SAP Package CCMB

Customer Interaction Center Components

The package CCMB (Customer Interaction Center Components) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CCMB
Short Text Customer Interaction Center Components
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CCMB contains 34 function groups.

CCM1 Contact Search and Display
CCM10 Creation of Object Reference
CCM2 Process Selection
CCM3 Quick Key Component
CCM4 Contact Search/Display Sub-Component
CCM6 Call Center Component
CCM7 Agent Scripting
CCMA Component Container
CCMB Customizing CIC Components
CCMB2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CCMD Call Center Callback
EBA0 DDIC/BOR Interface
EBA1 Object Presentation Module
EBA2 Dialog Tools
EBA3 Communication Via Shared Buffer
EBAS BOR Interface: Low Level (PRIVATE)
EBAV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
EWB10 Implement. of Cl. CCPROCCT (FrontOffice)
EWB13 Implment. of Class ProcessCICWithBDC
EWB3 Implementation for CCPROCWF Objects
EWB5 Implementation of Class CCPROCMT
EWB6 Implem. of CCPROCED class (front office)
EWB7 Front office process -IF: Common FUMOs
EWC2 Container transform
EWF4 Front Office: Start of Process
EWF9 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
EWFC Front office workbench: Customizing
EWFD Front office: DB access and acct determ.
EWO1 Extended Container (XTainer)
EWO2 Container Editor
EWO3 Extended Container Display
EWO4 Front office desktop objects
EWW1 Workflow interface for ISU
EWXC Data Flow Maintenance


SAP Package CCMB contains 16 transactions.

CICA Maintain Activities in CIC
CICB Detail Keys for Activities in CIC
CICG Call Center Profile Maintenance
CICH CTI Telephony Buttons
CICI Profile for Telephony Controls
CICJ Maintain Logging Profile
CICK Maintain Scripting Profile
CICP Contact Search Configuration
CICQ Assign Hidden Components to Framewrk
EWFC IS-U Front Office Configuration
EWFC0 Action Box Configuration
RCCMREP01 Organization/Agent Time Report
RCCMREP02 Organization/Agent Call Vol. (DNIS)
RCCMREP03 Agent Activities
RCCMREP05 Agent Profile Overview
RCCMREP06 PD Organization Profile - Detail

Database Tables

SAP Package CCMB contains 33 database tables.

CCMAC Loggable activity codes
CCMAC_T Call center management activity code description
CCMACTPROF Loggable activity code group membership
CCMADKEY Activity detail logging key
CCMADKEY_T Call center detail key logging table
CCMAUTHPIN Call center authentication pin attempts table
CCMCBQPROF Call center callback - Callback queue profile
CCMCBQPROFASSN Call center callback - Assignment of profile to queues
CCMCBQUES Call center callback - Callback queue definition
CCMCBQUES_T Call center callback - Callback queue description
CCMCCPROF Call center profile
CCMCLBC Callback Configuration
CCMCLBC_T Call center callback - Configuration table label
CCMCLBD Call center callback user options
CCMCLBS Call center callback - Whole
CCMCSCONF Contact search/display configuration
CCMCSEARCH Search type to matchcode mapping for CCM contact search
CCMCSEARCHMAP Matchcode mapping for CCM contact search
CCMCTIBKEY Call center telephony control button keys
CCMCTIBKEY_T CCM telephony control button key translation
CCMCTIPROF CIC Front office function key profile
CCMCTIQUEUE Call center queues
CCMCTIQUEUE_T Call center queue texts
CCMCTIQUEUEASSN CTI queue assignments
CCMDNIS Inbound DNIS display text
CCMLOG Activity log
CCMLOGD Activity log details
CCMOBJKEYS Information object instance
CCMOBJLST List of information objects in a container
CCMSCRPROF Script activity profile
CCMSCRPROFILE Call center management scripting profile
CCMSCRVAR Script variable name
CCMSESSION Call management sessions


SAP Package CCMB contains 6 views.

V_CCMCBQ Call center callback - Authorized queues for assignment
V_CCMCBQPROF CCM callback queue assignment maintenance
V_CCMCBQPROFASSN Assignment of Callback Queues to Callback Queue Profile
V_CCMCBQUES CCM callback queue maintenance
V_CCMCCONT CCM Component Container Maintenance
V_CCMCLBC CCM callback - Configuration maintenance


SAP Package CCMB contains 13 structures.

CCMARCHIO Selection fields archiving
CCMCALLER Call center callback - Caller info definition
CCMCALLSTATE CCM Callstate Dropdown List VIew
CCMCLBX Call center callback - Callback extras
CCMLOGDTP Temporary hold structure for log detail
CCMS_HRMR_REP CCMS Data collector for HR data
CCMS_HRREF_STRUCT Reference structure for HR component in CIC
CCMSEARCH Call center search structure
CCMSIOBJ IOBJECT: Single information object key/value structure
EWCOMMETHOD Front office interface structure of method table
EWCOMOBJ CCM FO Component Object Structure
EWCPOBJ Persistent Object Reference Provided With Element Names


SAP Package CCMB contains 14 programs.

CCMARCHINSTR Archiving of Infostore for CIC
CCMARCHLOG Archiving of Infostore for CIC
CCMCLB01 Call Center Callback - Change Callback Status
CCMCLBAA Call Center Callback Archiving
CCMCLBAD Call Center Callback Archiving - Delete
CCMCLBAR Call Center Callback Archiving - Restore
CCMCLBD1 Call Center Callback User Options
CCMCLBR1 Call Center Callback Reporting
CCMCLGAA Call Center Event Logging Archive
CCMCLGAD Call Center Event Logging Archive-Delete
CCMCLGAR Call Center Event Logging Archive Reload
RCCMREP01 Organization/Agent Time Report
RCCMREP02 Organization/Agent Call Volume Report
RCCMREP04 CCM Profile Report

Search Helps

SAP Package CCMB contains 3 search helps.

CCMCBQ Call center callback - Authorized queues for assignment
EBACONTXT_FO IS-U/CCS front office call context
EBACONTXT_OP Object presentation call context

Message Classes

SAP Package CCMB contains 3 message classes.

50 Meldungen der Entwicklungsklasse EEOB
CCM Call Center - Messages Components
EE Nachrichten für die Entwicklungsklasse EEBA