SAP Package WAUF

Application development R/3 Purchasing, Allocation table

The package WAUF (Application development R/3 Purchasing, Allocation table) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package WAUF
Short Text Application development R/3 Purchasing, Allocation table
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package WAUF contains 18 function groups.

2085 Allocation table: BAPIs
WACC Customizing for Alloc Tbl: Plausib.Check
WALL General modules for allocation
WAUF IS-R Allocation Table
WAVI Plant notification: alloc tbl notif.
WBAR Adjust alloc tbl/change class. data
WBDT Find alloc tbl data for documents
WBQF Allocation strategies
WEMF Recipient Determination Allocation Tbles
WF03 Edit allocation table (background)
WF04 Alloc rule processing
WGEN Follow-on document generation
WMOD Fashion Management - Allocation Table
WRWB Process replies from plants
WWEA Adjust allocation table after GR entry
WXXXBELEGFLUSS Doc. flow SAP Retail (alloc tbl/promot.)


SAP Package WAUF contains 43 transactions.

OWA1 Configuration: Generate Foll.Docs AT
WA/1 Create Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc Notif.
WA/2 Ch. Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc. Notif.
WA/3 Displ. Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc Notif.
WA/4 Maint. Access Seq. (Mess.) Alloc Tbl
WA/6 Maintain Mess. Schema, Alloc Tbl
WA/7 Assign Doc. Type/Schema, Alloc Tbl
WA/8 Ass. Mess. Type/Proc. Log, Alloc Tbl
WA/9 Requirements for Messages, Alloc Tbl
WA/A Mess.Deter., Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.R
WA/B Mess.Deter.,Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Rec
WA/C Mess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Rec
WA/E Ass. Mess.Type/Proc.Log Alloc Tbl Gr
WA00 Allocation Main Menu
WA01 Create Allocation Table
WA02 Change Allocation Table
WA03 Display Allocation Table
WA04 Alloc Tbl Processing: Plant Reply
WA05 Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate POs
WA06 Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Deliveries
WA07 Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Wrhse Orders
WA08 Generate Alloc. Table Follow-On Docs
WA09 Deletion of Allocation Tables
WA09H Allocation Table Emergency Deletion
WA11 Message Bundling, Allocation Table
WA12 Create Reminders/Accept Plnd Qties
WA14 Reply, Plant
WA15A Mess.Deter., Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.R
WA15B Mess.Deter.,Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Rec
WA15C Mess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Rec
WA21 Create Allocation Rule
WA22 Change Allocation Rule
WA23 Display Allocation Rule
WA30 Allocation Tables for Objects
WA35 Allocation Instruction
WA40 Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering GR
WA50 Generate Allocation Rule
WA51 Reassign Gen. Alloc Rules/Plant
WA52 Alloc Rule Lists
WA53 Create Selection Variants
WA54 Generate Alloc Rule / Test RIS-L
WA60 Create Selection Variant for PO
WA61 Create Sel. Var. for Del. Generation

Database Tables

SAP Package WAUF contains 43 database tables.

AUBF Document Flow SAP Retail (Allocation Table, Promotions...)
AUBSI Worklist for PO (Follow-on Document Generation)
AUFG Allocation Table Sub-Item, Store Group
AUFI Allocation Table, Document Sub-item, Stores
AUKAI Worklist for Sales Orders (FBG)
AUKO Allocation Table Document Header
AULW Delivery Phases
AUPO Allocation Table Document Item
AUSB Plant Status Table
AUUMI Worklist for Stock Transport Orders (Follow-on Doc. Gen.)
AUVDI Worklist for Deliveries (Follow-on Doc. Generation)
AUVT Shipping-Specific Data of Plants for Delivery Generation
AUVW Delivery Phase for Distribution Center
AUVZ Distribution Center
AUWEI Index, Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering Doc.
B019 Messages: Sales Organization/Distribution Channel
EMFIN Recipient determin.
EMFINP Parameters for Recipient Determination
EMFINT Texts for Recipient Determination
SVKO Allocation Rule / IS-R Allocation
SVPOS Allocation Rule Items / SAP IS-R Allocation
SVUP Allocation Rule Sub-Item (Stores)
T620 Allocation Table Document Types
T620T Texts for Alloc. Tbl Doc. Types
T621 Item Categories for Allocation Tables
T621T Texts for Alloc. Tbl Item categories
T622 Allocation Rule Document Types
T622T Texts for Allocation Rule Document Types
T623 Transaction Control, Standard Distribution
T624 Control Table, Allocation Rule Determination
T625 Field Relationship for Info Structure
T625S Key Figure Category
T625T Texts for Field Rel. for Info Structure
T626 Allocation Table Notification Categories
T626T Texts for Allocation Table Notification Categories
T627 Allocation Strategy: Allocation Table
T627T Texts for Allocation Strategies
T628 Split Criteria for Alloc Tbl Follow-on Document Generation
T628T Texts for Split Criteria Indicators
T629 Allocation Table Rejection Reasons
T629T Alloc Tbl: Blocking Reasons: Texts
T630 Distribution of Over/Underdeliveries in Allocation Tables
T630T Texts for Table T630 (Allocation of Over/Underdelivery)


SAP Package WAUF contains 22 views.

DB_AUART Sales Order Types for Allocation Tables
FIGR Store Groups View
FILN Stores View
M_MWAKA Generated view for matchcode ID MWAK -A
M_MWAKB Generated view for matchcode ID MWAK -B
M_MWAKC Generated view for matchcode ID MWAK -C
M_MWAKD Generated view for matchcode ID MWAK -D
M_MWAKE Generated view for matchcode ID MWAK -E
M_MWAKF Generated View for Matchcode ID MWAK
M_WASVA Generated view for matchcode ID WASV -A
M_WASVB Generated view for matchcode ID WASV -B
M_WASVC Generated view for matchcode ID WASV -C
V_AKTX Text Types, Allocation Table Header
V_APTX Text types, allocation table item
V_T620_NAC Assign Schema to Document Type
VN_T685B_W0 Allocation Table Output Types (Grouped Outputs)
VN_T685B_WA Allocation Table Output Types (Individual Output)
VV_T620_NAC_WA Assign Schema to Document Type
VV_T682_WA Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T683_WA Procedures (&1 &2)
VVN_TNAPR_W0 Processing Routines
VVN_TNAPR_WA Processing Routines


SAP Package WAUF contains 118 structures.

AUBFDYN Doc. flow SAP Retail - dynamic part (alloc tbl / promo)
AUBFSTR Structure for XAUBF and YAUBF
AUKAIS E / A Fields Sales Order Data Index Allocation Table
AUKEY Key fields, allocation table document access
AUST Structure for follow-on document creation, alloc. tbl
AUST_NO_DISPLAY AUST fields that are not to be displayed in list
BAPI2085_C Interface structure, alloc tbl reply, delivery phases
BAPI2085_D Interface structure, alloc tbl delivery phases
BAPI2085_H Interface structure, alloc tbl header data
BAPI2085_I Interface structure, alloc tbl items
BAPI2085_R Interface structure, alloc tbl reply, item
BAPI2085_S Interface structure, alloc tbl selection criteria
BAPI2085_TH Interface structure, alloc tbl header text
BAPI2085_TI Interface structure, alloc tbl header text
CAUFG Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAUFI Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAULW Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAUPO Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAUVW Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAUVZ Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000
E1WALNOT01 Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Identification
E1WALNOT02 Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Header
E1WALNOT03 Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Header Texts
E1WALNOT04 Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Item
E1WALNOT05 Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Item Texts
E1WALNOT06 Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Delivery Phases
E1WALREQ01 Allocation Table: Report Requested Quantities Identification
E1WALREQ02 Allocation Table: Report Requested Quantities, Item
E1WALREQ03 Allocation Table: Report Requested Quantities, Del. Phases
FBG_EKKO Follow-On Doc. Generation: PO Header Data Structure
FBG_POSTAB Worklist for follow-on docs to be generated for alloc tbls
FBG_VBSK Follow-On Doc. Generation: Delivery Header Data Structure
GENERATIONRESULT Follow-On Document Generation: Results Table Structure
PLM_RWSNSTV Structure for ALV Display in Program RWSNASTV
POSTAB Structure of the Post Tab for ALV
RAT_ARTICLE_SELECTION Structure for Material Selection
RAT_SHIP_TO_PARTY Structure for Recipient Determination (incl. Supply Source)
RAT_VAUPO Default Data for Allocation Table Items
RAUWEI Structure, Index, adjust alloc tbl following doc entry
REF_AKTION_BTR Read promotion / create alloc tbl for promotional PO
REF_AKTION_DET_QTY_EXIT Transfer structure calling user exit EXIT_SAPLWRWB_003
REF_AKTION_POS Read promotion / create alloc tbl for promotional PO
REF_AKTION_UPD Change promotion / create alloc tbl for promotional PO
REF_KONTRAKT_POS Contract Data for Allocation Tables Referencing Contracts
REF_MAT Structure for Creating Alloc Tbls with Material Mass Sel.
REF_MAT_SEL Structure for Selection Fields for Material Mass Selection
REFEKPO Structure for Creating Alloc Tbls Referencing POs/Contracts
REFLIPS Structure for creating alloc tbl with ship. notif. ref.
RM01A Entry/input field for allocation table document
RM02A Entry/input fields for allocation table sub-item
RW00A Structure of allocation table header
RW014A Export para. structure for notes from FM 'AR_finden'
RW015A Import/export alloc. tbl header for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW016A Import/export alloc. tbl items for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW017A Import/export alloc. tbl DC for FM 'Aufteiler...'
RW018A Import/export Alloc. tbl store grps for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW019A Import/export alloc. tbl plants for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW01A Structure of alloc. tbl item
RW020A Import/export alloc. tbl del phases for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW021A AUBS structure for FM 'Aufteiler bearbeiten ...'
RW022A AUBS structure for FM 'Aufteiler bearbeiten ...'
RW023A Structure for other fields required with docu.
RW024A Structure for AUVT for FM 'Edit alloc tbl...'
RW02A Structure of delivery phases
RW03A Structure of store groups
RW04A Structure of stores
RW05A Entry/input values popup char. values / structure CAWNT
RW06A Dynpro AR Header + items / stock allocation IS-R
RW07A Popup fields: display char. of class
RW08A Keys: alloc. tbl sub-structures down to store
RW09A Structure for plant status
RW10A Text for Plant Status and Other Fixed Values
RW11A Entry/output fields DC
RW12A Work area for dynpro store view in standard stock split
RW13A Entry/input fields Delivery phases DC
RW14A Structure of delivery phases
RW15A Structure of plant status
RW16A I/O fields Alloc Table Shipping Data
RW17A Allocation table log
RW19A I/O fields for allocation table shipping data index
RW20A I/O fields Allocation table PO data index
RW21A I/O fields Allocation table stock transfer index
RW25A Admin. organizational data for plant (Alloc tbl/Output)
RW26A Error message administration (Alloc tbl/Output)
RW27A NAST-OBJKY creation for alloc tbl output determin. (single)
RW28A Transfer area Output determination Allocation table
RW29A NAST-OBJKY creation for output determin., alloc tbl (grp)
RW30A Key data for allocation instruction (sorting)
RW31A I/O fields, listing in allocation table
RW32A I/O fields, selection list in popup
RW33A Table for fields to be displayed on list
RWALLOC_CHANGE_PO Purchase Orders to be Changed if Allocation Table is Changed
RWASTRA_RANGE Range Table (Various Formats)
RWAVI_ART Allocation table notification form, material data
RWAVI_AUFK Allocation table notification, alloc tbl header data
RWAVI_KOPF Alloc tbl notif. form: Heading
RWAVI_LW Form AllocTbl Notif.: Delivery Phases
RWAVI_STEU Form: alloc tbl notification - creation control
RWAVI_WERK Alloc tbl notification: plant data
RWBETRIEB Structure for FM interfaces FUGR WGEN
RWFIL_GRPS Plant group structure (int. no., ext. no.)
RWFILIALEN Import parameter structure for FM wmod_get_var_qty....
RWRMW_MATKL Structure with material group
RWRMW_MATNR Structure with material
RWRMW_MERCHANDISE_GROUPS Material Groups (Level >=0)
RWRW001 Replies per plant - selection -
RWRW002 Replies per plant - allocation table items screen
RWRW004 Replies per plant - delivery phases per item/plant
RWSBELN Structure for exp.parameters FM wauf_search_allocation_rules
RWSCREENHELP Structure for Help on Fields on Selection Screens
SALESORDER_HEADER_DATA Follow-On Doc. Gen.: Structure for Sales Order Header Data
SPLITT_FOR Structure with splitting criteria (FDG for alloc tbl)
SPLITT_FOR_STRUC Structure with splitting criteria (FDG for alloc tbl)
SPLITT_TAB_STRUC Table structure for executing split in alloc tbl FDG
VALUE_COMB Selected Elements of a Matrix
WEKEY Key fields, GR document access - allocation table
WXAUF_DET_ORDER_QTY Transfer Structure, User Exit Determin., Reduced Order Qty


SAP Package WAUF contains 23 programs.

RMAUFHST Report for Displaying Change Documents for Allocation Table Documents
RW_FRET_AND_ACTIVITY_STATE_UPD Updating of Table FRET and Allocation Table Activity Status
RWAUFNWE Adjust Allocation Table after Entering GR
RWAUFR00 Allocation Rule List
RWAUREFV Allocation Rules For Plant / Reassign Plants
RWAUREGE Generate Allocation Rules Using RIS Data
RWSARGEN Generate Alloc Tbls, but First Check Include for Reading RIS
RWSAVI1T Allocation Tables for Objects
RWSDEL1T Delete Allocation Table / Group Messages
RWSDEL2T Delete Allocation Table (One-Off Emergency Deletion)
RWSMAHNG Replies Pending (Generate Reminders/Accept Planned Quantities)
RWSNASTR Editing of Message Records Processed with Errors
RWSNASTV NAST Record Processing (Bundling, Entry for Call in RSNAST00)
RWSOPAAW Allocation Instruction
RWSVZUKT Create Selection Variants - Key Figure Cats. + Inc. Generation
RWWAGENB Generation of Purchase Orders in Background
RWWAGENL Generation of Deliveries in Background
RWWGENFB Allocation Table Generation Follow-On Documents
SAPML01A Create/Change/Display/Edit Allocation Table, Reply
SAPMW02A Dialog Allocation Rule Maintenance (Create, Change, Display)
SAPMW03A Dialog Follow-on Doc. Gener. from Alloc Tbl (PO, Stck Trans, Del.)
SAPMWCOM Allocation Table, General Routines
SAPMWRUECK Reply per Plant

Search Helps

SAP Package WAUF contains 14 search helps.

AUART_FOR_ALLOCATION Permitted Order Types for Sales Orders in Allocation Tables
LFART_FOR_ALLOCATION Delivery Type for Generating Deliveries from Allocation Tbls
MWAK Allocation Table
MWAKA Allocation Table via Header Data
MWAKB Allocation Table for Material
MWAKC Allocation Table for Reference Document
MWAKD Allocation Table for Plant Data
MWAKE Allocation Table for Follow-on Documents (at Plant Level)
MWAKF Allocation Tables for Follow-On Documents (on DC Level)
WASV Allocation Rule
WASVA By Description and ID
WASVB By Material Group and ID
WASVC By Plant Group and ID
WAUF_T161 Find order types for order category 'F'

Message Classes

SAP Package WAUF contains 1 message classes.

MW Nachrichten WWS / Aufteiler

Authorization Objects

SAP Package WAUF contains 3 authorization objects.

W_AUFT_BAA IS-R Authorization Document Type Allocation Table
W_AUFT_BAR IS-R Authorization Document Type Allocation Rule
W_AUFT_RMB IS-R Authorization for Alloc Tbls: Display/Reply per Plant