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SAP Classification Explained Part 2: Classification Tables

12 feb. 2013

After I introduced you to the classification system in SAP ERP® in the first part of this series, I’d like to go into more technical detail and explain the data model that is behind the classification. Why is this relevant? While it’s true that there are function modules to read and write classification data, sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean most of the times) it’s faster to re

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SAP Classification Explained Part 1: Classification Basics and Transactions

5 feb. 2013

This is the start of a several-part series in which I want to give an in-depth explanation of the classification functionality in SAP ERP®. Starting with this post, where I give an overview of the topic and mention important terms, I will go through the data model and demonstrate how to read data from classification and how to set up authorization.

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Catalogs are customizing objects in SAP ERP that are used mainly in the PM, QM and Classification modules to record and manage structured information.

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Characteristics are the basic building blocks of the SAP Classification system. They describe the types of values that classified objects can have, and define dimensions, data types like character, numeric, currency or date/time, and allowed values.

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Classes are the main object in the SAP ERP Classification system. They can be assigned to business objects in SAP ERP, grouping similar objects together. This is called “classifying” an object. Classified objects provide additional functionality in SAP ERP.

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