SAP Package VKON

Application development R/3 conditions

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The package VKON (Application development R/3 conditions) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package VKON
Short Text Application development R/3 conditions
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package VKON contains 51 function groups.

080M Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080Y Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
081B Conditions: SAP Control
081W Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CACS_VERSIONING Version Management for CACS
V12A RV Condition Generation
V12A_PROT Generation Log
V12B RV Condition Generation - General
V12D RV Condition Online Dictionary Interface
V12E Conditions: Customizing
V12I Management: Index of Condition Documents
V12L Pricing Report
V12M help for TREE-CONTROL
V12Z Temporary Function Group
V130 Condition Maintenance - General
V130_GUI Interface f. Condition Technique (Gen.)
V13A RV Saving Condition Records
V13C RV Chart of Accounts Tools
V13D Update for Material Substitution
V13F Conditions: CPG
V13H Conditions: Batch Search Strategy
V13N Updating Free Goods Items
V14A RV Utillities for Condition Maintenance
V14ABADI BAdIs for V14A
V14W Conditions: Validity Periods Dialog Box
V15A Pricing: Rebate Processing
V15B Rebate: Dialog etc.
V15D Conditions and Secondary Indexes
V16A ===> Object COND_A , generated by
V16B ===> Object COND_B , generated d
V16B_CHDO ===> Object COND_B , generated d
V16N ===> Object COND_N , generated d
V17A SD Conditions: Change Documents - Edit
V31N Updating Free Goods Change Document
V610 Conditions: Log for Determination
V61C Revenue Account Determination
V61D Material Substitution & Cross Selling
V61G Material Listing & Material Exclusion
V61H Batch Determination
V61N Free Goods Determination
V61O Conditions: Usage O
V61W Conditions: Determ. for Hierarchies
V61Z Conditions: General Determination
V64A Conditions: Item provision/change doc.
V64B Conditions: Accesses to Customizing tabs
V64C Conditions: Help Functions
V65N Free Goods: Link to Price Maintenance
V65W Conditions: Maint.Views Ind. Short Texts
VARC Conditons: Archiving Class
VKO2 Conditions: Events for Posting
VKO3 Conds: Events for Payables (4.5 and up)


SAP Package VKON contains 277 transactions.

F/LA Create Pricing Report
F/LB Change pricing reports
F/LC Display pricing reports
F/LD Execute pricing reports
KK11 Create Condition
KK12 Change Condition
KK13 Display Condition
KK14 Create Condition with Reference
LS51 Create Batch Search Strategy - WM
LS52 Change Batch Search Strategie - WM
LS53 Display Batch Search Strategy - WM
M/25 Condition type: Short txt for cust.
M/N1 Maintain accesses (fr.gds - purch.)
M/N2 Create free goods table
M/N3 Display free goods table
M/N4 Free goods types - purchasing
M/N5 Free goods: Procedure for purchasing
M/N6 Free goods pricing procedure
MBN1 Free goods - Create (Purchasing)
MBN2 Free goods - Change (Purchasing)
MBN3 Free goods - Display (Purchasing)
OMA4 Field catalog V_T681f free goods (M)
OMA5 Field catalog V_T681 free goods (SD)
OV/1 Generate Record Layout
OV/2 RV Batch Input Program
OV/3 RV Batch Input Program
OV/4 RV Batch Input Program
OV/5 RV Batch Input Program
OV/6 RV Transfer Program
OV04 C RV Tab. TVAK 'Listing/Exclusion'
OV05 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion A
OV06 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion C
OV07 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion D
OV08 Condition Table: Add Index
OV09 Condition table: Change Index
OV10 Condition Table: Display Index
OV12 Condition Types: Material Determin.
OV13 Procedure: Material Determination
OV16 Condition Table: Material Substit. A
OV17 Condition Table: Material Substit. C
OV18 Condition Table: Material Substit.D
OV20 Condition Table: Create Rebate
OV21 Condition Table: Change Rebate
OV22 Condition Table: Display Rebate
OV29 V-T681F: Index Field Catalog
OV31 Maintain Exclusion Group
OV32 Maintain CondTypes for ExclusionGrp
OV34 View V_T687 Account Key
OV36 Archiving Conditions V_T681H
OV42 Condition types: Cross-selling
OV43 Diagram: Cross-selling
OV46 Condition table: Cross-selling H
OV47 Condition table: Cross-selling Ä
OV48 Condition table: Cross-selling A
OV68 Ass. billing type - rec. acc. proc.
OV78 Assign billing type-cash acc. proc.
OV88 Assign billing type-credit card proc
OV98 Assign billing types-COPA proj.proc.
OVBA Conditions: Views (Pricing)
OVBB Conditions: View sequence A,V,Rebate
S_ALR_87100141 Export Taxes
S_ALR_87100142 Price List
S_ALR_87100143 Individual Prices
S_ALR_87100144 Discounts and Surcharges by Material
S_ALR_87100145 Discounts and Surcharges by Customer
S_ALR_87100146 Discounts and Surch. by Price Group
S_ALR_87100147 Discounts and Surch. by Mat. Group
S_ALR_87100148 Discounts/Surch. by Cust/Material
S_ALR_87100149 Disc. and Surch. for Cust./Mat. Grp
S_ALR_87100150 Disc. and Surch. for Price Grp/Mat
S_ALR_87100151 Disc. and Surch. for Price Grp/Mat.
S_ALR_87100152 Disc. and Surch. for Price Grp/Mat
S_ALR_87100153 Disc. and Surch. for Cust./Mat. Grp
S_ALR_87100154 Discounts/Surch. by Cust/Material
S_ALR_87100155 Discounts and Surch. by Mat. Group
S_ALR_87100156 Discounts and Surch. by Price Group
S_ALR_87100157 Discounts and Surcharges by Customer
S_ALR_87100158 Discounts and Surcharges by Material
S_ALR_87100159 Individual Prices
S_ALR_87100160 Price List
S_ALR_87100161 Export Taxes
S_ALR_87100162 Freight Incoterms 1
S_ALR_87100163 VAT
S_ALR_87100164 Canada/USA
S_ALR_87100165 I.E.P.S Mexico
S_ALR_87100166 Conditions by Customer
S_ALR_87100167 Conditions by Material
S_ALR_87100168 Conditions by Customer Hierarchy
S_P99_41000009 /1SDBF12L/RV14AK20
V/03 Create Condition Table (SD Price)
V/04 Change Condition Table (Sales pr.)
V/05 Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.)
V/06 Condition Categories: SD Pricing
V/08 Conditions: Procedure for A V
V/49 View V_TNAPN Appl. V2
V/51 View V_TNAPN Appl. V6
V/52 Access Sequences Appl. V3
V/53 View V_TNAPR Appl. V4
V/55 View V_TVBUR_NA
V/56 Output: Cond.Table - Create Orders
V/57 Output - Cond.Table - Change Order
V/58 Output - Cond.Table - Display Order
V/59 Output - Cond.Table - Create Dlv.
V/60 Output - Cond.Table - Change Dlv.
V/61 Output - Cond.Table - Display Dlv.
V/62 Output - Cond.Table - Create BillDoc
V/63 Output - Cond.Table - Change BillDoc
V/64 Output - Cond.Table - Display BillDc
V/I1 Activation of Condition Index
V/I2 Set up condition indices
V/I3 Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V/I4 Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V/I5 Condit: Pricing SD - Index in Backgr
V/I6 Display conditions using index
V/LA Create Pricing Report
V/LB Change Pricing Report
V/LC Display Pricing Report
V/LD Execute pricing report
V/LE Generate pricing reports
V/N1 Maintain accesses (free goods - sls)
V/N2 Create free goods table
V/N3 Display free goods table (SD)
V/N4 Free goods types - Sales
V/N5 Free goods: Procedure for SD
V/N6 Free goods procedure determ. SD
V_I7 Condit: Pricing SD - Index in Backgr
V_I8 Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V_NL Edit net price list
V12L_A Create Pricing Report
V12L_B Change Pricing Report
V12L_C Display Pricing Report
V12L_D Execute Pricing Report
V12LCA Create Pricing Report
V12LCB Change Pricing Report
V12LDV_A Create Pricing Report
V12LDV_B Change Pricing Report
V12LDV_C Display Pricing Report
V12LDV_D Execute Pricing Report
V12LEV_A Create Pricing Report (Rebate)
V12LEV_B Change Pricing Report (Rebate)
V12LEV_C Display Transactions (Rebate)
V12LEV_D Execute Pricing Report (Rebate)
V-31 Create Freight 1
V-32 Create Freight 1 with Reference
V-33 Change Freight 1
V-34 Create Freight 1
V-35 Create Freight 1
V-36 Create Freight 1 with Reference
V-37 Change Freight 2
V-38 Display Freight 2
V-40 Display Taxes (Export)
V-51 Change Cust.price
V-52 Display Cust.price
V-61 Create Cust.disc./surcharge
V-62 Create Customer Disc/Surch. w/ref
V-63 Change Cust.Disc/Surcharge
V-64 Display Cust.Disc/Surcharge
V-65 Create Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-66 Create w/ref.Material Disc/Surcharge
V-67 Change Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-68 Display Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-69 Create Price grp Disc/Surch.
V-70 Create w/ref.Price Group Disc/Surch.
V-71 Change Price grp Disc/Surch.
V-72 Display Price grp Disc/Surch.
V-73 Create Disc/Surch
V-74 Create w/ Disc/Surch
V-75 Change Disc/Surch
V-76 Display Disc/Surch
V-77 Create Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
V-78 Create w/ref.Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Surc
V-79 Change Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
V-80 Display Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
V-81 Create Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-82 Create w/ref.Cust/Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-83 Change Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-84 Display Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-85 Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
V-86 Create w/ref.PrGrp/MatPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-87 Change PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
V-88 Display PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
V-89 Create PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Surc
V-90 Create w/ref.PrGrp/Mat Disc/Surch.
V-91 Change PGrp/mat Disc/Surch.
V-92 Display PGrp/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-93 Create Domestic Taxes
V-94 Create Domestic Taxes w/Reference
V-95 Change Domestic Taxes
V-96 Display Domestic Taxes
V-97 Create Cross-border Taxes
V-98 Create Cross-border Taxes
V-99 Change Cross-border Taxes
VB(1 Rebate number ranges
VB(2 Rebate Agreement Type Maintenance
VB(3 Condition Type Groups Overview
VB(4 Condition Types in ConditType Groups
VB(5 Assignment Condition -> CondTypeGrp
VB(6 Rebate Group Maintenance
VB(7 Rebate Agreement Settlement
VB(8 List Rebate Agreements
VB(9 Maintain Sales Deal Types
VB(A Promotion Type Maintenance
VB(B Copying Control Maintenance
VB(D Rebate Agreement Settlement
VB01 Create Material Listing/Exclusion
VB02 Change Material Listing/Exclusion
VB03 Display Material Listing/Exclusion
VB04 Reference Material Listing/Exclusion
VB11 Create Material Substitution
VB12 Change Material Substitution
VB13 Display Material Substitution
VB14 Reference Material Substitution
VB21 Create Sales Deal
VB22 Change Sales Deal
VB23 Display Sales Promotion
VB25 List of Sales Deals
VB31 Create Promotion
VB32 Change Promotion
VB33 Display Promotion
VB35 Promotions List
VB41 Create cross-selling
VB42 Change cross-selling
VB43 Display cross-selling
VB44 Copy cross-selling
VBN1 Free goods - Create (SD)
VBN2 Free goods - Change (SD)
VBN3 Free goods - Display (SD)
VBO1 Create Rebate Agreement
VBO2 Change Rebate Agreement
VBO3 Display Rebate Agreement
VBOE Currency conversion rebate agreemnts
VBOF Rebate: Update Billing Documents
VCH1 Create Batch Search Strategy
VCH2 Change Batch Search Strategy
VCH3 Display Batch Search Strategy
VK+C Condition master data check
VK01 Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem.
VK03 Create Condition Table
VK04 Change Condition Table
VK05 Display Condition Table
VK11 Create Condition
VK12 Change Condition
VK13 Display Condition
VK14 Create Condition with Reference
VK15 Create Condition
VK16 Create Condition with Reference
VK17 Change condition
VK18 Display condition
VK19 Change Condition Without Menu
VK20 Display Condition Without Menu
VK30 Maintain Variant Conditions
VK31 Condition Maintenance: Create
VK32 Condition Maintenance: Change
VK33 Condition Maintenance: Display
VK34 Condition Maint.: Create with Refer.
VKA1 Archiving conditions
VKA2 Deleting conditions
VKA3 Reloading conditions
VKA4 Archiving agreements
VKA5 Deleting agreements
VKA6 Reloading agreements
VKVF Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem.
VKVG Maintain Condition Elements
VKXX Create Test for RKA
VKYY Change Test for RKA
VKZZ Test for RKS-Surcharge Conditions
VN03 Number Assignment for Doc.Conditions
VN04 Number Assignment for Master Conds.
VOB3 Comparison: Bill. Docs and Stats
VOK0 Conditions: Pricing in Customizing
XK11 Create Condition
XK12 Change Condition
XK13 Display Condition
XK14 Create with cond. ref. (cond. list)
XK15 Create Conditions (background job)

Database Tables

SAP Package VKON contains 360 database tables.

A000 Condition Table for Pricing $
A001 Not Used in Standard
A002 Domestic Taxes
A003 Tax Indicator
A004 Material
A005 Customer/Material
A006 Price List Type/Currency/Material
A007 Division/Customer
A008 Plant/Additional selling plant
A009 Additional selling plant/International Article Number
A010 Additional Selling Plant/Material
A011 Export Taxes
A012 Additional Selling Plant/Material Group
A013 Overhead Type
A014 Overhead Type/Overhead Key
A015 Not Used in Standard
A016 Contract Item
A017 Material Info Record (Plant-Specific)
A018 Material Info Record
A019 Contract Header
A020 Division/Price Group
A021 Vendor/Material/Unit of Measure
A022 Material/Unit of Measure
A023 Additional Selling Plant/Material/Unit of Measure
A024 Distribution Channel/Material/Unit of Measure
A025 Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific)
A026 Controlling Area/Cost Center
A027 Controlling Area
A028 Info Record for Non-Stock Item
A029 Material Pricing Group
A030 Customer/Material Pricing Group
A031 Price Group/Material Pricing Group
A032 Price group/Material
A033 Incoterms
A034 Incoterms Part 1 + 2
A035 Overhead Type/Plant
A036 Overhead Type/Order Type
A037 Overhead Type/Order Catg.
A038 Overhead Type/Company Code
A039 Overhead Type/Business Area
A040 Country/State/Customer Classif.1/Material Classification 1
A041 Country/State/County/Customer Classif.2/Material Classif.2
A042 Country/State/City/Customer Classif.3/Material Classif.3
A043 Purchasing Organization/Material Type
A044 Vendor
A045 Vendor Condition Group
A046 Material Group Prices
A047 Material Group Prices (Plant-Specific)
A048 Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A049 Market Price for Material
A050 Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A051 Invoicing Party
A052 Invoicing Party (Specific to Info Record)
A053 Taxes via Jurisdiction Code
A054 Market Price for Material Group
A055 Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A056 Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A057 Variants
A058 Controlling Area/Cost Center Type
A059 Controlling Area/Company Code
A060 Controlling Area/Business Area
A061 Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost Center
A062 Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center
A063 Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center
A064 Customer Hierarchy
A065 Customer Hierarchy/Material
A066 Info record per order unit
A067 Plant Info Record per Order Unit
A068 Outline Agreement Item: Plant-Dependent
A069 Vendor Sub-Range
A070 EAN per Plant
A071 Material per Plant
A072 EAN per SOrg/DstCh
A073 Material per SOrg/DstCh
A074 Plant/Preference Zone/Material
A075 Master Conditions for SRV with Material Group
A076 Master Conditions for Activities in Contract
A077 Cost Split for Activities in Contract
A078 Departure Country / Destination Country
A079 Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material Group
A080 Taxes: Material
A081 Contract Conditions at Plant Level
A082 Contract Conditions without Plant
A083 Vendor Conditions with Plant
A084 Vendor Conditions without Plant
A085 Metal Prices
A086 Taxes: Material, Plant and Origin
A087 Taxes: Plant, Account Assignment and Origin
A088 Taxes: Material, Plant, Account Assignment and Origin
A089 SD Document/Material
A090 SD Document/Item/Material
A091 Wage Type Surcharge at Plant Level
A092 Wage Type Surcharge without Plant
A093 Wage Type Surcharge - General
A094 Taxes: Material, Plant, Origin and Region
A095 Activities + Purchasing Organization
A096 Activities for Vendor
A097 Activities for Vendor with Plant
A098 SD Document/Item/Material Pricing Group
A099 SD Document/Item
A100 SOrg/DstCh/Material_MainItem/Material
A101 SOrg/DstCh/Material-Main Item/Material Pricing Group
A102 SOrg/DstCh/Material Pricing Group-Main Item/Material
A103 SOrg/DstCh/MaterialPricingGroup-MainItem/MatPricingGroup
A104 Service Conditions (Own Estimate)
A105 Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area
A106 Price List/Material Group
A107 Vendor Hierarchy
A108 Vendor Hierarchy / Material
A109 Vendor hierarchy: vendor sub-range
A110 Sales Organization/Destination Country
A112 Service agent
A113 Service agent/Dep.cntry/
A114 Tax Exemption: Customer
A115 Ser.agnt/Dep.ctry/Dep.PC /Ship-to party
A116 Tax Exemption - Customer/Tax Classification 2-Material
A117 Tax Exemption - Customer/Material
A118 Empties Prices (Material-Dependent)
A119 Service agent/Dep.ctry/ /Dest. country
A120 Overhead Type/Version
A122 Surch. type /Profit Center
A123 Discount Type/Resp. Cost Center
A124 Service agent/Dep.cntry/Dep. PostCode/Tariff zone Dest. loc.
A125 Service agent/Tariff zone dep./Tariff zone target
A126 Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Freight Class
A127 Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Incoterms
A128 Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/ShippingMatType
A129 Service Agent/TariffZDep/TariffZDest/ShipMatType/VSEGR 1
A135 Transp. service agent/shipping type/bulk group
A140 Sales Area / Accounting Indicator
A156 Country of Departure/Destination Country/Del. Country
A173 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A174 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A175 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area
A176 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund
A177 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area
A178 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/GM_GRANT_N
A179 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/GM_GRANT_N
A180 Country/Preference Zone/Cross-Plant Grouping
A181 TaxIndPlnt/Tax type
A182 Region/PlntRegion/Plant/Tax ind.
A185 Order no./Item/Configuration no./Material/Preference zone
A304 Material with release status
A305 Customer/material with release status
A306 Price list category/currency/material with release status
A307 Customer with Release Status
A350 Sales org.
A352 ST Code/Post.code/PlntRegion
A353 ST Code/Region/PlntRegion
A354 Country/Region/PlntRegion
A355 Jur. code
A356 Country/PlntRegion/ST Code/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat
A357 Country/Plant/Ctrl code
A358 Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Material
A359 Plant/Matl group
A362 Land/NBM-NCM-Code
A363 Plant/Vendor/Material
A367 Country/Plant/Region/Material
A368 Country/PlntRegion/Region/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat
A369 Country/Plant/Ctrl code/TaxCl1Cust
A371 Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Ship-to
A372 Sales org./Ref.doc./Ref.item
A390 Brazil: 100% reversals
B000 $ Sample Table for output control
B001 Sales Organization/Customer Number
B002 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B005 Sales Organization/Order Type
B006 SOrg/DstCh/Division/Customer
B007 Order Type
B008 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B009 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B010 Shipping Point/Route
B011 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B012 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B013 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B014 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B015 Credit Control Area/Cred.Representative Group/Risk Category
B016 Labeling
B017 Transport type
B018 Sales Organization/Receiving Country
B020 Shipping material type
B021 DlvType/Shipping Point
B022 TrspPlPoint and Shipment Type
B023 TrspPlPoint, TrspProcessingType and Service Agent
B025 Purchasing Output Determination: Doc.Type/PurchOrg/Vendor
B026 Purchasing Output Determination: Document Type
B027 Purchasing Output Determination: Purch. Org./Vendor for EDI
B028 Ship-to party/shipping mat.
B030 Specification Department
B031 Area of Responsibility
B032 Application Area: Output Number
B033 MRP Controller
B034 Planner Group
B035 Plant
B040 Document Type/Document Status
B046 CoCode, Blocking reason: Price
B048 CoCode, Vendor
B049 Company code
B050 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data
B055 C Status, Laboratory
B060 PM Message - Plant Maintenance
B061 Purchasing Group
B062 Laboratory/Engineering and Design Office
B063 Planner Group
B064 Capacity Planner
B065 MRP Controller
B066 Cost center
B070 Event/print vers./print ind./label type/label form
B071 GR Output
B072 Event/Print Vers./Print Ind.
B073 Event/Print Vers./Print Ind./SHKZG
B074 Missing Parts
B075 Kanban Cards for GR
B100 Output Determination: DocumentType/Purch.Org./Material Group
B120 Condition tables for Output Nota Fiscal
B121 OutputDev.
B150 Doc.Type/Sales Org./Customer
B160 Sales Organization/Condition Granter
B161 SOrg/Distr.Channel/Division/Rebate Recipient
B170 Purchasing Organization/Invoicing
B171 Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Division/Payer
B172 Company Code/Invoicing
B173 Company Code/Payer
BONARCH Archiving: Billing Documents Subject to Volume-Based Rebate
C000 Condition Table for Acct.Determination: $
C001 Cust.Grp/MaterialGrp/AcctKey
C002 Cust.Grp/Account Key
C003 Material Grp/Acct Key
C004 General
C005 Acct Key
C006 SlsOrg/Card cat.
C008 SlsOrg/Dist.chan.
C009 SlsOrg/Dist.chan./Div.
D000 Condition Table for Material Determination $
E000 Condition Table for Rebate $
F000 Condition Table for Secondary Indexes $
G000 Condition Table for Material Listing/Exclusion $
H000 Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy $
K002 Condition(s) for Customer
KNMTK Customer-Material Info Record Header Table
KONA Rebate Agreements
KONAIND Index: Groups of Conditions/Header Record Conditions
KOND Conditions (Data)
KONDD Material Substitution - Data Division
KONDDP Conditions: Additional Materials for Material Determination
KONDH Conditions: Batch Strategy - Data Division
KONDIND General Document Index for Conditions
KONDN Conditions: Free goods - Data section
KONDNS Conditions: Free goods determination - scales
KONH Conditions (Header)
KONM Conditions (1-Dimensional Quantity Scale)
KONP Conditions (Item)
KONV Conditions (Transaction Data)
KONW Conditions (1-Dimensional Value Scale)
KOTD001 Conditions: Substitution - Sample Structure
KOTD002 SOrg/DistrCh/Material Entered
KOTD011 Material
KOTE001 Condition for Rebate: KOTE001
KOTE002 Condition for Rebate: KOTE002
KOTE003 Condition for Rebate: KOTE003
KOTE004 Customer Hierarchy
KOTE005 Customer Hierarchy/Material
KOTE006 Vendor/Material
KOTE007 Vendor/Accounting Group
KOTE008 Vendor
KOTE009 Vendor/VSR
KOTE010 Vendor Hierarchy: Rebate
KOTE011 Vendor Hierarchy: Material Rebate
KOTE012 Vendor Hierarchy: Vendor Sub-Range Rebate
KOTE013 SOrg/Vendor/Customer
KOTF001 Material/Sales org./
KOTF002 Customer/Sales org./
KOTF003 SD Document/Item
KOTF004 Service No./Plant/PurchOrg/Vendor/Package Number/Line Number
KOTF005 Search Term
KOTF006 Tax exemption license number
KOTG001 Customer/Material
KOTG002 Material Listing/Exclusion - Sample Structure
KOTG003 Material Listing/Exclusion - Sample Structure
KOTG004 Cust/Material w/ Organiz. Units
KOTH001 Material
KOTH002 Customer/Material
KOTH003 Customer/Plant/Material
KOTH004 Destination Country/MatGroup
KOTH005 Destination Country
KOTH006 Material group
KOTH007 Customer Hierarchy
KOTH008 Customer Hierarchy/Material
KOTH010 Warehouse number
KOTH011 Warehouse No./Movement Type
KOTH020 Movement Type
KOTH021 Movement Type/Plant
KOTH022 Movement Type/Material
KOTH023 Plant/Material
KOTH024 Movement Type/Plant/Material
KOTH025 Plant
KOTH030 Order Type/Plant/Component
KOTH031 Order Type/Plant/Production Material/Component
KOTI001 Material
KOTI002 Material/Customer
KOTI003 Material group
KOTN001 Info Record: Plant-Specific per Order Unit
KOTN002 Info record per order unit
KOTN010 Customer / material
LFMC Vendor master (short texts for condition types)
N000 Condition table for free goods determination
T671 Conditions: Views
T671T Conditions: Views (Text)
T672 Conditions: View Sequence
T680M Condition: Tree Control: Features
T680MT Condition: Tree Control: Features: Texts?
T680N Condition: Tree Control: Nodes
T680NF Condition: Tree Control: Nodes: Fields
T680V Condition: Tree Control: Variants
T680VL Condition: Tree Control: Tree Variants
T680VT Condition: Tree Control: Variants: Texts
T680VU Condition: Tree Control: User-dependent Variants
T681 Conditions: Structures
T681COMP Cond.: Fig. (KVEWE, KAPPL) --> DF14L (Component Hierarchy)
T681D Condition: Tables used per Application
T681E Conditions: Fast-Entry Fields
T681F Conditions: Allowed Fields Per Usage and Application
T681H Conditions: Usage/Application with Client
T681O Permitted Document Categories for the Index to Conditions
T681OT Object Category Texts for Index to Conditions
T681S Conditions: Fast Entry Types
T681T Conditions: Fast Entry: Texts
T681U Parameters for creating pricing reports
T681X Condition tables for lists
T681Y Conditions: List Variants
T681Y_BMEN Condition Maintenance to Area Menu
T681YF Pricing Report: Fields Used
T681YT Pricing Report: Texts
T681Z Conditions: Dependent Data for Application/Usage
T682 Conditions: Access Sequences
T682I Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)
T682T Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts
T682V Conditions: Condition Type/Access (Execute Header Check)
T682Z Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields)
T683S Pricing Procedure: Data
T683T Pricing Procedures: Texts
T685 Conditions: Types
T685A Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data
T685T Conditions: Types: Texts
T685Z Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements
T686A Conditions: Exclusion Indicator
T686B Conditions: Exclusion Indicator: Texts
T686E Conditions: Processing Status
T686F Conditions: Processing Status: Texts
T688 Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables
T688K Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Types
T688T Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables
T6B1 Rebate : Rebate Agreement Types
T6B1T Rebate: Agreement Types : Texts
T6B2 Rebate : Group of permitted Condition Types/Tables
T6B2F Rebate : Permitted Condition Types/Tables per Group
T6B2T Rebates : Group of Allowed Condition Types/Tables : Texts
TVARC Variant conditions
TVARCT Text for Variants Conditions
VBOX SD Document: Billing Document: Rebate Index


SAP Package VKON contains 78 views.

F4_KSCHL_KOTABNR All Permitted Condition Types for a Condition Table
H_T681 Helpview Generated for Check Table T681
H_T681A Helpview Generated for Check Table T681A
H_T681S Helpview Generated for Check Table T681S
H_T681V Helpview Generated for Check Table T681V
H_T686A Helpview Generated for Check Table T686A
H_TVARC Generated Help View for Check Table TVARC
M_VMBOA Generated view for matchcode ID VMBO -A
M_VMBOB Generated view for matchcode ID VMBO -B
M_VMBOC Generated view for matchcode ID VMBO -C
M_VMBOD Generated view for matchcode ID VMBO -D
M_VMBOE Generated view for matchcode ID VMBO -E
M_VMBOF Generated view for matchode ID VMBO -F
V_LFMC Conditions - Shortexts (can be overwritten) for cond. types
V_T671 Conditions: Views
V_T672 Conditions: View Sequence
V_T681_IND Conditions: Condition Index
V_T681A Conditions: Application
V_T681F Field Catalog (&1 &2)
V_T681V Conditions: Usage
V_T681Y_BMEN View Maintenance: T681Y_BMEN
V_T681Y_BMEN_USR View Maintenance: T681Y_BMEN
V_T681Z Conditions: Usage/Application
V_T682 Access Sequences (&1 &2)
V_T682I Accesses (&1 &2)
V_T682Z Fields in the Access (&1 &2)
V_T683_01 Pricing Procedures - Profitability analysis
V_T683_02 Costing Sheet Lines - Profitability Analysis
V_T683V Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs.
V_T683V_NA Determining Free Goods Procedure in Sales
V_T685A Conditions: Condition Types
V_T686E Customizing Processing Status
V_T687 Account Key
V_T688 Copying Rules for Conditions
V_T688K Copying Rule for Condition Types
V_T6B1 Rebate Agreement Types
V_T6B1_AG Sales Deal Types
V_T6B1_PI Promotion Types
V_T6B1_ZU Allocation of Condition Type Group/Agreement
V_T6B2 Condition Type Groups
V_T6B2F Assignment of Condition Type/Table for Agreement
V_TVAK_PR Sales Document Types: Document Pricing Procedures
V_TVAP_PR Sales Documents: Pricing for Item Categories
V_TVAP_VR Sales Documents: Determine Costs for Item Categories
V_TVARC Variant Conditions
V_TVBO Rebate Groups
V_TVCPA_PR Sales document: Copying control - bus.trans.types (pricing)
V_TVCPF_PR Billing Document: Copying Control - Pricing Type
V_TVKD Customer Pricing Procedures
V_TVKV Pricing Procedures: Transaction
V_TVSU Material Substitution: Reasons
V_VMVAF Credit Memo Request for Rebate
VV_T671_A2 Conditions: Views
VV_T672_AA Conditions: View Sequence
VV_T681F_FV Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_MN Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T681F_VN Field Catalog (&1 &2)
VV_T682_MN Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T682_VN Access Sequences (&1 &2)
VV_T683_VA Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_DV Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_MN Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_VN Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T683_XX_VS Procedures (&1 &2)
VV_T684_VA Condition Exclusion Groups
VV_T684G_VA Condition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types
VV_T685_M Conditions: Types
VV_T685_V1 Conditions: Types
VV_T685_VN Conditions: Types
VV_T685_VS Conditions: Types
VV_T685A_V1 Conditions: Condition Types
VV_T685A_VA Conditions: Condition Types
VV_T687_V1 Account Key
VV_T688_VA Copying Rules for Conditions
VV_T6B2_V1 Condition Type Groups
VV_T6B2F_V1 Assignment of Condition Type/Table for Agreement
VV_TNAPN_V2 Output Control: Output By Partner Function
VV_TNAPN_V6 Output Control: Output By Partner Function


SAP Package VKON contains 162 structures.

BAPICONDCT BAPI struct. for condition tables (corresponds to COND_RECS)
BAPICONDDD BAPI structure with DDIC info from the VAKEY structure
BAPIKOMV_APPEND Append Structure to BAPIKOMV for Foreign Key
BKOND1 Batch input structure for header data
BKOND2 Batch input structure for main data
BKOND2A Batch Input Structure for Main Data (Absolute)
BKOND2B Batch Input Structure for Main Data (Relative)
BKOND2D Batch Input Structure for Main Data (Taxes)
BKOND3 Batch input structure for scale data
BOHEAD Header Structure for ALV Bonus
BOITEM Item Structure for ALV Bonus
BON_ENH_KONA_A1 Indicates Enhanced Rebate Settlement
BON_ENH_KONA_A2 Contract Information for Enhanced Rebate
BON_ENH_S3 Structure for Append Enhanced Rebate
BON_ENH_S4 Structure for Append Indicator Contract Data
BON_ENH_S5 Structure for Append Contract Data
BON_ENH_T6B1_A1 Indicates Enhanced Rebate Settlement
BON_ENH_T6B1_A2 Indicates Contract Data
BON_UPD Structure for Updating Rebate Agreement
BONUSKOM Structure for Creating Rebate Credit Memos
BONUSVALUE Values for Rebate Settlement
CDPOSCONDA SD Conditions: Display Structure for Change Document Item
CONCURCH Condtions: Currency change
COND_FLDS Condition table fields
COND_KNUMH Condition Record Number
COND_KONM Quantity scale
COND_KONW Value scale
COND_RECS Condition record
COND_RNGS Ranges for condition key fields
COND_SORT Condition: Sorting Structure
COND_TABS Condition tables
CONDSCALE Scales for a Condition Record
CONDSTAT Structure for Call of Statistics Display for Conditions
CONDTAB_DATASOURCE Data Sources for Condition Tables
DISPLAY_AG Structure for Issuing Sales Deals
DISPLAY_PI Structure for Issuing Promotions
GKONP Structure GKONP for MV13A
GKONP_GS Structure GKONP for MV13A
KNUMA_RAN Range Table for Agreement Number
KNUMH_DAT Data for condition number
KNUMH_RAN Range Table for Condition Number
KODATINFO SD Archiving of Conditions: Period Information
KOMAKA Permitted fields for surcharges RKA
KOMG Allowed Fields for Condition Structures
KOMGD Substitution - Communication Block (dialog)
KOMGF Allowed Fields for Condition Record Index
KOMGFNEW Condition Index: New Entries in Index
KOMGFOLD Condition Index: Old Entries for Index
KOMGG Material Listing/Exclusion-Communication Block (Dialog)
KOMGH Batch Determination: Communication Block (Dialog)
KOMK Communication Header for Pricing
KOMK_KEY_UC Pricing Communication Header Unicode-Enabled
KOMKABA Pricing Communication Header: Bank Fields
KOMKD Substitution - Header
KOMKD0 Substitution - Header (SAP standard)
KOMKDZ Substitution - Header (Customer Modifications)
KOMKG Conditions: Material Listing/Exclusion - Header
KOMKG0 Material Listing/Material Exclusion - Header (SAP Standard)
KOMKGZ Material Listing/Exclusion - Header (Cust.Modif.)
KOMKH Batch Determination Communication Block Header
KOMKHZ Batch determination - Comm. header: Customer modifications
KOMP Pricing Communication Item
KOMPABA Pricing Communication Item: Bank Fields
KOMPD Substitution - Item
KOMPD0 Substitution - Item (SAP standard)
KOMPDZ Substitution - Item (Customer Modifications)
KOMPG Material Listing/Exclusion - Item
KOMPG0 Material Listing/Exclusion - Item (SAP Standard)
KOMPGZ Material Listing/Exclusion - Item (Cust.Modific.)
KOMPH Batch Determination: Communication Record for Item
KOMPHZ Batch determination - Comm. item: Customer modifications
KOMT1 Price Determination Communications-Pricing Procedure
KOMT2 Price Determination Communications-Access Sequences
KOMV Pricing Communications-Condition Record
KOMV_INDEX KOMV structure plus index
KOMZ Conditions: Fields for Communication with Accesses
KONCS_KONDD Cross Selling: Include KONDD
KOND_T683S Conditions: Communication for General Determination
KONDAT Condition Record: Old and New Validity Periods
KONDDPVB Conditions: Additional Mat.for Mat.Determination - Posting
KONDDVB Material Substitution - Posting Structure
KONDHVB Conditions: Batch Strategy - Posting Data Division
KONDINDDB KONDINDDB: Structure for Posting
KONDN_FRM Free goods: Provisioning rounding rule
KONDN_MAT Conditions - free goods: Structure for item table
KONDNSVB Conditions: Free goods determination - scales - posting
KONDNVB Free goods determination - Posting structure
KONHDB KONH: Structure for Posting
KONMREF Conditions: Reference Fields for KONP - Change Documents
KONPAE Conditions (item) - Auxiliary structure for change documents
KONPD Dynamic Division of KONP
KONPDB KONP: Structure for Posting
KONPREF Conditions: Reference fields for KONP - Change documents
KONVD Pricing Communication Condition Record, Dynamic
KONWREF Conditions: Reference Fields for KONP - Change Documents
KOPRT Log for condition analysis
KSCHL_ST Condition Type and Nothing Else
KUAKDK Customer Condition Groups: Sold-to Party View of Cust.Master
KUKOV Condition View of Customer Master Record
LV13F Conditions: Views - Internal Fields
MV12A MV12A - Condition Generator: Input/Output Fields
MV12D Input/Output Fields for Total Condition Maintenance
MV13D Extra Fields for SAPMV13D: Material Determination
MV13N Free goods: Additional fields for screens
PROTB Log Table for Condition Generation (MSGID = 'VK')
PROTB_N Log Structure Generation
QUFNARV Structure for table field from document structure
RV12A Help Fields for SAPMV12A
RV12A200_S1 Structure 1 for Program RV12A200
RV12A200_S2 Structure 2 for Program RV12A200
RV12L Help Fields for the Condition List
RV12Z E/A fields for SAPMV12Z
RV130 Input/Output Fields for General Condition Maintenance
RV13A Input/Output Fields for Price Element Maintenance
RV14A DDIC Structure for Generating List Reports for Conditions
RV15B002_ALV Output Structure for Report RV15B002
RV61A Input/Output Fields for SAPMV61A
SDKONDARCH SD Archiving of Conditions: Object Structure for Cond.Tables
SDKONDARDY Condition archiving dummy structure
SDPARAARCH SD Archiving of Conditions: Selection Parameters
SDPROTO_DFIELD Condition Analysis Messages to Fields
SDPROTO_KNUMH Log Data for a Condition Record
SDPROTO_TITEM Item Condition Analysis
SDPROTO_VAKEY Fields in Variable Key (Display)
SDSDBONT_O1 Structure for Program SDBONTO1
SI_T681V Conditions: Usage
SI_T683 Pricing procedures
T682Z_D T682Z with Dynamic Part
T682Z_NOBLI Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields) - Mandatory Yes/No
TIMEVAKE Structure Timevake for MV13A
TIMEVAKEAK Structure Timevakeak for MV13A
TIMEVAKEDB Strueture Timevakedb for MV13A
TITAB Time-related Table Extension for Time Interval Control
UMADD Table for Adding Values to Units
UMHEAD Header Structure for ALV Bonus
UMITEM Item Structure for ALV Bonus
V64_DATE Change Documents Select Options Communication
V64_F_NEW Change documents select options communication
V64_F_OLD Change documents select options communication
V64_FNAME FldName
V64_KNUMH Change Documents Select Options Communication
V64_TCODE Change Documents Select Options Communication
V64_TIME Change Documents Select Options Communication
V64_USER Change Documents Select Options Communication
VAKE Sample Structure for the Variable Key
VAKEDB Condition Tables: Update Structure
VAKEIND Variable Key for Condition Maintenance: Index for VAKE Table
VAKEVB Variable Key for Condition Maintenance: Internal Structure
VAKEVBNR Variable Key for Condition Maintenance: Intern. Struct/FrGds
VAKEYPLUS Va key and additional data
VAL_PERIOD Validity Period
VCKEY Table for Variants Condition Key
VCTXT Table Prepared for Variant Conditions
VCTXT_KEY Table Prepared for Variant Conditions
VKONA Change Document Structure, generated by RSSCD000
VKONDAT Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VKONM Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VKONP Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
VKONPAE Change document structure, generated by RSSCD000
VKONW Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000


SAP Package VKON contains 218 programs.

RSVIEW01 Conditions: Initial Screen for Views With Usage/Application
RV12A003 Condition Tables: (A & E) Customer-Spec. Reports/Screens without CUA
RV12A005 Condition Tables: Compare Dictionary and T681 - XPRA
RV12A007 Condition Tables: Regenerate Reports and Screens XPRA
RV12A200 Condition Tables: Transport Attributes - Overview
RV12AUM2 Conditions: XPRA the number range interval KONH in Client 000
RV12AUM3 Conditions: XPRA the Number Range Interval KONH in Client 000
RV12D001 Generate Acess Sequences
RV12D002 Conditions: Initial Screen for Views With Usage/Application
RV12D004 Activate All Access Sequences - XPRA
RV12D005 Activate All Access Sequences - Client Copy
RV12D100 Condition Element
RV12D101 Condition Element
RV12DUM2 XPRA: Sets the KKOPF field correctly
RV12L000 Generation for Main Program for Pricing Report
RV12L002 Deletion of pricing reports
RV12L200 Consistent check of condition list
RV12L400 Display pricing reports
RV12LC00 Copy: Pricing report for application C
RV12LGEN Report for Generating Pricing Reports
RV12LXPRA XPRA: Fill table T681YT
RV130000 Select Condition Records
RV130002 Conditions: Archiving Condition Records (DB Deletion Program)
RV130003 Conditions: Archiving Condition Records (DB Reloading Program)
RV130005 Agreement Archiving: Write program for object SD_AGREEM
RV130006 Agreement archiving: Deletion program for object SD_AGREEM
RV130007 Agreement archiving: Reload program for Objekt SD_AGREEM
RV13A001 Select Condition Records
RV13A002 Select Condition Records
RV13A003 Select Condition Records
RV13A004 Select Condition Records
RV13A005 Select Condition Records
RV13A006 Select Condition Records
RV13A007 Select Condition Records
RV13A008 Select Condition Records
RV13A009 Select Condition Records
RV13A010 Select Condition Records
RV13A011 Select Condition Records
RV13A012 Select Condition Records
RV13A013 Select Condition Records
RV13A014 Select Condition Records
RV13A015 Select Condition Records
RV13A016 Select Condition Records
RV13A017 Select Condition Records
RV13A018 Select Condition Records
RV13A019 Select Condition Records
RV13A020 Select Condition Records
RV13A021 Select Condition Records
RV13A022 Select Condition Records
RV13A023 Select Condition Records
RV13A024 Select Condition Records
RV13A025 Select Condition Records
RV13A026 Select Condition Records
RV13A027 Select Condition Records
RV13A028 Select Condition Records
RV13A029 Select Condition Records
RV13A030 Select Condition Records
RV13A031 Select Condition Records
RV13A032 Select Condition Records
RV13A033 Select Condition Records
RV13A034 Select Condition Records
RV13A035 Select Condition Records
RV13A036 Select Condition Records
RV13A037 Select Condition Records
RV13A038 Select Condition Records
RV13A039 Select Condition Records
RV13A040 Select Condition Records
RV13A041 Select Condition Records
RV13A042 Select Condition Records
RV13A043 Select Condition Records
RV13A044 Select Condition Records
RV13A045 Select Condition Records
RV13A046 Select Condition Records
RV13A047 Select Condition Records
RV13A048 Select Condition Records
RV13A049 Select Condition Records
RV13A050 Select Condition Records
RV13A051 Select Condition Records
RV13A052 Select Condition Records
RV13A053 Select Condition Records
RV13A054 Select Condition Records
RV13A055 Select Condition Records
RV13A056 Select Condition Records
RV13A064 Select Condition Records
RV13A065 Select Condition Records
RV13A068 Select Condition Records
RV13A069 Select Condition Records
RV13A070 Select Condition Records
RV13A071 Select Condition Records
RV13A072 Select Condition Records
RV13A073 Select Condition Records
RV13A075 Select Condition Records
RV13A076 Select Condition Records
RV13A077 Select Condition Records
RV13A079 Select Condition Records
RV13A080 Select Condition Records
RV13A081 Select Condition Records
RV13A082 Select Condition Records
RV13A083 Select Condition Records
RV13A084 Select Condition Records
RV13A085 Select Condition Records
RV13A086 Select Condition Records
RV13A087 Select Condition Records
RV13A088 Select Condition Records
RV13A089 Select Condition Records
RV13A090 Select Condition Records
RV13A091 Select Condition Records
RV13A092 Select Condition Records
RV13A093 Select Condition Records
RV13AAAA Display Condition Records
RV13AAAB Display Condition Records
RV13AAAC Display Condition Records
RV13AAAD Display Condition Records
RV13AAAE Display Condition Records
RV13AAAF Display Condition Records
RV13AAAG Display Condition Records
RV13AAAH Display Condition Records
RV13AAAI Display Condition Records
RV13AAAJ Display Condition Records
RV13AAAK Display Condition Records
RV13B000 Select Condition Records
RV13B001 Select Condition Records
RV13B016 Select Condition Records
RV13B026 Select Condition Records
RV13B061 Select Condition Records
RV13B062 Select Condition Records
RV13B063 Select Condition Records
RV13B064 Select Condition Records
RV13B065 Select Condition Records
RV13B066 Select Condition Records
RV13BAAC Display Condition Records
RV13BAAD Display Condition Records
RV13BAAE Display Condition Records
RV13BAAF Display Condition Records
RV13BAAG Display Condition Records
RV13BAAH Display Condition Records
RV13BAAI Display Condition Records
RV13BAAJ Display Condition Records
RV13BAAK Display Condition Records
RV13BAAL Display Condition Records
RV13BAAM Display Condition Records
RV13BAAN Display Condition Records
RV13BAAO Display Condition Records
RV13BAAP Display Condition Records
RV13BAAQ Display Condition Records
RV13BAAR Display Condition Records
RV13BAAS Display Condition Records
RV13BAAT Display Condition Records
RV13BAAU Display Condition Records
RV13BAAV Display Condition Records
RV13BAAW Display Condition Records
RV13BAAX Display Condition Records
RV13BAAY Display Condition Records
RV13BABC Display Condition Records
RV13BABE Display Condition Records
RV13BABF Display Condition Records
RV13BABG Display Condition Records
RV13BABH Display Condition Records
RV13BABI Display Condition Records
RV13CAAB Display Condition Records
RV13DAAA Display Condition Records
RV13DAAB Display Condition Records
RV13E000 Select Condition Records
RV13F000 Select Condition Records Using a Condition Index
RV13F001 Select Condition Records Using a Condition Index
RV13F002 Select Condition Records Using a Condition Index
RV13G001 Select Condition Records
RV13GAAA Display Condition Records
RV13GAAB Display Condition Records
RV13GAAC Display Condition Records
RV13I001 Select Condition Records
RV13I002 Select Condition Records
RV13NAAA Display condition records
RV14ADMP Delete Material Price
RV14AGEN Report for Generating Pricing Reports
RV14AL01 Comparison of Price Lists Without Scale Display
RV14AL02 Comparison of Price Groups Without Scale Display
RV14ALLE Complete Generation of Pricing Reports
RV14ANEW Check if pricing report was regenerated
RV14ASIM Document simulation
RV14AV00 Generation for Main Program for Pricing Report
RV14B000 Pricing report: Copy for application B
RV14BTCI Batch Input Interface for Conditions
RV14KOND Generate Pricing Report
RV15B001 Rebate: Create New Index for Rebate Processing (Table VBOX)
RV15B002 Compare Rebate Basis: Billing Documents Versus Statistics
RV15B003 Redetermination of Subtotals
RV15B004 Copying rebate agreements
RV15B005 Display:Target and Actual Value Per Rebate Agreements
RV15C001 Settlement of Rebate Agreements
RV15C002 List of Rebate Agreements
RV15C003 Promotions list
RV15C004 List of Sales Deals
RV15C005 Extend Rebate Agreements
RV15C006 Change currency of rebate agreements
RV15CC09 Copying: Currency to currency
RV15F001 Reorganization of Condition Indices for Condition Records
RV16ACHD Change documents for conditions
RV16NCHD Display free goods change documents
RVBTCI01 Create test data for data transfer
RVBTCI02 Display the data in a batch input file
SAPMV13A Condition Maintenance
SAPMV13H Maintenance of Conditions for Batch Determination
SAPMV13N Conditions: Maintain Free Goods/Bonus Buy
SAPMV14A Main Report for Generating Pricing Reports
SD_CMDC0 Check condition master data
SD_COND_ACCESS_GEN Generate Coding for the Access
SD_COND_ARCH_DELETE ADK: Archiving of Conditions: Delete Program
SD_COND_ARCH_RELOAD ADK: Archiving of Conditions: Reload Program
SD_MOVE_A004_TO_A304 Moving condition records from one Axxx table to another
SD_REM_KOTF901 Correction Report for Mistakenly Shipped Index KOTF901
SDBONS30 Rebate: New Field in 3.0: S060-RRWRT (Reversed Accruals)
SDBONT06 Update billing documents
SDBONTO1 Report for enhancing the Konp

Search Helps

SAP Package VKON contains 20 search helps.

ASH_T681A Append Search Help for T681A
ASH_T681V Append Search Help for T681V
F4_KONLI Search help: Condition list
F4_KSCHL_FOR_TABLE All Condition Types for a Table
H_T681 Helpview Generated for Check Table T681
H_T681A Helpview Generated for Check Table T681A
H_T681S Helpview Generated for Check Table T681S
H_T681V Helpview Generated for Check Table T681V
H_T686A Helpview Generated for Check Table T686A
H_TVARC Generated Help View for Check Table TVARC
VMBO Agreements
VMBOA Rebate agreements by rebate recipient
VMBOB Rebate agreements by description
VMBOC Rebate agreements by status
VMBOD Sales deals by description
VMBOE Sales deals by promotion
VMBOF Promotion by description
VMCFB Rebate credit memos - Sales
VMCFE Rebate debit memos - Purchasing
VMVAF Credit memo request for rebate

Authorization Objects

SAP Package VKON contains 1 authorization objects.

V_KOND_VEA Maintain condition: Auth. for use/appl./cond.type/table