About SAP Developer Workbench

Welcome to Dev-Workbench!

I’m a SAP ERP® consultant and part-time web developer from Germany. I’ve been working with SAP ERP® since 2009, and my goal with this blog is to help fellow developers and learners of SAP ERP®.

In the web development world, a lot of knowledge is freely available on blogs, forums and many other great resources. Unfortunately, this is not the case for ERP know-how. How much slow, insecure or buggy code gets written in mission-critical ERP environments because the coder doesn’t know any better? I certainly don’t want to know, but I know that I can help (if only a little bit).

However, with a few years of SAP ERP® experience under my belt, I’m still considered (and consider myself) a rookie. While sharing the things I learn is a great motivation for me, don’t always take what I write for granted. There might be a better way to do things. If so and you notice it, I’d really appreciate a line or two, so I can share it with other readers.

Before you use any coding or other knowledge from this page in your SAP ERP® systems, make sure to thoroughly test and evaluate it. I do not take over any responsibility for damage caused by coding and/or information on this website.

That’s it – now get back to the blog!