Selection table - document search via internet

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The table TDWI (Selection table - document search via internet) is a standard table in SAP ERP. It belongs to the package CV.

Technical Information

Table TDWI
Short Text Selection table - document search via internet
Package CV
Table Type Transparent Table

Fields for Table TDWI

Field Name Key Description Data Element Type Length Check Table
DOC_IAC_GROUP Selection group for document search via Internet DOC_IAC_GROUP CHAR 10
DOKTL_SEL IAC-document search - document part can be selected DOC_IAC_DOKTL_SEL CHAR 1
DOKVR_SEL IAC-document search - version can be selected DOC_IAC_DOKVR_SEL CHAR 1
DWNAM_SEL IAC-document search - person responsible can be selected DOC_IAC_DWNAM_SEL CHAR 1
AENNR_SEL IAC-document search - change number can be selected DOC_IAC_AENNR_SEL CHAR 1
LABOR_SEL IAC document search - laboratory can be selected DOC_IAC_LABOR_SEL CHAR 1
DTTRG_SEL IAC-Document search - Data carrier can be selected DOC_IAC_DTTRG_SEL CHAR 1
DAPPL_SEL IAC Document Search - Application Can be Selected DOC_IAC_DAPPL_SEL CHAR 1
DOKST_SEL IAC-document search - status can be selected DOC_IAC_DOKST_SEL CHAR 1
DKTXT_DISP IAC-document search - display description DOC_IAC_DKTXT_DISP CHAR 1
DOKTL_DISP IAC-document search - display document part DOC_IAC_DOKTL_DISP CHAR 1
DOKVR_DISP IAC-document search - display version DOC_IAC_DOKVR_DISP CHAR 1
DWNAM_DISP IAC-document search - display person responsible DOC_IAC_DWNAM_DISP CHAR 1
AENNR_DISP IAC-document search - display change number DOC_IAC_AENNR_DISP CHAR 1
LABOR_DISP IAC document search - display laboratory DOC_IAC_LABOR_DISP CHAR 1
DOKST_DISP IAC-document search - display status DOC_IAC_DOKST_DISP CHAR 1
ORIG1_DISP IAC document search - display original 1 DOC_IAC_ORIG1_DISP CHAR 1
ORIG2_DISP IAC document search - display original 2 DOC_IAC_ORIG2_DISP CHAR 1
DOKAR_DISP IAC-document search - display document type DOC_IAC_DOKAR_DISP CHAR 1
AENNR_DEF IAC-document search - default for change number DOC_IAC_DEF_AENNR CHAR 12 AENR
DAPPL_DEF IAC-document search - default for application DOC_IAC_DEF_DAPPL CHAR 3 TDWP
DOKST_DEF IAC-document search - default for status DOC_IAC_DEF_DOKST CHAR 2 TDWS
DOKTL_DEF IAC-document search - detail for document part DOC_IAC_DEF_DOKTL CHAR 3
DOKVR_DEF IAC-document search - default for version DOC_IAC_DEF_DOKVR CHAR 2
DTTRG_DEF IAC-document search - default for data carrier DOC_IAC_DEF_DTTRG CHAR 10 TDWD
DWNAM_DEF IAC-document search - default for user DOC_IAC_DEF_DWNAM CHAR 12 USR02
LABOR_DEF IAC-document search - default for laboratory DOC_IAC_DEF_LABOR CHAR 3 T024L
DISP_APPL1 IAC-Find document -Display application 1 DOC_IAC_DEF_DAPPL1 CHAR 3 TDWP
DISP_APPL2 IAC-Find document -Display appliaction 2 DOC_IAC_DEF_DAPPL2 CHAR 3 TDWP
DISP_APPL3 IAC- Find document -Display application 3 DOC_IAC_DEF_DAPPL3 CHAR 3 TDWP
DOKXTL_SEL IAC -Find document - Short text selectable DOC_IAC_DOKXTL_SEL CHAR 1