Trading Contract: Positiion Management

The package WB2BPOSTYPMNGT (Trading Contract: Positiion Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-GLTRADE.

Technical Information

Short Text Trading Contract: Positiion Management
Parent Package EA-GLTRADE

Function Groups

SAP Package WB2BPOSTYPMNGT contains 43 function groups.

02B2_N2M Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0TASS_LINK Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0TLOG_ASSOC_UNIT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0WB2_N2M Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS N2M: Association Processing
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS_2 N2M: Association Processing
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS_3 N2M: Association Processing
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS_4 N2M: Association Processing
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS_5 N2M: Association Processing
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS_6 N2M: Association Processing
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS_7 N2M: Association Processing
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS_8 N2M: Association Processing
WB2_ASSO_PROCESS_9 N2M: Association Processing
WB2_N2M_ALV_COMPRESS N2M: ALV Data Compression
WB2_N2M_ASSO_VIEW Association and Cross-Reference
WB2_N2M_ASSOC_TRANSFER N2M: Work Area, Tr. Contract Assoc. Data
WB2_N2M_BADI_SERVICE Global Trade: BAdI Service
WB2_N2M_CHECK N2M: Check Modules
WB2_N2M_CHECK_SERVICES N2M: Association Checks
WB2_N2M_CONVERSION Quantity Conversions for Associations
WB2_N2M_CROSS_ASSO_OTF N2M: Cross-Reference
WB2_N2M_CUMUL_TRANSFER N2M: Work Area, TC Aggregation Data
WB2_N2M_CUST N2M: Read Customizing
WB2_N2M_DELETE N2M: Deletion Modules
WB2_N2M_HANDLE_WBIT N2M: Handling Table WBIT
WB2_N2M_HELP N2M: Help Modules
WB2_N2M_INFO Association Management: Info Modules
WB2_N2M_LIST N2M: List Display via Control
WB2_N2M_LIST_PREPARE N2M: List Formatting
WB2_N2M_LIST_SUBSCREEN N2M: List Display via Subscreen
WB2_N2M_MAINTAIN N2M: Maintenance Modules
WB2_N2M_POST N2M: Update Modules
WB2_N2M_POST_PREPARE N2M: Trigger Update
WB2_N2M_PROCESS N2M: Association Management
WB2_N2M_QUAN_DISTRIBUTION N2M: Reallocation Strategies
WB2_N2M_READ N2M: Read Modules
WB2_N2M_SCREEN_HANDL_REF N2M: Link to TC with Reference
WB2_N2M_SERVICE N2M: Service Functions
WB2_N2M_SERVICE_MSG N2M: Error Handling
WB2_N2M_UNLINK_POPUP Dialog Box for Association Separation
WB2_N2N_FILTER_SERVICE Global Trade: Filter for Portfolio
WB2_RESTORE_ASSO_DATA N2M:Restore Association/Aggregation Data


SAP Package WB2BPOSTYPMNGT contains 2 transactions.

S_P0D_25000043 Assoc. Management: Qty Overview
S_P0D_25000044 Association Management: Association

Database Tables

SAP Package WB2BPOSTYPMNGT contains 16 database tables.

TASS_ALLOC_STEP Association Mngt: Special Treatment at Business Process Lvl
TASS_LINK Association Management: Associated Process Step Assignment
TASSGROUP Global Trade: Association Group
TASSGROUPT Global Trade: Association Group Description
TASSLOCKA Global Trade Association Management: Define Lock Reason
TASSLOCKAT Global Trade Association Management: Lock Reason Description
TASSLOCKB Global Trade Association Management: Lock Group
TASSLOCKBT Global Trade Association Management: Lock Group Description
TASSLOCKC Association Management: Lock Group - Defined Lock Reasons
TASSTYPE Global Trade: Association Types N:M Processing
TASSTYPET Global Trade: Association Type Description
TLOG_ASSOC_UNIT Association Management: Logical Association Units
TLOG_ASSOC_UNITT Association Management: Name Of Logical Association Units
WBASSOC Global Trade: Association Table
WBCUMUL Global Trade: Aggregation Table
WBIT Association Item at Step Level


SAP Package WB2BPOSTYPMNGT contains 8 views.

V_TASS_LINK Associated step
V_TASSALLOCSTEP Special Treatment at Business Process Level
V_TASSGROUP Global Trade: Definition of Association Group
V_TASSLOCKA Association Management: Maintain Lock Reasons
V_TASSLOCKB Association Management: Define Lock Group
V_TASSLOCKC Association Management: Assign Lock Reasons to Groups
V_TASSTYPE Define Association Type
V_TLOG_ASSOC_UNI Association Management: Logical Association Units


SAP Package WB2BPOSTYPMNGT contains 84 structures.

BAS_DOC_KOMWBASSOC Association Management: Association Data for Base Document
BAS_DOC_KOMWBCUMUL Association Management:All Aggregated Data for Base Document
BASE_DOCUMENT_RAN N2M: Range Structure for Base Documents
BASE_ITEM_RAN N2M: Range Structure for Items in a Base Document
BASE_SUB_ITEM_RAN N2M: Range Structure for the Sub-Items in a Base Document
KOMWBASSOC Global Trade: Communication Structure, Association Data
KOMWBASSOC_D N2M: Display Structure for Association Data
KOMWBASSOC_D_OLD Display Structure for Association Data: No Longer Required
KOMWBASSOC_OLD Global Trade: Out-of-Data Association Data
KOMWBCUMUL Global Trade: Communication Structure, Aggregated Data
KOMWBCUMUL_D N2M: Display Structure, Aggregated Data
KOMWBCUMUL_D_OLD Display Structure for Cumulation Data - No Longer Required
KOMWBCUMUL_OLD Global Trade: Out-of-Date Cumulation Data
KOMWBIT Global Trade Mngmt: Communication Structure for Table WBIT
LINKED_NUMBER_RAN Global Trade: Range Structure, Documents to be Associated
LINKED_POSNR_RAN Global Trade: Range Structure, Item Number of Document
LINKED_POSNR_SUB_RAN Global Trade: Range Structure, Sub-Item of a Document
N2M_BASE_DOC_CALC N2M: Help Structure
N2M_ITEM_QUANS N2M: Help Structure, Quantities for an Item
N2M_ITEM_QUANS_OLD Help Structure: Out-of-Date Fields
N2M_PRED_SUCC N2M: Help Structure, Predecessor and Successor for an Item
PORTFOLIO_RAN Global Trade: Range Structure Portfolio
WB2_ALV_ASSO_KEY Key for Entry in the Association Table
WB2_ALV_N2M Association Management: ALV Display Structure
WB2_ALV_N2M_IO Association Management:ALV Structure For Ready-For-Input ALV
WB2_ALV_N2M_IO_OLD Association Management: ALV Structure, Out-of-Date Fields
WB2_ALV_N2M_IO_REF Association Management:ALV Structure For Ready-For-Input ALV
WB2_ALV_N2M_IO_REF_OLD Association Mngmt: ALV Structure for ALV, No Longer Needed
WB2_ALV_N2M_IO_WITH_INDEX Association Management: ALV Structure for Ready ALV + Index
WB2_ALV_N2M_IO2 Association Management: ALV Structure for Ready ALV(+ Style)
WB2_ALV_N2M_OLD Association Management: ALV Output Structure: Not Required
WB2_ASSO_BATCH_LIST Association Management: Batch Number of Association Partner
WB2_ASSO_NEW Previous Association Entry and New Entry for 'new_quan'
WB2_ASSOC_QUANTITIES Global Trade: Associated Quantities
WB2_BAS_DOC Association Management:Structure for Managing Base Documents
WB2_BAS_DOC_STEP Structure With Base Document And Process Steps
WB2_BASE_DOC_ITEM Association Management: Help Structure + Base Document Item
WB2_BASE_DOC_QUANTITY Assoc. Mngt: Base Item with Associated Quantity
WB2_BATCH Association Management: Help Structure
WB2_BATCH_SPLITT Assoc. Mngt: Help Structure for Batch Split Processing
WB2_CHANGED_DOC Assoc. Mngt: Help Structure, Contains Items for Qty Change
WB2_CHANGED_NEW_QUAN New Value + Delta
WB2_CHARG_RAN GTM: Range Structure via Batch Number
WB2_CMPR_TO_UNCMPR_ALV Pointer for Compressed to Uncompressed Entry
WB2_COMPLETE_ASSOC_RAN Global Trade: Range Structure for WB2_COMPLETE_ASSOC
WB2_COMPRESSED_ALV_N2M_IO_KEY Association Management: Aggregated ALV Data, Key Fields
WB2_CR_OV_DATA Help Structure Required for Quantity Variance
WB2_DOC_BAS_DOC N2M: Help Structure, Contains Document and Base Document
WB2_DOC_BAS_DOC_WITH_QUAN Assoc. Mngt: Structure WB2_DOC_BAS_DOC plus Quantity
WB2_DOC_ITEM N2M: Help Structure, Contains Document Item
WB2_DOC_PRED_DOC Assoc. Mngt: Help Structure, Contains Item and Preced. Item
WB2_DOCUMENT_RAN Association Management: Range Structure via Documents
WB2_INDEX Association Management: Help Structure With Table Index
WB2_LEADER_ASSO Association Partner for a Leading Document
WB2_LGORT_RAN GTM: Range Structure via Storage Location
WB2_MAT_POS_MGMT Material Item Management
WB2_MATKL_RAN Global Trade: Range Structure by Material Group
WB2_MATNR_RAN Global Trade: Range Structure by Material Number
WB2_N2M_CONTEXT_BAL N2M Association Management: Application Log
WB2_N2M_CONTEXT_BAL_TEXT N2M Association Management: Application Log
WB2_N2M_ERROR N2M Association Management: Error Message Structure
WB2_N2M_ITEM_RAN Association Management: Range Structure via Document Items
WB2_N2M_REF_IO Assoc. Management: ALV Structure for Creating with Reference
WB2_N2M_SEL_WITH_REF N2M: Selection Structure for Creating Trading Contract Item
WB2_N2M_SUB_ITEM_RAN Association Management: Range Structure via Document Subitem
WB2_OPEN_QUAN_DOC Association Management: Document Item and its Open Quantity
WB2_OPEN_QUAN_FLAG_RAN Association Management: Range Structure
WB2_PRED_SUCC_COUNT Assoc.Mngt: Help Structure for Predecessor/Successor
WB2_SLOC Association Management: Help Structure
WB2_TEMP_ASSO Collection of Associations with Status 'X' or 'V'
WB2_TEWTYPE_STEP Association Management: Help Structure
WB2_UNIT_RAN Global Trade: Range Structure by Unit of Measure
WB2_WBIT_KEY Key for Table WBIT
WB2_WBIT_WBASSOC_WBIT Association + WBIT Entries
WB2_WERKS_RAN GTM: Range Structure via Plant
WBASSOCVB Global Trade: Update Structure, Association Data
WBCUMULVB Global Trade: Update Structure, Aggregated Data
WBGTD_OLD Dynamic Part of Global Trade Add-On: Not Required
WBIT_KEY GTM: Key Fields in Table WBIT
WBITVB Global Trade: Posting Structure for Table WBIT


SAP Package WB2BPOSTYPMNGT contains 3 programs.

RWBASSOC Association Management: Association Overview
RWBCUMUL Association Management: Quantity Overview

Message Classes

SAP Package WB2BPOSTYPMNGT contains 1 message classes.

N2M Global Trade: Positionstyp-Management