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Cómo activar una función comercial en SAP ERP

13 jul. 2017

La activación de funciones empresariales en SAP ERP puede ser una tarea difícil. Dado que los efectos son a menudo irreversibles, es muy importante que los consultores de SAP entiendan lo que es una Función de Negocio, lo que hace y cómo manejar la activación de funciones empresariales.

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Find the Transport Request for an Object in SAP

4 feb. 2017

We often need to find a specific programming object in an SAP transport request. This could be a program, an authorization object or a database table, or whatever else you can create in the ABAP developer workbench. This article will show you how to find objects in transport requests in SAP ERP. There are several ways to accomplish this task, I will show you all of them so you can

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What is SAP? An Overview

15 ene. 2017

Beginners in the SAP ecosystem are often confused about the various terms and concepts that the word “SAP” is used for. If you want to know what the various meanings of “SAP” are and have asked yourself the question “What is SAP” before, continue reading.

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How to Attach Executable SAP Transaction Links to E-Mails

12 ago. 2014

Today, I’ll be looking at e-mail sending features in SAP ERP for the last time and demonstrate how you can attach executable transaction links to e-mails sent from SAP. This is a very useful feature that is often used in a business workflow environment.

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