SAP Package WSOR

IS-R: Assortments

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The package WSOR (IS-R: Assortments) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package WSOR
Short Text IS-R: Assortments
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package WSOR contains 47 function groups.

1070 Business Object Assortment
WBER Authorization checks
WCU1 Functions /routines Customizing IS-R
WSO0 Basis-type functions Ranges
WSO1 Modules for SAP Retail Assortments
WSO2 DRS assortment modules
WSO3 Subsequent Listing and Archiving
WSO4 Interface WLK2
WSO5 Subs. processes generation MT master dat
WSO5A Starting Jobs for Listing
WSO5B Subseq.Proc. in Plnt to Assort. Assgnmnt
WSO5C Listing Process from Planning
WSO5D Reading and Checking Server Groups
WSO6 Detail functions / routines, ranges
WSO7 Material discontinuation
WSO7A Follow-Up Actions in Mat.Discontinuation
WSO9 Update modules IS-R Ranges
WSOA Accesses to WLK1
WSOC Database accesses to assortments
WSOD WLK1 Checks
WSOE IDoc creation, assortments
WSOF Accesses to table WSOF
WSOG Assortment Functions for Assortment List
WSOH Accesses to tables WSOH and WSOT
WSOI Inbound IDocs, assortments
WSOJ Data transfer - assortments *gen. FM*
WSOK Check modules listing rules - use exits
WSOL Read listing conditions
WSOM Function group for material master FMods
WSON Modules for Layout Maintenance
WSONA Layout Changes in the Assortment Enviro.
WSONB Read List-Relevant Data to Layout Module
WSONC Read & Process Matl Data to Layout Mod.
WSOND Read Assortment Data to Layout Module
WSONF WSOF Performance Measure: LAY_LIST_UTD
WSONL Functions of Listing via Layout
WSOP Edit table WSOP
WSOPROT Listing Log
WSOREF Function Modules for Reference Plants
WSOT Assortment functions
WSOU ===> Object ASMODULE , generated
WSOUPG Function Modules for Upgrade
WSOV Generated routines, ch. docs, obj WLK1
WSOW ===> Object WLK2 , generated by
WSOX Change Documents for Assortments


SAP Package WSOR contains 88 transactions.

WLAN Listing Conditions for Layout Module
WLCM Delete LayoutListConds. for Assort.
WLCN Delete Listing Conditions from LM
WRSTA Materials Listing
WS00 Assortment
WS11 Send assortment modules
WS12 Send listing conditions
WS13 Send assortments
WSE1 Group-Wide Discontinuation
WSE2 Vendor/material discontinuation
WSE3 Material Discontinuation (Dist. Ch.)
WSE4 Material/Plant Discontinuation
WSE5 Error log, discontinuation
WSE6 Mat. Discontinuation for Assortment
WSE8 Display discontinuation status
WSK1 Assortments IS-R, copy store astmts
WSK2 Delete store assortments IS-R
WSK3 Assortment copy, batch input
WSK4 Delete Batch Input Assortment
WSL0 Consistency check for reference mat.
WSL1 Assortments, selection lists
WSL10 Materials in Assortment
WSL2 Check listing rules
WSL3 Material listed in plant before?
WSL4 Analyze material in module
WSL5 Modules in plant
WSL6 Assortment structure, Plants
WSL7 Vendor material list
WSL8 Assortment grade info
WSL9 Listing conditions coming to an end
WSLA Assortment Users per Assortment
WSLB Assortment per Assortment User
WSLC Display of causes of listing
WSLF Material per customer
WSLG Compare promotion POs - sales orders
WSLH Assortment modules for material
WSLI Display change doc. listing cond.
WSM3 Recompil. of Listing acc. Material
WSM4 Relist after ch. plant/ mat. grp mas
WSM4A Relist After Changes to Assortments
WSM4B Relist After Changes to Plants
WSM4L Automatic Relisting of Layout Data
WSM6 Delete Individual Listing, Material
WSM7 Delete Individual Listing, Material
WSM8 Setup assrt.owner assortment as WRF6
WSM9 Delete Expired Listing Conditions
WSM9A Delete Change Docs WLK1 and ASMODULE
WSMP merchandise planning menu - first so
WSN1 Number range main.: WSORT
WSN2 Number range maintenance: WSORTIMENT
WSO1 IS-R Listing Create Module
WSO2 Assortments IS-R, maintain module
WSO3 Assortments IS-R, display module
WSO4 Assortments IS-R, delete module
WSO5 Astmts IS-R, maint. module-> store
WSO7 IS-R Astmts, Display module-> store
WSOA1 Create assortments
WSOA2 Change assortments
WSOA3 Display assortments
WSOA4 Delete assortment
WSOA5 Assign assortment to customer
WSOD Create assortment class
WSOE Assign material groups
WSOF Change assortment class
WSOG Display assortment class
WSOH Assortment to class assignment
WSOI Class to assortment assignment
WSOJ Assortment class -> assortment class
WSOK Display assortment for class
WSOL Display class for assortment
WSOM Display assort. class/assort. class
WSP3 Delete individual listing
WSP4 Create indiv. listing, mat. - plant
WSP5 Change ind. listing, mat. - plant
WSP6 Delete ind. listing, mat. - plant
WSP7 Mat. grp mat. listing in plant
WSPA Change listing conditions
WSPB Combine listing conditions
WSPK Complete missing mat. segments log
WSPL Missing material master segments
WSR1 Archiving worklist for assortments
WSR2 Deletion assortment and listing
WSR3 Reset assortment and listing
WSS1 General settings for Assortments
WSUP1 No. of Duplicate Listing Conditions
WSUP2 WSOF Migration Tool
WSV1 SD listing/exclusion per order type
WSV2 Create value contract module

Database Tables

SAP Package WSOR contains 55 database tables.

T6WL1 Standard Delivery Cycles
T6WP1 Check table, supply source entry
T6WP1T Check table, supply source entry
T6WP2 Check table, supply source keys (no longer used)
T6WP2T Check table, supply source keys
T6WP5 Check Table for Waste Disposal Type
T6WSA Categories of seasonal materials
T6WSAT Texts for seasonal material categories
T6WSP Check Table for Season Indicator
T6WST Texts to describe season indicators
TMET Unit of measure categories
TMETT Description for unit of measure categories
TWGR Size interval to calculation factor assignment
TWLAG Listing algorithm
TWLAT Texts for listing algorithms
TWLV Listing procedure, assortments
TWLVT Listing procedure IS-R / texts
TWLWR Assortment grade rules
TWPA General Parameters for Retail Control
TWPDO Assignment of retail message to PD org. object
TWPT Price band categories
TWPTT Text: price band category
TWRV Return agreements IS-R
TWRVT Texts: return agreement
TWSAI (Annual) Seasons
TWSAJ Annual seasons (distribution chain-specific)
TWSF Subsequent processing procedure for material discontinuation
TWSFT Subs. processing procedure (material discontinuation)/texts
TWSG Service level IS-R (Info for assortment list)
TWSGT Text: service level IS-R
TWSP Assortment priorities IS-R
TWSPT Assortment priorities IS-R / texts
TWSS Assortment grade IS-R
TWSST Assortment grade IS-R / texts
TWSV Service agreement IS-R
TWSVT Text: service agreement in retail
TWSZ Subsequent processing for errors in material discontinuation
WLISTPROT Logging of listing activities
WLK1 Listing conditions SAP Retail Assortments
WLK11 Listing conditions R/3 Retail / Folder per distr. chain
WREFA Assigning Plants to Reference Plants
WRS1 Assortment
WRS1_LAYCONV Assortments Where Layout Listing Conditions Checked and Conv
WRS6 Material groups in the assortment
WRST Assortment description
WRSZ Assignment of assortment user to assortment
WSOF Module assignment (R/3 Retail) to plants
WSOH Assortment modules SAP Retail
WSOJOB Definition of Jobs for Assigning a Plant to an Assortment
WSOJOBMAP MAP: Temporary Listing Table from Planning
WSOJOBP Item Data for Updating a Job
WSOK Assortment objects
WSOP Modules R/3 Retail / Item data
WSORP Control Parameters for Assortments and Listing
WSOT R/3 Retail modules - descriptions


SAP Package WSOR contains 19 views.

M_WSOHA Generated view for matchcode ID WSOH -A
M_WSOHB Generated view for matchcode ID WSOH -B
M_WSOHC Generated view for matchcode ID WSOH -C
M_WSOTA Generated view for matchcode ID WSOT -A
M_WSOTB Generated view for matchcode ID WSOT -B
MWSOHF Assignment of Assortment Modules to Layout Modules
V_EINA Aggregated object for reading EINA + EINE
V_KNA1WRF1 Combined read operation of KNA1 and WRF1 (field selection)
V_MATNR Aggregated object for reading material number + description
V_SONU Assortment user data
V_SOTR Assortment view on WRS1
V_TWGR Size interval/price calculation assignment
V_WEQU Quota arrangement view
V_WRF1SO Data fields in sections from WRF1 for assortment object
V_WRS1 Assortment
V_WRS6 Assortment - material groups
V_WRSZ Assortment - Assignments
V_WRSZA View for search help WRSZA
W_KNA1 Field string KNA1 for assortment functions


SAP Package WSOR contains 169 structures.

ASORT_ARTNR Transfer Structure
BAPICOMP BAPI communication structure: Components of struct. material
BAPIE1WRS1 Data transfer - assortments
BAPIE1WRS1X Data transfer - assortments
BAPIE1WRS6 Data transfer - assignment of material group to assortment
BAPIE1WRS6X Data transfer - assignment of material group to assortment
BAPIE1WRST Data transfer - assortment texts
BAPIE1WRSTX Data transfer - assortment texts
BAPIE1WRSZ Data transfer - assignment of assortment user to assortment
BAPIE1WRSZX Data transfer - assignment of assortment user to assortment
BDIWLK1KEY Transfer structure: WLK1 - key fields
BDIWRS1KEY Transfer structure: WRS1 - Key fields
BDIWRS6KEY Transfer structure: WRS1 - Key fields
BDIWRSTKEY Transfer structure: WRS1 - Key fields
BDIWRSZKEY Transfer structure: WRS1 - Key fields
BDIWSOFKEY Transfer structure WSOF - key fields
BDIWSOHKEY Transfer structure: WSOH - key fields
BDIWSOPKEY Transfer structure: WSOP - key fields
BDIWSOTKEY Transfer structure: WSOT - key fields
COM_WLK1 Communication for updating WLK1 and mat. master segments
E1BPE1WRS1 Data transfer - assortments
E1BPE1WRS1X Data transfer - assortments
E1BPE1WRS6 Data transfer - assignment of material group to assortment
E1BPE1WRS6X Data transfer - assignment of material group to assortment
E1BPE1WRST Data transfer - assortment texts
E1BPE1WRSTX Data transfer - assortment texts
E1BPE1WRSZ Data transfer - assignment of assortment user to assortment
E1BPE1WRSZX Data transfer - assignment of assortment user to assortment
E1MATNR Segment with material only
E1WLK1M Listing conditions
E1WSOFM Assortment modules (assignment to stores)
E1WSOHM Assortments: header data (WSOH)
E1WSOPM Assortment module items
E1WSOTM Assortment module texts
MALG_LIST MALG Structure for Listing Conditions
MATNR_FILIA Combination of Material and Plant or Customer
MWWS1 Field Selection MARA / MAKT for MMS
MWWS2 Material master view on ML: list of all MARM records
MWWS3 Field Selection from MVKE MMS
PACKAGE_INFO Package Information
PLM_ALV_050 Output Structure 1/2 (ALV) for RWMATSIM
PLM_ALV_051 Output Structure 2/2 (ALV) for RWMATSIM
PLMRWSOR361_ALV Output Structure for RWSOR361
PLMSORT23A1 Structure 1 for Program RWSORT23
PLMSORT23B1 Structure 2 for Program RWSORT23
REO_MESSAGE Message for material reorganization
RWSORT02_ALV Structure for Program RWSORT02
WINT_AKABG Definitions for promotion comparison (orders / POs)
WINT_ALLAS Central admin. structure for assortment <-> mat. maintenance
WINT_ASL Assortment list for material
WINT_AUS1 Transfer structure: classification check for assortments
WINT_BETR INTTAB plants (diverse uses)
WINT_BWTAR Transfer structure, (allowed) movement type determination
WINT_CARRA Department data for assortment / detail
WINT_CARRH Assortment header data/overall view (incl. data from plant)
WINT_CARRL Supplying plant data for assortments / detail
WINT_CARRS Key data, assortment
WINT_CARRW Material group data, assortments
WINT_CL_RE Comparison of result: Classification, material - plant
WINT_COPY Int. table with contents of dynpro 142 for SAPMWSO3
WINT_DEF1 Definitions Assortments IS-R
WINT_DSL Distribution chain for materials
WINT_ERR Copy listing errors Assortments IS-R
WINT_EXME Transfer structure Un for exclusion
WINT_EXPR Log structure, exclusion Un.
WINT_EXWRK Transfer structure: assortments for exclusion
WINT_FDEF Assortment owners allowed for listing / plants
WINT_FERR Transfer structure, errors during listing check
WINT_FIL Store list (internal transfer) per material
WINT_FILLER Structure for the optical separation of complex structures
WINT_G1 Classes / groups
WINT_INTNR Transfer 'preliminary (ALTMN)' -> real (NEUMN)' mat. no.
WINT_ITEM List of materials for processing assortments
WINT_K1 Customer transfer structure (simple)
WINT_KNA1 Excerpt KNA1 (Assortments)
WINT_KOPI1 Internal structure for dynpro 142 (SAPMWSO3)
WINT_LAY Transfer structure layout groups for materials
WINT_LAYGR Transfer structure read LAYGR per assortment
WINT_LISTG Listing conditions for material/Un - transfer of result
WINT_LOC List assortments (internal transfer) per material
WINT_LOCLB Transfer structure Delivering plants
WINT_MARA INTTAB for transferring MARA data for assortments
WINT_MARC Transfer: MARCs to be created
WINT_MARM Excerpt MARM (Assortments)
WINT_MATNR List of material numbers and Un.
WINT_ME Transfer Un to be excluded
WINT_MVKE Excerpt from MVKE for assortment maint.
WINT_MVKE2 Transfer structure : which MVKE segments are required
WINT_MX Inclusion / exclusion Un
WINT_POS Transfer assortment items to maint. functions
WINT_POS1 Module items with material group
WINT_PP1 Transfer assortment grade chains
WINT_PRICE Internal SP transfer, Assortments IS-R
WINT_RULES Transfer several assortments for listing check
WINT_SL Transfer data per dist. chain, mat. maint. -> astmts IS-R
WINT_SORTR Assortments - complete access data
WINT_T001W Excerpt from T001W (Assortments)
WINT_TEXTE Symbols and texts for Assortments, SAP Retail
WINT_TIME Transfer periods / assortments (IS-R)
WINT_V1 Distribution chain transfer structure
WINT_VBAP Transfer structure: order item RWSORTA1
WINT_WAM1 Excerpt MARA and MAW1 for assortment transfer
WINT_WLK2 Transfer structure, maint. WLK2
WINT_WRF1 Excerpt WRF1 (Assortments)
WINT_XME Transfer Un (Inclusion/ Exclusion)
WINT_ZUO Transfer structure WSOF changes
WKWLK2 Extended WLK2 structure (Ex. at plant level or distr. chain)
WLK1_DOCUMENT Structure of the Change Documents for Table WLK1
WLK1_DOCUMENT_STRUCTURE Structure of the Change Documents for Table WLK1
WLK1_KEY Key structure WLK1
WLK1_U WLK1 + Old To Date (for Changing)
WLK1_UEB WLK1 with a few extra fields
WLK1_W1 Extended WLK1
WLK1KEY Key fields of WLK1
WLMV_ASORT WLMV Structure Extended to Include Assortment Field
WREFA_L Assigning Plants to Reference Plants
WRS1KEY Key fields in WRS1
WRS6KEY Key fields in WRS6
WRSTKEY Key fields in WRST
WRSZ01 Combination Assortment / Plant
WRSZKEY Key fields in WRSZ
WSCOR Error transfers from assortment maint. IS-R
WSOF_LAYMODVER WSOF Structure Enhanced with Layout Module and Version
WSOF_UEB WSOF with a few extra fields
WSOFKEY Key fields of WSOF
WSOH_UEB WSOH with a few extra fields
WSOHERRDAT DI: Structure for Returning Error Messages
WSOHKEY Key fields of WSOH
WSOL_DATA Result Structure for Material Discontinuation
WSOL_DEL Structure with Materials for Reorganization
WSOL_DTEL Structure with different fields (for definition)
WSOL_FPROT Error log for material reorganization
WSOL_MATNR Output list for materials
WSOL_MLW Structure for checking discontinuation of vendor materials
WSOL_STUFE Level of discontinuation
WSOL_VERFA Structure for message-to-subsequent procedure assignment
WSOP_UEB WSOP with a few extra fields
WSOPKEY Key fields of WSOP
WSOR_ARTL Returns structure for the material list
WSOR_ARTNR Transfer structure for material number
WSOR_ATTYP Material category
WSOR_CTRL Listing Assortments: Control Fields for Updating
WSOR_EINA Returns structure for selected EINA/EINE data
WSOR_EORD Returns structure for selected EORD data
WSOR_FILIA Transfer structure for store
WSOR_LIEF Returns structure for vendor, plant and material
WSOR_LTSNR Structure for the vendor sub-range
WSOR_MARA Returns structure for selected MARA/MARC data
WSOR_MATNR Transfer structure for material number
WSOR_MATNR_WERKS Combination Material / Plant for Creating Material Segments
WSOR_SKOPF Transfer structure for module name
WSOR_T001W Internal table for deleting materials from the listing
WSOR_VKORG Transfer structure for sales organization
WSOR_VRKME Transfer structure for sales qty
WSOR_VTWEG Transfer structure for distribution channel
WSOR_WERK Transfer structure for plants
WSOR_WF Fields for Workflow in Assortment Area
WSOR_WLK1 Returns structure for selected WLK1 data
WSOR_WRF3 Returns structure for selected WRF3 data
WSOR_ZUDIS Transfer structure for vendor material list
WSOT_UEB WSOT with a few extra fields
WSOTKEY WSOT key fields
WSTRG_PURCH Contains fields allowing to activate store grouping
WSUBSCR Help fields in screen IS-R
WTDY Text elements / screen fields IS-R screens


SAP Package WSOR contains 109 programs.

RMMMMPOIA Report on Listing of Articles with MARC Segment
RWARC009 Direct Deletion of Assortment Modules
RWARC010 Set Indicator to Delete Assortment Modules (Prior to Archiving)
RWARC011 Archiving Assortment Modules
RWARC012 Archiving: Deleting Assortment Modules
RWARCH01 Archiving Assortments - Create Worklist
RWARCH02 Delete assortment objects
RWARCH03 Reload assortment objects
RWDIFFERENCEMARCWLK1 Comparison Program - WLK1 Entries Without MARC Entries
RWLAY001 Delete All Listing Conditions From Layout Module
RWLAY002 Delete All Layout Listing Conditions for Assortments
RWLAY003 Setting the Layout Listing Status for Assortments
RWLAYLIST_CONVERT Simple Layout Listing Concept: Conversion Report at Release Change
RWMATSIM Assortments: Analysis program
RWREADPROT Display log for listing activities
RWREO221BACK Reload Deleted Material Masters (For Internal Use Only)
RWSETPROT Set parameters for logging listing functions
RWSIDOCASORT Send Assortment IDocs Directly
RWSIDOCE Send IDocs for Assortment Modules Directly
RWSIDOCI Direct re-import of an IDoc into assortment modules
RWSIDOCLIKOND Generate IDocs for Listing Conditions Directly
RWSORALL Reorganize Listing Conditions By Material Group
RWSORBT1 Assortment Copy
RWSORBT2 Delete all articles in assortment via batch input
RWSORHB1 Convert Plants (Retail) from 1.1 to 1.2
RWSORLIARTI Mass Listing With Selection Via Material And Assortment
RWSORLIKON Conversion program WLK1
RWSORLIKON1 Conversion program WLK1
RWSORT00 Test: which segments are required for assortment/material combination
RWSORT01 Listing Conditions
RWSORT02 Check listing rules
RWSORT03 Is material listed?
RWSORT04 Create individual listing of material/distribution chain
RWSORT05 Change individual listing of material/distribution chain
RWSORT06 Delete individual listing of material/distribution chain
RWSORT07 Automatic Relisting Using Changes To Master Data
RWSORT07A Automatic Relisting Via Changes to Assortment Master Data
RWSORT07B Automatic Relisting by Changing Plant Master Data
RWSORT07L Automatic Relisting by Changing Layout Data
RWSORT09 Listing / Selling Periods Due to Expire
RWSORT11 Material Groups - Material - Assortments Consistency Check
RWSORT12 Customers per Assortment
RWSORT13 Assortment per Assortment User
RWSORT14 Create Individual Listing Material/Assortment
RWSORT15 Change Individual Listing Material/Assortment
RWSORT16 Delete Individual Listing Material/Assortment
RWSORT17 Mass Listing of Value-Only Materials
RWSORT18 Display / edit material master segments that cannot be generated
RWSORT19 Finish material master segments that cannot be generated
RWSORT20 Display Listing Conditions Using Layout Module
RWSORT21 Materials in Module
RWSORT22 Modules In Assortment
RWSORT23 Assortment Structure Per Assortment
RWSORT24 Assortment Grades Information
RWSORT25 Listing Analysis / Possible Causes of Listing and Problems
RWSORT26 Inconsistent Assortment Users
RWSORT27 Material/Material Group Consistency Check
RWSORT28 Material per customer
RWSORT29 Process Listing From The Material List Per Assortment
RWSORT31 Material List of a Vendor for Assortment
RWSORT32 Materials in Module
RWSORT33 Module for Material
RWSORT34 Display Change Documents For The Listing Conditions
RWSORT36 Delete Assortment
RWSORT40 Material Discontinuation
RWSORT41 Function Level of Material Discontinuation
RWSORT42 Display Errors in Material Discontinuation
RWSORT43 Material Discontinuation (Vendor/Material Discontinuation)
RWSORT44 Material Discontinuation (Material/Plant Discontinuation)
RWSORT45 Discontinuing material (mat. discontinuation for distribution chains)
RWSORT46 Display the Discontinuation Status of a Material
RWSORT47 Discontinue Material After Exception Analysis
RWSORT48 Material Discontinuation for an Assortment
RWSORT50 Maintenance of Un. While Material is Locked
RWSORT51 Setup Using Material Groups
RWSORT52 Simplified Checks for Set Deletion Flags
RWSORT53 Deletion of Obselete Listing Conditions
RWSORT54 Delete Out-of-Date Change Documents for WLK1 and ASMODULE
RWSORT55 Adjusting the Names of Profile Modules
RWSORT56 Deletion of Expired WRSZ Entries
RWSORT60 Display Materials That Are Listed More Than Once for a Plant
RWSORT61 Create Material Data from the Listing
RWSORT61DEL Deleting Job Entries When Assigning a Plant to an Assortment
RWSORT61DIS Display Jobs When Assigning a Plant to an Assortment
RWSORT62 Determining the Average Number of WLK1 for Materials
RWSORT63 Display Assortment Modules That Are Assigned to a Plant More Than Once
RWSORT65 Listing of Materials From MAP
RWSORT65DIS Display Jobs When Assigning a Plant to an Assortment
RWSORT66 Migration Program: Generate Assortments from Layouts
RWSORTA1 Compare Promotion POs and Promotion Sales Orders
RWSORTCL Test Area for Classification Search (Similar to Matchcode)
RWSORTF1 Correction After Assortment Grade Change
RWSORTF2 (last) versions of development objects
RWSORTK1 Listing Conditions per Assortment
RWSORTPL Price Catalog (Simplified Version)
RWSORTPR Report for Printing Complex Code
RWSORTWRS1A Filling Fields in Table WSR1
RWSORTZ1 Delete Ind. Listing of Material
RWUMS001 Convert existing assortment owners to assortments
RWXPRASA Conversion of table TWZLA
RWXPRASO Conversion of assortment owner to assortment
SAPMWSO2 Assortment Module Maintenance
SAPMWSO3 Listing Check for Copying Module of an Assortment
SAPMWSO5 Maintain Assortment Groups / Classes
SAPMWSO6 Assortment Maintenance

Search Helps

SAP Package WSOR contains 16 search helps.

SOTRA Assortment owners by description
SOTRB Assortment owners by region
SSO_MAPFNAME Call Modules for Space Management from MAP
WSOH Matchcodes, range modules
WSOHA Modules by description and cat.
WSOHB Profile module assignments
WSOHC Modules for promotions
WSOHE Rack jobber modules
WSOHF Assignment to Layout Module Versions
WSOJOB Jobs for Listung
WSOR Assortment
WSORA Assortment by category, description and validity
WSORB Assortment by assignments
WSOT Assortment user
WSOTA Category of assortment user
WSOTB According to distribution chain assignment

Message Classes

SAP Package WSOR contains 1 message classes.

WM Sortimente WWS

Authorization Objects

SAP Package WSOR contains 5 authorization objects.

W_ASORT Authorization for Assortment Maintenance
W_ASORT_ST Authorization for the Assignment of Assortments to Plants
W_LIST_EAC Acceptance Authorization For Listing Errors
W_LISTVERF IS-R Authorization to Use Listing Procedure
W_TRAN_CCR IS-R Authorization: SAP Transaction