery
OVRA C SD Tab. TVSD Customer Stats Grps
OVRC C SD Variants for Orders on Hand
OVRD C SD Background Jobs f. Ord. on Hand
OVRE C SD Top Cust/Mat Variants
OVRF C SD Table TVSM Material Stats Grps
OVRG C SD Background Jobs f. Top Cust/Mat
OVSH C SD Table TVBO Rebate Groups
OVSK C SD Table TVPR Commission Groups
OVSM C SD Table TVAV Buying Habits
OVSP C SD MS Material Types
OVSQ C SD Table TSAB Departments
OVSR C SD Table TVPV Decision Authority
OVST C SD Table TVLG Weight Groups
OVSW C SD Table TVBR Call Frequency
OVTP C SD Table TVFK Billing Procedure
OVV0 C SD Tab. TVCPA Order Copying Rule
OVV1 C SD Tab.VCPL Delivery Copying Rules
OVV2 C SD Tab.TVCPF Billing copying rules
OVV3 C SD Table TVFS Billing Block
OVV4 C SD Tab. TVFSP Billing Block Reason
OVV5 C SD Tab. TVSA Collect.Doc.Parameter
OVV6 C SD Tab. TVSA Collect.Doc.Parameter
OVVX Collective Document Types for SD
OVZ0 SD Cust.AvCh/Req forEach Sched.Line
OVZ1 C SD Tab. TMVFP Avail.check criteria
OVZ2 C SD Tab. MVF Avail. check control
OVZ3 C SD Tab. TMVFU Avail.check criteria
OVZ5 C SD User Maintenance
OVZ6 C SD Maintain User Profile V_SD_All
OVZ9 SD Cust. Control Availability Check
OVZA C SD Number Ranges/Product Proposals
OVZB C SD Number Ranges/Material Master
OVZC C SD Number Ranges/Customer Master
OVZD C SD Inactive !!! NR contact persons
OVZE C SD Number Ranges/Vendors
OVZF C SD Number Ranges/Sales Personnel
OVZG SD Customers: Requirements Classes
OVZH SD Customizing: Requirements Types
OVZI SD Cust: Assignment Req/Transaction
OVZJ Default Values for Availability
V/09 Condition Types: Account Determin.
V/11 Conditions: Account Determin.Proced.
V/12 Account Determination: Create Table
V/13 Account Determination: Change Table
V/14 Account Determination: Display Table
VARA Archiving
VDF1 Display Format Date Type/Period
VOA01 User exit lists sales
VOF01 User exit lists sales
VOF02 User exit lists sales
VOFM Configuration for Reqs, Formulae
VOFN Call Up Transaction VOFM
VOGL Deliveries (Gen. and From Coll.proc)
VOK1 Account Determination: Customizing
VOK2 Output Determination
VOL01 User exit lists sales
VONC Output Form for each Group
VORA Archiving Control for Sales Doc.
VORD Route definition (to R/3 vers. 3.1)
VORK Archiving Control for Sales Activity
VORL Archiving Control for Delivery
VORN Central Archiving Control
VORR Archiving Control for Billing Docs
VOTXN Maintain Text Customizing
VPS2 Maintain Partn.Det.Proc.f.eachActTyp
VPSK DisplPartnDetProc.f.each Activ.Type
VUA2 Maintain Doc.Type Incompletion Proc.
VUA3 Display Doc.Type Incompletion Proc.
VUE2 Maintain Sched.Line Incompletion Pr.
VUE3 Display Sched.Line Incompletion Proc
VUP2 Maintain Item Incompletion Procedure
VUP3 Display Item Incompletion Procedure
VUPA Display Partner Incompletion Proc.

Database Tables

SAP Package VZ0C contains 51 database tables.

RVTXOBJ SD Text Determination: Allowed Text Objects
T180A Reporting: Access Types according to Field
T180B Reporting: Totals Variants
T180G Reporting: Totals Variants for each Display Variant
T180P Reporting: Display Variants: Selection Fields per Variant(s)
T180S Reporting: Display Variants: Fields
T180W Reporting: Window Selection
T459 Availability Check: Requirements and Planning Types
TFRC1 VOFM Cusomizing: Group and Number Ranges
TFRC2 VOFM Customizing: Characteristic Errors of a Group
TFRC3 Application Assignments
TFRM Form Routines for Requirements/Formulas/Data Transports
TFRMT FORM Routines for Reqs./Formulae/Data Transports: Texts
TPAER Business Partner: Functions in Partner Determination Proced.
TPART Business Partner Functions: Texts
TPTDA SD: Exclusion of Item Categories for Printing SD Documents
TRSE1 Reset objects to be made productive
TRSE2 Reset objects to be made productive: Texts
TRSET Reset Data Before Production Start-up
TTAB Tax Table Dependent Parameters (Foreign Key)
TTXG Text Processing: Text ID Groups
TTXGT Text processing: Text ID groups: Texts
TTXZ SD Text Processing: Access Sequences
TTXZI Text Processing: Copying Control for Access Sequences
TTXZT Word processing: Access sequence texts
TVARL Archiving Control for Delivery
TVHB Sales Document: Screen Sequence Group
TVHBT SD documents: Screen sequence group texts
TVHF Sales Document: Field Selection Groups
TVHFT SD Documents: Field Selection Group Texts
TVM1 Material Pricing Group 1
TVM1T Material pricing group 1: Description
TVM2 Material Pricing Group 2
TVM2T Material Pricing Group 2: Description
TVM3 Material Pricing Group 3
TVM3T Material pricing group 3: Description
TVM4 Material Pricing Group 4
TVM4T Material pricing group 4: Description
TVM5 Material Pricing Group 5
TVM5T Material pricing group 5: Description
TVPA Partner: Partner Types (Entities)
TVPAG Business Partner: Groups
TVPAT Business partners: Control in sales documents
TVSTT Organizational Unit: Shipping Points: Texts
TVSWZ Shipping Points per Plant
TVV3 Customer Group 3
TVV3T Customer group 3: Description
TVV4 Customer Group 4
TVV4T Customer group 4: Description
TVV5 Customer Group 5
TVV5T Customer group 5: Description


SAP Package VZ0C contains 146 views.

H_T459 Helpview Generated for Check Table T459
H_TRSE1 Helpview Generated for Check Table TRSE1
H_TTXID_V Help View for ID_VON
H_TTXOB_V Text objects in SD
H_TVM1 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM1
H_TVM2 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM2
H_TVM3 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM3
H_TVM4 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM4
H_TVM5 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM5
H_TVSA Helpview Generated for Check Table TVSA
H_TVV2 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV2
H_TVV3 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV3
H_TVV4 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV4
H_TVV5 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV5
V_T001W_IV Organizational Units for Internal Costing Per Plant
V_T005E County
V_T005G City
V_T151 Customer groups
V_T173 Routes: Mode of Transport for Each Shipping Type
V_T178 Conditions: Groups for Materials
V_T180P View for Additional Selection Criteria
V_T188 Pricing groups for customers
V_T323 Mail Control in Decentralized Systems when Error Occurs
V_T459 Availability Check: Requirement and Planning Types
V_T459K_V Availability and Transfer of Requirements by Req. Type
V_T604 Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code Number
V_T605 Foreign Trade: Business Transaction Type
V_T605Z Foreign Trade: Proposal for Bus. Transaction Type in Export
V_T615 Foreign Trade: Customs Offices
V_T616 Foreign Trade: Procedure
V_T616Z Foreign Trade: Proposal for Procedure in Export
V_T618 Foreign Trade: Modes of Transport
V_T630L Delivery Scheduling: Shipping Time Specifications
V_T630R Delivery Scheduling: Pick/Pack Time for Materials
V_T633K R/2-R/3 Coupling: Conversion of Customer Key
V_T684 Condition Exclusion Groups
V_T684G Condition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types
V_T684S Condition Exclusion: Procedure Assignment
V_T686C Contact Person: Responsibilities in Sales and Distribution
V_T6B1_TS_N Assignment Texts/Agreement
V_TFRM VOFM: FORM routines for Requirements/Formulae/Data Transfer
V_TKSF Maintain Statistics Groups for Sales Support
V_TKUKL Customer Classification
V_TLGR Routes: Loading Groups
V_TMVF Availability Check Control
V_TMVFP Availability Check: Checking Criteria
V_TMVFU Scope of Availability Check (Default Values)
V_TNLS Nielsen ID
V_TPAR_VUV Incompletion Procedures for Partner Functions
V_TPFK Contact Person: Functions
V_TROAL Allowed Actual Routes for Delivery
V_TROAZ Route Determination in Sales Documents
V_TROLZ Route Determination in Deliveries
V_TRSE1 Reset Objects (Delete before going productive)
V_TRSET Reset Objects: Procedure Logic
V_TSAB Contact Persons: Standard Departments
V_TSKD Customer Taxes
V_TSKM Material Taxes
V_TTGR Delivery Scheduling: Transport Groups
V_TTXG Maintenance View for Text Determination Procedures
V_TTXID_SD Maintenance View: Text Types for Given Text Object
V_TTXS View for Texts in Determination Procedure
V_TVAG Sales Documents: Rejection Reasons
V_TVAK_HI Hierarchy Type for Pricing
V_TVAK_IV Sales Order Types for Inter-Company Billing
V_TVAK_VB Sales Documents Types - Shipping Conditions
V_TVAP_VUV Error Logs for Sales Document Item Categories
V_TVARA Archiving Control for Sales Documents
V_TVARK Archiving Control for Sales Activities
V_TVARL Archiving Control for Deliveries
V_TVARN Central Archiving Control
V_TVARR Archiving Control for Billing Documents
V_TVAUK Cost Center Determination
V_TVAV Contact Person: Buying Habits
V_TVBR Contact Person: Call Frequency
V_TVC_FOLLOW_UP Assigning Follow-Up Activities to the Action Box
V_TVC1 Sales Activity Outcome
V_TVC2 Reasons for Sales Activities
V_TVC3 Sales Activity Status
V_TVC4 Sales Activity Outcome Analysis
V_TVC5 Sales Activities: Allowed Statuses by Status Group
V_TVC6 Sales Activity Status Groups
V_TVCPK Copying Control for Sales Activities
V_TVCPKKK Copy control sales activity to sales activity
V_TVEP_VUV Error Logs for Sales Document Schedule Line Categories
V_TVFK_ABKTO Billing doc: Billing type - G/L account determination proc.
V_TVFK_COKTO Billing doc: Billing type - G/L account determination proc.
V_TVFK_IVCOKONT Billing document: Switch for acc. elements of IV to CO
V_TVFK_KKKTO Billing doc: Billing type - G/L account determination proc.
V_TVFK_KON Billing: Document Types - Account Determination
V_TVFK_PR Billing Types - Billing Procedures
V_TVFK_REL Billing: Document Types - Invoice List Type
V_TVFM Export/Import Material Group
V_TVFS Billing: Blocking Reasons
V_TVFSP Billing: Blocking Reasons
V_TVIND Indices for SD Lists
V_TVIP Contact Person: VIP Indicator
V_TVKK Sales Activity Types
V_TVKK_NAD View for Assigning Address Number Range to TVKK
V_TVKK_NKO View for Assigning Address Number Range to TVKK
V_TVKK_PA_PLTYPE Assign Planning Table per Sales Activity Type
V_TVKK_STATGRP Assign Statistics Group per Sales Activity Type
V_TVKN Routes: Transportation Connection Points
V_TVKO_IV View for Inter-Company Billing
V_TVKO_TAX Determining the VAT registration number
V_TVKT Customers: Account Assignment Groups
V_TVLG Routes: Weight Groups for Deliveries
V_TVLGZ Maintain Details for Weight Groups
V_TVLK_RF Carry Out New Route Determination With or Without Check
V_TVLP_KOM Deliveries: Item categories - picking
V_TVPR Commission Groups
V_TVPV Contact Person: Decision Authority
V_TVRL Relevance of BOM Items to SD
V_TVRO_TDZ Delivery scheduling: Lead time for transportation planning
V_TVRO_TZ Delivery Scheduling: Transit Time
V_TVRSZ Routes: Legs for each Route
V_TVSA SD Documents: Processing Groups
V_TVSB Shipping Conditions
V_TVSR Routes: Legs
V_TVST_RF Assignment: Departure Country/Zone to Shipping Point
V_TVTA_IV Dunning Areas
V_TVTA_VFP Sales Area: Default Values for Availability Check
V_TVTR Routes: Modes of Transport
VV_T681_VS Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_CV Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_DV Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_VB Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_VC Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_VD Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_VE Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_VG Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_VS Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_CC Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_VB Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_VC Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_VD Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T685_V2 Conditions: Types
VV_T685_VA Conditions: Types
VV_T685_VB Conditions: Types
VV_T685_VC Conditions: Types
VV_T685_VD Conditions: Types
VV_T686A_V1 Conditions: Exclusion Indicator
VVN_TNAPR_V5 Processing Routines


SAP Package VZ0C contains 4 structures.

FLDIN Limit Maintenance of Communication Structure to One View
MV80T Additional Screen Fields in Text Determination Customizing
SDVBRKID01 Structure for Program SDVBRKID
SI_TVKO Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations


SAP Package VZ0C contains 22 programs.

RV80HGEN Requirements and Formulas - Completely Generated for TFRM (online)
RVGNRSET Utilities for Generating Reset Programs Before Going Productive
RVPHCUST Customizing Product Hierarchy
RVPRODHS Change Structure of Product Hierarchy PRODHS
RVZTERM RVZTERM - Match Terms of Payment (TVZB/T vs. T052)
SAPDV76B ?...
SAPDV76E ?...
SAPDV76F ?...
SAPMV80H Modification Tool: Generation Program
SAPMV80Q ?...
SAPMV80R ?...
SAPMV80T Text determination
SD_LIST_USEREXIT Further display fields for lists - Sales and distribution
SDCLMC00 Matchcode SD/WS
SDCLVOFM SDCLVOFM: Direct Call of the VOFM Routines of a Class
SDCUS001 SDCUS001: Customizing Table in SD
SDINVOFM SDINVOFM: VOFM Routines: Create TFRM/T Entries Manually
SDVBRKIC Program for Creating Index from Archive Files in Table ARCID_VBRK
SDVBRKID Program for Reduction of Index in Table ARCID_VBRK
SSVOFM001 VOFM: Write entries in TFRC1
T684S Call Up View V_T684S

Search Helps

SAP Package VZ0C contains 19 search helps.

H_S_TXZUF Collective search help access sequences
H_T459 Helpview Generated for Check Table T459
H_TRSE1 Helpview Generated for Check Table TRSE1
H_TTXG_TXTGR Value help for text groups
H_TTXID_V Help View For SAPscript Text ID Table TTXID
H_TTXOB_V Text objects in SD
H_TVM1 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM1
H_TVM2 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM2
H_TVM3 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM3
H_TVM4 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM4
H_TVM5 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM5
H_TVSA Helpview Generated for Check Table TVSA
H_TVV2 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV2
H_TVV3 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV3
H_TVV4 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV4
H_TVV5 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV5
H_TXZUF_ALLE Listing of all access sequences
H_TXZUF_ZUM_OBJEKT Access sequences for current text object