SAP Package KC

Cost Accounting Controlling EIS

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The package KC (Cost Accounting Controlling EIS) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package KC
Short Text Cost Accounting Controlling EIS
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package KC contains 31 function groups.

0KA9 View maintenance for gen. field catalog
0KC9 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0KCF Extended table maintenance (generated)
CFTR SAP-EIS data transfer RFC
KCDE Data transfer from PC files
KCDP Read Excel sheets
KXAS SAP-EIS: Aspect catalogs
KXCO Currency and quantity conversion
KXDE Data entry
KXDI Dictionary interface to SAP-EIS
KXDL Function Group for FMs to be Deleted
KXDU Utilities for SAP-EIS data basis
KXGD Gen. fields+structure: Update/utilities
KXGS CO: Dialog log for structure generation
KXHI SAP-EIS: Hierarchy processing
KXHT SAP-EIS: Hierarchy Maint. with ALV TREE
KXKR Dialog boxes for Key Figures
KXSC Text connection SAP-EIS
KXTD Transaction data SAP-EIS
KXUT SAP-EIS: General basic functions
KYAT Attributes in drilldown reports
KYCN Conversion checks
KYCO Comment Management in Info System
KYDA External information of drill-down
KYEP Exception reporting
KYLI FBs for LIS-Connection
KYP1_UC Reporting RK-C/RK-E (Unicode-enabled)
KYPM Performance monitor
KYPW RKD Currency functions
KYUM Conversion modules
KYVA Variants in drilldown reporting


SAP Package KC contains 283 transactions.

KCA2 Edit field groups
KCA5 Edit characteristics
KCA6 Edit basic key figures
KCAN Derivation
KCB0 Execute report
KCB1 Create report
KCB2 Change report
KCB3 Display report
KCB4 Create report class
KCB5 Change report class
KCB6 Display report class
KCB7 Create user group
KCB8 Change user group
KCB9 Display user group
KCBA Report class overview
KCBB Set user group
KCBH Report portfolio data transfer
KCC0 Maintain currency translation key
KCC1 Currency translation sender program
KCC2 Cross-table translation key
KCCO EC-EIS/BP: Manage comment tables
KCDI Divide report
KCDU Structure of summ. level of SAP-EIS
KCE1 Display transaction data
KCE2 Delete transaction data
KCE3 SAP-EIS: Choose Collection Program
KCE4 Change transaction data (EIS/BP)
KCE5 Display transaction data (EIS/BP)
KCE6 Individual record entry
KCE7 EIS: Single record display
KCE8 EC-BP: Change plan data
KCE9 EC-BP: Display plan data
KCEA Set planner profile
KCED Define Flexible Excel Upload
KCEE Flexible Excel Upload to SAP-EIS
KCF0 Import File
KCF1 Import master data file
KCF2 Import comments file
KCF3 Change revaluation factors
KCF4 Display revaluation factors
KCJ0 EIS/BP: Hierarchy node maintenance
KCJ1 EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy maintenance
KCJ2 EC-EIS: Copy reference hierarchies
KCJ3 Hierarchy Maintenance
KCK0 Key figures
KCK1 Display key figure
KCKB Formulas for basic key figures
KCO1 Comments on transaction data
KCP0 Automatic Planning
KCP1 Validation logs data entry
KCP2 Automatic Planning: Forecast
KCP22 Automatic Planning: Forecast
KCP3 Currency translation key entry/main.
KCP4 Create entry form
KCP5 Change entry form
KCP6 Display entry form
KCP7 Create planning layout
KCP8 Change planning layout
KCP9 Display planning layout
KCPA Automatic Planning: Copy
KCPA2 Copy
KCPB Batch jobs aut. planning
KCPD Delete plan data with key fig. sel.
KCPE EC-BP: object-dependent revaluation
KCPF EC-BP: object-dependent distribution
KCPG EC-BP: object-dependent forecast
KCPL Automatic Planning: Change
KCPL2 Automatic Planning: Change
KCPT Automatic planning: top-down distr.
KCPT2 Automatic Planning: Top-Down
KCPU Display Forecast Profile EC
KCPV EC: Change forecast profile
KCPW EC: Display weighting groups
KCPX Change Weighting Groups
KCR0 Run Drilldown Report
KCR1 Create Drilldown Report
KCR2 Change drilldown report
KCR3 Display Drilldown Report
KCR4 Create form
KCR5 Change form
KCR7 Maintain authorization obj. present.
KCR8 Display authorization obj.presentatn
KCRA Maintain variant table
KCRB Maintain variable groups
KCRC Print/actualize reports
KCRD Maintain Variants RKCBATCH
KCRE Maintain Global Variables
KCRF Maintain Char.Grps for SAP-EIS Rep.
KCRG Maint.view for curr.transl./fld cat.
KCRH Maint.view for curr.transl./key fig.
KCRP Maintain variant groups
KCRQ Maintain Variants
KCRR Report selection
KCRS Schedule Variant Group
KCRT Define Variant Group
KCS0 Maintain master data
KCS2 SAP-EIS: Delete char. values
KCS3 SAP-EIS: Maintain character. values
KCS4 SAP-EIS: Display character. values
KCS5 Maintain characteristics (view)
KCS6 Display characteristics (view)
KCT0 EC-EIS/EC-BP: Comment management
KCT1 EC-EIS/EC-BP: Reorganize comments
KCUA Display Transfer Log
KCUU Report Data Reorganization
KCV0 Maintain Distribution Keys
KCV1 Create Distribution Key
KCV2 Change distribution key
KCV3 Display distribution key
KCV4 Delete distribution key
KCVA EIS/BP: Maintain validations/rules
KCVC EIS/BP: Copy validations/rules
KCVD Overview of Reports
KCVL Variable list element in basic rep.
KCVV Reorganization Reports
KCW0 Testmonitor reporting SAP-EIS
KCWA Maintain Currency Translation Type
KCWW Reorganize forms
KCXX Reorganization of Variant Groups
KCZ1 EC-EIS/BP: Archive transaction data
KDTT Display incorrect report
KEC0 Maintain curr. transl. type (CO-PA)
KEC3 Cross-table translation key CO-PA
KEEU CO-PA EIS/BP: Generate transfer
OKC0 View maint. TKCF Text read table
OKCA RKC Maintaining data area
OKCC Maintain Sender Structures
OKCDS SAP-EIS: Data Slice Statistics
OKCH Create key figure groups TKCKU
OKCI Display Characteristic Values
OKCJ Change Characteristic Values
OKCL Sort into report portfolio T242E
OKCS SAP-EIS character. display TKCF
OKCSL Process Data Slices
OKCSLA Assignment of data slices to tables
OKCSLD Data Slices
OKCSLG Data slice option groups
OKCSLU Data Slices: User Assignment
OKCY Number range record no. in EIS/BP
OKU1 Maintain compound characteristics
OKU2 EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy maintenance
OKU4 Translation tool
OKU5 Print settings for WinWord
OKU7 Variables: CO-PA list element
OKU9 Variable list elements
OKUB Key figure display TKCF
OKUC Maintain key figure subgrps TKCF
OKUD Calculated key fig. display TKCK
OKUH Reorganization of data transfer
OKUL Constants T242C
OKUM Aspect summarization
OKUO C FI Fiscal Year Variants
OKUP Copy aspect from another client
OKUQ Deactivate aspect in this client
OKUS Exchange rates
OKUT Exchange rate types
OKX0 Maint.sender str.for hier.
OKX1 Maintain Transfer Rules
OKX3 Where-used list
OKX4 Maintain Sender Str. for Master Data
OKX5 Sender Structure Comments
OKX6 Sender structures
OKX7 sender str. comments on trans. data
OKX8 Display Hierarchy Directory
OKX9 Maintain Hierarchy Directory
OKXB Transport Tool
OKXC Reorg.view maintenance (master data)
OKXE Enter aspect in control tables
OKXF Delete aspect from control tables
OKXG Import tool
OKXO SAP-EIS: Object Hier.Collector
OKXR Report Tree
OKXU Function modules for doc.connection
S_ALR_87000025 IMG Activity: OKCM_TR_USER_EXIT
S_ALR_87000050 IMG Activity: OKCM_GRR2
S_ALR_87000055 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKX1_COMMENT
S_ALR_87000059 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFOKCMOKX5
S_ALR_87000071 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFOKCMOKX1
S_ALR_87000076 IMG Activity: SIMG_OKCMOKX4
S_ALR_87000086 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFOKCMKEEU
S_ALR_87000102 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKCSL
S_ALR_87000108 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKCSLA
S_ALR_87000115 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKCSLU
S_ALR_87000120 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKCSLD
S_ALR_87000126 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFOKCMSQ00
S_ALR_87000132 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKCE
S_ALR_87000154 IMG Activity: CFOKCMOKUY
S_ALR_87000159 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCF3
S_ALR_87000168 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCV1
S_ALR_87000173 IMG Activity: OKCM_KP34
S_ALR_87000179 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCP7
S_ALR_87000185 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCKB
S_ALR_87000192 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKXR
S_ALR_87000196 IMG Activity: OKCM_KED0SAIS
S_ALR_87000201 IMG Activity: OKCM_KED0UMW
S_ALR_87000207 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCPZ
S_ALR_87000212 IMG Activity: OKCM_KED0PROG
S_ALR_87000218 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCPX
S_ALR_87000222 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCPV
S_ALR_87000228 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKX9
S_ALR_87000238 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKCDBC
S_ALR_87000243 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKCDBD
S_ALR_87000250 IMG Activity: OKCM_TKCUM
S_ALR_87000257 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKX1_MASTER_HI
S_ALR_87000272 IMG Activity: OKCM_UPLOAD
S_ALR_87000278 IMG Activity: OKCM_RKCFILE0_EVENT
S_ALR_87000283 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFOKCMKCF0
S_ALR_87000303 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCA2
S_ALR_87000308 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCA6
S_ALR_87000314 IMG Activity: CFOKCMOKXC
S_ALR_87000355 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKXU
S_ALR_87000370 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCC2
S_ALR_87000373 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKXG
S_ALR_87000382 IMG Activity: CFOKCMOKXB
S_ALR_87000386 IMG Activity: OKCM_GCT6
S_ALR_87000391 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCA5
S_ALR_87000394 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCT1
S_ALR_87000395 IMG Activity: OKCM_SF07
S_ALR_87000402 IMG Activity: OKCM_SF01
S_ALR_87000405 IMG Activity: OKCM_FILE
S_ALR_87000407 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCDR
S_ALR_87000411 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCDV
S_ALR_87000417 IMG Activity: OKCM_OKUE
S_ALR_87000433 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCDU
S_ALR_87000437 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCVC
S_ALR_87000440 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCVA
S_ALR_87000445 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCAN
S_ALR_87000449 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCP4
S_ALR_87000453 IMG Activity: OKCM_TKCCC
S_ALR_87000465 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCRH
S_ALR_87000495 IMG Activity: OKCM_KCCO
S_ALR_87000496 IMG Activity: OKCM_TR_WORK
S_ALR_87000500 IMG Activity: SIMG_CMMENUOKCM0010
S_ALR_87000505 IMG Activity: OKCM_UNIT_CONC
S_ALR_87000518 IMG Activity: OKCM_NET
S_ALR_87000519 IMG Activity: OKCM_USER
S_ALR_87000522 IMG Activity: OKCM_R2_TR_PARAM
S_ALR_87000524 IMG Activity: OKCM_TR_PROGRAM
S_ALR_87000526 IMG Activity: OKCM_TR_EVENT
S_ALR_87000530 IMG Activity: OKCM_WEATTR
S_ALR_87000533 IMG Activity: OKCM_DISATTR
S_ALR_87000535 IMG Activity: OKCM_NAVATTR
TKCS Start transaction sender programs

Database Tables

SAP Package KC contains 121 database tables.

CF001 Profitability Analysis
CF002 Human Resources
CF003 Projects
CF004 Stock Prices
CF005 Personnel Information
CF006 Balance Sheet
CF050 Balance sheet/P&L (FI/FILC)
CFNNN Reference structure for aspect tables SAP-EIS
COIX Controlling: Info system cluster tables
COIX_DATA Controlling: Info system cluster tables
COIX_DATA40 Cluster table infosystem
KCSL SAP-EIS: Data slices
KCSLA SAP-EIS: assigning data slices to tables
KCSLO SAP-EIS: Selection requirements for data slices
KCSLT SAP-EIS: data slice meaning
KCSLU SAP-EIS: assigning data slices to users
KCSLV SAP-EIS: data slices - variables - parameters
KCVAR SAP-EIS: data slice variables
KCVART SAP-EIS: data slice variable meanings
T2410 Language table system control parameters
T2411 Description of parameter groups
T241B Description of Characteristic Values
T241E Text to sort reports into report portfolio
T241H Text for report portfolio hierarchy
T241S Sender field description
T241V Data Area Text
T241W Description of value type
T241Z User profile text table
T2421 Parameter groups for system control parameters in SAP-EIS
T242A Aspects
T242B Characteristic values per characteristic
T242D Data transfer control
T242E Sort reports into report portfolio
T242H Hierarchies in report portfolio
T242I Sender information
T242N Report composed of individual windows
T242P Window management
T242S SAP-EIS: Collection programs and sender structures
T242T Texts
T242V Data area (previously version)
T242W Value types
T242X SAP-EIS: Data Transfer: Origin Parameters
T242Z Hierarchy index
T27NN Master Data Table: &
T28NN Master Data Texts: &
T778P2 Plan versions
TKAF Field catalog for Accounting
TKAFA Field catalog: Accounting, table assignment
TKAFD General CO field catalog, compound characteristics
TKAQ General accounting attributes
TKCA Aspects
TKCBOR EC-EIS: Assignment DDIC - Objects in BOR
TKCC Formula Constants
TKCCC EIS: Currency translation with data entry / planning
TKCCO Comment tables
TKCDB Max. homogenousness
TKCDM Data mining methods
TKCDO Min. homogeneousness
TKCDT Data mining method text
TKCF SAP-EIS Field Catalog
TKCFA SAP-EIS Field Catalog, Aspect Assignment
TKCFD SAP-EIS Field Catalog, Dependencies between Characteristics
TKCFG Field groups for structure generation
TKCFGF Fields of the field groups for structure generation
TKCFTG Language table for field groups
TKCHH SAP-EIS: Hierarchy header
TKCHHT SAP-EIS: Texts for hierarchy header
TKCHN SAP-EIS Hierarchy nodes
TKCHNT SAP-EIS: Hierarchy node texts
TKCHV SAP-EIS: Hierarchy variants
TKCHVT SAP-EIS: Description of hierarchy variants
TKCHW SAP-EIS: Hierarchy data
TKCJ Join (view) tables for CO drill down
TKCK Key figures
TKCKA Key Figures, Aspect Assignment (SAP-EIS)
TKCKC KC Applications
TKCKF Key Figure Formula Stages
TKCKO Formula Operators
TKCKT Key figures, Table assignment (SAP-EIS)
TKCKU Key Figure Assignment Groups
TKCKUK Key figure assignment to groups
TKCMPV EC-BP: Parameterization for Automatic Planning Runs
TKCMPVT EC-BP: Parameterization Texts for Planning Runs
TKCOD SAP-EIS: Object types in the object list
TKCODT SAP-EIS: Texts for object types in object list
TKCOH SAP-EIS: Object hierarchy for object collector
TKCOHW SAP-EIS:Criteria for finding dep. objects for obj. collector
TKCOM SAP-EIS: Method table
TKCOR SAP-EIS: Transport Attributes of Collected Objects
TKCOU SAP-EIS: Key description for object class
TKCQ Attributes SAP-EIS
TKCQD SAP-EIS: levels of multilevel attributes
TKCQS Attributes of basic field catalog SAP-EIS (fixed fields)
TKCS Basic field catalog SAP-EIS (fixed fields)
TKCSD Basic field catalog SAP-EIS, linked characteristics
TKCTABFIE EC-EIS: Table-specific field properties
TKCTK Language Table for Key Figures
TKCTO Language Table: Formula Operators
TKCTU Language Table: Key Figure Assignment Groups
TKCUM EIS: Conversion table of new fixed fields 4.0
TKCVS Version table (EC-EIS)
TKCVST Version texts (EC-EIS)
TKDP System settings for drill-down reporting
TKEBG Graphic settings for hierarchy graphic
TKEBW Description of exceptions
TKEBX Administration of exceptions
TKEBY Exceptions (reference to reporting object)
TKEBZ Exceptions (threshold values, colors)
TKEC1 Comment management for characteristic attributes
TKEC2 Comment management for fields
TKED1 Library of results from data mining processing
TKED2 Data mining display object
TKED3 Key figures for object displayed in data mining
TKEV1 Background variants for drill-down reporting
TKEV2 Background variants for drill-down reporting (text)
TKEV3 Variant group
TKEV4 Variant groups (master data)
TKEV5 Texts for variant groups
TKEV6 technical report information per variant
TKTFR SAP-EIS, table field assignment
TRKB1U Table with 'Customizing settings' for drilldown reporting


SAP Package KC contains 70 views.

H_T241W Helpview for Value Types (T241W)
H_T242I SAP-EIS: Sender Programs
H_T242P View for the Pages in Report Portfolio Reports
H_T242Q Currency translation key --> T242Q
H_T242V Helpview T242V data areas
H_T242Z View for User Groups
H_TKEB1 View for the Report Library
TFEIS Join for group currency access from EIS (TF200, TF184)
V_KCSL Data Slices
V_T242A Aspect Update Type
V_T242B Master data T242B
V_T242E_C Fill Report Portfolio According to Rules
V_T242I_VA Allocation sender structure <-> validation
V_T242Q Currency translation key --> T242Q
V_T242V Data areas
V_T242W Value types
V_T242X System of Origin
V_T242Y Transfer Parameters
V_T242Z User group list
V_T27NN Generated Cust.View for Primary Table T27NN
V_T440P_3 Maintain forecast profile for EC-BP
V_TKAF_AG Basic Key Figures in the General Field Catalog: Aggregation
V_TKAF_COM General Field Catalog: Comments
V_TKAF_DPR Characteristics in the General Field Catalog: Display Type
V_TKAF_KCC Basic Key Fig. in the Gen. Field Catalog: Curr.Translation
V_TKAF_KCQ Basis Key Figures in General Field Catalog: Currencies
V_TKAF_KPR Basic Key Figures in the Gen. Field Catalog: Number Format
V_TKAF_RE Characteristics in the General Field Catalog: Read Tables
V_TKAF_RPL General Field Catalog: Controlling for Reporting
V_TKAF_SG Basic Key Figures in the Gen. Field Catalog: Key Figure Grps
V_TKAF_TI Characteristics in the General Field Catalog: Time Dimension
V_TKCC Formula Constants
V_TKCCC Currency translation keys for data entry/planning
V_TKCF_AG Basic Key Figure Aggregation
V_TKCF_COM Comments on field catalog
V_TKCF_DPR Characteristic Display
V_TKCF_KCC Default Currency Transl. for Basic Key Figures
V_TKCF_KPR Basic Key Figures in Field Catalog: Number Display
V_TKCF_RE Field catalog - Read tables
V_TKCF_RPL EIS Field catalog: Controlling for reporting
V_TKCF_SG Key Figure Group
V_TKCF_TI Time Dimension of Characteristics
V_TKCFD Characteristic dependencies (compounding)
V_TKCHH EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy header with text
V_TKCHN EC-EIS/EC-BP: Non-chargeable hierarchy nodes
V_TKCHNT EC-EIS/EC-BP: Non-chargeable hierarchy nodes
V_TKCHV EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy variants
V_TKCK_CC Default Currency Transl. for Key Figures
V_TKCK_COM Comments on key figures
V_TKCK_PR Key Figure Display
V_TKCK_SG Key Figure Group
V_TKCKU Key figure groups
V_TKCOD SAP-EIS: Object Types in Object List
V_TKCOD_DD SAP-EIS: Object Types for Object Collector (Database View)
V_TKCOH SAP-EIS: Dependent Objects for Object Collector
V_TKCOHW SAP-EIS: Selection Criteria for Dependent Objects
V_TKCOR SAP-EIS: Transport Attributes of Collected Objects
V_TKCOU SAP-EIS: Key description of object classes
V_TKCS System field catalog
V_TKCSC Maintenance view
V_TKCSD System field catalog: Compounding
V_TKEB1_CO Report Library: Comments
V_TKEB1_X Maintain externally called reports
V_TKEB1_Y Maintaining external reports
V_TKEV1 Variable Groups
V_TKEV3 Variant groups
V_TKEV4 Variant groups
V_TRKB1U Customizing settings in drilldown reporting
V_TRSTHV_C Section of table TRSTHV (hierarchy directory)


SAP Package KC contains 343 structures.

CDICQF RKC: Allocation refernce table <-> currency carrying char.
CDIDEP ABAP/4 Dictionary Interface: Structure for Compound Char.
CDIDOM DDIC Interface: Structure for Domains
CDIFCA DDIC Interface: Field Catalog Structure
CDIFGRP Field groups
CDIFGRPF Field group fields
CDIFIE DDIC Interface: Structure for Table Fields
CDIFKY DDIC interface: Structure for foreign key dependency
CDIKYR DDIC Interface: Key Figures
CDIPAR DDIC Interface: Environment Parameters
CDIRET DDIC Interface: Check/Read Tables
CDIROL DDIC Interface: Structure for Data Elements
CDITAB DDIC Interface: Table Information
CDITAH DDIC Interface: Table Description + Admin.Data
CDITFR DDIC Interface: Table/Field Assignment
CDITHE DDIC Interface: Table Description, Status, Admin.Data
CEDST_OLD Old cedst
CEFORMI Transfer Table for Reading Texts for Form Elements
CFACTTAB Exceptions in current list level
CFADM SAP-EIS Administration Data
CFAKEYS SAP-EIS: Key for attributes to be read
CFALLAREA Table for portfolio graphics in report portfolio
CFAREA_TAB Table Fields for Screen: Area Entries
CFAREAFKEY Function keys on scr. SAPLKYPR 900
CFASG SAP-EIS Aspect generation
CFASPLIS List of aspects
CFAUTH Authorization fields in SAP-EIS
CFB2D01 Data table for 2D-graphic
CFB3D01 Data table for 3D-graphic
CFBA001 Update of internal Table ADD_TAB
CFBAB01 Table of the column-dependents in print
CFBACK Structure for saving an analysis path (backwards)
CFBAT01 Structure to describe the lead column
CFBBE01 Structure for describing conditions on the list
CFBBK01 Internal bus. vol. key figs
CFBBP01 Parameters for RKXBATCH
CFBBT01 Drilldown reporting: Texts for the selection screen
CFBBU01 Definition of int. bus. vol. groups
CFBCA01 Currency per SP-cell
CFBCD01 Table for Entering Variables
CFBCH01 Table of Characteristic Values
CFBCQ01 Table of possible interactive currencies/quantity units
CFBCR01 Table of Characteristics
CFBCT01 Texts for rows and columns (for graphic)
CFBDE01 Table of indices with incorrect step loop lines
CFBDI01 Dimensions table for graphic
CFBDI02 Dimensions table for graphic
CFBDM01 Transfer table for drill-down rep. -> data mining
CFBDM04 Structure for data mining search path
CFBDP01 Table of dependencies for F4 compound characteristics (int.)
CFBDR01 Fields for print management (structure CFBSE01)
CFBDT01 Date table for graphic
CFBDW01 Delivery of currencies and quantities
CFBGS01 Internal buffer for info system
CFBKD01 Structure for currency/quantity dependents
CFBKO01 Table for report header
CFBKT01 Compound Characteristics in Info System
CFBKY01 Structure of line items for drill-down reporting
CFBL101 Table for characteristics and characteristic values
CFBLR01 Mathematical structure (2 operands and 1 operation)
CFBMI01 Table of memory IDs (drill down)
CFBOP01 Table with default option for graphic
CFBPR01 Structure for specification of printed report (PRINT)
CFBRH01 Structure for key figures (RECH)
CFBRL01 Transfer Table for Report Layout Display
CFBSE01 Structure for specification of selected object (SEIG)
CFBSF01 Table of fields required (drill down)
CFBSH01 Table of hierarchies used
CFBSN01 Control of node selection
CFBSO02 Structure for transfer of column information
CFBSP01 Structure for definition of logical columns (SPARA)
CFBSS01 Save sort order for SEIG
CFBSS02 Saving hierarchies to SEIG
CFBSS03 Saving the sort and the requirements
CFBST01 Data-report in the report portfolio
CFBTC01 Transaction names for SAP-EIS/CO-PA info system
CFBVA01 Table of Key Figures
CFBVL01 Value table for portfolio graphic
CFBVP01 Description of report variables
CFBVR01 Description of the report variables with select options
CFBVT01 CO: Row/Column Structure Variable Texts
CFBWA01 Currency setting (see RKB1F)
CFBZD01 Number format in info system
CFBZW01 Structure for value columns (ZWERT)
CFCODES Valid codes in FMs KYP1 and KYP2
CFCOKEY Controlling: Structure of COIX-SRTFD
CFCOM Common structure in SAP-EIS
CFCONTROL Control data for print control with WORD
CFCONTROLT Control data texts for printing with MS Winword
CFCQFIE Currency-determining characteristics
CFCRT Transfer str. for characteristic values
CFDEK Structure: Display key figures
CFDEPVL SAP-EIS: Characteristic values for attribute values
CFDIM EC-EIS/EC-BP: Attributes of characteristics
CFDLFORMAT Structure for format specifications when saving a file
CFDLPARTS Subobjects for the download
CFDM1 Data mining methods
CFDM10 Individual values to be excluded
CFDM11 Ranking lists in SAPMKCB8 screen 200
CFDM2 Structure for data mining key figures
CFDM3 Structure for data mining flag
CFDM4 Storage table for navigation rules
CFDM5 Evaluation of navigation steps in data mining
CFDM6 Data mining methods
CFDM7 Sort characteristics for data mining display
CFDM8 Data structure of values to be filtered out in data mining
CFDM9 Data structure of values to be filtered out in data mining
CFDOM Domain information
CFDOWN Structure for saving in a file
CFDOWNLOAD Structure for saving in a file
CFDSATR SAP-EIS: Display attributes with texts
CFELEMENTS Internal table for rows/columns
CFENQ Lock key for data pool
CFENQLIST Lock key for manual data entry and planning
CFEXCEPTAB Table of exceptions
CFEXCEPTIO Structure for exception reporting
CFEXSTATUS Status administration for Exception Reporting
CFEXTXTTAB Descriptions of exceptions
CFFIE SAP-EIS: Structure for aspect fields
CFFIX Fixed fields of the aspects (EC--EIS)
CFFLD Key figure basic fields
CFFLDE Key Figure Basic Fields with External Display
CFFLT Unbroken key figure formulas
CFFOR Parameters for key figure formulas
CFFRE Formula stage preparation
CFFSD Formula stages, Key figure display
CFFST Formula stages, Key figure
CFFTB Key figure formulas
CFGNL General SAP-EIS field string
CFGRAPHIC Parameters for graphics
CFGRK Structure: Import/Delete key figure
CFHDR Common key fields
CFHDR2 Common key fields
CFHIEREX Structure for Hierarchy Graphic
CFHIERIM Structure for Import of a Hierarchy Graphic
CFKAP Structure: Key Figure Application
CFKAT Key figure attributes
CFKCU SAP-EIS: Key figures powers of currencies / units
CFKEYIDGRP SAP-EIS: Conversion of characteristic values
CFKEYRA_BASKF Structure for assignment of basic key figures -> calc. KF
CFKRT Key figure table
CFKSP Structure: Application
CFKY1 Common key fields 1 SAP-EIS
CFKY1N Aspect structure: Key fields 1 SAP-EIS
CFKY2 Common key fields 2 SAP-EIS
CFKY2N Aspect structure: Key fields 2 EC-EIS
CFKYR Structure: Key figure definition
CFKYRAT SAP-EIS: Key figure attributes for planning
CFKYRDEP Key Figures: Where-Used List
CFKYRGRP SAP-EIS: Key figure group
CFLEVELTAB Table of exception conditions for exception reporting
CFLIST Structure for internal table (list container)
CFLOOP Table for step-loops
CFLTX Long text table SAP-EIS
CFNFX SAP-EIS: Key figure token table
CFOPTIONS Graphic settings for hierarchy graphic
CFOPTTAB Table of graphic settings
CFPAR Parameters in SAP-EIS
CFPARMP EC-BP: Structure for automatic planning
CFPART_OBJ Selections within a drill-down report
CFPFS Transfer string -> PF status, SET/GET
CFPFSTATUS PF status 'Report definition'
CFPOFOLIO Parameters for portfolio graphics
CFPORTFO Popup for Portfolio Values
CFPR_COKEY Controlling: Structure of COIX-SRTFD (Save print settings)
CFPUSH SAP-EIS Push buttons
CFPWINWORD Transfer structure for printing with WinWord
CFREP Report parameters
CFREPCLASS Report class
CFREPPAR SAP-EIS: Parameter bar for DB environment
CFRFL Reporting formula stages
CFROL Structure for data elements
CFSELFLD SAP-EIS: Fields for select options
CFSELTAB SAP-EIS: Table with select options
CFSELTB Selection Table for Characteristics and Key Figures
CFSORT Sort order of SEIG, ZWERT and PRINT
CFSTART First list
CFSTB Structure definition, Scale values
CFSTD Structure definition, Characteristics
CFSTRUCTUR Hierarchy structure for print control
CFSUB Start of Sender Programs
CFT2412E Report Portfolio Parameters - View of T242E and T241E
CFTEXTPARA Text parameters
CFTFL General table fields
CFTH2412 Data Structure of View of T241H and T242H
CFTIME Names of time-related fields
CFTITLEDEF Title for report definition
CFTITXT Texts for headers
CFTKY Key for comments on EIS data pool
CFTR_LAST SAP-EIS data transfer: last record
CFTRACE Structure to save an analysis path (forwards)
CFTXT Descriptions of characteristic values in SAP-EIS
CFUNICUR Structure for characteristic value, unit, currency
CFVAR_IND Table for variants (variable groups) and index
CFVER Aspect structure: Version
CFVTAB Reference structure for update table in SAP-EIS
CFWORD Structure for transfer to Winword
CGDATR SAP-EIS: Characteristic attributes output structure
CGDDDO Assignments with the defintion of a field
CGDDIM EIS-Generation: Output structure chars/basic key figures
CGDDPA Screen fields KXGD and compounding completion
CGDFIEENQ Locking structure for characteristics/key figures
CGDIFIE Structure field generation, general field structure
CGDPAR Structure Generation, Parameter bar
CGDRFD Generation of chars: Ref. table - dependencies
CGDRFF Structure generation of characteristics, ref. table fields
CGDSEL Structure generation of chars: Selection editing
CGDTAB EIS: Status bar for master data tables
CGDTMP SAP EIS: Characteristic attributes reference structure
CGGATR EIS: Attribute structure for aspect generation
CGGFIE Structure generation, general oject structure
CGSBAS Structure generation, basic key figures
CGSDDO Generation of Structure: Assign domain/data element/constant
CGSDEP Generation of Structure: Compound Characteristics
CGSDER Structure generation: Header info. for derived structures
CGSDIM Structure generation, Characteristics
CGSDPV Generation of structure, dialog status parameter
CGSENV Structure generation, environment parameters
CGSFBA Structure generation, field catalog: Basic key figures
CGSFDI Structure generation, field catalog: Characteristics
CGSFIE Structure Generation, General Field Structure
CGSPAR Structure Generation, Parameter bar
CGSPIN Structure generation, page info. for tables
CGSRFF Structure generation, reference table fields
CGSRFT Structure generation, reference table
CGSSND Generating a sender structure in the ddic
CGSTAB Structure Generation, Header Information for Table
D2000 Screen 2000 (SAPMKCEE)
DYNPRO Field string for screen control in info system
EIS_ATTR Return structure for attributes (RFC interface)
EIS_ATTR_VAL Return structure for attribute values (RFC-interface)
EIS_CHAR SAP-EIS report description: Char. for RFC interface
EIS_COMM Transfer structure comments (RFC interface)
EIS_CRIT_TAB Characteristics of an Aspect
EIS_DATA SAP-EIS data for RFC interface
EIS_DATA_N Return structure for key-figures (RFC mode)
EIS_DATATX SAP-EIS texts for char. values for RFC interface
EIS_DIR SAP-EIS report library for RFC interface
EIS_HEAD SAP-EIS report structure list header for RFC interface
EIS_HRY Hierarchy layout: Structure information
EIS_HRY_B Return Structure F4-Help for Characteristic Hierarchies
EIS_KEY Key table for characteristics and characteristic values
EIS_KEYFIG SAP-EIS report description: Key fig. for RFC interface
EIS_KEYTXT RFC: Text table for key figures
EIS_REQUE SAP-EIS report selection conditions for RFC interface
EIS_REQUEB EIS report selection conditions for master data display
EIS_SELOPT Return structure for Select Options (RFC interface)
EIS_TEXT_N SAP-EIS texts for char. values for RFC interface
EIS_VAR SAP-EIS report description: Variables for RFC interface
EIS_VAR_ADD Structure for transfer of ADD_SEL_TAB to inSight
EIS_VAR_B Request structure for F4-Help for variables
EISFI SAP-EIS: Sender structure for FI data RKCFISEL
EISFILC Sender structure FI-LC (RGCEISS1)
GERO_CDIFIE Shadow cdifie for Archiving
HIERA_TXT EIS-Hierarchy: Head and node objects with texts
IF001 Profitability Analysis
IF050 Balance sheet/P&L (FI/FILC)
IFNNN Sample for reporting structure SAP-EIS
KCC_COM_LIST List of comments
KCC_DOCU_FIELDS Comments in EIS: Structure for Documentation Data Elements
KCC_FIELDS Field structure for definition of a comment table
KCC_TKCCOT Directory of the comment tables
KCDD_S_DYNPREAD Fields of the current screen (with values)
KCK_KEY Template structure: Key for EIS comment tables
KPP_RC_MESG Structure for Error Messages for Ext. Calls to Planng Proc.
KPP_TABNAME Table and text
KXXC_CHRDF Active Excel: List of the Available Fields
KXXC_CHRVL Interactive Excel: Value of a Characteristic
KXXC_DEPDF Active Excel: Definition of Dependencies Between Fields
KXXC_DEPVL Active Excel: Ties for the Dependencies
KXXC_DREQV Active Excel: Definition of the Data Matrix
KXXC_EASPS Active Excel: Available Aspects
KXXC_MESSG Active Excel: Error Message
KYDD1 Texts for data mining dialog boxes
RKB1E Input/output fields for profitability report
RKB1F SAP-EIS drill-down report or CO-PA report parameters
RKB1G Transfer structure for reporting processor SAP-EIS
RKB1H Field string for hier.processing in SAP-EIS list processor
RKB1I Controlling: Fields for cluster tables INDX/COIX
RKB1J Transfer table for FM to curr.translation: Exch.rate type F
RKB1K Transfer table for FB to curr.translation: Exchnge rte(date)
RKB1L Transfer structure for selection criteria for print control
RKB1P Valid fields for parameter settings in table TKDP
RKB1R Structure for log summarization levels/read
RKB1ST Fld String for Transf. of Drill-Down Rep. - Rep. Portfolio
RKB1T2 Extended transfer structure for text read FM
RKB1U Flags for generation in drilldown reporting
RKB1UF Historical control indicators of drilldown (only as except.)
RKB1UI Internal RKB1U
RKB1UM Application-dependent control flags of drilldown reporting
RKB1X Application-specific fields in drill-down reporting
RKB1Y Transfer Table for Reading Texts for Form Elements
RKB1Z Number format (value display + decimal places) CO-PA/SAP-EIS
RKBTX Application-specific texts for classifications
RKC_FILTER_FIELDS EC-EIS: transfer structure with fields
RKC_FILTER_VALUES Transfer structure with fields and field values
RKC_TREE_ITEM Tree Control Item For Report SAPTREV*
RKC_YS_ASPLIST EC-EIS: List of Aspects
RKCCHTENQ Block key for generated check tables
RKCFIEENQ Block key for characteristic maintenance
RKD_S_HCLASS Drilldown: Hierarchy Class with Text
RKD_S_HIE_SELECTION Drilldown: Hierarchy Selection for a Characteristic
RKD_S_HIERARCHY_SELECTION Structure of the Hierarchy Selection
RKD_S_REPORT_KEY Structure of the Object Name for the BBS
RKD_SX_HIE_SELECTION Hierarchy Selection for a Characteristic
RKECOKEY_O Controlling: Structure of COIX-SRTFD
RKT_YS_CHAVL Structure for Characteristic Values
RKT_YS_OUTTAB Hierarchy Info in Tree
SLINE72 line with 72 characters
SYSWIDE Flag for System-Wide Visible Hierarchies
T2420_APP Foreign Key GRPID
TAKEOVER Structure for the transfer of a report to the report portf.
TKCF_DAT Field catalog, reference structure (data portion)
TKCHA SAP-EIS: Abstract data type hierarchy
TKCHD SAP-EIS: Data type hierarchy
TKCHHEAD SAP-EIS: Header data for hierarchy display
TKCHI SAP-EIS: Entry fields for hierarchy maintenance
TKCHID SAP-EIS: Name of a hierarchy
TKCHIEDM SAP-EIS: Hierarchy (receiver structure)
TKCHL SAP-EIS: Relationship between table index and row number
TKCHP SAP-EIS: Call backs in hierarchy processing
TKCHS SAP-EIS: Interface structure for external hierarchies
TKCHZ SAP-EIS: Fields for screen display, F4 help etc.
TKCOBEWE SAP-EIS: Object structure for valuation
TKCOKOMM Object structure for comments
TKCOPAGE SAP-EIS: Object structure for page layout
TKCOS EC-EIS/EC-BP: Transfer structure for object list
TKCOSCRI SAP-EIS: Object structure for SAPscript documents
TKCOT SAP-EIS: Object attributes
TKCOTPAR SAP-EIS: Object structure for COIX parameter texts
TKCOTWRD Object structure for MS Winword texts
TKCOWORD Object structure for MS Winword connection
TKCOZ Fields for screen display / ABAP/4 dictionary references
TKCQ_DAT Attributes SAP-EIS (data part)
UPB_RET_FISL Transfer Structure Retraction SEM FISL
UPB_YS_OUTTAB2 Hierarchy Info in Tree
WIDTH Width of the lead column


SAP Package KC contains 53 programs.

MSTTKAF Table TKCF (Field catalog)
RKCAPPLO EIS: Display of the Application log
RKCCCGEN Generate the Aspect Environment for All Active Aspects
RKCCOASP Copy Aspects from Reference Client
RKCCOLT1 Copy actual data layouts as planning layouts
RKCCOPA1 RKC: Background job scheduling for CO-PA data transfer into EIS
RKCCOTB0 Enter Aspect in Control Tables
RKCCOTX0 SAP-EIS: Generation of text read modules
RKCDBCH2 SAP-EIS - Consistency check of data basis
RKCDEDEF Maintain a File Description for the Flexible Upload
RKCDEDIA SAP-EIS: Call up of the data entry
RKCDENNN Mass deletion of EC-EIS/BP transaction data without output
RKCDLASP Display/delete aspect-client relationship
RKCDLKR0 Display / delete key figures
RKCDLPR0 Display / delete generated programs for an aspect
RKCDLPT0 Display/Delete Aspect Data Records (pool tables only)
RKCDLST0 Display Aspect Data Structure
RKCDLTB0 Delete Entries for Aspect from Control Tables
RKCFC400 XPRA type report for field catalog update for Rel. 4.0
RKCHINOD Maintain non-chargeable hierarchy nodes
RKCMASG Background activation of generated structures
RKCMDFU0 Create Function Modules for Characteristics for Doc. Connection
RKCMSG00 Action log for generation and deleting
RKCOBTR2 Transport Reports
RKCOBTR3 Import Reports
RKCOBTR4 Transport forms
RKCOBTR5 Import Forms
RKCPROT0 Display Data Structure (with environment)
RKCPROT1 Structure generation: List of characteristics
RKCPROT2 Structure generation: List of basic key figures
RKCPROT3 Structure generation: List of characteristics
RKCPROT4 Structure generation: List of basic key figures
RKCREOAS Reorganize Aspect Catalogs
RKCREOFC Aspect-specific reorganization of field catalog TKCF / TKCFD / TKCFA
RKCREOMV Reorganize view maintenance modules
RKCREPSE EC-EIS/EC/BP: Choose data collection program
RKCREXFC XPRA: Reorganization of Field Catalogs TKCF / TKCFD / TKCFA
RKCRFL00 Key figure formula: Stages for SAP-EIS reporting
RKCROSUB SAP-EIS: Start program for comment management (transaction KCT0)
RKCRUNT0 SAP-EIS: Generation Log
RKCSENNN Raw data displayer
RKCTRTX1 SAP-EIS: Translation Tool
RKCXPR40_CUK_ATR EIS: Curr. fields from EIS check tables --> Attributes catalog (TKCQ)
RKDCHEFO Check forms
SAPFKAFC SAP-EIS: Set / Update field catalog / Dep.fields for PS (projects)
SAPMKCGD Generation of characteristics / basic key figures
SAPMKCGF Maintain field groups for structure generation
SAPMKCGG Online: Structure generation (new for 4.0)
SAPMKXHI SAP-EIS: Hierarchy maintenance

Search Helps

SAP Package KC contains 12 search helps.

EIS_REVAL Revaluation factor for SAP-EIS
H_T241W Helpview for Value Types (T241W)
H_T242I SAP-EIS: Sender Programs
H_T242P View for the Pages in Report Portfolio Reports
H_T242V Helpview T242V data areas
H_T242Z View for User Groups
H_TKEB1 View for the Report Library
RKC_HELP_ASPECT Search help for aspect selection using F4
RKC_HELP_ASPECT_INDEP Search help for aspect selection using F4 (cross-client)
RKC_HELP_PROGNOSE Search help for EC forecast profile
RKD_SH_HCLASS_HIE_SELECTION Search Help for Hierarchy Class in Hierarchy Selection
TKEPC Revaluation factor selection for SAP-EIS

Message Classes

SAP Package KC contains 7 message classes.

K6 EC-EIS/EC-BP Datenbasis: Datenerfassung und -beschaffung
KBP Protokollnachrichten EC-BP
KCCO Kommentare im EIS
KCSL SAP-EIS: Datenscheiben
KX EC-EIS/EC-BP: Datenbasis, Datenbeschaffung
KXK SAP-EIS: Kennzahlen
KY Messages für SAP-EIS: Präsentation

Authorization Objects

SAP Package KC contains 5 authorization objects.

K_KC_DB_VS SAP-EIS Authorization for Data Basis Version & Plan/Act Ind.
K_KC_DE EC-EIS Authorization - Entry Layout / Data Entry
K_KC_HI EC-EIS Authorizations for Hierarchies
K_KC_PL EC-BP: Authorization for Planning Layouts
K_KC_PRC EC-EIS: Authorization for Presentation of Form