Execute ABAP Programs Automatically After Transport Import

Aug 16, 2014

Did you know that it is possible to automatically execute an ABAP program after the import of a transport request into a target system? In this article, I’ll discuss how to do that.

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A Short Overview of SAP River RDE

Aug 15, 2014

As a SAP HANA developer, you might have heard about the SAP River Rapid Development Environment, or River RDE. In today’s post, I’d like to pass on what I know about it and how to get started.

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Reset ALV Display Buffers in SAP ERP

Aug 14, 2014

Have you ever worked on an ALV list report and wondered why, after you’ve repeatedly tested and modified your program, the ALV field catalog doesn’t seem to influence the actual table anymore? Read on to find out how to fix this.

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Optimize ALV Column Widths Easily

Aug 13, 2014

After the long posts of the last few days, today is quick tip day. Read on to find out how to easily have the SAP system optimize the column width in fields of table controls.

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How to Attach Executable SAP Transaction Links to E-Mails

Aug 12, 2014

Today, I’ll be looking at e-mail sending features in SAP ERP for the last time and demonstrate how you can attach executable transaction links to e-mails sent from SAP. This is a very useful feature that is often used in a business workflow environment.

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